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                                     AVERY FAMILY FILE #2


                         ALANSON AVERY #1.1 (#891 GAC)


Feb 2005 amended Thomas Avery August 2005



Frederick Avery (Founder) and Elizabeth Stoddard


30 November 1791 at Groton Connecticut .




            About 1817-8 to Annetje (Nancy) Eglin likely in what is now the Town of Benson , Hamilton County New York although no records have been found.  Her grand daughter Katherine Marin gave a date of marriage of 1815 on her application for admission to the "Daughters of the American Revolution" Society.


21 March 1880 at the home of his daughter Mary Jane McKellar, Lot 14 Concession 3 North Oxford Township Oxford County Ontario where Alanson had gone to live after his wife Nancy had died in

 April 1874, Vital Record Ontario number 12139/80.


            The funeral was held on Wednesday 24 March 1880 at one o'clock and he was buried in the Ingersoll Rural Cemetery, Ingersoll Oxford County in Lot 12 Section F.  The gravestone is a mottled brown granite with inscriptions with a cylindrical 6 foot top, all sitting on a concrete base with word "Avery" formed into it  (See references).

The gravestone inscription reads







* Denotes additional information after


#2.1.1 Eliza Avery born prior to 1819, in New York State likely present day Fulton or Hamilton counties. She came to Ontario with her parents and died thus after about 1821 but before 1838 when Eliza Lucinda child #12 was born, She had no known children

(I, RGM, believe she likely died "young")  (The Eliza Ann Avery buried in the Newark Cemetery

Lot 22 Concession 5 North Norwich Township Oxford County is not "our Eliza" but one of the family of Orin Avery of Norwich who was a distant cousin)


#2.1.2 * John Eglin Avery born 7 February 1819 in the Town of Johnstown, Fulton County

New York.(Ref Groton Avery Clan shortened to GAC ) He married Hannah O'Donnell at Woodstock Ontario.  He died 24 March 1901 and was buried in Carsonville Cemetery Washington Township, Sanilac County Michigan. They had 2 children, neither of whom had children.


#2.1.3 * Alanson Avery born 31 May 1821 "en route" to Zorra Township. He was a Civil War Veteran (GAR) having served with the Missouri Engineers.  He farmed in Kansas after the war.

He died 3 November 1912 at Croswell Sanilac County and was buried Croswell Cemetery.

He may or may not have been married. There were no known children.


#2.1.4 * Silas Wood Avery born 23 September 1823 in West Zorra Township.

He married Mary Jane Molaskey and had 8 children.  He lived in Brantford Township Brant County Ontario.  He died 11 June 1898 and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery on West Street, Brantford.


#2.1.5 * Mary Jane Avery born about 1825 in West Zorra Township married Archibald McKellar lived in North Oxford Township Oxford County and had 7 children.  She died 7 June 1893 in

North Oxford Township, and was buried Ingersoll Rural Cemetery, Ingersoll.


#2.1.6 * Cornelius Avery born 1 November 1827 in West Zorra Township  He married Eleanor Judge in East Nissouri Township Oxford County and had 3 children.  He died 23 December 1861 near

St Mary's, Perth County Ont.  It is still not known where he was buried.


#2.1.7 * Orin Avery born 15 November 1829 in West Zorra Township. He married Catherine Campbell and had 2 children.  He lived in Sanilac Township Sanilac County Michigan and died at Croswell, Sanilac County on 31 August 1930, age 100 and was buried Croswell Cemetery.


#2.1.8 * Catherine Avery born 17 November 1830 West Zorra Township.  She married February 1850 in Zorra Township to Robert James Moore, a Loyalist descendant, son of James Moore and

 Rachel Holder, from Long Reach Kings County  New Brunswick.  They had 10 children.  

The family moved to Gladwin County Michigan in 1879. Catherine homesteaded in Idaho in 1903 after her husband Robert died October 1899 in Gladwin.  She died 20 February 1928 age 98 at Spokane Washington and was buried Highland Cemetery Gladwin with her husband. (Catherine Avery Moore was the great grandmother of Robert G. Moore ) This family is continued under the Moore Family on this disc, See Moore Robert James  Note that the numbering of the Moore family on this disc is done using Moore family numbers ie Robert James Moore is #2.5.8


#2.1.9 * Charles “Henry” Avery born 9 June 1833 in West Zorra Township.

He married Sarah Elizabeth Rodgers of Lambton County Ontario and moved to Sanilac County and later moved to Butman Township Gladwin County Michigan.  They had 13 children.

He died 23 February 1897 in Butman Township and was buried in Butman Cemetery, no marker.


#2.1.10 Thomas E. (perhaps Eglin) Avery born 1834 in West Zorra Township died West Zorra

18 June 1848  when kicked by a horse. (Crawford Diaries).  He was buried in plot 3A Embro Pioneer Cemetery Lot 11 Concession 4 West Zorra Township just west of Oxford County Road 6.

It is now called an “Abandoned Methodist Cemetery” and was purchased in 1840 to be the site of a cemetery and Church (which was not built until 1854).  A picture of stone on internet at Marker reads  "In memory of Thomas E. Avery who died

 June 18 1848  age 13 years 8 mos and  26 days"


#2.1.11 William M. Avery born 1835 in West Zorra Township. He was shown as a lunatic in 1851 West Zorra Census.  He was not "at home" for the 1861 West Zorra census. (Location U/K). 

He died 23 August 1864 and is buried Ingersoll Rural Cemetery in "Potters Field". No Gravestone

#2.1.12 * Eliza Lucinda Avery born 1839 in West Zorra Township She married Lemuel B. Stevens.  They had at least 3 children.  She died after 1912 perhaps at Chicago Il.


#2.1.13 * Daniel Stoddard Avery born 26 April 1841 in West Zorra Township.

He married Mary A. Scott, 2 children.  He died Worth Township Sanilac County 21 August 1880 of consumption (T.B.)


(Alanson and Nancy had 51 grandchildren) (References should be noted along with this history)


            Alanson moved with his parents from Connecticut to the Town of Broadalbin, Fulton County (then Montgomery County) New York State when he was about 10 years old. His son Orin Avery stated in the Croswell newspaper of November 1924 that his father Alanson had fought against the British during the War of 1812. (He would have been 21/23 years old) (no other records yet found)

            It is likely that Alanson moved to the present Town of Benson in Hamilton County

(Then the Benson Tract  of the              Town of Mayfield Montgomery County) prior to his marriage to

Nancy Eglin, likely looking for work in the lumber industry.

            The Eglins had moved to the Benson Tract some years previously and seemed to have been engaged in the lumber industry, one of them operating a Mill (presumed Saw mill) there. 

(See the Eglin Family history by R.G Moore)

            Alanson did not own land in Town of Benson nor in the Town of Broadalbin.  The Groton Avery Clan Genealogy (page 438) states that Alanson was a farmer and moved to Ontario from Benson (Tract)

 New York. ( the land in Benson was less than marginal). The Groton Clan Genealogy also states that Alanson’s son, John was born in the Town of Johnstown, Fulton County (then Montgomery County) in 1819 so Alanson may have had short stay there before moving to Oxford County Ontario, likely about

June 1821.  The Averys settled on the West ½ of Lot 2 Concession 4 in West Zorra, likely purchasing the property at the same time or shortly after they arrived in Zorra. The farm is now part the Lafarge Cement Plant on the Governors Road (former Kings Highway #2 now Oxford County Road).

            The central part of the Erie Canal in New York State had been completed between Utica and Rome in the fall of 1819 and thus river and canal transportation was available from the Fonda area on the Mohawk River to Oswego on Lake Ontario.  Lake boats ran service across Lake Ontario to ports in Ontario on the Bay of Quinte, Coburg, Port Hope, Toronto etc.  It is difficult to pinpoint the place of birth of Alanson Jr but perhaps on a lake boat between Oswego and the Bay of Quinte area or at some port on the Bay of Quinte such as Picton.  It is likely that the laker boat service was used as far as possible likely to Hamilton and then over land to Brantford and then via the Stage Road through Burford to Woodstock as this road was in use by 1812 from Brantford to the Governor's Road west of Woodstock.

