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Lovell's Directory for Canada, 1851
These pages have been extracted by me from the copy available at  Parenthetical notes are mine.  The only corrections are in alphabetization.

"The Canada Directory" was authored by Robert W.S. Mackay, and published by John Lovell in late 1851, Montreal.

Caledonia Springs:
A village situated near the Ottawa River, in the township of Caledonia, County of Prescott, C.W. - distand from Montreal, 72 miles - usual steamboat fare, 11s. 3d.  The place is celebrated for its medicinal springs, and is a favorite resort of invalids, and pleasure seekers during the summer.  Excellent hotel accomodations are to bound here, and the reading rooms, bath houses, billiards rooms, ball allies, &c., furnish ample sources of amusement and recreation to the visitors.  The permanent populaiton is about 160.

Canada House hotel, E. Kennell - visitors will find every comfort and convenience at this house
Wilkinson, J.L., proprietor of the springs.  See card next page. (below)
Brock & Cushing, general store.
Caledonia hotel.
Cousineau, Joseph, shinglemaker.
Cushman, S.M., reading room, billiard room, and ball allies.
Decair, S., carpenter.
Laframbois, P., cooper.
McIntosh, William, tailor.
McMaster, Angus, butcher.
McMullen, Rev. Mr., Episcopal Methodist.
McPhee, A., postmaster. (see Postmaster page)
Peck, Hersa, bricklayer and boarding house.
Pennoyer, G., Ottawa hotel and carriagemaker.
Sabourin, Joseph, joiner.
Shields, Samuel E., blacksmith.
Taylor, John, shoemaker.
Wilson, David, baker.

A village situated on the Ottawa River, in the Township of West Hakesburym County of Prescott, C.W. - distant from Montreal, 60 miles, from Bytown, 60 miles.  Population about 700.

Hamilton Brothers, deal manufacturers, Hawkesbury mills, Ottawa river.
Hersey, Charles, postmaster, merchant, and leather manufacturer. (see Postmaster page)
Hersey, Z.S.M., merchant, oatmeal and flour manufacturer, Hawkesbury village mills.
Ouimette, C.S., hotel and stagehouse - travellers will find good accomodations and moderate charges.
Allen, Francis, clothier.
Anderson, Rev. Joseph, Congregationalist.
Bangs, Benjamin, hatter and furrier.
Bancroft, Levi, blacksmith.
Benton, James, sadler and harnessmaker.
Boon, William, merchant.
Brown, George, butcher.
Campbell, James, merchant.
Canning, William, cooper.
Carpenter, Peter, innkeeper.
Cochran, Robert, miller.
Colonial Life Assurance Company, Thomas Higginson, agent.
Dewitt, William, woollen manufacturer.
Evans, William, miller.
Ewing, William, physician and surgeon.
Fraser, Archibald, painter.
Fraser, Mrs., dressmaker.
Fraser, William, merchant.
Giles, Miss, dressmaker.
Hodgins, George, cabinetmaker.
Kirby, William, stage proprietor.
Lamb, John, millwright, Hawkesbury Mills.
Lawlor, William, millwright, Hawkesbury Mills.
Lecelle, Félix, boot and shoemaker.
Lewis, Rev. J.T., Church of England.
Lough, Hugh, boot and shoemaker.
Lough, William, merchant.
Lummis, Daniel, barber.
McCormick, Robert, innkeeper.
McGibbon, Duncan, wheelwright and ploughmaker.
McIlwaine, James, boot and shoemaker.
Miller, Maurice, sleighmaker.
Montreal and Bytown Telegraph Office, Ouimette's hotel.
Park, William, jun., merchant tailor.
Pattee, R.P., innkeeper.
Pengelly, Richard, baker.
Reinhart, Charles, carpenter and joiner.
Shaw, Duncan, tanner and currier.
Smith, Stephen, butcher.
Walker, Robert, tailor.
White, Thomas, schoolmaster.
Wiggins, C.O., classical teacher.
Wiley, James, blacksmith.

