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                          WILLIAMS and FULLER FAMILIES

amended 24 Feb/97



1. A query in the the Oxford County Genealogical Magazine re the Williams and Fuller families yielded  no replies  

2. no info on either family found in the Libray of Oxford OGS at Woodstock  

3. At this time the Williams family of Norfolk County does not seem to be related to the Oxford County Williams Family  

4. insufficient info is available at this time to even attempt family group sheets  

A. Silas William died 1845 purchased land in Oxford in 1809

he is shown on 1824 Voters List at Lot 21 Concession 1  Zorra

Assesed in 1822 in Zorra for 150 acres

a "Silas" born c 1800 in Militia with rank of Ensign  

B. Anna Williams assessed in 1850 for Land, Was she his widow?

The late Betty McKay of Woodstock said that she was a widow and a tailor  

C. Amer Williams born US About 1799 living with  Roxie Dolson (born about 1817) in 1861 W. Zorra Census

Not likely that Roxie was Amer's daughter as Roxie was born 3 August 1815

Roxie died 6 July 1880 and is buried in Beachville Cemetery

who was her father?

(Roxie married Edward Silas Dolson who died between 1856 and 1861 and had 7 children)  

D. Rachel Williams born about 1794 in the US married Albert Thornton

E. Elijah Williams married 1832 to Ann Ennest  

In 1850 "an" Elijah Williams was shown on Collectors roll Lot 1 Concession 6 Zorra

    In June 1852 when West Zorra 1851 census was taken we have Anna Williams  widow  age 56 in same house as Elijah age 40 widower with children Able born about 1841, George born about 1843 and Harriet born about 1845  

F. above Family not found in 1861 census  

G. Hannah Williams age 75 (born about 1796) living with

Silas Dolson in 1871 W. Zorra Census  

H. Able Williams  no census info found  

I. Cyrus Williams  Naturalized 18 Febraury 1834 in Oxford gave his residence as "Oxford" occupation Carpenter  signed his name (SEE   Dolson Family References)

 born c 1800 age 28 in 1828 militia  

J. Christopher Williams born about 1798 age 31 in 1828 militia records  

K. Samuel Williams born c 1803 in 1828 Militia  

                     WILLIAM  REFERENCES

amended 24 Feb /97  


 Ann Ennest daughter of Cornelius Ennest of Lot 3 Concession

 5 West Zorra married 16 February 1832 to Elija Williams by

John Hatch JP witnesses Thomas Annes (Ennest) and John Phelan likely a resident of East Oxford Twp. There was a Williams family in Concession 5 or 6 West Zorra about this time.

This info via Donna Davis likely London District marriage records but should be checked Apr/95)  

REFERENCE #1A being Reference #8 of Dolsen Family References  

 1861 West Zorra Census Film #C-1061

A. Division # 1 page #1

Amer Williams, age 62, Born US, Baptist, widower

Roxelana ? Dolson age 45, married Born Canada (widow of Edward)

Anna 20, Esther 13, Prudence 11,  Eliza 9, Daniel 7, Chauncy 5

(No husband)(Les Dolson believes Edward died before 1861)  

B. Division #1 Top of Page #6

Silas Dolson age 25 born Canada Baptist, labourer (son of Edward and Roxey Lana)  Lilinous ? Dolson age 25  (Lillius or Lillian )

Nancy M. Dolson age 4, Charles H. age 2

lived in a 2 story 2 family frame house, other family ? impossible to tell from census  

Listed Immediately after Albert and Truman Thornton Families on the Bottom of page 5 these families lived on or near Peter Karn who owned 100 acres of Lot 4 Concession 5 West Zorra  (Peter's wife Priscilla was Albert Thornnton's dau)  


County of Oxford Land Records Registry office Woodstock  

 Land Sales #232 in 1809 from John McNames to Silas Williams

50 acres of Lot 21 Concession 1 North Oxford Twp  

Sale # 653 Jeremiah Finch to Silas Williams Lot 21 Con 1

North Oxford in 1819  

Sale #1016 Elijah Williams to Artemas Rodger Graham West 1/2 of

 Lot 23 Concession 14 East Nissouri  100 acres in 1824  

Sale # 3066 18 August 1835 by Silas Williams to

 Joseph Rexford Welch of Zorra

East 1/2 of Lot 4 Concession 4 West Zorra

Witnesses John and Elijah Williams of Zorra  (Reel #9)  


 Crawford Diaries, Silas Williams died 29 July 1845

Silas will is recorded in London District Wills #98 (#37 also given) Witnesses were John Carroll and Calvin Martin. Copy of will in Western University Regional History Collection at London Ont.  


