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Lovell's Fournierville

A small village in the township of Plantagenet, county of
Prescott, Distant from L'Original, the county town, 18 miles from
Lancaster, a station of the Grand Trunk railway, 36 miles from Ottawa, from
Montreal 90 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 70.

Fairfield George, of Fairfield & Lemieux
Fairfield & Lemieux carriagemakers
??rtier Alfred, innkeeper [Fortier?]
Johnston Alexander, saddler
Kelly Mill Ellen, school teacher
Lemieux Fabien, blacksmith
Lemieux Bernard, mill owner
Lemieux Joseph, of Fairfield & Lemieux
Levi Harris, storekeeper
Louis Charles Jean, laborer
Lennan Alexander S., postmaster, storekeeper
Malloy James H., J.P., reeve, warden
???an John, J.P., farmer
Philip Rev., Seraphin, R Catholic
???rch Stephen, councillor, farmer
Seguin Clement, miller