            Early settlement was mostly confined to the townline area between the Townships of

North Oxford and Zorra of Oxford and in 1820 there were only 2500 people in Brock District which included present Oxford County and Burford and Oakland Townships of present day Brant County.  Population in Zorra Township had increased by 1822 to the required 30 inhabitants (Likely men only) which allowed the inhabitants to hold a "town meeting".  No doubt Alanson Avery was one of those inhabitants.

             It appears that he moved "alone" as no neighbours or relatives moved to Oxford in the same time frame. (Although there was a distant cousin Orin Avery living at Norwich some 20 miles away).

Although Alanson likely purchased the West 1/2 of Lot 2 Concession 4 shortly after 1821 when he came to Oxford, he did not receive the memorial of the deed to the property from George H. Park of Dundas until November 1835 and  it was not recorded in the land registry office until January 1836. The consideration for the property was 30 pounds. One of the witnesses to the memorial was George W. Holder who had “come up”from New Brunswick and was the son of Loyalist  Jacob Holder of Long Reach Kings County New Brunswick  

            George was an uncle to Alanson's future son-in-law Robert James Moore (who married Catherine Avery).  In those days it was fairly common practice not to provide a deed until the property was fully paid for.

            For some unknown reason, Alanson was not listed in the 1824 assessment of Zorra (although he may have been regarded as tenant as his land was not completely paid for).  He was listed however in the 1826 assessment of Zorra at 30 pounds and 8 shillings having 8 acres cultivated, 92 acres uncultivated, 1 milch cow and 1 horned cattle.  In 1824 there were 36 voters in Zorra (East and West) and 450 in whole County of Oxford (You had to be a male property owner to be a voter)

             Alanson was listed as a member of the First Regiment of the Oxford County Militia in 1828 and 1829 being in the Company of Captain R. Always.  This company appears to have been raised in the Zorra Township area.  Alanson is listed as a private, age 35.  All residents between the ages of 19 and 39 were required to be part of local militias and were required to parade once a year (usually late May or June after the spring crops were planted). The British authorities still felt that there might be the threat of an invasion from the United States. (It was rather ironic that perhaps 25-30 % of population had come into the province from the United States after the conclusion of the War of 1812.

            Alanson was called as a witness before the grand jury in a trespass and  assault case on

 12 October 1832 before the London District of the Quarter Court Sessions of the Peace, held at the court house in London Ontario.

            The next first country wide census did not occur until early 1842 and was then only the heads of

 households. (The 1842 census of Zorra Township or any part of Oxford County however does not exist so the first census listing Alanson and his family did not occur until 1851)

            Within several years Nancy Eglin Avery’s brothers Thomas and Cornelius Eglin moved to

East Zorra Township in Oxford County , though they did not stay long.  Cornelius Eglin married about 1830 to Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson and had at least 9 children.  By 1850, he moved from Zorra to Centre Township Porter County Indiana.  It appears that Thomas returned to Fulton County

New York . about the same time (For more info on the Eglins see the Eglin Family history by RGM).

            By 1838 Brock District ( Oxford County ) was separated from London District

but Brock still had Burford and Oakland Townships of present day Brant County though. 

            In 1844, Alanson was one of the residents of West Zorra that signed the petition that asked for a new election after the election of Robert Riddell for a member of parliament in the Brock District was contested. 

            Alanson purchased the East ½ of Lot 1 Concession 3 West Zorra being 100 acres from

Robert Nixon and his wife in October 1848 (recorded in November 1860).  In 1850 he purchased the adjoining 20 acres of the West 1/2 of Lot 1 as well. (also recorded in 1860)   In 1850 Alanson was assessed at 11 pounds for Lot 2 Concession 4 and at 165 pounds 16 shillings for Lot 1 Concession 3. (Alanson had moved his main farming operation to Lot 1 Concession 3 as it was better farming ground).

            In the 1851 Census of the Township of West Zorra taken January 1852, Alanson is listed in Division #1 page #8 as follows  Avery, Alanson age 60 farmer born United States, religion Wesleyan Methodist, wife Nancy born United States  age 56, children Elisa L., born Canada age 13, Alanson, labourer age 29, Orin age 24, labourer, William age 16, labourer and listed as a lunatic, and Daniel age 11. Alanson lived in a frame house. There was a female death in family in the past year, but it is not known whom it was.  (The James Moore family was listed next in the Census.  The Moores, a second generation Loyalist family had come from Long Reach area of King’s County New Brunswick to Zorra in 1844, see Alanson’s daughter, Catharine Avery.)

             In November of 1850 Alanson's son, Silas purchased part of Lot 1 Concession 4 West Zorra, the North 25 acres of the West ½ for 50 pounds.  Alanson purchased this property from Silas in April 1856 again for 50 Pounds with his son Orin Avery acting as a witness to the memorial (of the transaction for registration purposes).  Silas moved Ingersoll for a short time and then to Brantford Township Brant County to farm on his father-in-laws's property.

            In the 1850s and 60s voting for a public office in Ontario was not by secret ballot.  A person (male only) had to own property and appear on a voters list in order to vote.  His vote was recorded for all to know and now 140 years later we know who our second great grandfather voted for.

            It appears that Alanson voting habits favoured the Reform candidate rather than the Tory establishment candidate. Perhaps this was a "throw back" to his days fighting the Tories in the

War of 1812 or his father Frederick's service during the "Troubles".

             No doubt Alanson was sympathetic to the Reform cause of William Lyon McKenzie in the rebellion of 1837.  At these elections the voters of Brock District were electing a member of Parliament of Upper Canada (seated at Toronto ). The 1851 Poll Books of the West Zorra Township recorded Alanson's voting as follows,  Alanson, a yeoman (farmer), on the West ½ of Lot 2 Concession 4, voted for Hincks (the Reform Candidate who won).  In 1854 election on 3 December 1854 , Alanson living on Lot 2 Concession 4 again voted for Hincks (results, Vansittart 139,(Tory) Hincks 139 (Reform).  In the 1857 election Alanson living on Lot 1 Concession 3 and his son Orin living on Lot 2 Concession 4 both voted for Brown (results Matheson 269, Brown 190, Miller 42). In the 1858 election, Orin living on North 1/4

 of Lot 2 Concession 4 and Alanson living on West 1/2 of Lot 2 Concession 4, both voted for McDougall.  In the 1861 election Orin, living as a tenant on Lot 2 Concession 4 and Alanson living on East 1/2 of Lot 1 Concession 3, both voted for William McDougall rather than Isaac Buchanan.

            In the 1863 election in West Zorra, Orin Avery, farmer on the West 1/2 of East 1/2 of Lot 10 Concession 2, Daniel Avery, occupant on Lot 2 Concession 4 and Alanson Avery on Lot 2

Concession 4, all voted for Hope F. McKenzie vs John Barwick.

            In the 1861 West Zorra Township Census, taken in April 1861, Alanson is listed in District #2 page #8 as follows  Alanson Avery born US, religion Wesleyan Methodist, age 69 living in a

one family log house, Nancy Avery  born US age 63, Children Eliza age 22, Daniel age 19.

Living with Alanson and Nancy were Eliza J. Avery age 11 and Joseph Avery age 15, both born Upper Canada and Baptists. They were not members of the family but to date the relationship of these children to Alanson has not been ascertained and no other record of Joseph Avery has been found. (1871 census index checked)

            The 1861 agricultural census which was taken at the same time as the regular census listed Alanson Avery on Lot 1 Concession 3, with 120 acres, 40 acres under cultivation, 33 acres under crop in 1860, 6 acres under pasture in 1860, 1 acre orchard, 80 acres of woods, and the value of farm at $3000. In the same census his son Orin was shown on the home farm the West 1/2 Lot 2 in Concession 4, 100 acres in total with 70 acres under cultivation. Value of that farm was also $3000.

            Both Alanson and Nancy could read and write. Alanson was a strong supporter and worked to obtain the establishment of a public school near the Zorra Townline (Reference Crawford diaries).

            In December 1864 Alanson purchased a house lot in the hamlet of Beachville ( Lot #28

North of Church Street, being part of Lot 8 in the Broken Front Concession of the Township of

North Oxford , apparently for his daughter Catherine and her husband Robert Moore. As the price of the lot was $150, it is believed that Robert Moore must have built a house on the lot as several of Robert's children were born in Beachville. Whether Alanson provided the property for his daughter or whether it was in his name only to protect his son-in-law Robert (who was a carpenter and builder) against potential law suits etc is not known. Catherine always spoke highly of her father, with just cause. The Moores lived on Church Street in Beachville until they moved to Gladwin Michigan in August 1879.

