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Amended 4 May  2003


Jacob Holder (# 1757-1828) UEL and Mary Sharp (1767-1864)


9 March 1812 at Long Reach Lot 2 (south) Kingston Grant, King's County New Brunswick, the youngest of 9 children of 9 children


11 October 1812 St Peter's Anglican Church Westfield and Greenwich Parishes


1. On 6 January 1836 to Ruth Abigail TISDALE. of Windham Twp Norfolk County likely at St John’s Anglican Church Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk County Ontario Witnesses of the marriage by Rev. Francis Evans were John Culver, Benjamin W. Crawford and Ephriam Tisdale (likely Ruth's brother).

 (They were married by license rather than banns) (Ref St. John’s Anglican Church register and marriage certificate)

     Ruth Tisdale was the daughter of John Tisdale (1769-1841) and Sarah Brittain (1784-1850).

 She was born 5 October 1815 in Windham Township Norfolk County, being one of 12 children.

John was the son of Ephraim Tisdale (8 Feb 1745- 4 May 1815) U.E. and Ruth Strange (26 April 1748-1821).

     Ruth died in Burford Township Brant County, 4 April 1868 and is likely buried at Holy Trinity Anglican Churchyard Burford   (the church burial records of Holy Trinity cemetery in Burford do not list her burial). Their daughter Mary Helen who died in May 1868 was buried in Holy Trinity Churchyard at Burford .   Bob Mutrie has checked (Nov 2000) the records of  St John Woodhouse and she is not buried there.  The Tisdale family were an early Massachusetts family see References (The Moores were related through the Catherine Avery line again see references  

2. On 6 December 1874 in Blenheim Township to Mrs. Eunice INNES formerly Eunice SIPPRELL

 VRO #206990/75   Eunice Sipprell was born in New Brunswick about 1823/4 (Ref 1871 Blenheim Township Census)  She was married to James Innes previous to marrying George W. Holder.

Willard Tottle (14A Dundee St Brantford) states (April /95) that she was buried with first husband James Innes in Drumbo Cemetery Lot 13 Concession 7 Blenheim Township Oxford County. He gives her death date as 1892 at age 70. (so does OGS cemetery Transcriptions)

In the 1891Blenheim twp`census George is listed age 79 married born New Brunswick, Baptist and a retired farmer with parents born in USA  

#3 Did  George have a third wife LIKELY BUT NO VRO (checked them) This one had a married daughter Mrs. E. Davis living in Grout Township Gladwin County Michigan in Oct 1898 whom she visited.(Ref 14 Oct 1898 issue of Gladwin (Mich) Record Newspaper. Wife age was given as 71 the time and George's age was given as 85. 

     He visited his nephew Robert J. Moore (then age 71) while in Gladwin and they had their picture taken. See R.J. Moore history Picture included George Holder, his nephew Robert James Moore, Robert’s son James Robert Moore and his grandson Murray Marr Moore born Jan 1896 (Murray father of RGM)

     Mabel Holder Hutchinson (Dec 2000) says George never had a third wife ALL VERY CURIOUS!


29 May 1907 at his farm, Richwood (Lot 10 Concession 5) Blenheim Township Oxford County


Holy Trinity Anglican Churchyard Burford Village, Burford Township Brant County Ont  no grave marker


(All with Ruth Tisdale)

# * James Brittian Holder  born 28 October 1836 in North Oxford Township Oxford Co. (likely

Lot 14  Concession 1) (info Crawford diaries),  

# Mary Helen Holder  born 8 July 1840 in Burford Township.

died 10 May 1868 in Brantford Ont  buried Holy Trinity Anglican Churchyard hamlet of Burford

Lot 10 Concession 6 Burford Township. (Source Burford Trinity Church Cemetery grave inscriptions but for some strange reason she is listed in 1871 Blenheim Township Census, This has been checked and Mary She is listed in 1871 census see after. ( I, RGM, have no explanation, Did she rise from the Dead?)  

# * Sarah Ann Holder born 11 March 1843 in Burford Township.  

# * Maria Jane Holder  (Mariah) born 13 September 1845 (1901 census gives 1846) in Burford

Twp Brant County Charlotte Holder  born 21 September 1847 in Burford Twp.

died 17 August 1848 in Burford Twp. buried Holy Trinity Anglican Churchyard Burford  

# * Frances Amanda Holder   born 24 October 1849   Burford Twp. Brant County * Abraham Caufield Holder born 17 April 1856 in Burford Twp  

     George was in Long Reach King's County in May of 1832 (age 20).   In 1836 he was a witness to the purchase of West ½ of Lot 2 Concession 4 West Zorra Twp. Oxford County by Alanson Avery.

     When married in 1836 he was described as “of North Oxford Twp Oxford County”

It appears that he lived on or acquired a partial title to Lot 14 Concession 1  North Oxford Twp. but in March 1838 he and Wallace Crawford reached a settlement. George moved to Burford Township Brant County Ont in 1840.  He lived in  Burford Township on Lot 10 Concession 5..(The Crawford diaries note under date of July 9 1840 "George Holder has bought a place 200 acres for $500 paid in 5 years").

He received the deed for the property in 1846 (likely after the mortgage was paid that being the custom in those days) In 1847 he sold the East ½ of the lot.     There are a number of notations in the Crawford diaries of 1844 of trips between George Holder and his sister Rachel (Mrs. James) Moore's family.

