Lovell's Vankleek Hill

A village in the township of West Hawkesbury, county of
Prescott. Montreal Telegraph Co. has an office here. Distrant from
Montreal 60 miles, from Lancaster, a station of the Grand Trunk railway, 33
miles, fare $2; by steamboat $2.50. Mail daily. Population about 700.

Agnew Andrew, teacher
Allaire John, blacksmith
Barton William, councillor, farmer
Borden John, clerk
Boyd James, M.P., lumber merchant and saw mill owner
Brunet Rev., Antoine, R. Catholic
Cameron Alexander, of Cameron & Cummins
Cameron & Cummins, storekeepers
Cameron Hugh, storekeeper
Campbell Allan P., carpenter
Campbell Miss Mary J., school teacher
Carriere Louis, laborer
Chalmers George, baker
Chalmers William, farmer
Cleveland John H., assesor
Coleman Rev., A. H., Ch of England
Common school, Miss Mary Campbell, teacher
Cummins Alexander, of Cameron & Cummins
Delorme Francois, laborer
Delorme Pierre, carpenter
Denaude Pierre, wheelwright
Dubois Mrs. Emilie, wid Joseph
Dumoulin Joseph, shoemaker
Dupuis Gabriel, laborer
Ferguson Mrs. Perer, dressmaker
Flynn Mrs. Margaret, wid Dexter
Grammar School, Rev. Wm. Lumsden, master
Grant Rev. William, Free Church
Gregg Thomas, innkeeper
Harkin William, M.D.
Harkin William, jun, grocer
Hepburn Thomas, saddler
Higginson Thomas, farmer
Jamieson John
Jeanlouis Elie, laborer
Jeanlouis Vital, laborer
Johnson George W., tinsmith
Kelly Mrs. Mary, wid John J.
Kennedy Rev. George, Wesleyan
Ladoucer John, chairmaker
Lajeunesse Francois X., carter
Lajeunesse Xavier, stage proprietor
Lapensee Evangeliste, laborer
Lendrum Robert W., photographer and operator Montreal Telegraph Co.
Lighthall Cornelius J., collector
Lopensee Francois, laborer
McArthur Donald, clerk
McDonald Archibald, carder
McDonald John A., storekeeper
McCullough Rev. William S., Epicopal Methodist
McCusker Patrick, miller
McDonell Angus, carriagemaker
McDonnell Duncan, postmaster, druggist
McDonell James, innkeper
McDonnell Roderick, grocer
McIntosh Angus, tailor
McIntosh Donald, blacksmith
McIntosh James, M.D.
McIntosh James, shoemaker
McLaren Mrs Hannah, wid John
McLaurin Archibald, bookkeeper
McLaurin & Brother, storekeepers
McLaurin Daniel P., of McLaurin & Brother
McLaurin James R., shoemaker
McLaurin John R., storekeeper
McLaurin Peter R., of McLaurin & Brother
McLennan Mrs. Mary, wid Roderick
McLeod Norman D., reeve, farmer
McMartin Miss Catherine, dressmaker
McNulty Miss Rose, dressmaker
McQuaig Malcolm, storekeeper
McRae William, saddler
McVicar Alexander, blacksmith
Modone Isidore, laborer
Montreal Telegraph Co., Robert W. Lendrum, agent
Northcott William, councillor, farmer
Paquet Pierre, millwright
Peacock Rev William, Congregationalist
Portelance Alphonse, blacksmith
Potter John, farmer
Potter John C., brickmaker
Roberts Mrs. Catherine, wid John
Robertson John, storekeeper
Rothien Felix
Ross Thomas C., tailor
Saucier Pierre T., watchmaker
Sequin Hyacinthe, mason
Sergeant James, laborer
Sherman Jonathan, councillor, farmer
Shields John, clerk of Division court and municipal council
Shields Thomas, bailiff
Skelly Daniel, carpenter
Smith Esrom, engineer
St Denis Dosithe, of E. & D. St Denis
St Denis Evariste, of E. & D. St Denis
St Denis E. & D., grocers
St John's Lodge, No. 159, Irish Registrar, R. W. Lendrum, master, P. H. McIntosh, secretary
Stewart James, innkeeper
Stewart Hugh, baker
Stewart Neil, farmer
Thistlewaite Robert, farmer
Vankleek John, farmer
Vankleek Mrs. Mary, wid Peter
Villeneuve Antoine, laborer
Villeneuve Michel, carpenter
Wells James P., storekeeper
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