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Lovell's L'Orignal

The county town of Prescott and Russell, is on the river Ottawa,
township of Longueuil, conty of Prescott. Montreal Telegraph has an office
here. Distant from Lancaster, a station of the Grand Trunk railway, 36
miles, fare $2.50; from Ottawa 59 miles, fare $1.25; from Montreal 66
miles, fare $2.50. Mail daily. Population about 500.

Advertiser (The), weekly, annual subscription $1.50; Watson Little, editor, proprietor and printer
Aird John W., farmer
Aubin Francois, laborer
Bancroft Abel, collector
Banford William, farmer
Beaulieu Francois, laborer
Bedard Peter, carpenter
Belcair Cyprien, laborer
Benoit Gedeon, laborer
Bettie Michel, laborer
Bone Francis, butcher
Boucher David, carriagemaker
Boult Miss Margaret, private school
Boyer Casimir, laborer
Brown William K., farmer
Brunet Rev. Antoine, R Catholic
Buchan Andrew, farmer
Buchan David
Buchanan Mrs. Catherine, wid John
Butterfield John, twp clerk, attorney, notary and deputy master in Chancery, registrar of births, deaths and marriages, and general insurance agent
Byers Richard D., president county of Prescott agricultural society
Cameron Mrs. Margaret, wid Alexander
Campbell Robert, carpenter
Cass Alfred, horticulturist
Cass Charles A., horticulturist
Cass James F., horticulturist, inventor and patentee of "Cass's imported wrench"
Charette Alexander, farmer
Clare Fred, saddler, auctioneer, bailiff
Clarke Robert Caldwell, M.D.
Conorette Lellise, laborer
Costello Martin, deputy sheriff
Convrette Francois, laborer
Crete Louis, laborer
Courrett Tallier, laborer
Cummings Mortimer, pilot
Daniel James, judge County and Surrogate court
Daoust Jules, carpenter
Dartnell Edward, clerk of peace
Dartnell Edward Taylor, barrister at law, solicitor and attorney, County crown attorney and clerk of the Peace for the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, clerk of the County Judges court, district registrar, issuer of Marriage licenses, etc.
Delaney John, blacksmith
Dellaire Charles, laborer
Dellaire Honore, laborer
Depassier Pierre, laborer
Deslauriers Joachim, laborer
Deslauries Mrs. Marguerite, wid Jean Baptiste
Dunn Michael, baker
European Assurance Co., John Butterfield, agent
Ferguson William, agricultural implement agent
Flynn Albert, blacksmith
Flynn E. R., farmer
Flynn Henry, blacksmith
Flynn Timothy W., blacksmith
Fournier Joseph, clerk
Freleigh John, bookkeeper
Freligh John P., telegraph operator
Gallagner Patrick, laborer
Gates James Ogden, clerk Division court, coroner, gaoler
Grammar school, Rev. F. F. McNab, principal
Grant Major Allan J., barrister, attorney
Grant Mrs., wid Hon. Alexander
Gregor Mrs. Colin
Hall Edward, tanner
Hall Edward A., wharfinger
Hall Robert, tanner
Hamilton Robert, land surveyor
Hamilton William, carpenter
Hannah William, farmer
Hannum Miss Esther, dressmaker
Hannum Silas P., watchmaker
Hay James, school teacher
Hayes James, painter
Higginson John, county registrar
Hubert Olivier, laborer
Hurtubise Gabriel, sexton
Hurtubise Jules, miller
Johnson Eden Abbott
Johnson Chaunsey, J.P., postmaster, money order office and savings bank, storekeeper, crown timber agent
Johnson Eden P., insurance agent, offical assignee
Johnson Lynus H., grocer
Johnson Rev. Thomas, Wesleyan
Kennedy Rev. George, Wesleyan
Kingsley Albert, farmer
Kingsley Havier, farmer
Kingsley Pacholm, laborer
Labelle Wilfried, hotelkeeper
Lacombe Louis, laborer
Lareign Baptiste, laborer
Laviolette Edward, innkeeper
Leduc Augustin, farmer
Leduc Cotton, farmer
Lee James, laborer
Lee Thomas, carriagemaker
Lepage Francois Xavier, laborer
Little Watson, editor and proprietor of the Advertiser
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co., John W, Marston, agent
L'Original Total Abstinence and Literary society, E. P. Johnson, president;James Hay, secretary
McGirney Alexander, contractor
McIntosh Peter H., storekeeper
McLennan Rev. William., Ch of Scotland
McLeod Mrs. Mary J., wid of Donald
McMaster Allan, contractor
McNab Rev., Finaly F., M.A., principal grammar school;
McRae Norman D., millwright
Marriage Licenses, Edward T. Dartnell, issuer
Marston John W., registrar Surrogate court, deputy clerk of crown, treasurer of united counties of Prescott and Russell, township treasurer
and agent for Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co.
Marston Josiah C., nurseryman
Marston Jeremiah, painter
Marston Richard H., assessor
Mechanics institute, E. T. Dartnell, president; E. P. Jonson, secretary
Millar J. & T., storekeepers
Millar John, of J. & T. Millar
Millar Thomas, of J. & T. Millar
Millette Felix, innkeeper
Miron Alexandre, laborer
Miron Antoine, laborer
Miron Augustin, laborer
Montreal Telegraph Co., John Clarke, operator
Morrison Norval, miller
Murphy, John, laborer
Murrary Lieut Colonel, J.P.
Murray James, jun, revenue inspector and mail contractor
O'Brien John, grist and saw mill owner
O'Brian Peter, barrister and clerk of the county council
Ouimet J. B., M.D.
Pattee Mrs. David, Wid D.
Pilon Joseph, laborer
Prescott (county of) Agricultural society, Richard D. Byers, president;
John Shields, secretary
Racine Louis, blacksmith
Richer Felix, laborer
Robillard Joseph, laborer
Rochon Dosithe, blacksmith
Samson Pierre, laborer
Scottish Amicable Insurance Co., John Butterfield, agent
Sequin Clement, laborer
Seguin Jean Noel, laborer
Seguin Louis, laborer
Shaw Mrs. Mary, wid Angus
Sonson Alexis, laborer
Sonson Perish, laborer
Souliere Michel, carpenter
Stewart James, M.D.
Tessier Cyprien, laborer
Tessier Joseph, jun., laborer
Tessier Joseph, laborer
Tessier Leon, laborer
Treadwell Charles P., sheriff, patentee of Excelsior railway, and senior major in mililia
Unsworth Parker, butcher
Victoria Branch of the Montreal Auxiliary Bible society, John W. Higginson of Hawkesbury, president; Rev. F. F. McNab of L'Orignal, secretary, J. W. Marston, treasurer
Waite Mrs. Ann, wid William
Walsh James, tailor
Western Assurance Co., John Butterfield, agent
Wright William, shoemaker