     George and his family were listed in the 1851 census of Burford Township PAC Microfilm roll #C948 on page 18

      George sold the West ½ of Lot 10 Concession 5 Burford in November 1868 and moved to South West 1/4 of Lot 5 Concession 1 Blenheim Township Oxford County.  Whether the death of his wife Ruth in April 1868 and his daughter Mary Helen in May 1868 was the reason for his move is not known.  

       In the Directory of 1876 Oxford County Historical Atlas, he was shown as living on the South East 1/4 of the Lot 5 Concession 1 (50 acres) tho he had sold it to his son James Holder on 5 December 1874.

     His son James (J.) is however shown on the Blenheim Twp map in the Historical Atlas of Oxford 1876  but is listed in the 1881 census in South Dumfries Township Brant County

 George is shown on  Lot 10 Concession 5 (South East 1/4 ( 50 acres) Richwood area in the 1876 Historical atlas and was living there in 1883

     The 1881 census of Blenheim Township (Film #C-13266 Division 2 page 90 household 425) lists George as age 69, a farmer born New Brunswick and his religion Church of England

His wife was Eunice age 58 born New Brunswick, of French origin and in Religion a Baptist

with them was George’s son Abraham who had lost his wife and young son in February 1881 (Census was of April 4 1881)

     In the 1891 census of Blenheim Twp roll T6326 Division 2 page 27, George was listed as family #144 George Holder age 79 born New Brunswick with wife Eunice Holder age 68 born New Brunswick, religion Anglican

     In the Farmers and Business Directory of 1906 which covered a number of counties of Western Ontario including Brant, Oxford and Norfolk, George was listed as G.W. Holder Lot 12 Concession 7 Blenheim Township Drumbo Post Office (likely living right in Drumbo) while son Abraham is shown on Lot 10 Concession 5 Blenheim.,  Post Office Richwood.  



George William Holder # and Ruth Tisdale


28 October 1836 in North Oxford Twp Oxford County Ont likely Lot 14 Concession 1 (Ref Crawford Diaries)


likely abt 1875 /76 to Jessie Findlay born abt 1841 / 2 1881 census gives her age as 37( born about 1844)


20 September 1907 Galt (now Cambridge) Ontario


likely Trinity Anglican Churchyard Galt as was his wife Jessie


#  Elizabeth B. Holder born about 1877 age 4 in 1881 census

 Mentioned as Elizabeth Holder in newspaper account of her brothers’s death in 1934

Residence not given and likely unmarried  

# .Janice M ( Jennie)  Holder born about 1878 age 3 in 1881 census

She was living Sarnia time of her brother’s death and a passenger in his car when it was hit by the train suffered severe shock (unmarried as far as I known)  

# Ruth Q. Holder born about 1880age 1 in 1881 census

She was very likely the Mrs Arthur Mann of Lakewood Ohio mentioned in the Newspaper story of her brother’s death

# Arthur Holder born about 1881 lived Sarnia.

He must have lived in Sarnia by about 1909 as the newspaper story of his death stated that his mother had lived in Sarnia for about 25 years. He served in WWI enlisting with the 44th Battalion of Fort William and went overseas with the 8th Battalion of Winnipeg He was overseas for most of the war and was severely wounded twice.  After the war he worked for Canada Steamship lines in Sarnia until 1931 when he became Market clerk for the City of Sarnia.

     He  died on 13 October 1934 (age 53) after the car he was driving on Vidal Street Sarnia was hit by a CNR freight train which was backing out a siding from the Imperial Oil Refinery at 6.45 the night previously. Also killed in the crash was his mother Jessie age 92, his first cousin Ada Holder, daughter of his fathers’s James Holder’s sister, Maria Jane Holder who had married her cousin, Albert Charles Holder and who lived at Long Reach N.B. A niece of Ada Holder, Marguerite Holder (daughter of Ada’a brother Edwin Holder # was also killed.. Arthur buried at Trinity Cemetery Galt.

 Arthur was unmarried  

#  Edna Holder living Sarnia time of her brother’s death (unmarried as far I known)

(she was quoted in paper as saying her brother was a careful driver)  

     All children died before 1982 and none had children unless Ruth Mann did.

 Jeanette Holder wife of Thomas Holder of Richwood  said  none of the family of James and Jessie had children.

     James is shown as living on South West 1/4 of Lot 4 Concession 1 Blenheim in the 1876 Historical Atlas of Oxford.. He sold the property in May 1878.

      He is listed in the 1881 census of South Dumfries Township Brant County (Ontario)(Film C-13264 Division 2 page 19 Household number 91) as age 44 farmer, born Ontario, married English origins and belonged to the Church of England . His wife was listed as Jessie Holder. age 37. born in USA and of Scottish origins and also belonged to the Church of England their children were Elizabeth B., age 4,

Janice M., age 3 and Ruth O., age 1.It appears that he lived in the area of Concession 2 or 3 on lots 34-37 (thus within a mile or so of the Blenheim Township townline. Whether he was tenant or owned property is not known. Just when he moved to Galt (now Cambridge) is not known,

     Jessie Holder was killed, age 92, on 12 October 1934 at Sarnia when a car driven by her son Arthur was hit by a train  on Vidal Street Sarnia. Jessie was a member of the St George‘s Anglican church in Sarnia and had lived in Sarnia for about 25 years before her death.. She was buried in Trinity Anglican Churchyard in Galt.  



