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This picture of the Church of England, Plantagenet was originally sent as a postcard to
Alice Spaul of Chicago. It was postmarked August 16, 1907.  The family of Alice Spaul's husband
 lived in Plantagenet from 1900 to 1902. Alice Spaul was the great-grandmother of
Ms. Daryl Johnson who provided the image.

WorldConnect Databases
Ancestors of Tiffany Fugère: including the Fauteux & Moderie families of Wendover, Prescott Co. and many families of Québec.
Anderson-Hay: includes many Glengarry & Prescott names such as Hay, Steele, Eaton, Robinson, McDonald, McDonnell, MacPhee, McCaskill, Quesnel, McClure, Welden, Falkner, McInnes, Cameron, Coleman, Noble, Millar, Villeneuve, Jamieson, Stephens, Yenor, Peyto. Sandra Anderson
Fauteux: The family of André Fauteux of Hawkesbury, Prescott Co.

Family Histories (Sites are checked periodically for broken links: Broken links are removed)
Waters & Frost Families by Beth Cotter
The Ancestors of Donald Murray Brown (John Stephens and Jane Charles of Caledonia Springs, Prescott Co.)
Branches of the Barton - Shields Family Tree
The Harrigan Family
McKenzie Genealogy
The Cass Family (email)
The Lapensee Family of Prescott County by Darlene Lapensee
The Story of CPL. Clifford A. Johnston
Bible Pages of the Johnstone family by Shirley Hunter [added by Tiffany]
Viau & Portalance Families by murmurd (photos) [added by Tiffany]
Poaps Family by John Poaps
Bertrand Family by Normand Bertrand
Isaie Seguin (s/o Julien Seguin and Angele St Amant) by Tanya Breese (email)
William Muir of Scotland family by Dave Muir (email)

MrDubious (email): Charles DuBois born 1820 married to Domithilde Mercier born 1826 both from Quebec. Settled in Hawkesbury West/Prescott around 1845 Had 7 children, Angus 1845, Charles 1849, Mathilde 1852, Elizabeth 1854, Edward 1856, Calix 1859, and Pascal 1863.

Cotton Mather Everett Family: Sandra Everett

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