 Rachel Williams married about 1822 likely in West Zorra to Albert Thornton  (REFERENCE when son Silas was married for second time in Harrisville Alcona County Mich on 7 Oct 1897 to

Lucy Thornton Fuller he gave his mother's maiden name as Williams. Lucy's parents were Calvin Thornton and Phoebe Aldrich and she had married David Fuller on 26 June 1849 in Zorra and the Fullers had moved to Sanilac Twp somewhere along the line  


Oxford Marriage Records from Dolson References

Edward J. Dolson Married Racy (Roxie) J. Williams 16 February 1836

Witnesses Asa Callach and Silas Williams  


Hannah Williams From Reference # 12 of Dolson REFERENCES by RGM

 1871 West Zorra Census Film #C-9912

page #33 family #130

Silas Dolson 34 Lelious ? 34 (Lillius)

Moriah 14 Charles 12

page 34 note says should be with family #130

Hannah Williams age 75

Silas is not listed in 1878 Atlas in West Zorra

 However a John Williams is listed on Lot 4 Concession 5  


 1850 Assessments UWO Regional Library Nov/91

Able Williams Lot 1 Concession 6 West Zorra 16 Pounds

Elijah Williams Lot 1 Concession 6 W. Z.  3 pounds

Anna Williams Lot 1 Concession 6, Lot 4 Concession 6

              Lot 1 Concession 7   all 136 pounds  


 Ontario Land Patents Microfiche St. Thomas Library  

Silas Williams East 1/2 of Lot 1 Concession 6 West Zorra in 1820.

His Residence given as Oxford  


 1851 census of West Zorra Microfilm Roll PAC #C-973

division #1 page #11

Elijah Williams age 40 , born Canada shoemaker widower

Anna Williams age 56 widow born US baptist 

Able age 11 born about   1842

George age 9 born about 1843

Harriet age 7 born about 1845

2 families in a 2 story frame house

living near Chauncey Thornton whose mother was Rachel Williams  

Division #1 Page 21

Abel Williams age 33  born Canada Baptist farmer

Jean age 28 born Canada

children Betsy age 9, Roxey age 7, Merilla age 5, Abram age 2  


 1861 Census of North Oxford Twp

Abel Williams Lot 21 Concession 1, 22 acres  (agricutural census)

 Division #1 Page 11

Williams,  Abel, age 43, labourer, born Canada, Baptist, lived in log house   Jane ? 40

Betsy 18, Roxy 16, Marell ? 14, Alford 10, Polly 7, Freman ? 4,

Heaman 2  

Division #1 page 16

Williams, John,  age 48, labourer, Born Canada, Baptist

Amandy age 44

Becky Ann 22 says married but no husband listed

Jeremiah age 24 says single

Worden age 16, male, Valin born age 10, Emily age 5, Albion age 1  


 No Williams in East Nissouri Cemetery index  


 no Williams or Fuller family histories, pedigree sheets etc at Oxford County Public Library Woodstock Ont (Feb/94)  