George William Holder # and Ruth Tisdale


11 March 1843 Burford Township Brant County Ontario


8 January 1879 to James B HESS who was born about 1825


15 December 1901 at Canning Blenheim Township Oxford County Ontario


Princeton, Blenheim Township Cemetery


# Caroline May Hess born 3 March 1882 died 1955  She was known as Carrie and lived in Brantford where she was a chiropractor. She is buried Princeton Cemetery (Blenheim Township)

(Willard Tottle of Brantford states (April/95) that he found her to be a very kind lady)  

# George B. Hess 1884-1964 buried Princeton Cemetery  George married Maude HEWITT 1893-1968 also buried Princeton Cemetery (All in Section E Row A #9)

 He had a daughter Grace who married Warren SMITHERS and lived in Winnipeg  

 More children of James and Sarah ?  

     James Hess is shown on the east 3/4 of Lot 4 Concession 1 Burford Township in the 1875 Historical atlas of Brant County. It was the case of marrying the girl who lived across the road!

     In the 1881 census of Burford Township (Film C-13263, Division 6, page 12. household 58)

the family is listed James age 56 born USA, married German origins and a Methodist,

Sarah A age 38 born Ontario Methodist  no children listed (appears Caroline was the eldest)




George William Holder # and Ruth Tisdale


13 September 1845 (1901 census gives 1846) in Burford Township Brant County Ontario

G/S give 1848


abt 1874 to Charles “Albert” HOLDER  who was born 26 February 1839 (1901 census) and was the son of Robert Holder and Sarah Prudence Brown of Long Reach N.B. (Robert was brother of George and thus a marriage of first cousins.)  See also Charles Albert HOLDER # in part #3

Albert died 1910 and was buried Long Reach United Church Cemetery (Kings Cty N.B.)

 They lived Long Reach where he was a farmer




Long Reach United Church Cemetery plot 124


(all baptized in the Methodist church Kingston circuit) All listed with birth dates in 1901 census

#7.1.2 Ada Augusta Holder born 30 May 1875 at Long Reach  bpt 21 Feb 1877

never married , operated a summer hotel “Sunnylee Cottage” on Williams Wharf Road Long Reach

She was killed 12 October 1934 at Sarnia went a car driven by her cousin Arthur Holder was hit by a train

also killed were Arthur Holder, his mother Jessie Holder (age 92) and Ada’s niece Marguerite Holder

daughter of  her brother Edwin Holder. Her body  returned to New Brunswick for burial in plot 124

Long Reach United Church Cemetery      G/S Ada Augusta 1875-1934  

# Ella Jane Holder born 30 April 1876 at Long Reach baptized 21 Feb 1877

(1901 census gives 30 April 1877 which appears be incorrect if Baptism date is correct)  

# Edwin Milton Holder born 12 October 1879 (1901 census)

he died 14 August 1973 and is buried plot 97 Long Reach United Cemetery Kings County N.B

Married Mary Gertrude - born 27 May 1881 and died 21 November 1929

She drown when she broke through thin ice attempting to rescue a child. Buried plot 97


#  Ella Marguerite Holder born 10 April 1912   age 24 was  killed on 12 Oct 1934

(G/S in Long Reach cemetery transcribed as 1933) in Sarnia Ontario by a car train collision  in which her aunt Ada Holder was killed.  The Sarnia Observer  newspaper account of her death stated she had 3 brothers and 2 sisters (I , RGM have no names other than William ) Marguerite apparently had worked the summer for her Aunt Ida at Ida’s summer hotel. Her body returned to New Brunswick for burial.  

#8 1.2 3 Lerona Holder died age 3 months (no dates ) buried plot 97  

# William Bryon Holder  born 1915 killed 14 Sept 1944 (WWII)

Inscription on monument on plot 97 Long Reach Cemetery

He was a private with the 10th Independent Machine Gun Company of The New Brunswick Rangers R.C.I.C      He may have been killed near Antwerp or clearance of the Scheldt estuary .

Buried in the Adgem Canadian War Cemetery at Maldegem, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Cemetery between Brugge and Gent on highway N9

Ref Commonwealth War Graves Debt of Honour website // (this site may be obsolete)  

# Walker Tisdale Holder born 28 April 1882 (Ref 1901 Census)

The newspaper account said that “a” Walker Holder of Mirror Alberta was expected in Sarnia to make Funeral arrangements. Gord Miller of Long Reach  states that Walker is the correct name.

 LDS site Walter (S/B Walker) Tisdale Holder born 19 April 1882 born Long Reach N.B. died

 28 November 1956 at  Sidney B.C. married Elizabeth Kristoff 1940 at Mirror Alberta..

 She was born 16 April 1891 in New  Jersey

# Frances B Holder born 15 January 1884 (Ref 1901 census)  

# Albert R Holder born 15 October 1887 (1901 census)

died 1957 buried Long Reach United Church Cemetery plot #125

G/S Albert R Holder 1887-1956 / his wife/ Edith E McCutcheon 1892-1966

Children ?

     Charles “Albert” Holder was a farmer at Long Reach Kings County N.B.

Abert and Maria  were married after the 1871 Blenheim Twp. census was taken

The family was listed in 1881 census of Kings County New Brunswick as Chas A Holder born 1839, Maria born 1847,children  Ada born 1875, Ella born 1876 and Edwin born 1880

They were listed in 1901 census of Long Reach Kings County as Albert C. Holder age 62 wife Mariah J age 54  





 George William Holder # and Ruth Abigail TISDALE


24 October 1849   Burford Twp. Brant County


Wednesday 25 May 1870 to Dr. John H. BROWN  of Waterdown Wentworth County Ont.