            In February 1868 Alanson purchased Lot 10 Inkerman Street in Ingersoll from his daughter

Eliza Stevens and her husband Lemeul. It is likely he and his wife Nancy along with son Daniel and his family moved to 10 South Inkerman Street Ingersoll at that time. Alanson was by then 76 years old and was much too old for active farm work ! Ten Inkerman Street was a small frame house which in April 2001 probably looked much the same (other than new siding) that it had looked like in the 1870's. (The house at the south east corner of Inkerman and George Street is now numbered off George Street )

            In 1871 Ingersoll election, Alanson Avery as the owner of 10 Inkerman Street voted for Adam Oliver who won with 104 vs Stephen Richards, 49.

            In 1874, Alanson Avery still living at 10 Inkerman Street was listed on Ingersoll Village polling list was but there are no records of the vote.

             The 1871 Ingersoll Village Census listed Alanson in Division number 2, Dwelling number 82 Family number 93 on page 25 of census (page 2 & 3 of index)  Alanson Avery age 78, born US, Episcopal Methodist, married, occupation farmer,  Nancy Avery  age 73, born US (German origin). Living in the same house with Alanson was his son Daniel Avery, occupation farmer, religion Episcopal Methodist, age 30, his wife Mary age 24 and their daughter Alice Maud age 2.


            An Eliza (last name U/K) age 20 and single was also listed and was likely the same Eliza Avery that was living with Alanson at the time of the 1861 census. She was not a member of the family.

            In the 1875 Oxford County Atlas, a Thomas Edwards, Postal address Embro ( Oxford County ) was shown as a tenant on Alanson's home property in Zorra.

            The 1875 West Zorra Township assessment rolls shows Alanson Avery as number 261 on the roll and as a non resident of the township (as he was living in Ingersoll), member of Episcopal (Methodist) church, resides in Ingersoll School Section #5, owns

1. West 1/2 Lot 2 Concession 4 West Zorra Township . Thomas Edwards, tenant age 41, 100 acres, 

70 cleared value $6000.

2. North West 1/8 Lot 1 Concession 4  25 acres, 20 cleared value $1400

3. Part of Lot #1 Concession #3 120 acres, 30 cleared  Value $4000 Total $11,400 

Personal property $500  Total $11900, 25 cattle, 3 hogs, 4 horses. 

Alanson was regarded as a most successful farmer.

            Sometime after his wife's Nancy death in April 1874, Alanson  went to live with his daughter Mary Jane McKellar at her home in North Oxford Township . He sold the house at 10 Inkerman Street back to his daughter Eliza Stevens in 1879.

            World events shaped the economic, social and private lives of all Ontario residents.

Alanson's life was no exception.  The strong demand for new land in Ontario in the 1820-1840's drove up the price of farm land and the coming of the railroads in the mid 1850's gave the farmers a easier method of selling their produce, chiefly wheat to Great Britain .  The boom of the early 1850's brought on by the Crimean War (wheat was worth$2.64 US in January 1856) was short lived and followed by a great depression at the end of the 1850's when the war was over. The “killer” frost of July 1858 which destroyedmuch of the crops certainly increased hardship through out the county.

            This depression was short lived as the demand for agricultural goods sharply rose in the 1860's because of the American Civil War. However the decade of the 1870's saw a major depression in Oxford County as the United States was again self sufficient and took over many markets which Canada had supplied prior to the war.  The result was again a large drop in the price of farm and manufactured good in Ontario with the inevitable high unemployment in both urban and rural areas and many mortgage foreclosures on the farm front . The poverty spawned by the 1870's depression was the stimulus for the large migration of Ontario residents to Michigan and mid western United States . It is said that Oxford County lost 30% of its population during that decade.

            Little wonder most of the Avery children left Oxford County . None of Alanson's children remained on his farm land, although Mary Jane McKellar and her husband Archibald farmed just north of Ingersoll.  Alanson's eldest son John after labouring for more than 30 years in Oxford moved to a farm of his own in Sanilac Township Sanilac County Michigan in 1872.  Son, Alanson Jr, probably left shortly after the 1851 census. In the 1860's he was serving in the Union Army in the American Civil War and after the war took up farm land in Greenwood County Kansas.  Son, Silas, moved to Brantford Township Brant County Ontario about 1860 to property owned by the Molaskeys who were his wife's family

            Cornelius left home before 1851 and lived in the St Marys area of Perth County Ontario where he died in December 1861 . His widow Eleanor Avery married Jeremiah Williams in August 1864 and they too soon moved to Michigan . Son Orin gave up on Ontario shortly after 1865 and by 1867 when he was living in Lexington Township Sanilac County .

                        Daughter Catherine and her husband Robert Moore moved to Gladwin County Michigan in August 1879 where he continued farming and barn building. They were the last of Alanson's children to leave Oxford County .  Son Henry was also away from Oxford County before 1851, marrying in 1854 and farming in Warwick Township Lambton County Ontario before moving to Sanilac County in 1872 .

Daughter Eliza Avery and husband Lemuel Stevens were in Saginaw Michigan by 1881 if not by 1871 as they were not listed in the 1871 census of Ingersoll Village . Son Daniel also went to Sanilac County and was there by November 1872 farming in Worth Township.  Thus when Alanson died on 21 March 1880 the only one of his children that remained in Oxford County was his daughter Mary Jane McKellar.  

            Alanson’s funeral notice read as follows, (copies received from Ed McDonald, Haslett Mi )


AVERY In North Oxford March 21 Mr. Alanson Avery aged 88 years

                                       THE FUNERAL

Will take place from the residence of his son-in-law Mr. Archibald McKellar Lot 14 Concession 3 North Oxford on Wednesday afternoon 24th instant at One o'clock

Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend North Oxford March 22 1880


            Prior to his death in May 1879 Alanson gave a deed of trust to his sons Silas Wood Avery of the Township of Brantford, Orin Avery of Sanilac County and his son-in-law Archibald McKellar of the Township of North Oxford  (Consideration $1) for his property being 

(a). West 1/2 of Lot 2 Concession 4 West Zorra 100 acres 

(b). North 1/4 of the West 1/2 of Lot 1 Concession 4 West Zorra 25 acres 

(c.). East 120 acres of Lot 1 Concession 3 West Zorra 

(d.) Lot 28 North of Church Street in Beachville. (His daughter Catherine and her husband Robert had moved that summer to Gladwin Township Gladwin County Michigan). 

             The properties totalled 245 acres without the Beachville house and lot. The Trustees were to sell the properties by any means after his death.  The proceeds after the deduction of 5% for the Grantees (Silas, Orin and Archibald McKellar) for their time and trouble etc., were to be divided into 10 lots after adding $500, the value that Alanson placed on property in Ingersoll conveyed by him to his daughter Eliza Stevens. Equal shares of the proceeds were to given to his children, John Avery, Alanson Avery (Jr.),

 Silas Wood Avery, Orin Avery, Henry Avery, Daniel Avery, Mary Jane McKellar, Catherine Moore,

Eliza Stevens (after deducting from her share, $500 being the value of the Lot Alanson conveyed to her)and the daughters of his deceased son Cornelius Avery (one share between them).  His daughters and grand daughters were to have their share of the money without control of their husbands.  Alanson (age 87) signed the deed by "X" although previously he had been able to sign his name.

            Because of the depressed times throughout Ontario, the farms (245 acres) were advertised commencing  in January 1881 in the Woodstock Sentinel Newspaper for a year before they were sold by the executors in January 1883 for $10,000. The Beachville lot was sold separately.

            The sale advertisement read as follows

"The following valuable farms are now offered for sale, Family farm known as the Avery Homestead 125 acres Lot 2 Concession 4 Zorra and 25 acres on the north side of Lot 1 Concession 4. On the farm are

2 orchards and suitable buildings and land in a high state of cultivation.  One of the best diary farms in the County of Oxford and is 4 miles from Ingersoll, 5 miles from Embro and 3 miles from Beachville"


            Nancy (Anntje) Eglin was born in the Town of Amsterdam, formerly Montgomery County now Fulton County New York on 17 July 1798 .  She was the daughter and one of 11 children of  John Eglin (1768-1845) and Catherine (Catalyntje) Dods (1769-1845) (For information on both the Eglin and Dods families, see the Eglin and Dods histories by R G. Moore). We have picture of a painting that is said by the family to be Nancy (We have yet to find any pictures of Alanson)

            Nancy died 6 April 1874 in Ingersoll and was buried with Alanson in the Ingersoll Rural Cemetery. (Vital Records Ontario number 8269/74 gave the cause of death was given as billious fever, duration

2 weeks.)

