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                            CORNELIUS ENNEST #1.1  




New York State probably before 1772


Sylvia Tracy in New York State likely about 1803 (see end of Ennest family for Tracy Family)


D.D.  believes that Cornelius and Sylvia Ennest remained in Canada. The latest date we have found him in Ontario was November 1849 when he sold land to Isiral Reed, Lot 3 Concession 5 West Zorra in

November 1849 (Lot Abstract) D. D. says he did not go to Michigan


#2.1.1 * Thomas Ennest born about 1804-5 (Ref #30)  

    .2 * Jacob Ennest born abt 1807-8 (Ref #30) in New York State  

    .3 * Ann Ennest likely born about 1808 in New York State  

    .4 * David Ennest born 5 March 1810 in New York State  

    .5 * Elizabeth Ennest born 12 July 1819 in New York State  

    .6 * Hiram Ennest born 28 June 1820 in New York State  

    .7 * George Ennest born 1826 born in West Zorra  

  Cornelius Ennest and Sylvia Tracy came from New York State

 (Ref D. D).

 The Ennest family travelled with the Barnabas Ford family and Thomas Tracey family (father of Silvia Tracey Ennest) and came to Zorra from Erie, Aurora in the "Buffalo Reserve" of New York State.

  Just when Cornelius came to Oxford county is not known (after 1820 as son Hiram was born in the US).  Cornelius made an application for a lease (for land) in April 1822 (Canada Land Petitions) for part of

 Lot 9 in the Broken Front Concession of what is now West Oxford Township. (property just south of Present Day Beachville).

The petition was granted (still being checked Feb/96)

He purchased the East 1/2 Lot 3 Concession 5 West Zorra (100 acres) (Ref #12) from Archibald Burtch (registered as # 893) in

December 1822.  

 "Corneliuse" is shown on the 1824 Voters list for Oxford County (pub by Oxford County OGS as Ennes, Corleanus) at Lot 3 Concession 5,

100 acres but did not vote.

 He purchased the West 1/2 Lot 3 Concession 5 West Zorra (100 acres) in November 1824 altho the deed was not registered until November 1827 (as #1306) from Archibald Burtch.  

 In 1841 he sold the north 100 acres to John Matheson and the remainder in 3 parcels, the last 2 in 1849, in June, 80 acres to Lucretia Carroll the wife of Andrew Carroll and the last parcel of 12 acres in November in November 1849 to Isiral Reed.

 (NEED Check to see if Residence of Cornelius is given in the Deed)

  By 1857 (Tremaines Map) Andrew Carroll) was the owner of the whole lot (all 200 acres).

   Cornelius purchased the North West 1/4 (50 acres) of Lot 4 Concession 6 West Zorra from Abel Thornton (Registered as #1484) on 17 July 1829.

 Although he sold this property to David Ennest in June 1836 (Registered as #3552), the deed was not registered until January 1838. (See References)

  Cornelius was naturalized in March 1841 in Oxford (Entry #12 See References  This would indicate he had been in Canada a minimum of seven years, was from a foreign land and had pledged allegiance to the Queen (Victoria).

 He gave his residence as Zorra and occupation as a yeoman (farmer) and signed his name.

  Cornelius remained in Zorra as he was one of the petitioners in the contested election of Robert Riddell of 1844.  The petition was also signed by David Burns of Blenheim Township and John Phelan of East Oxford Township. (It is presumed you would have had to be a voter to sign the petition and a land owner to be a voter.)

 D.D. advises the Family were Baptist.  A "Sylvia Ennest" was Baptised on 28 October 1847 by Isaac Elliot, Baptist Minister.  At the same time, a "Priscilla Karns" was baptised, if this person was Priscilla Thornton Karns she would have been an adult (age 24) and thus it is quite possible that the "Sylvia Ennest" that was baptised was Sylvia the wife of Cornelius.

It seems likely that Cornelius was still in Zorra on Lot 3

Concession 5 until late 1849.

Cornelius does not show up in the 1851-2 West or East Zorra Census nor is he in the Town of Woodstock or Village of Ingersoll

 (I wonder where he went between late 1849 and 1851-2 census ? ) Perth County ?  Nor are there any "Ennest" in Blanshard or Downie Townships (and as of 1 May 1994 none of the 1851 censuses of Perth County are indexed, I asked Perth OGS)

 There is no property shown in 1857 Tremaine Index of Oxford County as belonging to any of the "Ennest" Family. (tho Hiram was still living there then)

 In the OGS 1871 Elgin, Middlesex, Huron, Perth, Grey, Oxford and Lambton County census index there are no Ennest families listed.

 In the 1876 Oxford Atlas there is no listing for "Ennest" in Land Index for Township maps. No Land in Elgin county on 1864 Tremaine map in the Ennest name  

                            GENERATION #2  

                   THOMAS ENNEST #2.1.1


Presumed to be Cornelius Ennest and Sylvia Tracy


about 1804-5 in New York State







He was listed in the Militia nominal rolls in the First Regiment of the Oxford Militia 1828-9 (Ref #30) as Thomas Ernest age 24  

  He was a witness in November 1831 of the marriage of Jacob Ennest and Rebecca Burns as well as a witness to marriages of Ann Ennest and Elijah Williams in February 1832  

He has not as yet found in any other reference

No references have been found to him in Sanilac or in any other County in Michigan or census

He has not found in 1851 census of Blanshard, Downie Perth County or East or West Zorra, Ingersol or Woodstock, Oxford County

not listed in 1857-8 Directory of Oxford County  

                           #2.1.2  JACOB ENNEST


Cornelius Ennest and Sylvia Tracy


About 1807-8 according to 1850 Sanilac County census in New York State


  Married 2 November 1831 in Zorra, Oxford County Ontario to

 Rebecca Burns by John Hatch, Justice of the Peace.

