Lovell's Hawkesbury

An incorporated village on the river Ottawa, township of West
Hawkesbury, county of Prescott. A ferry crosses regularly from this place
to Grenville. Montreal Telegraph Co. has an office here. Distant from
Grenville a station of the Carillon and Grenville railway, and a place of
landing for the Ottawa river steamers, 2 miles, fare 25 cents; from
Vaudreuil, station of the Grand Truck railway, 39 miles, fare $2.25; from
Montreal 60 miles, fare by steamboat to Grenville $2.25; from Lancaster 38
miles, from Ottawa 60 miles. Mail daily. Population about 2000.

Aubin Noel, shoemaker
Augier Guillaume, laborer
Beauchamp Theophile, laborer
Beckham John, photographer
Beggs James, mason
Belisle Isidore, laborer
Belisle Joseph, laborer
Bergeron Adolphus, mail contractor
Bergeron Gabriel, innkeeper
Bergeron John, carter
Bernard Francois, laborer
Bethune William, tanner
Blair Miss, school teacher
Boileau Louis, laborer
Boileau Orphir, laborer
Boileau Pierre, laborer
Bone Alexander, laborer
Boucher Evariste, laborer
Bouge Prosper, laborer
Brock Stuart, bookkeeper
Brown Charles W., innkeeper
Brown George, farmer
Brown John M., miller
Brown Varner, laborer
Bruneau Basile, laborer
Bruneau Dolphis, laborer
Brunet Francois, carriagemaker
Byers William E, N,, farmer
Campbell James, bailiff, shoemaker
Campbell John, jun., laborer
Campbell John, sen., laborer
Canada Life Assurance Co., Thomas Higginson, agent
Carrier Basile, laborer
Carrier Pierre, laborer
Charest Alexis, laborer
Clark John B., builder
Clarke John, laborer
Clement Alphonse, laborer
Clement Pierre, laborer
Costello James, operator Montreal Telegraph Co.
Crate James W., finsiher
Crevier Joseph, laborer
Curren Samuel, farmer
Currie David, laborer
Dandy James, shoemaker
Daniels Rev., Charles, Ch of England
Daoust Alexandre, laborer
Decary Edward, shoemaker
Decary Josue, laborer
Decary Julien, shoemaker
Demers Jeremie, laborer
Desjardins Octave, laborer
Donalan Terence, laborer
Doyle Dennis, general storekeeper and township clerk
Dubois Charles, tanner
Duchene Philibert, laborer
Dunn John, laborer
Ellis William, laborer
Ewing William, M.D.
Fairbairn David, millwright
Fauteux Celestin, laborer
Ferara John, laborer
Fitzgerald Timothy, laborer
Fitzpatrick William, laborer
Fraser Alex W., councillor, farmer
Fraser Andrew, farmer
Fraser Donald, blacksmith
Fraser James, carpenter
Fraser James, millwright
Fraser Mrs. James, dressmaker
Freeman Samuel, innkeeper
Gallagher Matthew, laborer
Graham Henry, laborer
Graham Robert, laborer
Greyson George, laborer
Greyson Robert, laborer
Grondin Jean Baptiste, laborer
Grondin Telesphore, laborer
Guenard Edward, laborer
Guenette Francois, laborer
Guindon Antoine, laborer
Guy Thomas, laborer
Gwynne John, laborer
Hamilton Brothers, lumber merchants, proprietors Hawkesbury Mills
Hamilton Hon. John, of Hamilton Brothers, senator, resides in Montreal
Harbec Antoine, laborer
Harbec Felix, storekeeper
Harbec Laurent, laborer
Harlow Robert, farmer
Hartford Insurance Co., Thos. Wyman, agent
Hawkesbury Mills, Hamilton Brothers, proprietors
Hayes Calvin, farmer
Hayes William, farmer
Hayes William E., clerk for Hamilton Brothers
Hemphill John, laborer
Herley Maurice, farmer
Hersey Austin A., of Hersey & Sons
Hersey Charles R., tannery
Hersey Mrs. Caroline, wid Z. S. Moore
Hersey & Sons, storekeepers and millowners
Hersey William A., of Hersey & Sons
Higgins Patrick, laborer
Higginson Brothers, general merchants
Higginson Charles T., farmer
Higginson James G., of Higginson Brothers
Higginson James G., postmaster, money order and savings bank
Higginson John W., J.P., reeve, of Higginson Brothers, planing and woollen
Higginson Thomas, agent for Canada Life Assurance Co.