9 June 1884


Presbyterian Cemetery Clayton, ? Twp Lanark County  


# Ada Helena Brown born 31 May 1871 at Waterdown   She married 12 January 1898 to

R. J. WILSON of Montreal    son Keith McPherson Wilson (info as of 3 Feb/1993)  

# Nellie Josephine Brown born 4 July 1873 at Baden, Waterloo County On  

Did  a search job in 1881 census of Ontario but reached no conclusions as just too many John Browns etc  



George William Holder # and Ruth Abigail TISDALE


 17 April 1856 in Burford Twp. Brant County Ont.  Likely Lot 10 Concession 5


1. 23 December 1878 to Mary PALMER  She died 12 February 1881 and is buried in Richwood Cemetery, Blenheim Twp. Oxford County Ont.  

2. 31 October 1883 to Nancy Sophia MUMA at Methodist Parsonage in Princeton Blenheim Twp.

Nancy was born 1861 and died 13 February 1945 and is buried in Richwood Cemetery.

She was the daughter of George Muma and ? of Kelvin of Burford Township.


24 July 1944 at his residence Lot 11 Concession 3 Blenheim Twp.


Richwood Cemetery (Lot 7 Concession 5) Blenheim Twp.


A. with Mary PALMER  

# John George Holder born 19 Sept ? (likely 1879/80 )   died Feb ? (likely 1881 as he does not appear in 1881 census with his father)  

B. with Nancy Sophia MUMA  

# Eva Holder born 1884 unmarried, family historian of the Holder and Moore families,

lived Richwood, Blenheim Twp. She was a  died        1963 at ?  ,  Buried Richwood Cemetery  

# George William Holder born 1888 married Edna May HODGINS (1895-1973)

He died 1963  Both buried Richwood Cemetery  George was a farmer ? and lived Lot  Concession  Blenheim Twp.

George William's children

# Keith Holder,   born ?          wife Keitha, They lived Burlington Ont.

 He was a ?  Son Paul Holder  

# * Thomas James Holder born 9 Jan 1891 at Richwood

 # John Richard Holder (Jack) born at Richwood 1895

married Gladys Johnson. He died 1978 buried Richwood Cemetery  Lived Blenheim Township

  Lot  Concession post office Drumbo

His children

# James Caufield Holder born c 1922  Flying Officer RCAF WWII, pilot of a Typhoon Aircraft  Squadron #137 on 4 August 1944 his plane hit by flak when attacking shipping and crashed into Oostercheids River Holland, He was buried Vlieland Cemetery, Frisian Islands, Friesland Holland.

Ref Canadian Virtual War memorial thro Nov/99

and page 125 “In memory of the Gallant Men and Women of Oxford” pub Oxford county library  

     In the 1881 census taken as of 4 April 1881,of Blenheim Township he is shown as living with his father, George Holder and his step mother Eunice. Abraham’s age was given as 24, a farmer and religion Church of England. His first wife Mary Palmer and his son John George had both died prior to the time of the census.

     Abraham Holder is listed in the 1891 census of Blenheim Township Roll #T6325 Family #143 Division 2 page 27 as Abraham Holder age 37, Occupation farmer Religion Anglican, wife Nancy Holder age 30, children Eva age 6, George age 3 and Thomas age 3 months.




Abraham Caufield Holder # and Nancy Sophia Muma


 9 Jan 1891 at Richwood Blenheim Township Oxford County


17 Sept 1925 in South  Dumfries to Jeanette Isabel STOCKTON daughter of Charles Sheldon Stockton and Isabella McRae.  Jeanette was born 26 May 1899 in South Dumfries Township and died 4 June 1989 at John Noble home in Brantford Ont in her 91st year.  She had 2 brothers George and Andrew Stockton.


 Thomas died 31 March 1990 at Brantford General Hospital in his 100th year.


 Richwood Cemetery with Jeanette


(all children graduated Paris Ontario High School)  

# Beth Holder born c 1926 married Clifford WAITE  

# Mabel Holder born c 1927 married John HUTCHINSON, lives Brant Oxford Townline approx 2 km north of Hwy #2 in Blenheim Twp.   R.R. #1 Princeton Oxford County

They live on Lot 1 Concession 1  Blenheim Township. children , 12 grandchildren  

# Nancy Holder married David EDMONDSON  born about1928  

# Eleanor Holder married Edward GRETZKY born about 1932

 They lived near Lynden Mall Brantford now near Smithville  (Ed had a serious stroke Fall of 1998)

He was born at Canning Blenheim Twp. Oxford County (He is an older brother of Walter Gretzky and uncle of Wayne Gretzky. He was a school teacher.

Eleanor's children  

# Arthur Holder married Carol ? born c 1936 

Worked for Ministry of Environment (Ontario) for many years in fish and wildlife section

       Tom was a farmer and lived Lot 5 Concession 5 Blenheim Twp. He also served in WWI. The Holders were members of the Richwood United Church. They had 23 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren (March 1990)  

My father Murray Moore who was “Cousin” of Tom  Holder used to do custom grain threshing and silo filling for Tom Holder in the late 30and early 40's.




