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Alphabetical Surname Listing of Sudbury District Publications


Stone #
YACKMAN, Sudbury Park LawnE111
YACKMAN, Ada I.Sudbury Park LawnE363
YACKMAN, Eric L.Sudbury Park LawnE363
YACKMAN, Hilda MariaSudbury Park LawnE111.2
YACKMAN, Hugo NikodemusSudbury Park LawnE111.1
YAKIWCHUK, IreneSudbury Park LawnD1019
YAKIWCHUK, Michael (Mike)Sudbury Park LawnE55
YAKIWCHUK, TheodoreSudbury Park LawnC523
YANCHUK, Gerald DonaldSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4518
YANKOWSKI, AlexanderSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4543
YANKOWSKI, MarySudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4543
YARYNYCH, PawloSudbury Park LawnB127
YASKEWICH, AndrewSudbury Park LawnE364
YAWNY, StephenSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6360
YEAM, Hong MingChapleau BrownleeA163.2
YEIGH, FlorenceSudbury Park LawnD437
YELLE, DorothySudbury Park LawnK436
YEOMANS, AdaSudbury Park LawnD896
YEOMANS, ArchieSudbury Park LawnD896
YEPBIHEUB, Cte?ahi?Sudbury Park Lawn UF66
YEPBIHEUB, IbahSudbury Park Lawn UF66
YERBIC, Frank Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
YERSCH, BarbaraSudbury Park LawnD71
YERSCH, Barbara Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
YERSCH, WladyslawSudbury Park LawnD71
YING, CharlesSudbury Park LawnC162
YING, Ho Duck SueSudbury Park LawnK321
YING, Lum ShoueChapleau BrownleeA162.1
YLIHARSKA, Jaakko Y. Sudbury Park LawnC510
YLILAURILA, DavidSudbury Park LawnC33
YLIPELKONEN, AnttiSudbury Park LawnC466
YLITALO, SannaSudbury Park LawnC171
YOISTEN, FredSudbury Park LawnC6
YORK, AlexanderSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4683
YORK, FloridaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4683
YOUNG, AilleSudbury Park LawnD509.3
YOUNG, AlfredSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4237
YOUNG, Charles J.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)25
YOUNG, Donald MurraySudbury Park LawnD110
YOUNG, Edith MargaretSudbury Park LawnD593.1
YOUNG, Elsie M.Sudbury Park LawnD593
YOUNG, Ernest J.Sudbury Park LawnD871
YOUNG, Frances Chapleau BrownleeB214
YOUNG, George CampbellSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)238
YOUNG, George E. aka George EdwardSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
YOUNG, George JohnChapleau BrownleeA81
YOUNG, Georgina EllaSudbury Park LawnC181
YOUNG, JohnSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4438.2
YOUNG, LauriaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4237
YOUNG, LaurieSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4237
YOUNG, Lawrence WilliamSudbury Park LawnD593.2
YOUNG, LeoSudbury Park LawnK220
YOUNG, LucySudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4640
YOUNG, Lum YingSudbury Park LawnD763
YOUNG, Mabel MillerChapleau BrownleeA81.1
YOUNG, MargueriteSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4438.2
YOUNG, Melvin E.Sudbury Park LawnE479
YOUNG, Muriel LaureenSudbury Park LawnD593.3
YOUNG, P. NewtonMcKim Twp, Sudbury, First Landowners--
YOUNG, Ruth F.Sudbury Park LawnD871
YOUNG, Vernon GuySudbury Park LawnD593.1
YOUNG, William J.Sudbury Park LawnD593
YOUNGER, DavidSudbury Park LawnE155
YOUNGER, HelenSudbury Park LawnE155
YRCKA, NickSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2383
YRCKA, TeenySudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2383
YU, Chung TingSudbury Park Lawn UF199
YUILL, John DouglasSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
YURCHUCK, Kuzma Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
YURGSPUK, AlexSudbury Park LawnD83
YURGSPUK, DoraSudbury Park LawnC64
YURGSPUK, ParaskaSudbury Park LawnD83
YURICH, IreneSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)41020
YURICH, WilliamSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)41020
YURICHUCK, AnnieSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4236
YURICHUCK, RitaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4236
YURICHUCK, SteveSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4236
YURKOWSKI, AnnaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4558
YURKWICZ, A., Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
YURKWICZ, AlexLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
YURKWICZ, KrylsLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
YURKWICZ, LenaLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ZABKA, JohnSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)248
ZABKA, MarySudbury R.C. (Lasalle)248
ZADOROZNIAK, MetroSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4333
ZADWORNY, JosephSudbury Park LawnD152
ZAGAGLIA, AlbinaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2106
ZAGAR, JohnSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2115