 1822 Assessments (Oxford County OGS publication)

Silas Williams 150 acres

Ira Fuller 97 acres  


 1855 Dereham Township Voters List

David Fuller North 1/4 of Lot 25 Concession 4  


 1855 North Oxford Voters list

John Williams North West 1/4 of Lot 20 Concession 1  


 Wills of Oxford County

a. Silas Williams 1 August 1845 150 pounds estate

Executors John Carrol and Calvin Martin  

b. Sarah Williams 5 Sept 1849  

c. John Williams 16 August 1854

 executors Jane Catherine Williams  Jared Kilborn

 61 pounds 2 shillings estate  


 Silas Williams of Zorra signed the petition in 1844

re the contested election of Robert Riddell  


 London District Marriage Register in Volume 8 of Ontario Register 1990 by Thomas Wilson Lambertville N.J. page 87

by Rev Darius Cross Baptist minister

on 16 Feb 1836  Recey (Roxie) J. Williams and Edward J.? Dolson both of Zorra. witnesses Asa Hallck and Silas Williams  


 see Fuller REFERENCE #4 Silas Williams was a witness at marriage of David Ennist and Sebrey Fuller on 5 June 1833  


Men of Upper Canada, Militia Nominal Rolls 1828-29 , pubblished 1995 by Ont Genealogical Society  

By Law all able bodied men between 19-39 were members of militia to be available to protect the "LAND". They met one day each year usually June paraded for a couple of hours, got drunk and crawled home !  

Oxford County Militia

No Dolsons No Eglins

listed Alanson Avery age 35 (wife Nancy Eglin)

Nelson Edwards age 19

Alexander Tree age 19

Stephen Tree age 20

Ira Clement age 35

Adam Clement age 29

Samuel Clement age 25

Christopher Williams age 31

Stephen Fuller age 25

Cyrus Williams age 28

Uraih Fuller age 33

James Fuller age 23

Nicholas Fuller age 21

David Fuller age 29

Horace Fuller age 27

Ira Fuller age 33

John Fuller age 26

Nicholas Fuller age 19

Stephen Fuller age 25

Samuel Williams no age listed

Silas Williams age 28 held rank of ensign in 1st Regiment of Oxford militia



Brock District Marriage Records Film Ms-248 Reel #1  

David Fuller married 26 June 1849 to Lucy Thornton by

Rev George Turner witnesses Moriah ? Fuller and Henry Robinson  

See ref # 19  


  Oxford County Marriage Records at Oxford County Library Woodstock, Local History Section

A. Esther Fuller Married Jesse Dolson, 15 January 1839

both of Zorra

Witnesses Silas Williams and Elijah Williams

(Esther born 28 Sept 1818 see Dolson Ref)  


 1861 agricutural census of West Zorra

Ira Fuller Lot 2 Concession 8 West Zorra 50 acres

(born c 1798 age 33 in 1828 militia)  


 page 12 Volume 7 1983 of  Ontario Register by Thomas Wilson Lambertville N.J.  

 Sebry (Sebra) Fuller of Oxford married David Ennest of Zorra on 5 June 1833 by John Hatch J.P. Witnesses Silas Williams and Oliver Thornton  


1824 Assessment from Oxford Tracer of August 1993

 Daniel Fuller Lot 6 Concession 1 West Oxford Township, 1 acre cultivated  


1824 Oxford voters Lists

Ira Fuller Lot 6 Concession 7 Oxford ? blacksmith

Jonathan Fuller Lot 6 Concession 1 (North Oxford ?)

David Fuller Lot 6 Concession 1 (North Oxford ?)  


1850 Tax Collectors Roll Zorra

via late Betty McKay Main Street Woodstock Ont  in 1993  

David Fuller Lot 2 Concession 8 Zorra

Ira Fuller Lot 2 Concession 8 and Lot 3 Concession 8  


 1851 Census East Zorra page 1  

Fuller, Ira, farmer age 56 born US (age checks with 1828 militia records)

Rebecca born New Brunswick age 54

Horace age 31 born Canada

James age 18 born Canada

Lafayette age 16 born Canada (male)

Jerome age 13 born Canada

Juliane Age 9 born Canada Female  

Stephen Fuller age 55 born Us farmer Presbyterian

(age does not check with 1828 militia records)