 Witnesses were Thomas Ennest and David Burns see Reference #10


Jacob died 3 February 1876 in Sanilac Township Sanilac County


 Forester Cemetery Sanilac County (D. Davis) located in Section #3 Forester Township on US #25


Rebecca born about 1812 (1850 Sanilac county census) in Canada

The only Burns found so far was a "David Burns" who was show as a property owner on 1857 Tremaines map at Lot 8 Concession 7 Blenheim Township.

 In the 1851 Blenheim Township Oxford County Census of 1851 (page 22) a "Benton Burns" age 68 is listed (Relationship,if any unknown)

Rebecca was living May 1876 when Jacob died and is also shown living with her son James in the 1880 census of ? Township Sanilac county (See Ref) Altho about 68 years old she gave her age as 60)

Altho son James was buried at Port Sanilac neither his wife or his mother's names are on the Grave Stone


# * Elias Ennest born 22 August 1832 in Canada  calculated from his gravestone (D.D.)  (See generation #3)   

# * James Ennest born 2 April 1834 in Canada (likely West Zorra)  

# * Marietta (Mary Etta) Ennest born about 1837 in Canada  

# * Anna Ennest born 12 July 1846 (calculation from death date) Ann was second wife of Lyman Thornton #2.1.4

(see Lyman Thornton History by RGM)  

# Esther A. Ennest (Tentative) living  unmarried ? when her father's will was being contested in June 1876 (March/94 D.D. wonders if Esther is a daughter of Jacob and Rebecca's or wife of James Ennest # see after re James Ennest  

Jacob was listed in the Militia nominal rolls in the First Regiment of the Oxford Militia 1828-9 (Ref #30) as Jacob Ernest age 21  

Jacob obtained a lease on lots 2-6 Concession 14 in Downie Township, Perth County before January 1839 from the Canada Company who had purchased most of Huron and Perth counties from the Crown and were settling the land as fast as they could.

 He likely moved to Perth at some time (1839-41) as he and his brother David were witnesses at a marriage in June 1841 in Blanshard Township, Perth County likely near St Mary's as both their properties were just north of the hamlet.

In 1842-3-4 Jacob was shown in the Assessment Returns for Downie Township, Lot 6 in 1842 and on Lots 4, 5 and 6 in 1843 (500 acres total. In 1842 he had 5 milch cows and an assessment of 119 Pounds

while in 1843, he had 15 milch cows, 7 horned cattle and 4 oxen and his assessment was 273 Pounds 12 shillings (perhaps some belonged to his brother Hiram who had taken a lease on 69 acres in lot 24 Concession 10 Downie altho he did not live there.)  

The reports on Population listed  for 1842, 3 males over 16 years of age, 3 males under 16, 1 female over 16 all 7 belonging to Church of England.In 1843 there were 3 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 2 females over 16 and 1 female under 16 and all 8 belonged to the Church of England. In 1844 there was 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, 2 females over 16 and 1 female under 16 and all 6 belonged to the Church of England.

 Either the Canada Company cancelled Jacob's leases for non payment of lease monies or he sold his interest in the lease to others as the Canada Company transferred title of the lots to others, Lot 5 in March 1845, Lot 2 in August 1847, Lot 3 in 1853, Lot 4 in 1860 and Lot 6 in 1862. Jacob had obtained a patent on lot 6 Concession 14 in 1842

(ref Microfiche St Thomas Library)

Just how long Jacob stayed in Downie is not known but it appears that he moved to Sanilac County Michigan sometime between July 1846 and 1850 as the Jacob Ennest family appears in 1850 census of Sanilac Township, Sanilac County, as Jacob age 46, Rebecca age 38, James age 15, Mary age 13 and Ann age 3. The census showed Jacob was born New York State, rest of family born Canada.

 Jacob remained in Sanilac Township until he died in 1876.

 He was listed as age 56 in the 1860 Sanilac Township census, as a customer at the Point Sanilac, Raymond Hardware store in 1861

 When Jacob died he owned the following land in Sanilac Township, the North West 1/4 of the South East 1/4 of Section 21 (40 acres) and the South West 1/4 of the North East 1/4 of Section 21 (40 acres)

 His second will was dated the day before he died and was disputed in Court.  In the second will he gave a life lease on the properties to his widow Rebecca and to his then unmarried daughter Mary Etta with the property to be divided equally between the children of his daughter Ann Thornton wife of Lyman Thornton, after the life leases had expired. Lyman was named Executor. It was contented by other family members that Jacob was of unsound mind when he dictated his will. Apparently when all was said and done Rebecca ended up with the property as it as in her name as well as Jacob's. D.D. says that Jacob had other land as well.

  We need Jacob's birth date and place same re Rebecca

Who were her parents ? U/K  did she remarry ? When and where did she died buried  D.D. say U/K. Need to Check Land Records in Sandusky !  

Did he have any more property than the 80 acres in Section #21 ?

D. D. says yes but hasn't tackled land registry office

 (no info on Jacob in LDS Ancestral File Jan /94 RGM)  

                   #2.1.3  ANN ENNEST


Cornelius Ennest #1.1 and Sylvia Tracey


likely about 1808 in New York State


on  16 February 1832 to Elija Williams by John Hatch Justice of the Peace, Witnesses Thomas Annes (Ennest) and John Phelan (very likely a resident of East Oxford Township) (check Ref likely London District Marriage Records)






In 1850 "an" Elijah Williams was assessed 3 Pounds in connection with Lot 1 Concession 6.

Also assessed on Lot 1 Concession 6 were Able Williams and Anna Williams.  