 In the diaries of Benjamin Crawford under date Mar 6 1838 it was written " Wallas (Benjamin Crawford's son Benjamin Wallace Crawford)  and George Holder settled and George is to give up and move out on the 17th inst, George has made over his lot to Wallace for 210 dollars"

Mar 9 1839  George Holder moved to Burford

July 9 1840 George Holder has bought him a place 200 acres for 500 dollars paid in 5 years  

REFERENCE  #2  Oxford County Land Registry Office Woodstock Ont  

Land Transactions of George William Holder  

1. He received deed to Lot 10 Concession 5 Burford Twp. on 11 February 1846 from William Wallace Registered as #727 Burford Twp  

2. Sold East ½ of Lot 10 on 22 March 1847 to James Henderson Registered as #1823  

3.  Mortgage Dated 7 November 1860 to Abraham B. Holder of Kings County New Brunswick

Registered as #2314  

4. Release by Abraham B. Holder 7 December 1866 Registered as #4085  

5. Sold West ½ of Lot 10 Concession 5 (100 acres) and 30.8 acres of Lot 10 Concession 6 on 7 Nov 1868 for four thousand dollars to Thomas Armstrong Registered as #4573  

6. Moved to S W 1/4 of Lot 5 Concession 1 Blenheim Twp. in March 1869  

7. George sold this property to his son James on 5  December 1874  

8. James Holder sold property in May 1878  

9. George moved to Lot 10 Concession 5 Blenheim Twp. and was living there in 1883 (1883 Blenheim Twp Voters List).  


PAC Microfilm Roll C-948 1851 Census Burford Township Brant County page 18

George W. Holder 40 yeoman Born N. Brunswick Episcopal Church

Ruth A 37  James 16, Mary 12, Sarah Ann 9, Maria 7, Francis 3



PAC microfilm Roll 1861 census Burford Township Brant County

G.W. Holder 49 married  age 49 born New Brunswick

R.A. 46 born Upper Canada

J.B. 24 male M.H. 21 female

S.A. 18 female M.J. 17 female

F.A. 12 female, A.B.  5 male  


PAC microfilm Roll 1871 Census Blenheim Township. Oxford County

Division #1 page 11

Holder Family #42

George W. age 58, farmer born New Brunswick C of England Widower

James B. farmer single born Ont

Mary H. age 29 single born Ont

Sarah A. age 26 single Born Ont

Maria J. age 25 single born Ont

Abraham C. age 15 single born Ont  

Division 1 page #72


James age 75 farmer married born New Brunswick  Irish descent

Eunice age 48 born New Brunswick Baptist married French Descent

James age 21 labourer born Ont single

Mary 19  Servant

Susan 19 (Film) checked

William 11,  Moses 7  

REFERENCE #61881 Ontario Census Holder descendants of  Jacob of Kings County New Brunswick  

George Holder Family

National Archives film #C-13268 District 166 Sub District G

Blenheim Township North Oxford District Division 2 page 90 Household 425

George Holder, age 69, born New Brunswick, married, ethic origin English 

religion Church of England (born 1812 assumed)  

Eunice Holder age 58 born New Brunswick, French origin, Religion Baptist ( born 1823 assumed) (She was George’s second wife)  

Abraham Holder age 24 (born 1857 assumed) farmer, martial status blank, ethnic Origin English, religion Church of England  (Abraham’s wife Mary Palmer died 12 February 1881 as did their son John George Holder who was born 19 September 1879 or 1880 )  

James B Holder family

National Archives Film #C-13264 district 160 sub District C

Division 2 page 19 Household 911 Dumfries South Brant County North  

James B. Holder age 44, born Ontario, farmer, married, ethic origin English, religion Church of England (Born 1837 Assumed)  

Jessie Holder, age 37, born USA ,married, ethnic origin Scottish, religion Church of England (born 1844 assumed)  

Elizabeth B Holder age 4 born Ontario

Janice M Holder age 3 born Ontario (know as Jennie in family records)

Ruth Q. Holder age 1 born Ontario  

Family lived Concession 2 or 3 around lots 34-37 South Dumfries not shown as a land owner on 1875 historical atlas of Brant Was he a tenant?

James Hess

National Archives film #C-13263 District 159 Sub district B

Division 6 page 12 Household #58  Burford (Twp) Brant County South  

James Hess age 56, born USA, farmer, married,  Ethic origin German, religion Methodist(assumed born 1825)

Sarah A Holder age 38, Married, born Ontario Methodist

no children, married 1879, their oldest child born 1882  


PAC microfilm roll T6325  1891 census of Blenheim Township Oxford County

Division #2 page 27

Family #143

Abraham Holder age 37 farmer born Ontario Anglican

Nancy Holder age 30

Eva age 6 Female

George age 3 Male

Thomas age 3 months  

Family #144

 George Holder age 79 born New Brunswick father and mother born USA

Eunice Holder age 68 born New Brunswick  


Holy Trinity Churchyard Cemetery Inscriptions Burford Brant County Ont

from the Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery  Records  Early plot owner, George Holder

Charlotte /dau of GW & Ruth Holder/ died Aug 17 1848 age 11 months

Mary H. / dau of Geo W. & Ruth A. Holder/ died May 11 1868

/age 27 yrs & 9 mos    (no others on plot)  


Township. Blenheim 1883 Voters list (pub by Oxford County OGS)

Sub division #3  entitled to vote at municipal and legislative assembly

elections #211 George W. Holder Richwood Post office owner part of south part of Lot 10 Concession 5  


via Beth Holder June /93 Marriage Certificate

George W. Holder, North Oxford, farmer married Ruth Abigail Tisdale, spinster Windham Township Norfolk County on 6 January 1837 by license by Rev. Francis Evans, witnesses Ephraim Tisdale, John Culver & Benj. W. Crawford  


Descendants of John Tisdale (1614-1675) Colonial Massachusetts

by Robert L. Tisdale pub privately by Robert Tisdale 1981

Library of Congress #81-50641     See page 49 for Ruth Tisdale Holder

RGM Tisdale Line

John 1614-1675     Joseph 1656-1721/2    Mary 1686-1719 married Job Winslow   Mary Winslow 1716-1784 married Constant Eddy   Silva Eddy 1738-aft 1796 married Jacob Avery

Frederick Avery 1763-1806 Alanson Avery 1791-1880 buried Ingersoll on.

