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Alphabetical Surname Listing of Sudbury District Publications


Stone #
WADDELL, Ellen CaswellSudbury Park LawnE483
WADDELL, Gervis WilliamSudbury Park LawnE483
WAGNER, George LeonardSudbury Park LawnD225
WAH HIN, LumSudbury Park LawnK90
WAHAMAA, IsaacSudbury Park LawnC8
WAHAMAA, Leo W.Sudbury Park Lawn UF6
WAHAMAA, Margaret S.Sudbury Park Lawn UF6
WAHAMAA, MariaSudbury Park LawnC8
WAHAMAA, ReinoSudbury Park LawnC8.1
WAINE, AnniSudbury Park LawnC78
WAINE, SylviaSudbury Park LawnC78
WAINE, TaistoSudbury Park LawnC78
WAINMAN, AlfredSudbury Park LawnD1070
WAINMAN, Alice M.Sudbury Park LawnE434
WAINMAN, DeliaSudbury Park LawnD1070
WAINMAN, Eleanor C.Sudbury Park LawnE175
WAINMAN, NunaSudbury Park LawnE76
WAINMAN, Walter N.Sudbury Park LawnE434
WALBERG, Clara F.Sudbury Park LawnD263
WALBERG, Frances L.Sudbury Park LawnD263.2
WALBERG, Walter F.Sudbury Park LawnD263.1
WALFORD, Lena OlgaSudbury Park LawnE410
WALIGORA, WalterSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4585
WALIMAA, Hilja AmaliaSudbury Park LawnK160
WALKEAPAA, M.Sudbury Park LawnC213
WALKER, Sudbury Park LawnD15.1
WALKER, Sudbury Park LawnD15.2
WALKER, BarrySudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4553
WALKER, BessieLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
WALKER, CharlesSudbury Park LawnK198
WALKER, DellaChapleau BrownleeA264.1
WALKER, Donald B.Sudbury Park LawnD160
WALKER, Elbert C.Sudbury Park LawnD15
WALKER, Ethel E.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4553
WALKER, Evelyn M.Sudbury Park LawnD160
WALKER, Henry L.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4553
WALKER, JimSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4553
WALKER, JohannaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2428
WALKER, JohnSudbury Park LawnD170
WALKER, JuneSudbury Park LawnD170
WALKER, Leo B.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4553
WALKER, Orilla A.Sudbury Park LawnE112
WALKER, Pearl O.Sudbury Park LawnD15
WALKER, W. J. (Bill)Chapleau BrownleeA264
WALKER, Wendy LynneChapleau BrownleeA262
WALKER, WilliaminaSudbury Park LawnK198
WALLACE, CharlotteSudbury Park LawnC130
WALLACE, IsabellaSudbury Park LawnK402.1
WALLER, Arthur E.Sudbury Park LawnB55
WALLER, EnaSudbury Park LawnB55
WALLI, IdaSudbury Park LawnE231.2
WALLI, JohnSudbury Park LawnC484
WALLI, Urho Sudbury Park LawnC497
WALSH, EdmondLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
WALSH, John M.Sudbury Park LawnE56
WALSH, MaisieSudbury Park LawnE56
WALSH, Marie A.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4157
WALSH, Michael A.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4157
WALTERS, Andrew C.Sudbury Park LawnC424
WALTERS, Mary AnnSudbury Park LawnE62.1
WALTONEN, HelviSudbury Park LawnD1039
WALTONEN, WilhelmSudbury Park LawnK350
WARAM, FrederickSudbury Park LawnD40
WARAM, KatherineSudbury Park LawnD40
WARD, John L.Sudbury Park Lawn UF197
WARD, MargaretSudbury Park LawnD696
WARFORD, Georgia IreneSudbury Park LawnD242
WARFORD, Walter R.Sudbury Park LawnK411
WARNER, MildredSudbury Park LawnD906
WARREN, Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6102
WARREN, AaronSudbury Park LawnK343
WARREN, Eldon Lorne Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WARREN, EstelleSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6103
WARREN, IreneSudbury Park LawnK343
WARREN, Marie AnneSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6105
WARREN, Patsy AnnSudbury Park LawnD239
WARREN, Philip SylvioSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6106
WARREN, PhilippeSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6104
WARREN, William Thomas EstateSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WARWICK, Edith MaeSudbury Park LawnE108