Elizabeth age 46 Born US

William age 14 born US

Matilda  age 12 Born US

George age born Canada

Almirea age 16 born US Female  

Division #1 Page 34

Titus Fuller age 26  


1857 Tremaines Map of Oxford

a. I. Fuller North East Corner of Lot 2 and South East corner of

Lot 3 Concession 8 West Zorra

b. I. Fuller Lot 18 Concession 1 Blenheim

c. D. Fuller Lot 25 Concession 4 Dereham  


Oxford Atlas 1876

Ira Fuller Lot 2 Concession 8 West Zorra

Jerome Fuller Lot 3 Concession 8 West Zorra  


 David Fuller Naturalized 28 Feb 1813 at Oxford County


Residence Oxford West occupation blacksmith  signed his name  


 Canada Company land Purchase

David Fuller Lot 17 East of Mitchell Road  Blanshard Township Perth County  


 David Fuller was on Lot 6 Concession 1 West Oxford Township in 1824 not there in 1816

REFERENCE #14 I. Fuller lived lots 2 & 3  Concession 8  West Zorra 1857 Temaines map of Oxford County  


Marriage Register of Huron District

Page 235 Volume 6 Number 4 Ontario Register 1982 by Thomas Wilson Lambertville NJ.

Amy Fuller spinster of Blanshard Perth Cty married Samuel Whealy farmer on 29 May 1844 witnesses Thomas Whaley and Joseph Sawyer farmers by Rev. Soloman Vining Baptist Church from  



Volume # 3 Huron District  1841-70 by Dan Walker and

Robert W Calder NorSim Research and Publishing Delhi 1995  

Part #1 Huron District Marriage Register 1841-8 including Returns to the Clerk of the Peace 1841-52  


page 35  Amy Fuller to Samuel Whaly both of Blanchard

 on 29 May 1844 witnesses Thomas Whaley and Joseph Sawyer farmers by Rev. Soloman Vining Baptist Church  

page 8

marriages by Rev Thomas Brown Methodist Episcopal  

Peter Smith to Eliza Sawyer both of Blanchard 3 March 1845

Wit Uriah Fuller and David Fuller  

Isaac Thayr to Layny Fuller both of Blanchard 12 March 1845

Wit Uriah Fuller and David Fuller  

Joseph Sawyer to Marin Preston both of Blanchard 3 March 1846

Wit Uriah Fuller and David Fuller  

page 18

Diah Sawyer to Rosonah Lampton both  Blanchard 10 Aug 1846

Wit John Ingersoll and Leroy Fullar  

age 43 Marriage by Rev Thomas Williams Wesleyan Methodist

Martin Cahill of Woodstock to Catherine Whaley of Blanchard on

9 April 1850 wit James Fuller and Mary Jane Whaley  

Part #2 Returns to the Clerk of the Peace for the United Counties of Bruce and Huron 1853-1870

no entries


page 239 of Register #6 Reference #15 as above

Huron District Marriage Register by Rev. Thomas B. Brown  

1. Peter Smith amd Eliza Sawyer both of Blanshard on 3 March 1845

Witness David Fuller and Uriah Fuller  

2. Isaac Thayr (Thayer?) and Sayny Fuller both of Blanshard on

 12 March 1845  witness Uraih Fuller and David Fuller  

3. Joseph Sawyer and Marin Preston both of Blanshard on 3 May 1846

Witness Uriah Fuller and David Fuller  


Register Volume #8 1990 page 87 London District Marriage Register  by Rev. Darius Cross Baptist minister

James Aldridge and Phoebe Ennis (Could this be Ennest?)  both of Zorra on 10 December 1835 Witnesses Roswell King and Horace Fuller  


1851 census of West Zorra Division #1 Page #43 Microfilm roll


David Fuller, age 23 Farmer Methodist

Lucy Fuller age 20

Allis Fuller age 2

no Ag census 1851 of West Zorra


Sue Streett  

7 Oct 2000

Researching Fuller, Ford, Rea, Lawrence, Clarke, Lewis, Burtch, Braun, Burdick, and Hubbard in Ontario  

    I am trying to identify my ancestors in the Fuller family.  Thomas and  Mary Ann Fuller were born about 1805_1810 and by 1829 were living in Oxford  County, Ontario.  I don't know Mary Ann's maiden name.

 They had children  Susan, Mary Anne, Margara, Julian and Martha.  By the time of the 1851 Census, they were living in Blanshard Twp., Perth County, Ont.