Catherine Avery 1830-1928 married Robert James Moore who were

Gt. Grandparents of RGM  



by R. Robert Mutrie of Log Cabin Publishing, 244 Maple Leaf Ave North., Ridgeway Ont

E mail    updated Sept 2000  

Considerable research of this family has been published by earlier researchers. Among the published works is The Descendants of John Tisdale, copy at the Norfolk County Historical Society Archives, Simcoe.  

The Parental Generation  

Tisdale, Ephraim (son of Joshua Tisdale), born at Freetown, Massachusetts in 1707.

     Ephraim's ancestors resided in Wales then moved to Lancashire and Yorkshire, England. John Tisdale, the first to emigrate to America, was born at Ripon, Yorkshire on 7 Nov 1614. He emigrated to the old Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1636, settling on a 10 acre grant in Green Harbour. He and his wife Sarah Walker moved with their children to Taunton, Mass. Between 1655 and 1659, John was a Constable of Taunton. In 1674, he represented the City of Taunton at the Plymouth General Court. On 27 Jun 1675, while engaged in a skirmish with hostile Indians, John was killed. John's son Joshua was born at Duxbury, Mass. in 1646 and he settled at Freetown, Mass.

Children (among whom was):

a  i.   Ephraim Tisdale, born 17 Feb 1745; mar. Ruth Strange  

Source: Frances Lindstrom and Margureite Stansell, "Ephraim Tisdale" in Loyalist Families of the Grand River Branch, UEL, p. 560  

The First Generation at Norfolk  

Tisdale, Ephraim, born at Freetown, Massachusetts on 8 Feb 1745, died at Charlotteville Twp., Norfolk Co., Upper Canada on 4 May 1815 ae 70y 2m 15d.1 He married at Freetown on 19 Jun 1767,2 Ruth Strange, born 26 Apr 1748, died 1821.2 Ephraim was buried in St. John’s Church Cemetery, Woodhouse Twp.

   Ephraim Tisdale was a sea captain and owned a shipyard in the vicinity of Boston, Massachusetts. He owned a sailing vessel engaged in the West Indies trade. During the early part of the American Revolution, Ephraim was engaged in British goverment service in the distribution of army supplies. At the end of the war, the Tisdale estates were confiscated.  

   Ephraim took his family in the 1783 exodus from New York to New Brunswick, sailing on the ship Brothers in the Springfleet. The ship's roster listed him and his wife with 5 children aged over 10 years, 4 children aged under 10, and 1 servant.3

   Ephraim settled near Waterbury on the St. John River. Captain Tisdale resumed his seafaring life. In 1808, Ephraim came with his sons to Norfolk County Upper, Canada.4  

Gravestone in St. John’s

Anglican Church Cemetery  

Ephraim Tisdale     

Died May 4 1815     

Aged 70 years     

2 ms & 16 days       


*a.Ephraim Tisdale II, born 7 Feb 1768; mar. Submit Newcombe

*b ii.John Tisdale, born 4 Oct 1769; mar. Sarah Brittain

 c iii.Hannah Tisdale, born on 4 Feb 1771, died on 31 Aug 1844 in 74th y. She married Israel Perley (son of Israel and Elizabeth (Mooers) Perley), born 1765. Hannah was buried in St. John’s Church Cemetery, Woodhouse Twp. See the Perley genealogy for the continuation.

 d iv. Elizabeth Tisdale, born 1773. She married Eben Hathaway. Children: Warren Hathaway; Eliza Hathaway; Matilda Hathaway; Mary Hathaway; George Hathaway; Caroline Hathaway

 e v. Ruth Tisdale, born 1776, died 1848. She married Peter Lyon. Children: John Lyon; Harriet Lyon; Tisdale Lyon; Charles Lyon; Elizabeth Lyon; Samantha Lyon; Peter Lyon; Mary Lyon

*f vi. Lot Tisdale, born 1776; mar. Nancy (Ann) Swain

*g vii. Joseph Tisdale, born 1778; mar. Margaret Lawrence

*h viii.William Tisdale, born 1781; mar. Sarah Lawrence

ii x Walker Tisdale, born at sea in 1783, died in 1857. He married Eleanor Britain, born 1786, died 1860. They remained in New Brunswick. Children: Charles W. Tisdale, born 1807, died 1840; Sara Ann Tisdale, born 1810, died 1891; Jane F. Tisdale, born 1811, mar. Edwin Perkins; Thomas E. Tisdale, born 1819, mar. Fredericka French

*j xi. Samuel Tisdale, born 1784; mar. Charlotte Lawrence

*k xi.Matthew H. Tisdale, born 1787; mar. Abigail Axford

 l, xii. Joanna Tisdale, born 1789, died c. 1830. She married Harding Ellsworth (son of William and Mehitable (McMahon) Ellsworth), born c. 1778. They settled at Yarmouth Twp., Elgin Co. After Joanna died, Harding married Margaret _______. They lived in Bayham Twp., Elgin Co., recorded in the 1852 Census.


        a  i.   Ephraim Ellsworth, born c. 1821

        c  ii.  William Ellsworth

        d  iii. Mary Ellsworth, born c. 1824

        e  iv.  Ruth Ellsworth

        f  v.   Lucinda Ellsworth, born c. 1829


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See also Frances Lindstrom and Margureite Stansell, "Ephraim Tisdale" in Loyalist Families of the Grand River Branch, UEL, p. 560

The Second Generation  

The John Tisdale Family

Tisdale, John (son of Ephraim and Ruth (Strange) Tisdale I), born in the American Colonies on 4 Oct 1769, died at Windham Twp., Norfolk Co., Upper Canada on 24 Oct 1841 ae 72y 20d.1 He married Sarah Brittain, born in New Brunswick on 27 Jan 1784, died at Windham Twp. on 4 Apr 1850 ae 66y 2m 8d.1 They were buried in St. Johns Cemetery, Woodhouse Twp.  