WARWICK, William JamesSudbury Park LawnE108
WARZECHA, BabyLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
WARZECHA, E.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
WARZECHA, EdwardLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
WARZECHA, MarySudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4307
WASILISHIN, Nicholas Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WASSALA, BabyLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
WASSILININ, NikolaiSudbury Park Lawn UF115
WASTILA, Anna S.Sudbury Park LawnD953
WASTILA, John A.Sudbury Park LawnD953
WASYLENKI, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix B--
WATERBURY, Mary PatriciaSudbury Park LawnE9.2
WATERBURY, WilliamSudbury Park LawnE9
WATERBURY, WilliamSudbury Park LawnE9.1
WATERS, ArthurSudbury Park LawnK63
WATERS, Mary EllenSudbury Park Lawn UF196
WATERS, NormaSudbury Park LawnK63
WATIER, AgisSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)428
WATIER, AuroreSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)428
WATKINS, Herbert G.Sudbury Park LawnD339
WATKINS, Jason StanleySudbury Park LawnD339
WATKINS, Marjorie A.Sudbury Park LawnB137
WATKINS, Mary FrancesSudbury Park LawnE339
WATKINS, William T.Sudbury Park LawnB137
WATKINSON, Sudbury Park LawnD533
WATKINSON, BeatriceSudbury Park LawnD758
WATKINSON, Edna M.Sudbury Park LawnD533.3
WATKINSON, HarrySudbury Park LawnD533.2
WATSON, CharlotteSudbury Park LawnE220.1
WATSON, E. RachelSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4277
WATSON, Edward A.Webbwood St. Lawrence R.C.South67
WATSON, Eileen M.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4277
WATSON, Ethel M.Chapleau BrownleeA113.1
WATSON, HaroldSudbury Park LawnD721.2
WATSON, LindaWebbwood St. Lawrence R.C.South66
WATSON, Margaret L.Sudbury Park LawnD721.1
WATSON, Matthew F.Sudbury Park LawnE220
WATSON, Robert E. Sudbury Park LawnC330
WATT, Hilliard D.Sudbury Park LawnC491.1
WATT, Noella M. Sudbury Park LawnC491
WATTERS, NancyWebbwood St. Lawrence R.C.South25
WATTERS, Vincent B.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4813
WATTIE, FrankSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4117
WAUHKONEN, MariaSudbury Park LawnC305
WAWRYSZYN, BarbaraSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)485
WAWRYSZYN, MichaelSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)485
WAWZYCZEK, ElizabethBlezard Notre Dame du RosaireAll117
WAY, MelbourneSudbury Park LawnD2
WAY-WHITE, ClarenceChapleau BrownleeA151.3
WAY-WHITE, Irene F.Chapleau BrownleeA151.1
WAY-WHITE, John J.Chapleau BrownleeA151
WAY-WHITE, Mabel C.Chapleau BrownleeA151.4
WEBB, Ethel GraceSudbury Park LawnB83
WEBER, JaneSudbury Park LawnD17
WEBER, WalterSudbury Park LawnD17
WEBSTER, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix B--
WEBSTER, Sudbury Park LawnE237
WEBSTER, Glen OtisSudbury Park LawnK362
WEBSTER, HannahSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2229
WEBSTER, Laura ElizabethSudbury Park LawnE237
WEBSTER, NormanSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2229
WEBSTER, RonaldSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2229
WEBSTER, Spencer C. (Dr.)Sudbury Park LawnE237
WEBSTER, UrlaSudbury Park LawnD387.4
WEDGE, Mary ElizabethChapleau BrownleeA50.1
WEDGE, Percival HammondSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WEDGE, PercyChapleau BrownleeA50.2
WEDGE, Percy HammondChapleau BrownleeA50
WEHNDE, FredSudbury Park LawnK37
WEIGHT, David CameronSudbury Park LawnB139
WEIR, E. BeverleySudbury Park LawnE28
WEIR, Gladys D.Sudbury Park LawnE28
WELCH, Colleen Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WELHAN, TaniaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)259
