Lovell's Henry

A small place in the township of Longueuil, county of Prescott.
Distant from Lancaster, a station of the Grand Trunk railway 36 miles, fare
$2, from Ottawa 60 miles, from Montreal ?? miles. Mail tri-weekly,
Population about 200.

Bancroft Asa, farmer
Barton Gustavus, councillor
Chalmers Thomas, lime burner
Cheney Nelson, cooper
Clarke Justice, farmer
Cross Harrison, farmer
Cross John, reeve
Dickson William, J.P., farmer
Fournier Antoine, cooper
Gale George, farmer
Golden Thomas, stonemason
Hamlin Felix, clothier
Howes Joseph, stonemason
McAdam Sameul, farmer
McCann Miss Mary Ann, school teacher
McNally Henry, constable
McNally Rev., James, Episcopal Methodist
McRae Alexander, farmer
Morrin John, farmer
Paquett Peter, farmer
Peril James, plasterer
Potts James, farmer
Ramsay Lieut Colonel John, coroner and farmer
Ross Robert, wheelwright
Walker Henry, farmer
Walker Stewart, farmer
Walker William, farmer
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