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Lovell's East Hawkesbury

A small place in the township of Hawkesbury East, county of Prescott.
Distance from L'Original, the county town, 12 miles, from Point Fortune, a landing for the Ottawa River steamers,
12 miles, fare 75cents, from Rigaud 15 miles, from Vaudreuil, a station of the Grand Trunk railway, 30
miles, from Montreal 61 miles. Mail daily. Population about 100.

Allbright Archibald, farmer
Allbright Martin
Anderson Rev. William, Baptist
Bates Robert, farmer
Beaudy Louis, postmaster
Bertrand Alfred of L & A Bertrand
Bertrand Leonard of L & A Bertrand
Bertrand L & A carriagemakers
Coleman Rev. ---, Ch of England
Davidson William, school teacher
Ellison William, J. P., reeve
Grout Mrs G., postmistress
Grout Solomon, farmer
Kirkconnell John, farmer
Lee Rev. Robert, Wesleyan
Leroy Alexander, blacksmith
McAdam John, assistant postmaster, shoemaker
McCallum Zacariah, collector
McCullough Rev. William, Wesleyan
McKinnon Colin, farmer
Ogden William, farmer
Orton Samuel, assessor
Quesnel Antoine, councillor
Ross Thomas, deputy reeve