            Her funeral notice read as follows


In Ingersoll on the 6th Inst. Mrs Nancy Avery, wife of Allanson Avery in the 76th year of her age

                         THE FUNERAL

Will take place to-morrow (Wednesday) afternoon from her late residence, North of the River at two o'clock.  The body will be taken to the Baptist Church where a sermon will be preached, thence will proceed to the Cemetery (Ingersoll Rural) Ingersoll April 7, 1874





   Name               Date            age         Order of birth    Cause

1. Eliza            Bef 1838   under 19                #1          u/k

2. Thomas E           1848           13                #10         kicked by a horse

3. Cornelius            1861           34                #6          u/k

4. William              1864           29                #11         u/k

5. Daniel                1880           39                #13         T.B.

6. Mary Jane           1893           68                #5           Cancer of throat 

7. Charles Henry     1897           63                #9           u/k

8. Silas Wood         1898           74                #4           u/k

9. John Eglin          1901           82                #2           u/k

10. Alanson            1912           91                #3           old age

11. Eliza Lucinda     aft 1912      71+             #12          u/k

12. Catherine          1928            97               #8            old age  

13. Orin                 1929           100+           #7            cancer of face



as of February 2005

CHILD          Generation #2


Generation #3



Gen #4

Secd Gr Gr

Generation #5

















Silas Wood





Mary Jane McKellar


4 known













Catherine Moore






Charles Henry















Eliza Stevens





Daniel Stoddard





TOTALS       13


















For Children marked *  See Avery file #3




Alanson Avery #1.1 and Nancy Eglin


17 February 1819 in the Town of Johnstown, Montgomery County, (now Fulton County) New York


# 2127


April 1874 at North Oxford Township Oxford County Ont. to Hannah O'Donnell

(Not listed in Vital Records of Ontario)


24 March 1901 in Sanilac Township Sanilac County Michigan (age 82 years 1 month and 17 days)

of heart failure and stroke (info in Groton Avery Clan incorrect)


Carsonville Cemetery  Section #10 Washington Township, Sanilac County


# * Orin Avery born 4 January 1873 at Lexington Township, Sanilac County Michigan (location from Groton Avery Clan History and may be in error as John owned land in Sanilac Township Sanilac County rather than Lexington Township in 1872)


#3.1.2..2 Daniel Avery born 1 September 1876 in Sanilac Township, Sanilac County

Died 20 December 1876  of "inflammation of the lungs" and is buried family plot in Carsonville Cemetery


            John moved to Zorra Township Oxford County with his parents about 1821 and in his youth farmed with his father Alanson there.  John has not been found in the 1851 census of Oxford.

In 1861 he was living in Zorra with his brother Orin Avery and was listed as a labourer.

            He was listed as administrator of his brother Cornelius' Estate in 1866 and was shown as residing in West Zorra Township at the time. In September of 1872 he purchased a portion of Section 18 in Sanilac Township being the South East 1/4 (40 acres) and the South West 1/4 of the South East 1/4  as well as the South 1/2 of the South East 1/4 of the North East 1/4 (20 acres for a total of 100 acres.) The property was on the north-south road between Sections 17 and 18 and the east-west road between sections 18 and 19) (the land seems to be rather swampy even to-day and covered with poor second or third growth timber)

            It is not known if he moved to Michigan in September 1872 or if he did not move until he was married in April 1874. (John was about 55 at the time)  One assumes that he was a labourer (farm or otherwise) for the 30 plus years between the late 1830's and 1872.

             He is shown in the 1894 Sanilac County Atlas as the owner of the property in Section 18.

In 1906 Atlas his son Orin was shown as the owner of the property.  He was listed as a farmer in Sanilac in  the 1880 Sanilac County census.  In the 1890 census of Sanilac Township he was listed with a birthdate of February 1819, wife Hannah born December 1840 and a son Orin.

            Hannah O'Donnell was born 20 June 1844 at Belfast Ireland (Ref GAC). It is not known when she came to Ontario but she was in Ingersoll Village for the 1871 census when she was a servant in the household of William Rumsey, a banker. Her age was given as 25, birthplace Ireland and of the Roman Catholic religion. She died 1 January  1913 in Sanilac Township at age 68. (Her death certificate stated she was 75 or 80 years old)  





Alanson Avery #1.2 and Nancy Eglin


31 May 1821 likely "En route" from New York State to Oxford County perhaps the Bay of Quinte area of Eastern Ontario as the Averys were moving from the Town of Johnstown to Oxford County

In the 1900 census he stated that he was born “at sea”.




uncertain  although his obit states he had (maybe Kansas ?) but his pension claim in August 1898 states he was never married


3 November 1912 at Croswell, Sanilac County Michigan


Croswell Cemetery in the Orin Avery Plot


none known


            He purchased 50 acres in Lot 186 North Talbot Road Middleton Township Norfolk County Ont in March 1846.  (Property is in the present day Town of Delhi) He sold the property on 25 November 1850 to Samuel Spicer for 42 Pounds. Whether he ever lived on the property is not known. He was never assessed for it but apparently non resident owners were not assessed for land at that period in Ontario.

            At the time of the 1851 census (January 1852) he was living at home with his parents (age 29, Occupation labourer)  bothers Orin, William and Daniel and sister Eliza.  He has not been found in the 1861 Ontario census nor has there been any other reference found about him in Oxford County.

            He might have gone to Michigan or Indiana (his uncle Cornelius Eglin was in Porter County Indiana by 1850).  Alanson enlisted in the Union Army during the American Civil War on

24 September 1861 at Ellison Illinois and was mustered in on 31 December 1861 at Otterville Michigan as a private with Company “K” of the Engineer Regiment of the West Missouri Volunteers

He was transferred to "B" Company of First Regiment of the Missouri Engineers about January or February 1864. He was discharged as a private and artificer at Chattanooga Tennessee on 1 November 1864.

            In his pension claim he stated that he had lived for a period of time at Wappelo, Louisa County Iowa. His cousin Daniel Avery who was the son of Soloman Avery (brother of Alanson  Sr) lived there.

He also stated he lived at Coyville Kansas but this was likely his post office for his land he received for Civil war service, He received land in Greenwood County Kansas under an Act passed in 1870 by the US Government providing land for Civil War Veterans however he has not yet ben found in the1870 or the 1880 census.  In August 1876, he received a clear deed in August 1876 to West ½ of North East 1/4 Quarter (80 acres) and South East 1/4 of the North West Quarter  (40 acres) of Section 33 in Township Number 26 South and Range 13 East  (PleasantGrove Township in the South East Corner of Greenwood County).  The land is at the edge of the "Flint Hills" area east of Wichita  (wheat growing and cattle grazing today in the area) .He sold this property in July of 1890 for $2500 and at the time declared himself a widower.

            By October 1884, he had retired to a small house in the hamlet of Toronto in Woodson County Kansas.  In October 1888 he gave power of attorney to his brother Orin to dispose of his property in Sanilac County (It is not known what property he owned in Sanilac County at that time although it could have been a lot in Croswell, Sanilac County).   At that time he declared himself a single man.

He purchased 2 lots in Toronto in August 1888 for $300  (He may have been living next door at the time).   

             He sold these 2 lots plus an adjoining lot for $500 in April 1901 (He was living in Gladwin Michigan at the time and one of the witnesses was Milford E. Raymond husband of his sister

Catherine Avery Moore's daughter Janet Moore Raymond.)