WELHAN, TheodoreSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)259
WELLS, J. AlanSudbury Park LawnD447
WELLS, John Alan McLeanSudbury Park LawnD447.1
WELLS, Lillian MabelSudbury Park LawnB38.3
WELLS, LucySudbury Park LawnD1008
WELOSKI, JustinaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4628
WELOSKI, OrestSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4628
WELSH, George C.Chapleau BrownleeA259
WELSH, JohnLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
WELSH, PeterLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
WELYHORSKI, WasylSudbury Park LawnC409
WENDLOWSKA, BroniskawaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4288
WENDORF, Frank PaulSudbury Park LawnD41
WENDORF, Vida EvelynSudbury Park LawnD41
WENNERSTROM, AlmaSudbury Park LawnD416.2
WERBOWSKY, SamuelSudbury Park LawnD972
WESSEL, Jessie BlancheSudbury Park LawnC307
WEST, Erwin BrandfordSudbury Park LawnC90
WESTERMAN, KateChapleau BrownleeA27.2
WESTERMAN, VeraChapleau BrownleeA27.1
WETICK, Mary Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WETICK, Michael aka WETYKSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WEYSBIRGER, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix B--
WHALEN, A. Victor aka Alfred VictorSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WHALEN, Gracia aka Whalen, GraceSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WHALEN, NellieSudbury Park Lawn UF191
WHALEN, Nicholas R.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
WHALEN, ValentineLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
WHARTON, IdaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4602
WHEATLEY, Thomas C.Sudbury Park LawnD217
WHEATLEY, W. ChristineSudbury Park LawnD217
WHEELER, Joseph HenryLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
WHEELER, Kenneth J.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
WHEELER, William J.Sudbury Park LawnB13
WHELAN, BabyLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
WHELAN, Fr.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
WHELAN, MarieBlezard Notre Dame du RosaireAll207
WHIDDEN, Ethel MaySudbury Park LawnD33
WHINFIELD, Sudbury Park LawnD368
WHINFIELD, Anne M.Sudbury Park LawnD368.2
WHINFIELD, William H.Sudbury Park LawnD368.1
WHISSEL, AmandaLeclair Funeral Home, Maiden Name Index--
WHISSELL, A. Dorice Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)431.2
WHISSELL, Alexina (Mrs)Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
WHISSELL, E. A. Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)250
WHISSELL, EvelineSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)250
WHISSELL, Robert J.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)433
WHISSELL, RoseSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)433
WHISTON, AbigailWebbwood St. Lawrence R.C.North28
WHISTON, William G.Webbwood St. Lawrence R.C.North27
WHISTON, William M.Webbwood St. Lawrence R.C.North44
WHITE, Sudbury Park LawnB124
WHITE, Beatrice E.Sudbury Park LawnE27.2
WHITE, BlancheSudbury Park LawnB124.2
WHITE, DianeChapleau BrownleeA78
WHITE, Doris MarySudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WHITE, EdwardSudbury Park LawnB124.1
WHITE, FleuretteWarren St. Thomas R.C.A28.1
WHITE, Francis S.Sudbury Park LawnC119
WHITE, GeorginaSudbury Park LawnD526
WHITE, Helen L.Chapleau BrownleeA78.2
WHITE, Henrietta M.Sudbury Park LawnC119
WHITE, JamesSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WHITE, MarySudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WHITE, RobertChapleau BrownleeA78.1
WHITE, Robert D.N.Chapleau BrownleeA197
WHITE, Stanley John Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WHITEHEAD, Ada Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WHITELOCK, HugoSudbury Park LawnE170.2