    Their dau. Susan was my ancestor.  She married in 1848 to John Wesley  Ford, of East Zorra, Oxford Co.  A witness at their wedding was CHAUNCEY FULLER.  I suspect that he was Susan's uncle or cousin.

    I think that Thomas Fuller was of the Fuller family living in Blanshard  Twp. and Zorra Twp.  He may have been a son of James Fuller (b. 1775) and  Nancy CARROLL (b. 1781).  I have the names of only two of their sons__John  and David__both living in Oxford Co.  John had a son named Thomas (b. 1825), but he was too young to be my Thomas. 

    James Fuller was a son of DAVID FULLER and AMY JENCKS (probably born  around 1750 in New York or Connecticut).  Some of David and Amy's other sons  also lived in Oxford or Perth Counties.  They were Jonathan, Ethan, Uriah, Ira and Horace.  One of them could have been the father of my Thomas Fuller.



10 Oct 2000  

                    Descendants of Thomas Fuller

        Generation No. 1


    1.  Thomas1 Fuller was born 1808.  He married Mary Anne.  She was born


    Thomas was identified by a researcher at St. Marys Museum as the father of Susan Fuller.  He is listed in the 1851 Census for Blanshard Twp., Perth Co., Ontario (which is adjacent to Oxford County, which includes East and West Zorra Twps).  Thomas was English, but probably not born in England.  It may be that he died before the wedding of his eldest daughter, Susan; this possibility is raised because Chauncey Fuller, not Thomas, was a witness at

Susan's wedding.  Research is ongoing to identify Chauncey Fuller.

    In looking for Thomas' ancestors, consideration centers on descendants of David Fuller, who was from NY and was likely born in the 1730s or 40s.  David married Amy Jenks and had the following children:  James b. 1775, Jonathan, Ethan, Uriah b. 1794, Ira b. about 1795, Horace, Priscilla, Mathilda, Betsy and Hannah.

      It has not yet been established that David moved to Ontario, but it is likely that he did as several of his sons lived in Oxford and Perth Counties, James, Uriah, Ira and Horace, and maybe Jonathan, can be identified in records of Zorra and Blanshard Twps. in the 1820s through 1860s.  Of the above named sons of David Fuller, James seems a likely candidate to be Thomas' father.  Since he was born in 1775, he would be the

right age to have fathered Thomas in 1808.  I don't yet have the names of all of James' children; two of them were John and David, both born about 1800_1801.  John had a son named Thomas born in 1825.  David had a son named Rodman Fuller who was born about 1827 and living in Zorra in the 1851 census.  

Notes for Mary Anne:

She is listed with only her first name in the 1851 Census for Blanshard Twp., Perth Co., She was identified by researcher at St. Marys Museum as mother of Susan Fuller.   

Children of Thomas Fuller and Mary are:  

    2   i.  Susan E.2 Fuller, born July 28, 1829 in Oxford Co., Ontario; died July 01, 1897 in Cheney, Parry Sound District, Ontario.

      She married John Wesley Ford March 29, 1848 in  West Zorra ; born December 19, 1827 in East Zorra, Oxford Co.,  died December 31, 1895 in Cheney, Parry Sound, Ontario.  

 Susan E. Fuller:

was a daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Fuller.  She was living in N. Oxford Twp at the time of her marriage.  Religion:  Wesleyan Methodist (reported on Census).  Chancey Fuller (a brother, uncle, cousin?) was a witness at her marriage.  

Susan listed on 1871 Census as Susan Ford, age 41,

born in Ontario of Irish ancestry (however, Irish ancestry may have been assumed since her husband was Irish; the Fuller family was English).  Susan's 7 children were also listed on the Census.  She was buried in Cheney, Parry Sound Cemetery.  Cheney, Parry Sound District, Ontario is just north of Muskoka District.  

    Other Fullers in 1851 Census:  Rodman, age 25, a chairmaker, and Pardon, age 27 and married to Dorothy with 2 children.  Pardon Fuller is included on WFT Disk 1 #2346 and WFT Disk 14 #3240.  They say he was born 1819_1846 in Ontario and died May 1868 in Sanilac Co., MI.  He married Dorothy Birch.  He was son of Horace Fuller and Phebe Tracy, both born in 1800 in NY.  