The 1851 Census of West Zorra (taken 1852) lists page 11 division #1

Anna Williams age 56, widow, born US Baptist

Eliajah Williams age 40, shoemaker, Widower

Children Able 11, George 9 and Harriet 7, 2 families living in a 2 storey frame house likely near Lot 3 or 4 Concession 4 or 5,

(near Chauncey Thornton whose mother was a Williams and Priscilla Karn who was a Thornton prior to her marriage  

Family not found in 1861 census  

 The 2 Elijah Williams make things SOMEWHAT complicated

I would think that the children likely belonged to Elijah rather than

Anna because of their young age

 An Able Williams age 33 with wife Jean and 4 children lived nearby but it is not likely he was son of Anna Ennest Williams as Ann was not married until 1832

Able was in 1861 North Oxford Census Lot 21 Concession 1  

(The Williams family is connected to the Dolson Family)

                      2.1.4. DAVID ENNEST


Cornelius Ennest and Sylvia Tracy


 5 March 1810 (calculated from gravestone) and agrees with about 1810 from Reference #13. He was born USA (New York State) also agrees with Ref #30)


5 June 1833 to Sabrina (Sebry) Fuller in Zorra (Ref # 8B) witnesses were Silas Williams and Oliver Thornton (see the Williams and Fuller Family in the Dolson History by RGM)


6 February 1884 age 73 years 11 months and 1 day likely Sanilac Township. Sanilac County Michigan


Ridge Cemetery Section #21 Sanilac Township at intersection of French Line Road and Ridge Road


# * Rueben Ennest born 8 August  1834.  

       .2 Viola Ennest born about 1842, listed in 1851 Census of East Nissouri Township Oxford County with the family  

       .3 * Ethan Ennest born about 1846  

       .4 Priscilla Ennest born about 1849 likely  West Zorra,

She was listed in the 1860 Lexington Township Sanilac Census as age 11

She married 19 May 1866 in Sanilac to David Corsaut. 

        .5 Mary Ennest born about 1853 in Canada  likely Zorra Township age 7 in Lexington Township 1860 census (did she marry James Vanatter or Ira Long ?)  

         .6 Janet born 1858 in Michigan, age 3 in 1860 Lexington Township Sanilac county census  

 David  was listed in the Militia nominal rolls in the First Regiment of the Oxford Militia 1828-9 (Ref #30) as David Ernest age 19  

In 1836, Cornelius transferred North West 1/4 of Lot 4 Concession 6 West Zorra to him (David).

Before January 1839 David had taken a lease on land in Blanshard Township, Perth County from the Canada Company.

 In June 1841 he and his brother Jacob were witnesses at a wedding in Blanshard Township, so that is likely he moved to Blanshard Township

before that time.

     According to the history of Blanshard Township in Belden's Historical Atlas of 1879 the Township was not settled except for a few people around St Mary's until 1844. (1842 assessment return listed include about 20 people including David)

In 1842 David was assessed for Lot 17 Concession 20 in Blanshard (there appears to be no such lot). In 1843 he was assessed for Lot 15 in Concession 19 and in 1844 with 2 oxen, 2 milch cows, 58 pounds assessment and 1845 he was assessed at 42 pounds for Lot 8 North Boundary Concession (at the north limits of the Town of St Mary's).

The population returns for 1843-4-5 lists 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 1 female over 16 and 1 female under 16 (which corresponds to David, wife Sabrina, son Rueben and daughter Viola)  

He had obtained a patent on Lot 8 North Boundary Concesion of Blanchard in 1842 (Microfiche St Thomas Library)

 In March 1852 the Canada Company sold Lot 8 Concession North Boundary Concession to others but by that time David was living in

East Nissouri Township with wife and children, on or near Lot 30 Concession 12.  He was listed as a farmer. (1851-2 census)  

 It is not known if he owned land in East Nissouri Township. (see references). (land ownership not as yet checked Sept/94)

 In June 1838 and October 1840, David had sold the 50 acres (the North West 1/4 of Lot 4 Concession 6 West Zorra), that he had obtained from his father Cornelius in January 1838.

A release of dower rights was made in October 1862 and registered in August 1863 even altho the sales had been made in 1838 and 1849. (This was likely made to clear title only)(see Land References) (James Grieg is shown as the owner of the land on the Tremaines Map.)

It is likely that David moved to Sanilac between about 1853 and 1858

He was in Sanilac for the 1860 census. (age 50)

 Sabrina Fuller was born in Canada 14 January 1813 (about 1814 from Ref #13)

She gave her age as 45 in the 1860 Sanilac census.

She died 23 January 1897 age 84 years and 9 days and is also buried in Ridge Cemetery with her husband.

NEED check #29194 re residence of David and Sabrina Ennest in 1862.  

                    #2.1.5 ELIZABETH ENNEST  


Cornelius Ennest and Sylvia Tracy


 7 July 1819 New York State  (Sanilac County Death Records Ref #14)


  Calvin Thornton  (Ref #12) likely about 1839 probably Zorra altho no record has been yet found (Check London District Marriage Records) D.D. says he was a son of Able Thornton (He was not of the Family of Albert Thornton or Remember Thornton). Calvin's age (next birthday) in 1851-2 census was given as 45 so he was born about 1807 and in Canada.


as a widow in Marion Twp Sanilac 12 July 1888

age 69 yrs 0 mo and 5 days  (Ref #14) Buried ?

     CHILDREN ( Ref #12) Artametia Thornton born about 1840 (female)  

     .2 * Almond Thornton born about 1842  

     .3 Aldire Thornton born about 1847   (missing in 1861 census)  

     .4 John Thornton born about 1848  

     .5 Leora Thornton born about 1850  

     .6 Lydia Thornton born about 1852  

     .7 William Henry Thornton born about 1857  

     .8 Agnes Thornton born about 1860  

 In 1851-2 census Calvin was listed as a farmer and lived near if not, on Lot 4 to 6 Concession 5 West Zorra . He had sold 50 acres of land (South West 1/4) in Lot 4 Concession 5 in March 1846 to James Carroll, having acquired title from Edward Dolsen to whom he had sold it in 1840.  (check Lot 4 Con 5 West Zorra to see when Calvin Thornton purchased the land originally)

He is not shown as a property owner on the Tremaines map of 1857. This was the same area that the Albert Thornton family lived, the relationship between the two families if any has not yet been ascertained however Cornelius Ennest had purchased 50 acres of Lot 4 Concession 6 from Able Thornton in 1829 and one might wonder if Able were the father of Calvin (D.D. says he was).