WHITELOCK, IdaSudbury Park LawnE170.3
WHITELOCK, JohnSudbury Park LawnE170
WHITELOCK, JohnSudbury Park LawnE170.1
WHITESIDE, WilliamSudbury Park LawnK280
WHITMORE, JoAnneSudbury Park LawnD1017
WHITNEY, Christopher JohnChapleau BrownleeA110.3
WHITNEY, John LeslieChapleau BrownleeA110.1
WHITNEY, John Leslie Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WHITNEY, Leslie AlbertChapleau BrownleeA110
WHITNEY, Mary Agnes Chapleau BrownleeA110.4
WHITNEY, Mildred EthelChapleau BrownleeA110.2
WHITNEY, Mildred Ethel Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WHITNEY, RuthChapleau BrownleeA110.5
WHITTINGTON, EricSudbury Park LawnE169.2
WHYBRAY, Annie May Chapleau BrownleeA95.3
WHYBRAY, Arthur C.Chapleau BrownleeA69.1
WHYBRAY, DavidChapleau BrownleeA95
WHYBRAY, ElizabethChapleau BrownleeA69
WHYBRAY, Love A.Chapleau BrownleeA95.1
WHYBRAY, MaryChapleau BrownleeA69.2
WHYTE, AmySudbury Park LawnD58
WHYTE, IvySudbury Park LawnD58.1
WHYTE, MargaretSudbury Park LawnD386.3
WICKENDEN, AliceSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4450
WICKENDEN, GeorgeSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4450
WICKENDEN, WinnifredSudbury Park LawnK222
WICKSTROM, N. H.Sudbury Park LawnB136
WICKWARD, EthelLeclair Funeral Home, Maiden Name Index--
WIESBERGER, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix B--
WIGLEY, ArthurSudbury Park LawnE117
WIGLEY, Mary E.Sudbury Park LawnE117
WIKMAN, Viljo H.Sudbury Park LawnK215
WIKMAN, VilmaSudbury Park LawnK215
WILCOX, Arthur T. T.Sudbury Park LawnE391
WILCOX, EleanorSudbury Park LawnE391
WILEN, John AnttonSudbury Park LawnB11
WILENIUS, SaimiSudbury Park LawnB69
WILEY, Louise Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WILKES, Sudbury Park LawnD483
WILKES, Albert L.Sudbury Park LawnK299
WILKES, ThomasSudbury Park LawnD483.1
WILKINS, A. E.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
WILKINSON, Bruce A.Sudbury Park LawnE38
WILKINSON, Frances I.Sudbury Park LawnE38
WILKINSON, H. J.Chapleau BrownleeA118
WILLAN, Margaret M.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4582
WILLAN, Sydney M.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)430
WILLIAMS, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix B--
WILLIAMS, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix A--
WILLIAMS, AnnieSudbury Park LawnE260
WILLIAMS, Bonnita NorineSudbury Park LawnB138
WILLIAMS, DouglasSudbury Park LawnE243.1
WILLIAMS, JohnLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
WILLIAMS, MargaretSudbury Park LawnE243.1
WILLIAMS, Thomas H.McKim Twp, Sudbury, First Landowners--
WILLIAMSON, Harry LesterSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WILLIS, David FrancisSudbury Park LawnC283
WILLISTON, John HudsonSudbury Park LawnK267
WILLMOTT, RoseSudbury Park LawnC300.1
WILLS, Sudbury Park LawnD474
WILLS, James H.Sudbury Park LawnD474.1
WILLS, James HenrySudbury Park LawnD721
WILLS, LilySudbury Park LawnD298
WILLS, Margaret L.Sudbury Park LawnD721.1
WILLS, NellieSudbury Park LawnD721
WILLS, Ralph DouglasSudbury Park LawnD1009
WILLS, Susan A.Sudbury Park LawnD474.2
WILLS, William C.Sudbury Park LawnD298
WILSON, Sudbury Park LawnD285.2
WILSON, AindSudbury Park LawnD998
WILSON, AlexanderSudbury Park LawnB109.1
WILSON, AliceSudbury Park LawnE202.1
WILSON, Allan S.Sudbury Park LawnD587
WILSON, AnthonySudbury Park LawnC99
WILSON, Bernice E.Sudbury Park LawnE332.1
WILSON, BertSudbury Park LawnD285.1
WILSON, BruceSudbury Park LawnE235
WILSON, C. F. “Ted”Sudbury Park LawnE332.1
WILSON, Daniel ColinSudbury Park LawnE202
WILSON, Donald A.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4348
WILSON, EinariSudbury Park LawnD998