            Alanson seemed to have had to apply a number of times for a Civil War pension. The first record of an application was when he was still living in Kansas at age 58 years.  On 30 November 1879, a statement was given by John McNames age 50 (a farmer in Lexington Township Sanilac County Michigan and a neighbour of his brother Orin )and Peter McNames age 41, that they had known Alanson before he enlisted with the Missouri Engineers and that he was a strong, able bodied man free from disease.    This statement was taken at Lexington in Sanilac County Michigan where both the McNames resided at that time. It is presumed the "McNames" were former residents of Oxford County Ontario (there were McNames families in Zorra and North Oxford Township Oxford County in the 1840-50's)

             He next applied for a pension on 18 June 1886 at Coyville, Wilson County Kansas stating that the severe conditions of a “March” to New Madrid, Missouri about 1 September 1863 had caused severe varicose veins in his legs. It appears that he was denied a pension as he made a further application on

28 June 1890 at Toronto, Woodson County Kansas.

            This application seems to have been approved as he applied for an increase in an Invalid Pension on 21 August 1891 (age 70) stating that the small fingers of his left hand had been injured by a shell at Fort Madrid  as well as having other disabilities of old age.  In a statement in May 1893, a neighbour in Toronto, Kansas, Henry Coburn stated that Alanson had lived with him for 3 years, was disabled and did not partake of liquor.  Alanson also stated that he had to be lead  because of blindness during a "March" for several days in 1862 between Johnsonville and Raymond Springs, Tennessee.

            He was still living in Toronto Kansas in April 1898 when his niece Henrietta Avery Beardsley (daughter of his brother Henry Avery) died in Toronto in April 1898.  She had moved there about 1894 and had married in January 1896 and had been looking after him. Alanson returned to Gladwin Michigan very likely shortly after Henrietta's death, where he lived with his niece Nancy Moore Wright (Daughter of his sister Catherine Avery Moore) until she died in 1904.  He was listed in the 1900 census of Gladwin Township Gladwin county living with Nancy and her husband David Wright and their 3 daughters He stated that he was born May 1821 “at sea”,

            He applied for a pension increase in 1901 (age 80) stating he was unable to preform manual labour and at that time signed the Document with an "X" (up to an including 1898 he had been able to sign his name).       He moved to Croswell Michigan after Nina Wright's death and lived with his brother Orin Avery and Orin's daughter Eliza Martin until he died in November 1912 from kidney disease. At the time of his death it appears that he was drawing a pension of $20 per month.

            His obituary in the Croswell "Jeffersonian" stated he was a staunch Republican, a member of the United Brethen Church tho he united with the Baptist Church in Croswell.  The obit also noted he was survived by his brother Orin, sisters, Mrs. Robert Moore of Idaho and Mrs L. Stevens of Chicago.

His estate valued at $1375 was left to his brother Orin and included a lot in Croswell 

            Alanson was 6 foot 1/2 inch tall, had a light complexion and blue eyes (pension records)



Much of the info from David Avery of Ancaster Ont


Alanson Avery #1.1 and Nancy Eglin


23 September 1823 in (West) Zorra Township, Oxford County Ontario




19 April 1849 in Zorra Township to Mary Jane Molaskey by Rev. George Turner of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Witnesses were his brother John Avery and his sister Mary Jane Avery


14 June 1898 Brantford Township Brant County Ontario


Greenwood Cemetery on West Street in Brantford, Brant County Ontario Section H Row 19


# * Eliza Jane Avery born 3 February 1850 in West Zorra Township


# * Nancy Victoria Avery born 23 April 1852 in West Zorra


# * Mary Ann Avery born 24 December 1855 in West Zorra


# * Alanson Henry Avery born 27 August 1857 in Ingersoll, Oxford County,


# * Catherine Elizabeth Avery born 30 October 1860 at Brantford Township


# * Cornelius Eglin Avery (Neely) born 9 July 1862 at Apps Mills, Brantford Township


# * Orin Frederick Avery born 9 April 1865 at Brantford Township,


#3.1.5..8 * Daniel Robert Avery born 27 December 1868 at Brantford Township.


            Silas farmed in West Zorra and purchased 25 acres being the North part of the West half of Lot 1 Concession 4 on November 1850.   He has however not yet been located in the 1851 Census.

            He sold this property to his father Alanson, Avery in April 1856 and apparently moved to Ingersoll where his son Alanson Henry Avery was born in August 1857.  He was an executor of the will of his father in law Peter Molaskey who died 9 March 1848 and was buried 11 March at  Mr Mabys (Mabee’s) meeting house (Ref Crawford diaries (likely North Oxford Township). The other executor was Peter Molaskey Jr, Silas’s brother in law (One of the witnesses to the will was Nancy Avery, Silas’ mother) (only example found of her signature)  (did the Molaskeys live in West Zorra ??)

            Silas moved again, before October 1860 to half of Lot 7 Concession 3 in Brantford Township,  near Apps Mills. The other half of the lot was owned by Peter Molaskey Jr. He is listed in the 1861 census in Brantford Township Page 14 Section West of Grand River as Silas Avery age 37,

 wife Mary Jane Avery.age  32, children Eliza 12, Nancy 10, Mary Ann 8, Alanson H. 6, Catherine E. 2.   Also living with Silas was his mother-in-law Mary Molaskey born New Brunswick, of Baptist religion  age 78 servant.

            He was also listed in the 1871 Brantford Township census in Dwelling # 84, Family #86 as

Silas Avery age 48, wife Mary age 43  children Eliza age 21, Nancy age 18, Mary Ann age 16, Alanson age 13, Catherine age 11, Cornelius age 8,  Orin age 6 and  Daniel  age 3

            He purchased from Jeremiah Burch and his wife Elizabeth, 164 acres in Lots 1, 2, 3 & 4  of the Kerr Tract on the Pleasant Ridge Road in Brantford Township (less the right of way of the Brantford and Port Burwell Railway)in October 1878 for $5300   Here he continued to farm and lived there for the rest of his life.

            In the 1881 census of Brantford Township, West Brant County he was listed as age 57 farmer born Ontario. Episcopal Methodist, wife Mary J age 52 born New Brunswick of Polish origin.

Children all born Ontario, Mary age 24, Alanson age 22, Cornelius age 18, Orin age 15, Daniel age 13 and a farm labourer Daniel Conners.

            Silas was the one executors (along with his brother Orin and  brother-in-law Archibald McKellar) of his father's Alanson estate and signed the deeds selling his father's property in West Zorra Township in January 1883. In April of 1885 Silas placed a $3000 mortgage on 128 acres of Lot 1 & 2 of the Kerr Tract  at 6% due and payable in 3 years. He was however still making payments on the mortgage in

April 1892. He may have used the mortgage money to build a new house as he built at some time during his ownership of the property a large two storey cream coloured brick house which was set facing east on the edge of the Grand River Valley.

            The 1891 Census of Brant County South, First Section Brantford Township page 24 

 Silas W.Avery, married, age 67, farmer, born Ont,  father and mother born US, Methodists ,wife Jane M born New Brunswick age 62, Cornelius, Male, son, age 29, single son, Orin, married.  age 25, Orin's wife Elizabeth.  age 24  (her father born France, mother born Ireland)  Frederick, male age 5, grandson.

His sons, Cornelius and Orin assumed the farm on his death in 1898. His daughter Eliza Avery Franklin received the Molaskey homestead from her mother about the same time.

            I have not yet found the widow, Mary Jane Avery in the 1901 census


            Mary Jane was a daughter of Peter Molaskey and Mary Pickel (Pickle) (Bickle) and was born

14 April 1829 in Hammond New Brunswick.  The Molaskeys had come to Brant and Oxford Counties in the late 1840's . Mary died 19 August 1920 at her home on the Kerr Tract which now housed her son Cornelius and his family  and is also buried in Greenwood Cemetery Brantford.

            She was one of  9 children (others James? Henry? John ?). Mary Pickle Molaskey’s  parents were Nicholas Pickel and Rachel Inscoe, Loyalists from New Jersey to New Brunswick. Mary Pickel Molaskey is buried at the Landon (also known as the Dickie Cemetery) which is located at the North West corner of Lot 1 Concession 4 Brantford Township Brant County. (Intersection of Henderson Road and County Road 16)




Alanson Avery #1.2 and Nancy Eglin


about 1825 in West Zorra Township Oxford County Ont.