(See the Albert Thornton Family History by RGM)

He was not listed in the directory of 1857-8 of the County of Oxford, thus it is doubtful if he owned land.  

He is listed in the 1861 Census of North Oxford Township (see Ref #22).

His age was not given, his occupation was given as labourer so it is doubtful if he owned land in North Oxford (he was not listed in the agricultural census of North Oxford.) (His wife Elizabeth's age was listed as 36 while it was closer to 42). The family was Baptist.

Son Almond married in Sanilac in 1868 so it is likely the family was there prior to that.  

                 #2.1.6.  HIRAM ENNEST


Cornelius Ennest and Sylvia Tracy


Wednesday 28 June 1820 (calculated from date of Death and age on tombstone)

born in the US (1851 West Zorra census)  likely New York State

M.L. Bacon reports he was born 21 June 1821


1. on 15 June 1843 in Zorra to Mary Ann Poole (Ref #1)  

2. on 4 May 1846 in Zorra to Mary McNames (Ref #1) (Born 4 June 1831)

Mary was daughter of Amos McNames and Sarah Ann Thomson of Westminster Township Middlesex County. She died of consumption on

21 August 1867 in Lexington Township Sanilac county. At the time her occupation was listed as a landlady.


Hiram died 21 January 1885 in Sanilac age 64 years 6 mo and 24 days of Consumption (T.B) (Ref D. D.)


Wright Cemetery Marion Township 1 1/2 miles north of Deckerville in Section #20.


# Henry Ennest age 22 of North Oxford Township,

 son of Hiram Ennest and Harriet Poole married 4 October 1867 to Melinda Riley age 18 of North Oxford Township born Canada parents George Riley and Lucy Lawrence. (Ref Oxford Cty. Vol 26 Marriage Registers of Ontario)

A "Henry Ennest"  was granted a land patent on Lot 19 Concession 9 Brunel Township Muskoka District Ontario in 1870  

Double check Feb /97 Lot 13 1871 Census does not list an ennest or similar name in Brunel  

 A neighbour, Obadiah Seely from Lot 2 Concession 3 West Zorra had moved to Brunel on to Lot 10 in the same Concession so one presumes that Henry moved to Brunel Township.  He was however not shown in Brunel Township in the 1879 Muskoka District atlas so where he went is not known.

 DD. say he did not go to Michigan

Check 1871 Census Muskoka! No Index so this is not likely to happen very rapidly (! May /94)

 (Question ?  Why difference in first names re Poole ? Was Henry married  3 times or was some one confused on the 2 Poole girls ?)

See References re Pooles as of Mar/95 I still have not proved anything  

  (The family relationship between the McNames and the Ennest families is still unclear. Mary McNames was a daughter of Amos and Sarah Ann McNames. Amos and Henry McNames may have been brothers.

Henry McNames married 5 May 1833 to Selina Poole who was likely the sister of Mary Ann Poole which explains why Henry Ennest was living with the McNames in the 1861 census of North Oxford Township

 He was probably there in 1852 as well but as there is no North Oxford census of 1851-2 we may never Know!) As a guess he was probably sent there after death (?) of his mother Mary Ann (or Harriet) Poole.)  

# Caroline born about 1847 listed in 1851 W. Zorra census

however not listed in the 1861 census. Did she died in the 10 years ??  

# Matilda born 27 December 1850 likely in Zorra Township.

She married on 21 December 1873 in Sanilac Township to Amassa Derby.

3 Children, Religion Methodist Episcopal (PBHSC gives her marriage as 21 December 1872) (LDS IGI gives birth 27 December 1850, mother Mary McNames)  

# Sarah A. born about 1852  

# Selina born about 1856 married her first cousin Ethan Ennest # who was the son of David Ennest (D.D.)  

In 1843 Hiram had a Canada Company lease on 69 acres in Lot 24 Concession 10 Downie Township  with an assessed value of 15 pounds and 16 shillings, there was no livestock listed and he does not show on the population report. He does not show in the 1844 assessment.

 At the time of the 1852 census Hiram was living in West Zorra Township,  occupation farmer with wife Mary who would have only been 20 years old in 1852 and children Caroline and Matilda

He was living next to George Grout who owned the East 2/3 of Lot 17 Concession 1 West Zorra (see Grout history by RGM)  altho he was listed as a farmer it is doubtful if he owned land.

In the 1857-8 Directory of Oxford County, Hiram is listed as a hotel keeper at (or near) Embro. He was the only Ennest listed in the directory in Oxford County.

In the 1861 census of West Zorra, he still had wife Mary and was living in the south west Quadrant of the Township and is listed as a tavern Keeper. It is likely he still was in the Embro area.

By 1861 the family had lost daughter Caroline but added daughters, Sarah A. and Selina.

He was not in East Nissouri or West Zorra in 1871 and M.L. Bacon reports that he went to Sanilac about 1865.

Need County Registry office search. (not in lot 11 or 12 Concession 4 or 5 West Zorra)

When did Mary Poole die? and where was she buried?  

                    #2.1.7. GEORGE ENNEST  


Cornelius Ennest and Sylvia Tracy


born 1826 in West Zorra Township Oxford County Ont. (an age 51 given at time of 1880 Sanilac census ie born 1829) {RGM more likely born 1826}


1. very likely in Zorra Township about 1850 to Amanda Mitchelson  She was born about 1829. She died between 21 August 1865 and March 1866 very likely in Zorra Township.  