John Wesley Ford:

    In 1854 John bought Lot 20 Conc. 18 in Blanshard Twp. from his father.  In 1865 he sold Lot 22, Conc. 9 to Ann James (he had bought it in 1861).  He was living in West Zorra Twp. at the time of his marriage in 1848.  Moved from St. Marys to Cheney about 1880.  In the 1871 Census, he was living in west ward 4, St. Marys, Perth Co., age 43, Irish.  John's sister, Lucinda, married at the same time as John (double wedding) to Joseph B. Piper.

  Record of both marriages in The Ontario Register.

    John's parents were among the early settlers in East Zorra.  He would certainly have known the children of Joseph and Keziah Brown while growing up in East Zorra.  This is of interest to some of his descendants who are also descendants of Joseph & Keziah Brown.

Some of the 8  children of John Ford moved to Clark County South Dakota Some stayed in Blanshard area  

Project for RGM check land patents for date location and type of patent in Parry Sound)  

 John Wesley Ford:

Occupation: Teamster; later Postmaster at or near Cheney.

Religion: Wesleyan Methodist (obit. says he was a "consistent member").  

 It looks like only their youngest child may have moved north to Parry Sound with them.  Their dau. Mary Elizabeth is my ancestor and she moved to South Dakota with husband and children and died

there.  The info I have says that both John and Susan died in Parry Sound.  

Descendants of John Wesley Ford and Susan fuller (ref Sue Street)                               

1   John Wesley FORD    b: December 19, 1827 in East Zorra, Oxford Co., d: December 31, 1895 in Cheney, Parry Sound, Ontario           

    +Susan E. FULLER    b: July 28, 1829 in Oxford Co., Ontario m: March 29, 1848    d: July 01, 1897 in Cheney, Parry Sound District,   Father: Thomas Fuller   Mother: Mary Anne    

        2   Charlotte FORD  b: 1849 in East Zorra, Oxford Co., Ontario  d: Bef. 1862    

        2   Caroline Anne FORD  b: 1853 in Blanshard Twp., Perth Co., On  +Edmund J. HUMPHREY b: 1851 m: June 12, 1878 in St. Marys, Perth Co., Ont.      

        2   Mary Elizabeth FORD b: Abt. 1854 in St. Mary's, Perth Co., d: 1884 in Garden City, Clark Co., SD          

     +Andrew Benjamin REA  b: January 18, 1850 in St. Mary's, Perth

 m: September 29, 1874 in Ontario, Canada   d: August 04, 1924 in Pasadena, CA    Father: James Rea   Mother: Mary Ann McIntyre  

            3   Etta Mabel REA  b: November 09, 1875 in Granton, Middlesex Co.,d: August 04, 1964 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD           +Donald Manson BROWN    b: October 24, 1863 in Harrington,

Ont m: January 02, 1895 in Clark Co., SD    d: October 15, 1928

in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD   Father: James Brown

Mother: Henrietta Burtch   (Sue street line)  

            3   Ernest REA  b: Abt. 1878 in Oxford Co., Ontario, Canada     d: Bef. August 1924   

            3   Walter Hume REA b: April 26, 1879 in St. Marys, ada      d: March 1949 in Oyama, B.C., Canada           

                    +Alice ASHTON   b: November 03, 1884 in London or St. Marys, Ontario  m: October 03, 1900 in St. Marys, Perth Co.,    d: August 23, 1959 in Oyama, B.C., Canada  Father: John Ashton    

            3   Chester J. REA  b: June 1881 in Oxford Co.,   

                    +Edith M. C. ASHTON b: Bet. 1886 _ 1900 in Canada   m: December 05, 1906 in Pincher Creek, Alberta  

