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Peterborough County History

History of Peterborough County

The county was named after Col. Peter Robinson, who in 1825 brought 2,000 settlers from Ireland as part of Peter Robinson's Settlers

Peterborough County was originally part of Newcastle District before 1841, and the Colbourne District until 1850. At this time the United Counties of Peterborough and Victoria was created. In 1861, Victoria County was given independence from Peterborough.

Peterborough County is made up of the following townships: Galway, Cavendish, Anstruther, Chandos, Harvey, Burleigh, Methuen, Ennismore, Smith, Douro, Dummer, Belmont, North Monaghan, Otonabee, and Asphodel.

[Source "Illustrated Historical Atlas of Peterborough County 1825-1875." at]

Townships in Peterborough County

Asphodel Township Opened for settlement in 1821 [Online Books: Asphodel, A Tale of A Township, Norwood Then & Now]

Belmont and Methuen Townships Opened for settlement in 1823 but by 1842 had only 33 householders, in 1866 only 185.

Burleigh and Anstruther Townships First settled in 1861. First Post Office was called Burleigh. Separated from Dummer Township in 1865.

Chandos Township Opened for settlement in 1862

Douro Township Opened for settlement in 1821

Dummer Township Opened for settlement in 1821. A Colony of immigrants came in 1831, of whom 150 were sent out by the Marquis of Bath.

Ennismore Township Opened for settlement in 1829. Originally it was called Emily Gore.

Galway and Cavendish Townships Galway opened in 1857 and Cavendish in 1862

Harvey Township Opened for settlement in 1821 Was part of Smith township until 1866. First settler were retired officers who come in 1832, but did not stay.

North Monaghan Township Opened for settlement 1820. [Online Book A History & story of North Monaghan Township, 1817-1989 ]

Otonabee Township Opened for settlement in 1820

Smith Township Settled in 1819 by Allen Otty. Online Book: Yesteryear at Young's Point]

South Monaghan Township [Online Book: South Monaghan, The Garden of Eden]

Historical Plaques of Peterborough County

Peterborough County Township Maps

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