An Assessment For
The Township of Hallowell
This Eighteenth of July, 1798

Thank you to Peter Warwick for his donation of this information to the Lennox and Addington - Prince Edward County GenWeb Project.

The following came from the "Appendix To The Report Of The Ontario Bureau Of Industries", Warwick Bro's & Rutter, Toronto, 1899

"Copied May 12, 1899 from the original list now in the possession of Mrs. W. H. Allison, Picton, a grand-daughter of Stephen Conger, and daughter Of John P. Roblin, for years M.P.P. and County Registrar of Prince Edward".
- Thomas W. Casey

First Class Rated (2.6)

Daniel Pettet James Rogers 
John Platt David McG. Rogers
Joseph McCartney John Peters
C. Huyck Corey Spencer
Jonathan Farguson, Jr. David Conger
Daniel Tubs Jonathan Bowerman
John Miller Joseph Turwiliger
Solomon Spafford William Cunningham
John Richards  Curnelous Blunt
Owen Richards Aaron White
John Elles Jacob Cronk
William Dyre  Isaac Garratt
Jacob Rattan  Joseph Jinks
Arthur Youmans  Ebenezer Palmer
David Youmans Henery Zeufelt

Second Class Rated (5.0)

Peter Designea Conger Rozel Farguson      
Ichabode Bowerman        Elisha Miller      
Daniel Young  Henry Young, Jr.   
Joseph Winn   Benjamin Weight       
Caleb Platt  Augustos Spencer      
Jonathan Farguson, Sr.  Thos. Goldsmith    
Caranton Farguson   Andrew Johnson   
Samson Striker  Henery Johnson     
Giles Hill     Thomas Bowerman     
John Ogden  Daniel Rossell     

Third Class Rated (7.6)

Henery Young, Sr. Thos. Richardson
Samuel Williams Stephen Conger
Stephen Hare

Fourth Class Rated (10.0)

John Stinson Abraham Peterson
James Blakeley

Fifth Class Rated (12.6)

Barret Dyre

Tenth Class Rated (15.0)

Caleb Elsworth

Under List Rated

Peter Mabee Jas. Walters
John Zeufelt Jasey Walters
Abram Winn George Baker
Wilkeson Ferguson Isaac Bedell
John Sikels  Samuel Walters
John Spencer  Ruban Walters
Joseph Lane Amos Bull
Barnabas Wemp Charles Cunningham
John Frear  John Striker
David Frear Nathaniel White
Doctor Prindel Samuel McCoy
Henery Bartley Anthony Badgsley
Gideon Bowerman William Dorris
Stephen Bowerman

Approved by us: Jno. Peters / gts Spencr, C.F.
Assessed by us: Caleb Elsworth / Peter Designea Conger, Assessors

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