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Lovell's Little Rideau

A village on the Long Sault Rapids, Ottawa river, townshuip
of East Hawkesbury, county of Prescott, Distant from Hawkesbury 5 miles,
from Point Fortune, a place of landing for the Ottawa River steamers, 7
miles, from Montreal 55 miles fare $1.50, from Ottawa 65 miles, fare $1.50.
Mail daily in winter, tri-weekly in summer. Population about 200.

Armstrong Miss Ann, school teacher
Barron Joseph, farmer
Beatty John, farmer
Belanger Jean Baptiste, innkeeper
Bloomer John, farmer
Brown James, blacksmith
Chevrier Leandre, innkeeper
Connor Patrick, farmer
Cook Ruggles, farmer
Duhamel Rev., J. Thomas, R Catholic, resides in St. Eugene
Gourlay Joyn, blacksmith
Goyet --, grocer
Hyde Miss Mary, school teacher
Johnson Alexander, farmer
Johnson William, farmer
Kirby John, farmer
Kirby Joseph, shoemaker
Kirby William, J.P.
Kirby & Wyman, stage proprietors
Larocque Jean, carriagemaker
Legault dit Deslauriers Hyacinthe, wood dealer
Leroy Miss Augusta, school teacher
Little John, mason
Lovell William, farmer
McAdam Miss Margaret, school teacher
Montgomery Robert, farmer
O'Callaghan Miss Mary, school teacher
Ross Robert, farmer
Ross Thomas, postmaster, storekeeper
Spratt Christopher, stonecutter
Stephens Henry, farmer
Turcott Marc, innkeeper
Waddell John, J.P., farmer
Watson James, joiner
Wyman H. B., farmer