Settlement in Upper Canada

      John went with his father to New Brunswick in 1783 and then to Upper Canada in 1808. He settled in Windham Twp., Norfolk Co. recorded in the 1808 Assessment.2

      On 8 Aug 1808, with Joseph, Lot and Samuel Tisdale, he purchased from Daniel McQueen 147/160 of an acre in the south part of Lot 10, Concession 2, Woodhouse Twp. at Port Dover.3  

 On 3 May 1811, John purchased from Jacob TenBroeck 150 acres in the north part of Lot 2, Concession 10, Windham Twp. north of Simcoe which he made his homestead.4

      During the War of 1812, John served as a private in Captain Michael Shaw's Company (1812) and in Captain Daniel McCall's Company (1814) of the Norfolk County Militia.5 On 8 Mar 1814, he served as a Grand Juror on the London District Court. On 9 Mar 1814, he was sworn in as Path Master of Windham Twp.6

      On 27 Jun 1814, John with Lot, Joseph, Samuel, and Matthew Tisdale purchased from James Mitchell 147/169 of an acre in the south part of Lot 10, Concession 2, Woodhouse Twp.3 John again served as a Grand Juror on 12 Mar 1816 and 8 Jul 1817.6  


      The obituary of John Tisdale appeared in The Church newspaper issue of 13 Nov 1841:7  

                  "Died. At Windham, in the District of Talbot, on Sunday, October

                  24th, Mr. John Tisdale, aged 72, and on the following Sunday October

                  31st, Margaret Ann Tisdale, his daughter aged 30.

                  "Mr. Tisdale was a native of the British Colonies, (now the United

                  States), from whence he removed with his parents to New Brunswick at

                  the time of the American Revolution. In 1803, he came to Upper Canada,                  and has ever since that time resided in the Township of Windham.

                  During the last eight years of his life, he was constantly afflicted with a painful disease, which he bore with admirable fortitute and Christian resignation. Mr. Tisdale was one of whom it might trulybe said 'he feared God in his youth and loved him in his later years.'

                  He was a devoted member of the Church, and, though deprived of her                ministrations during twenty years, he continued to look forrd to                the enjoyment of them, in which hope he was not disappointed. He was followed to the grave by a numerous train of friends and relatives, among whom were his eleven children, one of these, in the inscrutable ways of the Lord, being destined a few days to be laid by his side.

                  As several of the family were returning from Divine Service, on

                  Sunday, the 31st, in a waggon, the horses became unmanageable and ran away. All the persons in the vehicle were thrown out, and all

                  injured more or less. The wheels passed over the body of Margaret Ann Tisdale, who only survived the accident four hours."  

A Tragic Accident

      Soon after John Tisdale's death, four of his daughters and his youngest son were in a wagon accident reported in The Norfolk Observer newspaper issue of 13 Nov 1841:8

                  "Dreadful Accident. - As four of the daughters and the youngest son

                  of the late Mr. John Tisdale of Windham, were returning from divine

                  service, on Sunday afternoon of the 31st ultimo, in the waggon of

                  their brother-in-law, Mr. John Force, one of the horses became

                  fightened by the unhooking of one of the traces, when descending a

                  hill; he sprang forward, and by that means slipped the neck yoke

                  off the tongue, which fell down. The horses, which were very powerful,

                  then dashed off at a furious rate, and getting off the road, the

                  tongue ploughed into the ground and broke off, shortly after,

                  Margaret, the eldest of the sisters, was pitched out, and one of

                  the hind wheels passing over her, she was so severely injured that

                  she only survived about four hours.  

                      The rest were all thrown out soon afterwards, and all more or less injured, one dangerously,

                  but they are now recovering. The accident is rendered still more

                  melancholy from its having occurred but one week after the death

                  of the father, Mr. John Tisdale, who had been a sufferer from

                  trembling palsy for several years."  

      The obituary of Sarah Tisdale noted that she was a native of New Brunswick and 42 years a resident of this District.9  

Gravestones in St. John’s

Anglican Church Cemetery  

John Tisdale





Wife of



Oct 24 1841

John Tisdale



Aged 72 yrs

Died Apr 4 1850



& 25 dys

AE 65 yrs 2 mo




& 8 ds




Children (born at Charlotteville Twp.; order uncertain):

a         i.      Elizabeth Tisdale, born in New Brunswick in 1802, died 20 Sep 1878. She married Benjamin Haviland (son of John and Sarah (Birdsill) Haviland), born in New York 23 Mar 1790, died at Townsend Twp., Norfolk Co. on 20 Feb 1881 ae 91y 10m 28d. See the Haviland genealogy for the continuation.  