WILSON, ElizabethSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4113
WILSON, ElizabethSudbury Park LawnD499
WILSON, Fred J.Sudbury Park LawnE332
WILSON, GeorgeSudbury Park LawnD829
WILSON, George A.Sudbury Park LawnD285
WILSON, IllmarSudbury Park LawnC150
WILSON, IsabelSudbury Park LawnK42
WILSON, James A.Sudbury Park LawnK353.1
WILSON, Jessie McGillSudbury Park LawnD512.2
WILSON, JohnLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
WILSON, JohnSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4113
WILSON, JohnLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
WILSON, John G.Sudbury Park LawnE235
WILSON, John RobertSudbury Park LawnE26.1
WILSON, John W.Sudbury Park LawnE6
WILSON, KathleenSudbury Park LawnB126
WILSON, Lester C.Sudbury Park LawnK427
WILSON, Mabel E.Sudbury Park LawnE101
WILSON, MargaretSudbury Park LawnD587
WILSON, Margaret C.Sudbury Park LawnE332
WILSON, Mary Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WILSON, Mary ElizabethSudbury Park LawnD285
WILSON, Mary GertrudeSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2423
WILSON, MildredWebbwood St. Lawrence R.C.South22
WILSON, Mildred M.Sudbury Park LawnD236.1
WILSON, RichardSudbury Park LawnE6.1
WILSON, Robert J.Sudbury Park Lawn UF77
WILSON, Sarah JaneSudbury Park LawnE202
WILSON, Shirley AmandaSudbury Park LawnK183
WILSON, SimoneSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2134
WILSON, William F.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2134
WILSON, William J.Sudbury Park LawnE101
WING, ChinSudbury Park LawnC322
WINGRAVE, MabelSudbury Park LawnD364.1
WINGRAVE, Margaret AnnSudbury Park LawnD364
WINGRAVE, William HenrySudbury Park LawnD364
WINMAN, Sadie (Mrs)Leclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
WINSOR, George HaroldSudbury Park LawnE41
WINTERS, Gladys A.Sudbury Park LawnE328
WINTERS, Orville E.Sudbury Park LawnE328
WIRNSPERGER, KurtSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)447
WIRTA, ArneSudbury Park LawnD937
WIRTA, EinoSudbury Park LawnD937
WIRTA, Ellwood G.Sudbury Park LawnD792
WIRTA, EugeneSudbury Park LawnD792
WIRTA, Eva H.Sudbury Park LawnD775
WIRTA, Helena LundiSudbury Park LawnD597
WIRTA, IvySudbury Park LawnD597
WIRTA, John K.Sudbury Park LawnD775
WIRTA, John W.Sudbury Park LawnD792
WIRTA, LempiSudbury Park LawnD937
WIRTA, ReinoSudbury Park LawnD597
WIRTA, VioletSudbury Park LawnD792
WIRTANEN, MatildaSudbury Park LawnD319
WIRTANEN, NikolaiSudbury Park LawnD319
WIRTANEN, ToiniSudbury Park LawnC52
WISEMAN, BabySudbury Park LawnC350
WISEMAN, BabySudbury Park LawnC356
WISHART, Mary JaneSudbury Park LawnD570
WISNIEWSKI, Bernard Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WISNIEWSKI, Edward PaulSudbury Park Lawn UF137
WISNIEWSKI, StanleySudbury Park Lawn UF137
WITHERS, Kenneth C.Sudbury Park LawnC438
WITHERS, Melvin GeorgeSudbury Park LawnD231
WIWCHAR, AnthonySudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2320
WIWCHAR, MartinSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WIWCHAR, MarySudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WIWCZAR, ElenaSudbury Park LawnD749
WIWCZAR, MikeSudbury Park LawnD749
WIWCZAR, Milan L.Sudbury Park LawnD749
WIZNUK, AnneSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6359
WIZNUK, JohnSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6359
WLASENKO, Sudbury Park LawnD753.1
WLASENKO, AlexanderSudbury Park LawnD753
WLASENKO, NickSudbury Park LawnD753
WLOCH, ValentineSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4936
WOITOWICH, AndrewSudbury Park LawnK414
WOJDYLO, MieczyslawSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)439
WOLFGRAM, Edward Gordon Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WOLFRAM, Sudbury Park LawnD798.1