About 1852 to Archibald McKellar likely in West Zorra or Ingersoll, Not found in Brock district marriage Records so they may have been married in Perth County (Ontario)


27 June 1893 of cancer of the throat in North Oxford Township Oxford County

(likely at her home Lot 14 Concession 3)


Ingersoll Rural Cemetery, Ingersoll Ontario Lot 69 Section F


# * Nancy Jane (Nina) McKellar born about 1853 likely born Woodstock Ontario


# * Eliza L. McKellar born 1858 born Woodstock


# * Catherine Jessie McKellar born 1862 in Perth County


# * Agness Mary McKellar (aka “Love” McKellar) born 1864 in Downie Township Perth County

tho the 1901 cesnus gives born 31 August 1866


# * Helen Louisa McKellar born 1866 in Downie Township


# * John A. McKellar about 1868 likely Downie Township


# Archibald Wright McKellar born about May 1872 at North Oxford Township.

He died 25 September 1872 age 4 months and 26 days of consumption (T.B.), Buried McKellar Plot, Ingersoll Rural Cemetery


            Mary Jane has not as yet been located in the 1851 census. In 1861 she, her husband Archibald and family were likely in Downie Township in Perth County.

            Archibald was born in Lonirgoilhead Argyllshire Scotland on 23 October 1823. 

He came to Canada in 1842 living in Lanark County before he moved to Downie Township Perth County and to Oxford County in 1870 . He purchased 200 acres being Lot 14 Concession 3 North Oxford Township in September 1869 where he farmed for the next 25 years.

             He was in North Oxford Township for the both the 1871 and the 1881 census. The 1881 census of North Oxford Township listed Archibald as age 58, wife Mary Jane 55 and children, Catherine 18, Mary 16,  Helen (or Ellen) 15,  and John 13.  He was one of the executors of his father-in-law Alanson Avery's Estate in 1883-4.  He retired about 1894 and moved to Ingersoll with his daughter Mrs Love A. Richardson (Mrs Frank L.). 

            Archibald was listed in the 1901 census of Ingersoll Oxford County (div B-4 page 7) as head of Family ans recorded as Campell McKeller born 23 November 1823, age 77, widower, With him was his daughterAgness Richardson ,age 37 and born 31 August 1866 who was described as a widow and his grandson Frank W Richardson age 7.      

            Archibald sold his farm to his daughter Nina in 1903.  He died 23 November 1905 of "paralysis", age 83 in Ingersoll at his daughter's (Mrs. Richardson) and is also buried in the Ingersoll Rural Cemetery.  His obit noted he was a Conservative in politics and a member of the Presbyterian Church.

 (Check Canada Company records re Downie Township)  




Alanson Avery #1.2 and Nancy Eglin


1 November 1827 in West Zorra Township




24 May 1855 to Eleanor Judge of Nissouri Township, Oxford County by Rev George Turner of the Methodist Church. Witnesses were Orin Avery and John McNames


23 December 1861 near St Mary's, Perth County, Ontario


no burial place as yet found. All Oxford county (Zorra and West Nissouri) Cemetery records checked as well as St Marys in Perth County


# Nancy Jane Avery born 4 July 1857 and died young


# * Margaret Avery born 10 December 1859 likely near St. Mary's


# * Elizabeth (Eliza) Cornelia Avery born 8 June 1862 at Thamesford, Oxford County.

 She was born 5 1/2 months after her father died


            Cornelius has not as yet been located in the 1851 census. or 1861 census  (project to be .undertaken) He was a tanner and a stock drover and a county bailiff (ref Groton Avery Clan).

It has not been ascertained if Cornelius owned land in Oxford, Perth or Middlesex Counties.

His brother John Avery of West Zorra Township was named as administrator of his will (microfilm Record of Ontario wills #115 in 1866 County of Oxford Index).  The will was probated on 1 February 1866.

            Eleanor Judge was born 22 April 1839 (married at age16) near Toronto (GAC) and was the daughter of John Judge and Jane Henderson.  She remarried to Jeremiah Williams on 3 August 1864 at

 Port Huron Michigan.   She gave her age as 26 and her residence as Oxford County.  He gave his age

as 36.

 They moved to Saginaw Michigan and were there by December 1886 when Eleanor's daughter Margaret married Erwin Davenport.  In 1910 Eleanor lived on the west side of Saginaw (no mention of Jeremiah in the GAC)  

ORIN A. AVERY #2.2.7



Alanson Avery #2.1 and Nancy Eglin


15 November 1829 in West Zorra Township Oxford County Ont. likely at Lot 1 Concession 3




7 December 1857 likely at Ingersoll Oxford County Ontario to Catherine Campbell


31 August 1930 age 100 years 8 months and 16 days at his home in Croswell, Sanilac County, Michigan of cancer of the face


Croswell Cemetery


# * John E. Avery born 7 March 1861 in West Zorra Township


# * Elizabeth Jane Avery (Eliza) born 14 October 1864 in West Zorra Township


             Orin’s second name is unknown.  His obit noted he had received a grammar school education.

In 1857, 58 and 1861, Orin lived on Lot 2 Concession 4 West Zorra.  At the time of the 1851 West Zorra census he was listed as Orin Avery age 24 labourer, single, and was living with his parents Alanson and Nancy Avery.He had purchased the North West 1/4 of Lot 4 West Zorra (50 acres) in November 1859 for $150. He purchased the North 1/2 of the East 1/2 of Lot 10 Concession 2 West Zorra  in November 1860 and in 1863 he lived there. (Deed #23828)  He sold his Zorra Township property in October 1865 (deed # 33805) and by the 15th of February 1867 was living in Lexington Township Sanilac County Michigan on the South East 1/4 of Section 15.  He received a deed for the property on 6 December 1867 and owned all the South East Quarter of the section except the North West 1/4, 120 acres in total.  He was shown as the owner of this property on the 1894 Sanilac County Atlas.  The buildings were on the road between Sections 14 and 15. Orin is listed in the 1870 census of Lexington Township as age 40, farmer, wife Catharine

age 34 and children, John age 9 and Eliza age 5 all of whom were born in Canada. He was listed in the 1880 census of Sanilac as a farmer age 51, wife Katharine age 43 and children John age 19 and Eliza age 15.

            He was the first of the Avery brothers to move to Sanilac County, though his brother Alanson was in the US prior to the Civil War.   Orin not only raised his own family but after the death of his son John also raised his grandson Earl Avery.  The family was listed in the 1900 census of Lexington Township as Orin Avery born November 1829, wife Catharine born July 1837, mother of 2 children with on living and grandson Earl age 16,  born January 1884

            Orin was listed as a grain farmer and stock grower in the "Business Section" of the 1906 Sanilac County Atlas under Lexington Township. On the map of Lexington Township,  a "George Farley" is shown on the farm in Section 15.  Whether Orin still owned the farm at that time is not known .   About 1903 Orin and his wife moved into Croswell (Section 22 Lexington Township) onto a 2 acre property that he had purchased in 1878.

             About 1908 he built a new house on the property in Croswell. In October 1904, he was appointed the guardian of his nephew Orin Avery # (son of John Avery) who had been declared mentally incompetent.

            After his wife Catherine died in 1922, Orin lived with his daughter Eliza (Mrs. Dr. George R.) Martin in Croswell.  He and Catherine were members of the Second Adventist Church in Croswell.

He was very active and at age 95 could ride horseback which was a hobby of his.  At age 97 he could still walk without a cane and read without glasses.           


            The village of Croswell gave him a 100th birthday party complete with a chicken supper for nearly of 200 people on 15 November 1929. He rode a horse during the birthday parade. He was listed as age 100 in the 1930 census of Lexington Township and was living with his daughter and son in law George and Eliza Martin

             Catherine was born on 10 July 1837 at ?, and was the daughter of John Campbell (born Scotland) and Mary Gee (born New York State). She died 3 December 1922 of arterial sclerosis (age 85 years

4 months and 23 days) and is buried with Orin in the Croswell Cemetery.



`           PARENTS

Alanson Avery #1.2 and Nancy Eglin


17 November 1830  likely at Lot 1 Concession 3 West Zorra Township Oxford County Ontario



on 27 February 1850 to Robert James Moore in West Zorra Township, Oxford County Ont. by

Rev. George Turner of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Witnesses, Norval Britney (soon to marry Robert's sister Jane) and George Bailey (no relationship to any one in either the Moore or Avery families so he was likely a friend).


20 February 1928 at Spokane Washington State


Moore-Campbell family plot Highland Cemetery (west side of Road) Gladwin City, Gladwin County Michigan. Cemetery  Plot is on west limit of Cemetery about midway north-south of the cemetery.