2. in North Oxford Township on 12 March 1866 at age 39 to Nancy A. Craig Karn age 23. She was born 1843 and was the daughter of John Craig and Clarissa Thornton of East Zorra. 


George died Sanilac (D.D.) likely before April 1893 as Nancy remarried at that time


      D.D. says Washington Township Cemetery Section Sanilac County 


 (with Amanda Mitchelson)

# William H. Ennest born 28 January 1851 in West Zorra  

       .2 Mary Ennest born about 1853 in West Zorra

(known as Minnie Ennest, living after 1870 in Washington Township Sanilac County)  

       .3  Angeline Ennest born 21 August 1865 very likely in West Zorra  She married James Elisha Maskell on 4 July 1888 at  Washington Township Sanilac. She died 25 October 1937 at Croswell Sanilac County and is buried in Croswell Cemetery.   

  Children with Nancy Craig  

       4. Neil Ennest born 14 January 1868, Died 5 September 1914 (Father George) (D.D. Mar/94)  

       5. George Ennest born about 1871 likely in Michigan died July 8 1898 and was married, age 9 in 1880 Sanilac Census  

       6. Priscilla Ennest born about 1874, age 6 in 1880 Sanilac census  

       7. Cornelius Ennest born about 1879, age 1 in Sanilac 1880 census  

 Info from PBHSC via M.L. Bacon that George had 2 children by first marriage and 5 by second (RGM opinion 3 by Amanda and 4 by Nancy)  

 The 1851 Poll Book (Voters List) of West Zorra shows George Ennest, Yeoman living on West 1/2 of Lot 20 Concession 5  

He has not yet been found in the 1851-2 Census West Zorra (physically taken June 1852) Not in Downie Township in 1852 census   

  George appears on page 6 of the 1861 West Zorra census as George Ennest age 35, Amanda Ennest age 32, children William E. age 10 and Mary age 8. He likely lived near Lot 4 Concession 5 West Zorra in 1861 and in the census was listed as a labourer.

He was a witness in Zorra to the Inventory of the Goods (value $90) of the Late James Vanatter who died in Huron County Mich on Jan 19, 1867 with the administration papers granted on 1 May 1867 in Oxford (See #2.6.4 of the Vanatter family) (James had married Angeline Mitchelson who was very likely a sister of Amanda Mitchelson, wife of George. Amanda and Angeline also had a brother George Mitchelson)

George moved to Washington Township Sanilac County Michigan likely after May 1867 and before 1871 as he was not listed in the 1871 census of Oxford County.

The 1880 Sanilac Census lists Nancy as being 51 which is far more than the age she would be if 23 when married in 1866 (37 in 1880 and with a one year old to boot)

Nancy was a witness at a wedding in October 1887 in Washington Township.

The 1880 census also lists a step daughter Matilda Caron age 18 (born about 1862 with Nancy about 19 at the time)

The 1876 Oxford County Atlas showed John Craig, occupation farmer living on Lot 7 Concession 13 East Zorra and owning 200 acres.

 His Postal address was Woodstock (no other Craigs listed in East Zorra).

 M.L. Bacon reports that Rosina Craig born 1835 and daughter of John and Clarissa Craig married a " Berry" and died in Marion Township Sanilac County on 8 February 1911.

     Nancy Ennest remarried 18 April 1893 at Buel, Sanilac County to Artemus Hicks age 48 a farmer of Buel Township. Nancy gave her age as 52 residence as Applegate, Washington Township and her parents as John Craig and Clara Thornton. She stated she had been married twice previously.

                           GENERATION #3  

                         ELIAS ENNEST #


Jacob Ennest #2.1.2 and Rebecca Burns


22 August 1832  very likely West Zorra Oxford County Ont.


1. when ?  to Margaret Angeline Hunter born December 14 1838 in Canada

(Ref T/S in Tucker Cemetery on Snover Road, Section #17 Bridgehampton Township (Ref D.D.) She died 10 May 1874  

 2. on 29 September 1875 to Martha Hunter who was born 1827 in Canada.

 She died 29 October 1904 of hepatitis at Port Sanilac

 aged 77 years  6 mos and 24 days and is buried with the "Hunters" at Port Sanilac Cemetery on Huron View Road Section 34, Sanilac Township, Sanilac Co.


14 September 1909 Sanilac Co.


Tucker Cemetery on Snover Road Section #17 Bridgehampton Township Sanilac County


D. D. States that were 9 all with Margaret Hunter all info from D.D.  

# Rebecca Ennest born 7 July 1858 Died 6 July 1863  buried Tucker Cemetery  

        .2 Mary Ennest born 31 March 1860 died 11 December 1906

Buried Tucker Cemetery near her parents  

        .3 Evaline Ennest born 1862  Died ? Married Henry Williamson

 (1858-1934)  Daughter Iva Williamson  

        .4 Caroline Ennest born 16 September 1864  and died 22 October 1865 and was buried in the Tucker Cemetery  

        .5 Minerva Ennest born 1868 died 1924 Married George Fralick

 Daughter Orpha Fralick born 1895 See References for her children  

        .6 James Ennest born 22 June 1869 in Bridgehampton Township died ? Married Effie Harrigton 1873-? 5 Children see References  

        .7 * Joseph Ennest born 1871 died 1969  

To date July /94 Elias has not been found in the 1851-2 census, areas checked West Zorra, Blanshard and Downie Townships. He would have been about 18 at the time so could have been anywhere.

Tho Elias does not appear in the 1850 census of Sanilac altho his parents and the rest of the family there

Elias was in Sanilac for the 1860 census. In the 1870 Census of Bridgehampton Township the family is listed as  Elias age 36, Margaret 33, Mary 11, Evaline 9, Minerva 3 and James

D.D. wonders if Elias name may have been Jacob Elias as a Jacob Ennest gave evidence during the disputed will hearing of Jacob Ennest (1806-1876) and D.D. knows of no other Jacob Ennest in the family.  


