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Lovell's Fenaghvale

A village in the township of Caledonia, county of Prescott.
Distant from Lancaster, as station of the Grand Trunk railway, 31 miles,
from Montreal 70 miles, from Ottawa 35 miles. Mail tri-weekly.
Population about 90.

Blenny Charles, farmer
Blenny J. Henry, farmer
Blenny Sproul, farmer
Bradley, William, J. P., reeve
Charlton Ralph, farmer
Coleman Rev. ---, Ch of England
Cross James, councillor, farmer
Downing John, school teacher
Downing Philip, assessor
Downing Richard L, collector
Gates Charles, bailiff
Hunter John, councillor, farmer
Malloy Michael, farmer
Proudfoot Jas. jun, postmaster, farmer
Proudfoot James sen., treasurer of the township of Caledonia, farmer
Renwick James, farmer
Shorts Rev. A, Episcopal Methodist
Sproul Charles, farmer
Sproul John, farmer
Woods Henry, farmer
Woods John, farmer