 Father: John Ashton      

            3   Franklin F. REA b: February 1884 in South Dakota        d: Bet. 1904 _ 1906 in ID or MT         

         2   Emma FORD   b: Abt. 1857 in St. Mary's, Perth ty  

        2   Elizabeth FORD  b: 1858 in St. Mary's, Perth Co.,              

        2   Sarah Matilda FORD  b: October 29, 1859 in St. arys

    d: January 19, 1949 in Whittier, Los Angeles Co., CA       

                +Franklin Martin STEERE b: 1863 m: May 06, 1884 in Clark, Clark Co., SD   d: 1951 Father: Thomas Sayles Steere       

            3   Carl Leon STEERE    b: July 30, 1885 in Clark, Clark Co., SD                   

            3   Myrtle Emma STEERE  b: May 28, 1888 in Clark, Clark Co., SD                

            3   Earl Wilmot STEERE  b: June 30, 1893 in Clark, Clark Co.SD   d: March 26, 1895 in Wessington Spgs.Jerauld Co., SD         

            3   Frank Leonard STEERE b: June 02, 1896 in Wessington Spgs., Jerauld Co., SD  

            3   Willard Ainsworth STEERE    b: November 06, 1898 in

Wessington Spgs., Jerauld Co., SD

        2   Lucinda Alberta FORD    b: 1862 in St. Mary's, Perth Co., Ontario     d: May 09, 1926 in St. Mary's, Perth Co., Ontario           +Samuel James REA   b: November 06, 1855 in Blanchard Twp., Perth Co., Ontario, Canada  m: Bef. 1884 in Clark, Clark Co., SD    d: February 08, 1929   Father: James Rea   Mother: Mary Ann McIntyre  

            3   Zella Grace REA b: March 29, 1885                                      +Leonard FOLLICK    b: March 10, 1868                  

            3   Carrie Olive REA    b: March 17, 1890                                 +Donald Emery CARRIERE         

            3   Berton Ford REA b: March 29, 1893                                      +Marjorie Gordon CLINE  b: March 31, 1897                  

            3  Ralph Nelson REA b: January 26, 1897 d: May 23, 1945                         +Florence W. MORRIS b: April 30, 1906                  

            3   Harvey McIntyre REA b: October 21, 1903                                  +Agnes BOICUN                      


        2   John Nelson FORD    b: Abt. 1863 in St. Mary's, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada     d: 1896       


Sibling of Susan Fuller  

    3   ii. Mary Anne Fuller, born Bet. 1831 _ 1838.

 1851 Census for Blanshard Twp., Perth Co.  

    4   iii.    Margara J. Fuller, born Bet. 1834 _ 1841.

 1851 Census for Blanshard Twp., Perth Co.  

    5   iv. Julian Fuller, born Bet. 1839 _ 1846.

 1851 Census for Blanshard Twp., Perth Co.  

    6   v.  Martha Fuller, born Bet. 1841 _ 1848.

1851 Census for Blanshard Twp., Perth Co.  


Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 21:06:34 EDT

Subject: Re: Descendants of David Fuller  

The Fullers of Zorra and Blanshard_ World Family Tree CD 28:  

Descendants of David Fuller                           

1   David Fuller    b: WFT Est. 1731_1764       d: WFT Est. 1801_1826      

    +Amy Jencks b: WFT Est. 1738_1764   m: WFT Est. 1757_1805   d: WFT Est. 1802_1834      

........    2   James Fuller    b: 1775     d: Aft. 1835       

............        +Nancy Carroll  b: April 15, 1781   m: 1798 d: February  29, 1876 in Algonac, Mi.    Father: John Carroll    Mother: Mariah Van Alstyne  

................... 3   John Fuller b: 1801     d: July 27, 1887 in Clay twp, Mi.    

.......................     +LaVina Tracy   b: Abt. 1797 in Tracy Creek, NY  m: September 16, 1822 in New York or Ontario, Canada    d: Bet. 1898 _ 1900 in Algonac, Mi. Father: Thomas Tracy    Mother: Elizabeth Read

.............................   4   John J. Fuller  b: 1844 in Oxford Co., Ontario, Canada     d: WFT Est. 1889_1936      

.................................       +Elizabeth Edwards  b: 1853 in Canada   m: WFT Est. 1865_1896   d: 1942 Father: Mark Edwards    Mother: Elizabeth Proctor  

..................    5   Archie Nathaniel Fuller b: August 18, 1887 in Algonac, Mi.     d: May 23, 1910    

 ..........        +Adelaide Fernholz  b: April 1884 in Waumandee, Wi m: February 9, 1909 in St. Patrick;s Church, Milwaukee, Wisc.    d: October 1969    .......................