ZAHAJOWACH, BillLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ZAHAVICH, KatrinaSudbury Park LawnK5
ZAHAVICH, Lena Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
ZAITZ, LouisSudbury Park LawnD232
ZAJC, MattSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4479
ZALAC, KasimirSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2395
ZANCHETTA, GabrieleWarren St. Thomas R.C.A6
ZANET, AdelchiSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
ZANET, SylvanaSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
ZANETTE, FrankSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2133
ZANETTE, L. Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2133
ZANETTE, MarieSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2133
ZANICHELLI, GiovanniSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2362
ZANICHELLI, GiuseppinaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2362
ZANIN, MetildaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2143
ZAPARYUIK, GeorgeSudbury Park LawnD101
ZAPARYUIK, MariaSudbury Park LawnD101
ZAPARYUIK, YakiwSudbury Park LawnD101
ZARACKA, GenowefaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2417.2
ZATEZALO, MarijaSudbury Park LawnK117
ZATEZALO, SimoSudbury Park LawnK224
ZAVORKA, ArnoldSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6120
ZAWIERZENIEC, TomSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2331
ZEKBOHKA, KatepkhaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)26
ZEKBOHKA, NetpoSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)26
ZELENCZUK, M?xa??oSudbury Park Lawn UF42
ZELEZNJAK, MarkSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4408
ZELEZNJAK, MilkaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4408
ZELINSKY, Sudbury Park LawnD594
ZELONKA, YmepSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)26
ZEMLICKA, Frank aka K.F. Zemlicka Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
ZEMLICKA, MariaSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
ZENOBI, NazarenoSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4893
ZENTNER, Alma A. Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2135
ZENTNER, AntonSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2136
ZERISKI, AnnieLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ZERISKI, MichaelLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
ZETTLER, AliceSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4338
ZETTLER, ClaraSudbury Park LawnE32.1
ZETTLER, GordonSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4338
ZETTLER, Henry T.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4338
ZIBERGS, ErnestSudbury Park LawnD355
ZIBERGS, MatildeSudbury Park LawnD355
ZIEMBA, JohnSudbury Park Lawn UF168
ZIFFLE, Alwine AdeleSudbury Park LawnC486
ZILINSKI, JohnSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2441
ZILINSKI, MarySudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2441
ZINCK, Joan M.Sudbury Park LawnK304
ZINIUK, JennieSudbury Park LawnD689
ZINIUK, WasylSudbury Park LawnD689
ZINKIE, Sudbury Park LawnB107
ZINKIE, Clare BellSudbury Park LawnB107.2
ZINKIE, Gordon E.Sudbury Park LawnD96
ZINKIE, Paul CharlesSudbury Park LawnB107.1
ZIRALDO, AugustoSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4436
ZIRBULIS, Arv?dsSudbury Park LawnD348
ZIVKOVICH, SavioSudbury Park LawnK413
ZLATKUS, JuozasSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4293
ZLOSNEK, MilaLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ZLOTNICK, BabyLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ZLOTNICK, J.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
ZLOTNIK, Ahala NellieSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
ZLOTNIK, Charles Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6409
ZLOTNIK, JohnSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6409
ZLOTNIK, JohnLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
ZLOTNIK, John Jr.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6409
ZLOTNIK, JosephSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6409
ZLOTNIK, NellieSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6409
ZOEPEL, Markus FrederickSudbury Park LawnC197
ZUBAL, DmytroSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)41010
ZUBAL, Rpoc?abaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)41010
ZUFELT, Bertram Wm. Chapleau BrownleeA221
ZUFELT, Elsie M.Chapleau BrownleeA221.1
ZUKAUSKAS, KlemensasSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)41030
ZURBRIGG, Sudbury Park LawnD443
ZURBRIGG, Donald BensonSudbury Park LawnD443.1
ZWIERZCHOWSKI, VernaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4875
ZYMA, Annie Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--

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