 Grave Markers inscriptions are

"1827 Robt. J. Moore 1899" and "1830 Catherine Moore 1928" as well as “1872 Katie 1887"


# * Adelaide Rachel Moore born 28 January 1851 in West Zorra Township.

She was married 11 April 1871 at Lexington, Sanilac County Mich. to William Arthur Marin.

She died 5 November 1937 at Crookston Minnesota. Four children


# * George Frederick Moore born 23 August 1853 in West Zorra Township.

He was married 18 January 1877 at Kalamazoo Mich. to Jeanette (Jennie) Murphy.

He died 14 February 1934 at Tacoma Washington. Ten children


# * Nancy (Nina) Maria Moore born 28 February 1855 in West Zorra Township.

She was married 10 September 1884 at Gladwin Township. Gladwin County to David B. Wright.

She died 21 April 1904 at Gladwin City.  Three children


# * James Robert (Jim) Moore born 19 November 1855 in West Zorra Township.

He was married 29 October 1891 in Brantford Ont. to Sophia Marr. He died 3 December 1938,

 South Dumfries Township. Brant County Ont., They had one son Murray Marr Moore born

15 January 1896 Sage Township Gladwin County Michigan. (Jim was RGM’s grandfather)


#3.2.8 5 * Alanson (Lant) Avery Moore born 24 October 1858 likely in West Zorra Township.

He was married 9 February 1888 at Detroit Mich. to Margaret Harrup. He died 20 November 1928

at Detroit.  Two children


# * Mary Jane Moore born 1 April 1861 in West Zorra Township. She was married

 23 January 1889, Gladwin Township. to Robert Boyd Wright. She died 30 July 1946 at Spokane, Washington State. Four Children


 #3.2 8.7 * Elizabeth (Eliza) Moore born 12 October 1863 at the hamlet of Beachville,

West Oxford Township. Oxford County. Ont. She was married 20 January 1890 to

Thomas Glashan Campbell at Gladwin City. She died 29 December 1940 at Gladwin. One child


# * Eleanor (Ella) Lillian Moore born 13 June 1866 at Beachville. She was married

24 April 1909 to Franklin P. Knopp at Hillyard (Spokane) Washington State.

She died 26 September 1946 at Spokane. No children


# * Janet (Jennie) Elsey Moore born 8 May 1870 at Beachville. She was married 7 July 1892

at Gladwin City to Milford Elmer Raymond. She died 16 November 1939 at Portland Oregon.

Three children


# Catherine O. (Katie) Moore born 18 September 1871 at Beachville. She died 4 July 1887 likely of appendicitis at Gladwin City, Gladwin County. Buried Highland Cemetery Gladwin in family Plot. Grave marker inscribed "1872 KATIE 1887".  However her obit states that she was buried in Grout Town(ship) Cemetery. (It is presumed the remains were moved to Highland Cemetery at a later time.)


# "Son" Moore. Family stories says there was a son who lived for only a very short time.

Robert's obituary in October 1899 states he had 11 children 9 of whom were living at that time, however Katie's obituary in July of 1887 in the Gladwin Record newspaper says that she was the youngest of 10 children, the rest of whom were living.

For Catherine and Robert’s Family history and  descendants  see Robert James Moore Branch #2.5.8 of the Moore Family History




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Gr. Great Grandchildren

Second Great



Generation #3

Generation #4

Generation #5

Generation #6


Adelaide R. Marin





George Frederick.





Nina Wright





James Robert.





Alanson Avery.





Mary Jane






Eliza Campbell





Ella Knapp





Janet Raymond















Total  11   










Alanson Avery #2.1 and Nancy Eglin


9 June 1833 likely at Lot 1 Concession # 3 West Zorra Township Oxford County Ontario




Sarah Elizabeth Rodgers in 1854 likely at the hamlet of Warwick in Warwick Township

Lambton County Ontario


23 February 1897 of cancer of the throat in Butman Township, Gladwin County, Michigan


unmarked grave in Butman Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Section #7 Butman Township


children 1 to 8 born in Warwick Township Lambton County Ont


# * Elizabeth Ann Avery born 26 October 1855


# * Lucinda Jane Avery born 7 August 1857


#  Catherine Amelia Avery born 21 August 1859  died July 1861 age 2

(Listed in 1861 Warwick Township Census)


# * Sarah Amanda Avery born 4 February 1862


# * Alice Abelia Avery born 12 May 1864


# * Deborah Cornelia Avery born 10 August 1866


# * Henrietta Louesia Avery born 4 May 1869


# Charles Eglin Avery born 6 April 1871  Died 1 January 1875 in Worth Township


Children 9 to 13 born in Worth Township Sanilac County Michigan


# Frederick Avery born 28 July 1875  Died 16 September 1875 of consumption (T.B.) in

Worth Township


# Elmer Avery born 7 September 1876  Died 2 November 1877 in Worth Township


# * Nellie Victoria Avery born 26 April 1878


# William Avery born 8 August 1879 Died 9 September 1879 of unknown causes in

Worth Township


# * Friend Benson Avery born 6 April 1882

            Henry has not as yet been located in the 1851 census. It is not known why Henry Avery was in Warwick in 1854 as it appears that none of the other Avery brothers had left Zorra Township prior to that time. His brother-in-law Robert Moore (husband of Catherine) was a barn builder and was in the Lambton County and the St. Clair County Michigan area at that time. (Robert's brother Walter was also a carpenter at Marysville near Port Huron by 1852.      It is quite likely that Henry was working for his brother-in-law and stopped at the local hotel to admire the hotel keeper's daughter !   The Avery and the Moore families were very close from the 1850's when Robert and Catherine married until at least the late 1930's.

Contact between some of the branches continues until this day.  Henry was still in Warwick Township for the 1861 census when he was listed as a labourer, age 27 Wesleyan Methodist by religion with his wife Sarah age 24 and children Elizabeth age 6, Lucinda age 5 and Catherine age 2

            In December 1863, he purchased his father and mother-in-law's David and Elizabeth Rodgers farm for $800.( West ½ of Lot 22 Concession 1 South of the Egremont Road in Warwick Township which was 100 acres).  He was still, however, listed as a labourer rather than a farmer in the 1864-5 Sutherlands Directory of Lambton.

            By the time the 1871 census of Warwick Township had rolled around, Henry's family had grown to Elizabeth 15, Lucinda 14, Sarah 9, Alice 6, Deborah 4  Henrietta 2 and Charles Henry born in March 1871. (Catherine had died in July of 1861 at nearly 2 years of age).

              Henry and his brother John (who moved in September 1872) were the last of the Avery brothers to move to Michigan.  In July 1872 Henry sold his farm in Warwick for $2700 and moved to Galbraith Road in Worth Township, Sanilac County Michigan where he purchased 80 acres (the East 1/2 of the South West 1/4 of  Section 24) (1 mile east of Amadore).  He was listed in the 1880 census of Worth Township as a farmer, age 52, (actually he was only 47). wife Sarah age 44 and children Lucinda J. age 22, Sarah M. age 18, Alice A. age 16, Deborah age 13, Henrietta age 11, (all born in Canada) and Nellie V. age 2 born in Michigan,as well as two farm labourers.

            In February 1890, he sold his farm for Two Thousand Dollars with the purchaser to pay off the mortgage $1000 and $168 interest.  He was a director and chairman for a time of the Carmen Cemetery Board (Christian Union Cemetery Association).     He may have lived in Carsonville in Sanilac County for a time before moving about 1894 to Butman Township, Gladwin County purchasing the West ½ of  South West 1/4 of Section 17 (80 acres).   His sister Catherine and her husband Robert Moore had moved to the Ridge Road in Gladwin Township in 1879 and Henry's new property would be about 5 or 6 miles north of his sister residence.  Henry sold a school lot from his property about 1896 which became known as the

Avery School (#3 Butman).

            Henry died in Butman Township on 23 February 1897 of cancer of the throat and is buried in an unmarked grave in Butman Cemetery.

            His eldest grandchild was Fred Howard Benaway born 16 May 1878 and the youngest was Thomas Leslie Hall born 9 April 1925, 24 in all.  