The county town of the Untied Counties of Prescott and Russell, is situated on the River Ottawa, in the Township of Longueuil, C.W. - distant from Montreral 66 miles - usual steamboat fare 10s. - distant from Bytown, 54 miles - usual steamboat fare, 6s. 3d.  Population about 650.

Public Officers:
Freel, Peter, judge of the county court.
McKenzie, W.R., judge of the surrogate court.
Johnson, Thomas, H., M.P.P. for Prescott and Russell.
Johnson, Chauncy, sen., warden of united counties.
Treadwell, Charles P., sheriff.
McDonald, Donald F., cleark of the peace, revenue inspector, and clerk of the county council.
Reed, George D., county registrar.
Marston, John W., registrar of surrogate court and clerk of county court.
Johnson, Thomas H., deputy clerk of the crown and county treasurer.
Johnson, Thomas H., postmaster. (see Postmaster page)
McCann, Henry, crown lands agent.

Marston, J.W., general merchant, and agent ot hte National Loan Fund Life, and Equitable, and Provincial Mutual Fire Insurance Companies.
Baribeau, Louis, blacksmith.
Bonncau, Boniface, innkeeper.
Capperson, Rev.C. David, Wesleyan.
Chesser, Mrs. H., innkeeper.
Clare, Frederick, saddler.
Costello, Martin, shoemaker.
Davidson, Alexander, innkeeper and wharfinger.
Dauth, Pierre, carpenter.
Ferguson, Thomas, carpenter.
Flynn, Charles, blacksmith.
Johnson, Chauncy, general store.
Johnson, Chauncy, jun., pearlash factory. (Pearlash is a chemical extracted from the lye of wood ashes and used in making soap, glass, etc)
Larochelle, Dr. Pierre.
McLeod, John, tailor.
Murray, Dr. Angus.
Mackenzie, W.R., barrister at law.
Mignault, Rev. D.R.P., Roman Catholic.
O'Brien, John, innkeeper.
O'Brien, Peter, barrister at law.
Pattee, David, notary public.
Prouty, N.C., baker.
Ross, W.A., school teacher.
Sauriol, Thomas, carriagemaker.
Shaw, John, tanner and shoemaker.
Treadwell, Charles P., flour and saw mill.
Walker, Gavin, general store.

Vankleek Hill:
A village situated in the Township of West Hawkesbury, in the County of Prescott, C.W. - distant from Cornwall, 44 miles - from Caledonia Springs, 8 miles - from Montreal, 60 miles.  Population about 450.

Beggs, James, shoemaker.
Cameron, Rev. Alexander, Free Church.
Clark, George Miller.  (Miller is capitalized, but I beieve it should read "Clark, George, miller.")
Dorion, E., chairmaker.
Emmond, Joseph, axemaker.
Flynn, B.D., blacksmith.
Ferguson, William, cabinetmaker and joiner.
Grant, Duncan, tanner.
Higginson, Thomas H., storekeeper.
Honey, Daniel, joiner and carpenter.
Jamieson, John, storekeeper.
McIntosh, Alexander, merchant tailor.
McIntosh, Angus, merchant tailor.
McCrimmon, Neil, shoemaker.
McDonell, Alexander, shoemaker.
McDonell, Angus, carriagemaker.
McDonell, Duncan, druggist.
McLauren, John, storekeeper.
McNaughton, Alex., master of grammar school.
Manning, Wilsey, blacksmith and founder.
Millikin, Joseph, saddler and harnessmaker.
Parks, William, merchant tailor.
Philip, Anthony, storekeeper.
Philip, Leslie, watchmaker.
Stirling, Dr. James, physician and surgeon.
Stewart, Neil, postmaster. (see Postmaster page)
Stewart, Robert, cooper and tinplate worker.
Taylor, Miss, teacher of common school.
Villeneuve, Regis, joiner and carpenter.
Vogan, Henry, baker.
Vogan, William, shoemaker.
Wanless, George, saddler and harnesssmaker.
Wells, James P., storekeeper and pearl ash manufacturer.
Wells & Cleaveland, manufacturers of saleratus.  (baking soda)