WOLFRAM, FerdinandSudbury Park LawnD798
WOLFRAM, MathildaSudbury Park LawnD798
WOOD, Byron JosephMcKim Twp, Sudbury, First Landowners--
WOOD, GertrudeSudbury Park LawnE262
WOOD, GertrudeSudbury Park LawnE262.1
WOODRUFF, M. AdeleneSudbury Park LawnK173
WOODRUFF, Stuart A.Sudbury Park LawnK173
WOODS, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix B--
WOODS, Arthur EmanuelSudbury Park LawnE51
WOODS, Billie W. WarrenSudbury Park LawnD414.1
WOODS, Cecil S. Rev. Dr.Sudbury Park Lawn UF102
WOODS, HelenSudbury Park LawnE446
WOODS, HerculesSudbury Park LawnD414
WOODS, J. FredSudbury Park LawnE446
WOODS, JeanSudbury Park LawnE51
WOODS, John AmosSudbury Park LawnD414.2
WOODS, Marion A.Sudbury Park LawnD414
WOODWARD, JohnSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WOODWORTH, Henry FrancisBiscotasing All25.1
WOODWORTH, MadelineBiscotasing All25
WOOLEY, EdithChapleau BrownleeA179.1
WOOTTEN, George B.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4566
WOOTTON, EmmanuelSudbury Park LawnC298
WOOTTON, Ivy Sudbury Park LawnC298
WOR?, Sarah BabySudbury Park Lawn UF236
WORNIG, JohannSudbury Park LawnE41.1
WOROBECK, Antonina aka AntoniaSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WORTHINGTON, JamesMcKim Twp, Sudbury, First Landowners--
WORTHINGTON, LenoriSudbury Park LawnC114
WOWK, GloriaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4574
WOWK, RonSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4574
WOWK, WilliamSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4574
WRIGHT, Chapleau BrownleeA213
WRIGHT, Alexander J.Biscotasing All10
WRIGHT, Andrew Charles Sudbury Park LawnE378
WRIGHT, Angeline Rose AnneChapleau BrownleeC65
WRIGHT, Aubrey T.Sudbury Park LawnK145
WRIGHT, CatherineSudbury Park LawnE437
WRIGHT, DavidSudbury Park LawnK302.1
WRIGHT, Douglas A.Sudbury Park LawnB96
WRIGHT, Edward (Eddy)Sudbury Park LawnD971
WRIGHT, ElsieSudbury Park LawnK302
WRIGHT, Freda M.Sudbury Park LawnD166
WRIGHT, GeorgeChapleau BrownleeC18.1
WRIGHT, George Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WRIGHT, HughSudbury Park LawnE437
WRIGHT, HughSudbury Park LawnE437.1
WRIGHT, IsabellaSudbury Park LawnB96.2
WRIGHT, Isabella C.Sudbury Park LawnB90
WRIGHT, Isabella M.Sudbury Park LawnB96
WRIGHT, Jacqueline R.Sudbury Park LawnB96
WRIGHT, Jesse G.Sudbury Park LawnD166
WRIGHT, LouieChapleau BrownleeC18
WRIGHT, Raoul J.Biscotasing All10.1
WRIGHT, Robert S.Sudbury Park LawnB90
WRIGHT, Rosanna MarieSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)41034
WRIGHT, Samuel E.Sudbury Park LawnB96
WRIGHT, Samuel E.Sudbury Park LawnB96.1
WRIGHT, WinifredSudbury Park LawnD476.2
WROBLESKI, Judith RobertsonSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WUORI, ArvidSudbury Park LawnD944
WUORI, Selma M.Sudbury Park LawnD944
WUORINEN, Frank J.Sudbury Park LawnC36
WUORINEN, Helen S.Sudbury Park LawnC36
WURSULUK, MichaelSudbury Park LawnB26
WUTTKE, Sudbury Park LawnD541
WUTTKE, E. C.Sudbury Park LawnD541.1
WYLIE, Sudbury Park LawnD122.5
WYLIE, Sudbury Park LawnD122.6
WYLIE, Arnold GeraldSudbury Park LawnD122.7
WYLIE, Arnold GeraldSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WYLIE, Florence MarySudbury Park LawnD122.8
WYLIE, Florence MarySudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WYLIE, John JamesSudbury Park LawnD122.2
WYLIE, Kathleen PatriciaSudbury Park LawnD122.2
WYLIE, Matilda M.Sudbury Park LawnD122
WYLIE, Matilda MaySudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
WYLIE, Russell A.Sudbury Park LawnD122
WYLIE, Sarah A.Sudbury Park LawnD122.1
WYLIE, Vera RuthSudbury Park LawnD122.4
WYLIE, Wilbert McDougallSudbury Park LawnD122.9
WYMAN, Richard M.Sudbury Park LawnC375

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