            Sarah Rogers was born 19 April 1836 in Addington County Ontario (Reference her obit) and was the third daughter of David Rodgers 1809-1865 and Elizabeth Benson 1819-1903.  Her father David was a Hotel Keeper in Warwick (deed December 1863).   The 1864-5 Sutherland's Directory of Lambton County lists David Rodgers as the proprietor of the Warwick hotel. (The David Rodgers who was a farmer on Lot 16 Concession 1 North of the Egremont Road in Warwick Township by 1877 (Lambton County directory), might have been Sarah's brother)

            Sarah continued to live in Butman Township until after 1900 when she was listed in the Butman Township census with her daughter Deborah and son in law Daniel Briggs.  How long after that she remained in Butman is not know.   Sarah died 6 February 1918 at Bridgeport, Saginaw Michigan

(Reference Percy Briggs) and is buried in the Carmen Cemetery on east side of Babcock Road, about one mile north of the Baker Road in Worth Township  (gravestone reads Sarah E. Avery 1836-1918).

Obit 7 February 1918 page 3 Saginaw Courier Herald

            Her grandson Percy Briggs stated that when she died she asked to be buried near her children that had died in Worth Township and were also buried in the Carmen Cemetery. (Ref. Ed McDonald 1985) (there may be more than one child buried in that Cemetery).  





Alanson Avery #2.1 and Nancy Eglin


about 1839,  likely Lot 1 Concession 3 West Zorra Township, Oxford County Ontario




8 February 1865 at Ingersoll to Lemuel B. Stevens (son of Lemuel and Francis Stevens)

(she gave her age as 20 when married, however she was listed as 13 in the 1851 West Zorra census)


after 1912 perhaps at Chicago Illinios as she was mentioned in the obit of her brother Alanson in November 1912 as living in Chicago.


Were there older Children?


# Avery A. Stevens born about 1872, likely in the Ingersoll area

He married in Chicago on 20 July 1904 to Nellie I Keefer (

 He was listed in 1910 census of Chicago 7th ward living as a renter at number 6023          Street, home #70

Avery Stevens age 38 married 5 years born Michigan ,occupation Retail merchant awnings and

leather good s, wife Nellie age 28 born Illinios. They had been married 5 years, daughter Mary K age 1 born Illinios. He was still living in 1940 when he inherited $75 from his cousin Orin’s estate.


# Marshall B. Stevens born April 1874, likely born Ingersoll area.

He was listed in the 1900 census of Ward #32 of Chicago born April 1874, age 25, single, a boarder and an “electric student.”, to US in 1884. He was listed in the 1910 census of Chicago in Ward #   living on Prarie Avenue age 35, born Canada parents  born Canada Occupation illegible, Wife “Lucredia” age 26 born Indiana and son Robert age 9 months born Illinios

The family was listed in the 1920 census of Chicago living at 6675 Champlain avenue (renting)

Dwelling #96 family, 214, Marshall Stevens age 45, Manufacturer in a manufacturing company, to US in 1880. wife Lucretia, age 35 and children all born Illinios, Robert age 9, Albert age 8 and Lucretia age 3

Family info states he had a daughter Margaret Catherine Stevens who died at about age 16, perhaps around md 1930's  in a fall from a horse. Marshall was living May 1940 when he inherited $75 from his cousin Orin’s estate.


# Elgin C. Stevens born about 1875 living May 1940 an Elgin Stevens born Michigan is listed in the Manhatten New York 1920 census

district #1424 at 6140 Riverside Drive, renter, family #630 .Elgin’s age given as 39 with a wife Nelda

age 38 and born Kentucky , occupation as best I can read was a whare house merchant (lousy writing on whole census) No way of knowing if this is the correct Elgin Stevens.

 He was listed in the 1930 census of Aurora Kane County Ill ( living as roomer with Family #146 Harriett Thomas.  Elgin’s age was given as 55, perhaps divorced and perhaps a Joiner in a cable office tho the census was most difficult to read born Canada (As of Feb 10 2005 I can no longer find this on  

            The address for all 3 brothers was given as 70 South Broadway, Aurora Illinios in May 1940.

It is not known if there was a sister Mary Stewart of Seattle Washington State as she was also listed as a heir of her cousin Orin Avery (son of John Avery) in September 1939. She was not in the final statement so she may have died before the money ($75 each) was distributed in May 1940.

 (Mary Jane Moore Wright of Spokane Washington was omitted in the September 1939 statement but included in the May 1940 statement. These two person might be one and the same but I thing this is a little far fetched.  

                        When Lemuel Stevens was married in 1865 gave his age as 24 (born about 1840), and was resident of East Nissouri Township Oxford County and gave his birth place as Nova Scotia.

The 1861 West Zorra census showed Lemuel living at home with his parents age 22 on Lot 2 Concession 4.  Eliza was listed as age 22 single and living with her parents Alanson and Nancy in

West Zorra Township.

            The Stevens lived in Ingersoll from June 1867 to February 1868 on Lot 10 Inkerman Street (South East corner of Inkerman and George Streets).   They sold the property to her father Alanson Avery in February 1868 and may have moved at that time to Michigan as they were not listed in the 1871 census index of Oxford County.

            They repurchased the property in Ingersoll from Alanson in August 1879 and sold it in December 1880 to Eliza's niece  Nina McKellar (#

            The Stevens were in Saginaw Michigan by July 1881 and were living in Chicago by 1912.

M.L. Bacon of Grand Blanc Mich reports (1994) that the Stevens family of Sanilac may have been related to Lemuel  

            In the 1930 Census of Compton Township Kane County Ill,.( a Stevens

(first name Wales ) Dwelling 130, family #140 is listed.  Stevens  was listed as age 24

 a farm manager. born Illinios,  wife Cora  24  son Avery L age 2 years and one month and

daughter Wilma age One year and one month. As these people part of the family ?




Alanson Avery #2.1 and Nancy Eglin


26 April 1841 in West Zorra Township, Oxford County Ontario




21 December 1868 at Ingersoll to Mary A. Scott


21 August 1880 of consumption (T.B.) in Worth Township, Sanilac County  Michigan

age 38 years 3 mos and 26 days


Croswell Cemetery, Sanilac County 


# * Alice Maud Avery born 25 November 1869 (Groton Avery Clan Records) at Ingersoll

(her death certificate lists 1870)


# * Frederick Scott Avery born 14 July 1876 at Worth Township Sanilac County Mich.


            In June 1863 Daniel lived on his father's farm, Lot 2 Concession 4 West Zorra

(1863 Polling Records).  He lived in Ingersoll from 1869 to after 1871 where the 1871 census of Ingersoll showed him living with his father Allanson at 10 South Inkerman Street. At that time he gave his age was given as 30 his religion as Methodist, his wife Mary as age 24 and daughter Alice Maud as age 2.

             In  November 1871, he purchased a portion of Section 27 in Lexington Township Sanilac County on 16 November 1871 (CHECK Township.) By 1876 (Atlas he owned a portion of the

South West 1/4 of Section #12 Worth Township (120 acres). The family was in Worth in July 1876 when son Frederick was born. In the 1880 census (taken 5 June) the family was listed in the census of Worth Township and it was listed in the census records that Daniel age 39 had consumption, 

wife Mary age 33, and children Alice M. age 10 and Frederick S. age 3.

            Mary Scott was born on 15 September 1846 (Death certificate) in or perhaps near Woodstock Ontario, altho her parents may have been living in North Norwich Township Oxford County by that time.  Her father, John Scott  was born in 1817 in Scotland and her mother Catherine Hagle was born 1819 or 1820 in Canada. When Mary married Daniel, the Scotts lived on Gore Lot Concession 3 Norwick Township Oxford County, tho Mary was likely working in Ingersoll.

             Mary remarried on 14 January 1900 at Ithica Michigan to Hugh McIntyre, age 57, widower who was a lumberman at Croswell. (Witnesses were her son Frederick and his wife Jane Avery).

She gave her residence as Croswell and her occupation as a housekeeper.

            Mary died 5 January 1936 age 89 years, 9 months and 21 days (Death certificate)(This does not agree with birth date of 15 September 1846 also shown on her death certificate (cause old age) at

her daughter Alice Shannon's residence at 1002 Cass Street in Traverse City where she had lived for

30 years, Although the death certificate states that her burial was in Oakwood Cemetery in Traverse City, her name is shown on the Grave Stone with her first husband Daniel Avery in Croswell Cemetery  It is not known when or where her husband Hugh McIntyre died but likely before (say) 1907


For info on the Scott family in Ontario see “AVERY SCOTT “ File by RGM