Higginson Thomas T., farmer
Higginson William T., farmer
Higginson William W., farmer
Hildreth Richard, carpenter
Hodgins George, cabinetmaker
Hodgins John, laborer
Hubert Jean Baptiste, laborer
Hunter Alexander, farmer
Huot Charles, laborer
Jubinville Israel, carriagemaker
Johnson John, councillor, farmer
Joly Michel, carter
Joly Moise, laborer
Kelly Thomas, carpenter
Kimball Albert, broker
Lacelle David, laborer
Lacelle Louis, laborer
Lacelle Pierre, laborer
Lacroix Jean Baptiste, painter
Ladouceur Toussaint, butcher
Laliberte Ferdinand, laborer
Laliberte Joseph, laborer
Lallemand Jean Baptiste, laborer
Lalonde Julien, laborer
Larocque Antoine, laborer
Larue Joseph, jun., laborer
Laurent Felix, laborer
Laurin Leon, carpenter
Lawlor Richard, steamboat proprietor
Lawlor William, superintendent and chief millwright of Hawkesbury Mills
Lecours Jean, laborer
Ledward Charles, baker
Ledward Henry, baker
Lefebvre Louis, laborer
Lefebvre Michel, joiner
Lefebvre Pierre, laborer
Lefeire Basile, laborer
Lemire Moise, laborer
Little William, laborer
Lortie Vincent, baker and provisions sore
Lough Hugh, municipal treseaurer
Lough William, councillor
Malette Louis, laborer
Manson George, carpenter
Marinier Pierre, laborer
Marshall James, shoemaker
Maxwell Miss Elizabeth, school teacher
Maye Firmin, carriagemaker
Maye Guillaume, laborer
McClure Joseph, laborer
McCuaig William, laborer
McGibbon Duncan, carriagemaker
McGibbon John, farmer
McGibbon John, millwright
McGibbon John, jun., carpenter
McGibbon John, sen., carpenter
McGowan Robert, miller
McIlwain James, shoemaker
McKercher John, school teacher
McKillican Daniel, laborer
McLennan Rev., William, Ch of Scotland
McLeod Norman, farmer
McMahon Saul J., tinsmith
Menard Augustin, jun., laborer
Menard Augustin, sen., laborer
Menard Dominique, laborer
Menard Elie, laborer
Menard Hyacinthe, laborer
Menard Maxime, laborer
Meunier Pierre, laborer
Monette Charles, laborer
Monette Raymond, laborer
Monette Samuel, laborer
Monette Theodore, laborer
Montreal Telegaph Co, James Costello, operator
Moody William, laborer
Morris John, laborer
Morrison James, weaver
Murphy John, blacksmith
Nebbs George, laborer
Odgen Archibald, builder
O'Mahony Cain, gardener
O'Malley Thomas, laborer
O'Neil Arthur, laborer
Owens James, carpenter
Owens, James, millwright
Owens Peter, laborer
Paquet Francois, laborer
Park Roberts, general store
Park William, tailor
Parker Mrs, James, dressmaker
Pattee Richard, school teacher
Pattee Richard P., farmer
Payet Fereol, joiner
Plante Jean Baptiste, laborer
Porter Andrew T., farmer
Prevost Francois Xavier, farmer
Prevost Louis, laborer
Proulx Camille, laborer
Proulx Charles, laborer
Proulx Dominique, laborer
Robertson Farquhar, J.P., farmer
Roberts Edward T., M.D.
Robinson John, laborer
Rochon Elie D., carpenter
Rochon Elie N., carpenter
Rochon Jean Baptiste, blacksmith
Rochon Mederic, laborer
Rogers John, blacksmith
Rogers Patrick, laborer
Rutherford James, farmer
Rutherford, Robert, farmer
Ryan James, carriagemaker
Sauve Gregoire, laborer
Sauve Janvier, laborer
Sauve Joseph, laborer
Sauve Magloire, laborer
Sauve Michel, laborer
Shannon Robert, laborer
Sharpe William, laborer
Simpson William, laborer
Smith Edward, clerk
Smith George, blacksmith
Smith George, jun., laborer
Smith George, sen., laborer
Smith Thomas, blacksmith
Smithson Robert, carpenter
Stevens John, laborer
Stevens, Martin, laborer
Surette Michel, laborer
??bers James, laborer
??bers John, laborer
??bers Joseph, clerk
Timmings David, laborer
Timmings George, laborer
Timmings John, jun., laborer
Timmings John, sen., laborer
Towers John, laborer
Towers Michael, laborer
Trepanier Theophile, laborer
Turpin Amable, laborer
Urquhart Angus, councillor
Villeneuve Severe, laborer
Waddell John, J. P., farmer
Walker Robert, tailor
Watt Thomas, laborer
Warren John B. farmer
Whelehan James, laborer
Whelehan Joseph, laborer
White Thomas, farmer
Wilkinson Benjamin, sawyer
Wylie William, laborer
Wyman Thomas, agent Hartford Insurance Co.
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