                       JAMES ENNEST #


Jacob Ennest #2.1.2 and Rebeccca Burns


 2 April 1834, Likely West Zorra Oxford County.


 Mary Esther Van Camp, on 9 October 1878 in Lexington Sanilac County. She was born 1851 in Sanilac the daughter of William Van Camp of ? Township.


 13 May 1888 age 54 yrs 1 mo and 11 days in Sanilac


at Port Sanilac.



He was with his family, age 15 in the 1850 census of Sanilac County Michigan.  He was likely the James Ennest who was listed as, age 22 in Forester Township in the 1860 census as a boarder with Jenks family, occupation labourer.

James and his wife were listed in the 1880 census of   ?   Township, Sanilac County

 Mary Esther Ennest (Parents William Van Camp) occupation domestic remarried on 5 March 1890 to William Fraser (parents William Fraser and Eliza Clark) occupation farmer (He gave his age as 22 and she gave hers as 25 which were both likely incorrect)

DD also explains why you could not find her grave at Port Sanilac with James Ennest  

               MARY ETTA (MARIETTA) ENNEST #


Jacob Ennest #2.1.2 and Rebeccca Burns


Born 1837 likely West Zorra Township Oxford County Ontario

she was with the family, age 13 and listed in the 1850 Sanilac County Michigan Census.


She married 17 December 1879 in Sanilac to Robert Frasher who was born in Canada in 1844




# William E. Fraser born 1871  

        .2 James H. Fraser born 1874  

        .3 John D Fraser born 1878  

        .4 Eliza Jane Fraser born 1880



David Ennest #2.1.4 and Sabrina Fuller


8 August 1834 very likely West Zorra Township Oxford County


 20 December 1855 to Mary Ann Stoutenbury in Sanilac (Ref D.D.)


9 January 1916


Washington Township Cemetery at Carsonville Sanilac County


# Theodore Ennest born about 1857 (age 3 in 1860 census)  

        .2 James B. Ennest born about 1861 married age 27 on

 4 October 1888 to Annie Stecker age 19. Both of Washington Township  

        .3 * Elizabeth Ennest born 1865 in Sanilac  

        .4 Melinda Ennest died 14 Jan 1870 and buried Ridge Cemetery  in Sanilac Township  

        .5 John A. Ennest on 24 January 1873 in Sanilac Township.

 On 7 February 1893 at age 21 he married Jessie G. London age 20  both Residents of Applegate Washington Township. He gave his occupation as a Brickmaker  

 In the 1860 census of Sanilac Township listed as Rueben Ennest, age 28, husband of Mary  Rueben was a farmer in Sanilac Township in 1873  

Mary was born 23 October 1831 and died 2 October 1913 and is also buried Washington Township Cemetery  



David Ennest #2.1.4 and Sabrina Fuller


about 1846 in West Zorra Township Oxford County Ont


 before 1876 to his first cousin Selina Ennest #, (daughter of Hiram Ennest and Mary McNames and born about 1856)



Washington Township Cemetery Section  Washington Township Sanilac County


# Loran Reuben Ennest born 16 April 1876  

        .2 Lucy Ennest born 20 April 1878   

        .3 Archy Ennest born 1891

 Married Mae Campbell on 17 June 1911,

children Donald Ethan (born 2 September 1912)

         Barbara S. (1920 Washington Township Census)

  He was a farmer.

 In 1920 Orin Avery (Son of John Avery and Hannah O'Donnell) lived with him as a farm labourer. (Orin was mentally incompetent)  

Donald also lived at Applegate and was a farmer (living July 1949)

(may be more children)  

Ethan was listed as Epriamin 1851 census of West Zorra and as Ethon in 1860 Sanilac Census.

 He passed himself as a medical doctor in the Carsonville Washington Township area

D.D. says his treatment for alcoholic patients was to take them to the

Port Huron area and give them enough booze so they became violently sick anytime they had a drink.  At that time he pronounced them cured and sent them home.




Elizabeth Ennest #1.1.5 and Calvin Thornton (Ref #12)


1842 in West Zorra Township Oxford County Ontario (Ref #12)


Ellen Sprigg (Sprague) at Minden Sanilac County on 4 October 1868

she gave her age as 20, residence as Minden and her Birthplace as Canada West his age given as 26 (Book 2 page 10 # 148 of Sanilac County Marriage Records. Witnesses were Able Thornton and Catherine Smith

(Her parents might have been Emanuel and Mary Sprigg (Sprague) of the Beachville area of Oxford County)


# Hannah Thornton born April 1870 in Marian Township Sanilac County. The family is shown in Marion Township census of 1870 (Ref #16)  

                            WILLIAM H. ENNEST #  


George Ennest #2.1.7 and Amanda Mitchelson


28 January in West Zorra


Laura C. Potts on 17 March 1874 at Sarnia Ontario




all born Washington Township Sanilac County  

# Ralph H Ennest born 7 July 1876,  

      .2 Caroline born 30 October 1878 who became a teacher in Carsonville and married a local man  

      .3 Mary born 8 September 1883,  

 William went to local schools in West Zorra until 13 years and then spent 2 years at Woodstock Ont Academy  (that makes him 15 years old and the year 1866) He became a teacher in 1869  which he followed for a time in Washington Township living in Section #36. By 1886 he was a cashier in the Commercial Bank and was in the insurance and real estate business in Applegate Washington Township.