.................    5   Mary Fuller b: WFT Est. 1867_1894       d: WFT Est. 1889_1961       ............................................        +Unknown Johnson  

................    5   Raymond Fuller  b: WFT Est.


................    5   Frank Fuller    b: WFT Est.

1867_1894       d: Infant      

.....     ......    5   Mark Elroy Fuller   b:  October 4, 1880     d: 1963    

...........    +Anna Weideman  b: WFT Est. 1863_1888  m: December 14, 1903    d: WFT Est. 1907_1958      

........................   4   Mariah Fuller   b: WFT Est. 817_1847     

......................   4   James Fuller    b: WFT Est. 1817_1847     

.............................   4   Thomas Fuller   b: 1825     d:  

...................   4   Benjamin Fuller b: 1830    d: May 9, 1889       

......................   4   Abraham Fuller  b: WFT Est. 1817_1847      

...........................   4   Jane Fuller b: WFT Est. 1817_1847      ..............       +Garret Steward b: WFT Est. 1809_1846  

m: WFT Est. 1834_1880   d: July 29, 1920 in Algonac, Mi.       

.............................   4   Nancy Fuller    b: WFT Est. 1817_1847        

.............................   4   Phoebe Fuller   b: September 6, 1842 in Blanchard, Ontario Canada       d: 1917    

.................................       +Nathaniel Jenny    b: WFT Est. 1825_1845   

.............................   4   Matilda Fuller  b: 1839 d: 1905     ..........       +Patrick McComb b: 1839 m: WFT Est.

1855_1874   d: 1878      

................... 3   David Fuller    b: 1800     d: WFT Est. 1821_1890      

.......................     +Clarissa Heth  b: WFT Est. 1796_1816   m: WFT  

.............................   4   Nancy Fuller    b: WFT Est. 1821_1850 

.............................   4   Lydia Fuller    b: WFT Est. 1821_1850        

.............................   4   Rodman Fuller   b: WFT Est. 1821_1850       

.............................   4   David Fuller    b: WFT Est. 1821_1850  

.............................   4   Lois Fuller b: WFT Est. 1821_1850        

.............................   4   Minor Fuller    b: WFT Est. 1821_1850      

Children of David and Amy  

........    2   Jonathan Fuller b: WFT Est. 1761_1806       d: WFT Est. 1762_1851      

........    2   Ethan Fuller    b: WFT Est. 1761_1806       d: WFT Est. 1762_1851      

........    2   Uriah Fuller    b: 1794     d: 1860    

........    2   Ira Fuller  b: Abt. 1795        d: June 15, 1878 in Township  of Zorra, Oxford, Canada      

........    2   Horace Fuller   b: Abt. 1801        d: WFT Est. 1802_1891      

........    2   Priscilla Fuller    b: WFT Est. 1761_1806       d: WFT Est. 1762_1855        

........    2   Mathilda Fuller b: WFT Est. 1761_1806       d: WFT Est. 1762_1855      

........    2   Betsy Fuller    b: WFT Est. 1761_1806       d: WFT Est. 1762_1855      

........    2   Hannah Fuller   b: WFT Est. 1761_1806       d: WFT Est. 1762_1855      



info from Blanshard Twp Perth County map abt 1839

names on Map Concession Mitchell Road East Lot 17 David Fuller Concession 17 Lot 16 Geo Birtch Lots 19,20 Geo Tracy Concession 18

Lot 20 Geo Tracy  

Concession 19

Lots 16,17 James Birtch and H. Fullar

Lot 18 Robert Birch

Lot 21 H. Fullar  

Concession 20 Lot 18 John Fullar  

North Boundary Concession

Lot 7 James Fuller  

Thames River Concession / Concession 16

Lot 20 Geo Britch

Lots 22, 23 Geo Tracy

Lot 25 Thomas Birch