b        ii.      Mary Gilbert Tisdale, born in New Brunswick c. 1803. She married on 25 Jun 1827, Lemuel C. Teeple (son of Peter and Lydia (Mabee) Teeple), born 15 May 1805, died on 3 Jul 1854. See the Teeple genealogy for the continuation.  

c       iii.      Jane Tisdale, born at Charlotteville Twp. in 1808, died in 1896. She married on 15 Oct 1832, Hiram Fairchild (son of Asahel and Elizabeth (Westbrook) Fairchild), born in 1806, died in 1860. They were buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Forestville, Charlotteville Twp. See the Fairchild genealogy for the continuation.  

d       iv.      Sarah Charlotte Tisdale, born at Charlotteville Twp. on 28 Jan 1809, died at Townsend Twp., Norfolk Co. on 23 Jan 1899 in 90th y. She married on 24 Nov 1836, Phillip Forse (son of Peter and Rhoda Force), born in New Brunswick on 25 Apr 1801, died at Townsend Twp. on 30 Sep 1852. Phillip was buried in St. Johns Church Cemetery and Charlotte in Bloomsburg Baptist Cemetery. See the Force genealogy for the continuation.  

e        v.      Margaret Ann Tisdale, born c. 1811, died at Windham Twp. on 31 Oct 1841.1 She was buried in St. John's Cemetery. Never married.  

f       vi.      Ruth Tisdale. She married on 6 Jan 1836,10 George W. Holder, of North Oxford Twp., Oxford Co. Marriage Record: George W. Holder, North Oxford Twp., farmer, married Ruth Abigail Tisdale, spinster, Windham, on 6 Jan 1836; lic.; by F. Evans; wit. Ephraim Tisdale, John Culver, Benjamin Crawford [St. John’s Anglican Church Register]  

g      vii.      John James Tisdale, born 1816. He married on 7 Feb 1842,11 Jerusha Jane Townsend. The following might be referring to this John Tisdale in the Canada Christian Advocate issue of 11 Oct 1854: “John Tisdale, who had been unwell for some time, but recovering, went for a walk Tuesday along the Grand River, when he suddenly fell in, and was drowned.”  

h     viii.      Ephraim W. Tisdale. In the 1850 Assessment of Townsend Twp., Ephraim W. Tisdale had a household of 1 male under 16, 2 males over 16, 3 females over 16. In the north half of Lot 2, Concession 10, he had 25 acres uncultivated and 75 acres cultivated, 2 horses and 3 milch cows, all valued at £105.12  

i        ix.      William Tisdale  

j         x.      Maria Tisdale  

k       xi.      Harriet Tisdale, born 1821, died 1851. She married on 21 Feb 1843, Joseph Bates Haviland (son of Benjamin and Lucy (Craw) Haviland), born 1820, died 1895. See the Haviland genealogy for the continuation.  

k      xii.      Susan B. Tisdale, born c. 1825, died on 16 Mar 1857 ae 32y.1 She was buried in St. John’s Church Cemetery, Woodhouse Twp. Never married.  

Sources: 1. Gravestones in St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Woodhouse Twp; 2. The 1808 Assessment of Windham Twp; 3. Abstracts of Deeds Register of Woodhouse Twp., Vol. A, 1797-1958, Ontario Archives GS 2653; 4. Abstracts of Deeds Register of  Windham Twp., Vol. A, 1796-1957, Ontario Archives GS 2640; 5. Mutrie, R. Robert, “The Norfolk Militia in the War of 1812,” in The Long Point Settlers, Log Cabin Publishing (Ridgeway, ON: 1992), p. 252-256; 6. Fraser, Alexander, “Minutes of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace For the London District, 1800-1809, 1813-1818, in Twenty-second Report of the Department of Public Records and Archives of Ontario, 1933 (King’s Printer, Toronto, ON: 1934), p. 126, 127, 150, 168; 7. The Church newspaper issue of 13 Nov 1841; 8. The Norfolk Observer newspaper issue of 13 Nov 1841; 9. The Church newspaper issue of 25 Apr 1850; 10. London District Marriage Register; 11. St. John's Church Register; 12. The 1850 Assessment of Townsend Twp., Regional History Collection, James J. Talman Room, Weldon Library, University of Western Ontario  


1876 Historical Atlas of Oxford County  

Directory of Blenheim Twp

G Holder Lot 5 Concession 1 Canning Post office  

map of Blenheim Twp

 G. Holder South East 1/4 of Lot 10 Concession 5 (50 acres)

J.  Holder South West 1/4 of Lot 5 Concession 1 (50 acres)

(faces Burford townline)  

1875 Atlas of Brant County Map of Burford Twp

James Hess east 3/4 of Lot 4 Concession 1 Burford

(Faces Blenheim townline)  

Reference #14  

 CEMETERY TRANSCRIPTIONS Oxford County OGS Publication  

A. Richwood Ont Lot 7 Concession 5 Blenheim Twp.

Row K2  Mary wife of Abram C. Holder/ died Feb 12 1881

Row H3  Abram C. Holder 1856-1944

    His wife Nancy S. Muma 1861-1945

Row H3  George W. Holder 1888-1963 (son of Abram)

His wife Edna May Hodgins 1895-1973

Eva Holder 1884-1963 (dau of Abram)

John R. Holder 1895-1978  

B. Princeton Cemetery Blenheim Twp.

Section D Row P

Row 16(D) Sarah A. Holder / wife of/ James B. Hess/  died Dec 15 1909/ in her 67th year

Section E Row A #9

George B. Hess 1884-1964

his wife Maude Hewitt 1893-1968

Caroline May Hess 1882-1955 (sister of George)