Elias Ennest # and Margaret Angeline Hunter


1871 in Sanilac County ? Township


Alice Jane Barr before 1898






# Marjorie Lena Ennest born 1898 Died 1973,

Married Russel Earl Campbell (1894-1969)

Their Children

# Vaughn Ennest Campbell 1918-1918

            .2 Arline Margaret Campell 1921-

            .3 Donna Jean Campbell 1926- married Dr. William Benedict Davis 1927-

 (D.D.) Lives Naples Florida, 345 Hawser Lane  

#  Monna June Campbell 1928-   

# James Ennest  born 1900 

2 children  

Joseph was a witness at a wedding in Carsonville in October 1894  


Amended Nov/98


Rueben Ennest # and Mary Ann Stoutenbury (Ref D.D.)


 1865 in Sanilac  (Ref D.D.)


  13 June 1882 in Sanilac to John W. Sloat of Alpena. (Ref D.D.) He was born 1860 in Canada,


Info of  Jennifer Dee Coon, Allen Park Mich Nov/98  

 They had 5 children that I am aware of.

1.  Jennie Mae Sloat married my great grand_father Dee Coon (my namesakes Jennifer Dee Coon).  Jennie was born on February 9, 1883 in Applegate Michigan.  She and Dee moved to Wyandotte, Michigan and lived in 361 Clark St. (which is torn down now).  Dee died there of a cerebral hemorrhage.  Jennie died on 2_28_1957.  Dee and Jennie are both buried in the Croswell cemetery in Croswell along with the rest of the Coon's.  

Jennie's brothers and sisters names were:

Theador b. June 1891

Ruby b Aug 1892

Maggie b Sept 1895

Mary M b July 18, 1884  

This information about Jennie's brothers and sisters is from the 1900 census Iosco Co, Burleigh Twp, Michigan.  

Jennie and Dee had 8 children:

1. Phoebe Coon

2. Stephen J. Coon b 1905 d 1954

   married Hattie b 1902 d 1984

3. Cora C. Coon (married a QUALLES)

4. AI Coon b.1909 d. 1966

5. Melvin Dee Coon b 1914 d 1967 married Mary Frisch b. 1913 d. 1990 (my grandparents)

6. Thelma Coon (married a PINKERT)

7. Ford Coon married Mildred

8. George Coon married Lillian  

I live in Allen Park, Wayne County, Michigan.  But like the rest of my family I was born in Wyandotte.  

John Sloat was a descendant of Abraham Sloat (Sloot) 1787-1873

thro his son John Elais Sloat who married Esther Hart in Westminister Twp Middlesex Cty Ont on 3 July 1838

(this may be questionable RGM)



1. An Elizabeth Ennest died March 1878 age 3 years and 6 months in the Ingersoll Area Reference OGS publication Oxford Branch "Ingersoll area deaths 1837-1908. There is no stone to Elizabeth Ennest (or any other Ennest) in the Ingersoll Rural Cemetery records

The info was taken from the Vital Records of Ontario  

2. D.D. say Mar/94 that Mary E. wife of Daniel Ennest is also buried in Ridge Cemetery  Sanilac Township  whoever Daniel is ?)  

3. Mary J. Ennest  ?             

  William C Van Natter age 25 son of John S. Van Natter and Mary J. Ennest married 1 September 1910 to Leah Lenora Cline age 22 born Woodstock Ont and dau of James Cline and Koeturah Pelton  

4. Mary Ennest?  wife of Ira Long  dau Allie Long age 25 married

 19 March 1907 to Clarence Spencer of Port Huron at Applegate  

also Dau Ruth Long age 21 of Applegate married 3 February 1916 to Charles Schraeder of Port Huron  

5. Rueben Ennest of Washington Township Sanilac county

Jury Duty Oct 1912.  

6. via M.L. Bacon March/95  Home District Marriage records 1831-1840 (Ontario) page 53  film 3511285 (LDS?)

Goerge Ennest Married on 8 February 1832 to Rebecca Norton witnesses Hannah Micks and Martha Ann Young  

7. Evelyn Ennest married Henry Williamson SCMR bk5 page #216 registration #3237 lived MC Gregor

                  FORD FAMILY

 Ira, the son of Barnabas Ford married Lydia Ennest (sister of Cornelius ?).

 (David and Ira Ford were both Naturalized in Oxford County in July 1828 (Ref #6). They gave their residence as Zorra and their occupation as "yeoman" David was unable to sign his name but Ira could.)

An "Abram Ford " born US Baptist age 18 single was living in East Zorra with the John Gregory Family at the time of the 1851-2 census.  


Thomas Tracy lived Lot 4 Broken Front Concession of West Oxford Township in 1824. (Ref # 25) Betsy Tracy married Hiram Nivers in Zorra on 13 April 1839. (Ref #8C) Some of the Tracys returned to New York.

 George Tracy was naturalized on 28 February 1831 in Oxford and gave his residence as Oxford West, occupation Farmer and signed his name.

"A" George Tracy purchased 100 West 1/2 of Lot 5 Concession 11 East Zorra on 1 November 1829 from the Canada Company (not there 1857 Tremaines map)

 "A" George Tracy obtained a lease prior to January 1839 for land in Blanshard Township Perth County from the Canada Company on Lots 19, 20 Concession 17 and 20 Concession 18 and Lots 22, 23 in Concession 16.

He was one of the first person in the Township when assessed in 1842 he was one of 20-25 persons assessed

In 1843 he was assessed for Lots 19 and 20 Concession 17 and Lot 20 Concession 18 (In all likelihood the reason for leasing so much land was to ascertain the condition of the land and thus a person could keep the best and the rest revert to the Canada Company)

     1861 Blanshard Township Census Film C-1066 Agricultural Census Division #1 Lists George Tracy Lots 19 & 20 Concession 17, 100 acres of which 96 were cleared and 70 in crop and 26 in pasture, farm value $5000.

" A" Freeman Tracy obtained land Lot 8 Concession 14 Downie Township from the Canada  Company prior to January 1839 as well.

Freeman was living on the property in 1842-3

John Tracy Lot 9 Concession 7 Downie Township, 109 acres 1861 Census page 67


both wives of Elias Ennest # were Hunter sisters                                               

 James Hunter born 1804 in New York State

age 50 in Downie Township census, farmer Episcopal church  

In 1870 census of Sanilac County Michigan he was a tavern keeper at

Port Sanilac  

Wife Mary Willis born 9 September 1805 in Ireland and daughter of George Willis and Jane ?, age 47 in 1851 Downie Township census  


#1 Martha born 1827 in Canada second wife of Elias Ennest previously married with 3 children (Last name ? ) died 29 October 1904 and buried Port Sanilac Cemetery. Sanilac Township Sanilac  not found in 1851 Downie Census  

#2 John N.  born 1829 age 22 in Downie 1851 census  

#3 George Nelson Hunter born about 1831 in 1851 Downie Census age 21 occ carpenter  

#4 Margaret born 14 December 1838 in Canada, first wife of Elias Ennest died 10 May 1874 and is buried in Tucker Cemetery Bridgehampton Township Sanilac age 16 in 1851 Downie Township Census ie born about 1836  

#5 James H. born about 1839 (Downie Township Census) age 13 in Downie Census  

#6 Elizabeth born about 1842 age 10 in 1851 census  

#7 Samuel born about 1844 age 8 in 1851 census (D.D. you show this child as James also but I checked the film and his name is Samuel.)  

#8 William born about 1847 age 5 in 1851 census  

#8 Melissa born about 1850 age 2 in Downie Census

 John H. Hunter born 1839 in Chatham Ont. He was married at Port Sanilac in 1860 to Hester Shipley (via D.D.  6/15/94) or do suppose he was son of Peter ???

D.D. Maybe he was born 1829 !! anyway of double checking

James purchased this property 5 December 1848 from John Sherman and sold it to his son George Nelson Hunter 3 February 1849, both transactions were for 125 pounds. George in turn sold it in September 1853 for 200 pounds.

At the time of purchase and his sale James was described "of the town of Stratford".and when he sold it he was described as a"builder"

Jame signed his name, his wife Mary and son George could not and used "X" (both deeds)

In 1851 he lived on the property

1851 Agricultural Census Downie Township

James Hunter lived Lot 5 Concession 14 Downie in 1851, 27 acres

(Jacob Ennest acquired a lease on this lot prior to 1839  

  Lot 3 Concession 14 in 1851 was "One" George Shipley ! 100 acres.

There were other Showplace as well in the area, Thomas and John  

James and Mary Hunter do not show up in Sanilac until 1870 census at Port Sanilac where a tavern keeper.  

Check 1861 census town of Stratford for James Hunter  

Checked Brock District Marriage Records, Not found

Checked Huron District marriage records for Ennests (none found) and Hunters (none that seemed to belong)  

no 1842 census of Perth even if Hunters were there then not likely  

Checked for early records of Chatham area

No 1842 census of any municipality in Kent County  ! ugh

No Western District Marriage Records !! ugh ugh double checked above zip!

RGM ask some expert for Help!  

4 August /94 Expert provides

Raleigh Township Kent County statute Labour 1838-1847  by Wendy Lee Barry published by ? (Kent County OGS?)

Any doing statute Labour on Roads in Township

minimum 2 days a year, more if they had a greater assessment

James Hunter 2 days 1840

Peter Hunter 4 days 1840, 3 days 1841  

no Willis entries, a Robert Ennis (Enniss) 6 days 1838 and 8 days in 1839

The tables cover period 1838-1847

a person could pay off their days at 2 shillings 6 pence so if there is no entry it does not necessarily mean they left the Township  

Lots of Dolsens shirt tail cousins of those in Zorra  





{ZIP I found}  


1851-2  Downie Township Census Perth County Ont

Hunters Page 13 division #2

James, farmer  age 50 (born abt 1802) born Canada, Episcopal church

log house, 1 saw mill

Mary born Ireland age 47 (born 1805)

George N age 21  (Born about 1831) carpenter  single

Margaret age 16  (Born about 1836)

James age 13     (born about 1839)

Elizabeth age 10  (born about 1842)

Samuel age 8     (born about 1844)

William age 5     (born about 1847)

Melissa age 2   (born about 1850)

John age 22  born about 1830   single member of family not present at Census time (Did not find Martha nor Elias Ennest for that matter)  

In the 1851 Downie census listed under Hunters

George Shipley age 44

Wife Francis age 40

Dia age 76  no children listed  

1851 agricultural census George Shipley  Lot 3 Concession 14 Downie

James Martin 100 acres Lot 5 Concession 14

so it appears Jacob Ennest not only left the Country but got rid of his property in the process  


1861 Blanshard Agricultural census Film #C-1066 PAC

Division #1

John Hunter Lot 14 Concession 18,  68 acres of which 8 were cleared

north limit of St. Mary's  

Beldens atlas 1879 Downie Township

Downie Township page #24

East 1/2 Lot 4 Concession 7 Jas. Hunter

Checked there in 1861 not D.D.'s Jas Hunter, different wife, different kids Very Irish in Canada about 10 years Page 10 of Downie Census  

page xiii 1850 council of Blanshard Township Henry Willis

1852 council Henry Willis             

page #51

Patrons St Mary's (1879)

  John Willis born Ireland in County since 1857 dealer in Lumber, Lath and singles born Ireland

Caton Willis  Hotel Keeper in county since 1844, native of Canada

M.L.Bacon (Mar/95) wonders if William Willis was a brother to

 Mary Willis Hunter. William was in Marion township in 1850 or 60 or both. and lived east of Deckerville. William married!. Mary Fowler from Ireland (5 children) and secondly to Matilda Plunkett

(4 children).

William was a brother of Caton Willis  who had son Caton

M.L. has info on William and people working on family. Asked for this on 17 March/95