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Prince Edward County has a great site with maps of each township and where the cemeteries are located at inside the township. I highly recommend it: Prince Edward County Cemeteries

The main page also contains links to the contact information for the caretakers and information about whether or not they are pioneer cemeteries.

If you'd like to go directly to a particular township page, here are those links. Warning: They do go to PDF files, not regular webpages.

Map of Sophiasburgh Cemeteries
Map of South Marysburgh Cemeteries
Map of North Marysburgh Cemeteries
Map of Hillier Cemeteries
Map of Hallowell Cemeteries
Map of Ameliasburgh Cemeteries
Map of Bloomfield Cemeteries


Cemetery Transcriptions from Prince Edward County

Albury Cemetery, Ameliasburgh

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Rose Cemetery and St. John's Cemetery (both in Waupoos, Marysburgh Township, Prince Edward County)


OGS Cemetery Transcriptions on Microfilm at the Ontario Archives

Township and Cemetery: Microfilm Number:
Ameliasburg Twp.: Albury Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 93; Carrying Place Cemetery. Con. 4; Consecon Cemetery, Con. 4 in village; Delong farm plot, Con. 2, Lot 91; Grove Cemetery, under hill, Ameliasburg; Old Pioneer Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 84; Post Family Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 66; Simmonds Cemetery, a.k.a. Massassaga Cemetery, Con. 2, Lot 61; Salem Cemetery, Con. 4, Lot 90; Mountainview Cemetery, at church 1/2 way up hill; Walbridge Cemetery, Con. 2, Lot 53; Way Family Cemetery, Con. 3 & 4, Lot 72; Moon Family Cemetery, Rossmore; Lawrence Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 64; Harrington Cemetery, Con. 2, Lot 74 MS 451, Reel 25
Ameliasburg Twp.: Salem Cemetery, Con. 3, Pt Lot 90 MS 451, Reel 115
Athol Twp.: Cherry Valley Cemetery, at church, village; Ketchum Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 11; Point Petre Lighthouse Cemetery, near lighthouse MS 451, Reel 25
Hallowell Twp.: Conger Chapel Cemetery, Picton, 1803-1889; Taken from files of an old Picton newspaper known as "Travllor & Hallowell Free Press", 1823-1836 MS 451, Reel 8
Hallowell Twp.: Guernsey Cemetery, first farm past the Shannon Rd.; Glenwood Cemetery, Picton; Johnson burial ground, Con. 1, Lot 3; St. Mary Magdalene Church Cemetery, Picton; Mount Olivet R.C. Cemetery, Picton; Bowerman Hill Cemetery, Con. 1, Lots 17 & 18; Friends Cemetery, Bloomfield village; Hicksite Cemetery, Bloomfield village; McDonald Cemetery, S. Side, Lot 4; Orser Cemetery, Con. 2, Lot 15; Pettit Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 10; Stinson Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 15; Universal Cemetery, Bloomfield village; White Chapel Cemetery, a.k.a. Conger's Cemetery, North West, Lot 8; Blakely Family plot, Con. 2, Lot 6 MS 451, Reel 25
Hallowell Twp.: Hicksite Friends Cemetery, Plan 2, Lots 154 & 155 MS 451, Reel 115
Hillier Twp.: Burr U.E.L. Cemetery, Con. 5, Lot 75; Bowerman Church Cemetery, Con. 3, Lot 1; Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Con. 3, Lot 100; Cameron Cemetery, S. Side Lot 32; Chadsey Cemetery, Lake Side, Lots 14-15; Locie Cemetery, Stinson Block, Lot 10; Pierson Cemetery, S. Side Lot 31; Wellington Village Cemetery, on Consecon Rd.; Weeks Family plot, Stinson Block, Lot 7; St. Francis of Rome R.C. Cemetery, Wellington MS 451, Reel 25
Hillier Twp.: Burr's Cemetery, Con. 5, Part Lot 75, Christ Church Cemetery, Con. 3, Lot 17 MS 451, Reel 115
North Marysburg Twp.: Black Creek Cemetery, Con. 2, Lot 1; Cressy Cemetery, Bay side, Lot 34; Minaker Farm Cemetery, Bay side, Lot 46; Keller farm Cemetery, Bay side, Lot 67; Ross Cemetery, Lake side, Lot 6; Rose Cemetery, Lake side, Lot 16; Turner farm Cemetery, Bay side, a.k.a. Hill farm Cemetery, Bayside, Lot 64; Waupoos Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery, Lake side, Lot 4; Waupoos Anglican Cemetery, Lake side, Lot 11; 
Allans Mill's Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 13; Prinyer Cemetery, Bay side, Lot 29; Stirling Grimmon farm Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 10; McDonnell farm Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 6; Dingman farm Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 39; Connor farm Cemetery, now at Creesey Cemetery; Storms Cemetery, a.k.a. Slater Cemetery, Con. B. S., Lot 26; Storms (Abandoned) Cemetery, Country Rd. 7
MS 451, Reel 25
Sophiasburg Twp.: Bethel Cemetery, Gore D., Lot 45; Big Island Cemetery, Con. S. Side, Lot 7; Demorestville Cemetery, Demorestville; Eban Fox farm Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 34; Foster Cemetery, Con. 2, Lot 27; Gardiner Cemetery, , Con. 2, Lot 41; Gilbert Mills Cemetery, Con. 2, Lot 58; Lazier Cemetery, a.k.a. Cronk Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 17; Boulter farm Cemetery, Con. 1, Lots 36 & 37; Potter Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 50; Quaker Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 21; Roblin farm Cemetery, Con. 2, Lot 17; Roblin Mills Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 34; Ruttan Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 23; Solmes cemetery, a.k.a. Stickney Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 11; Whitney Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 59; Top of the Hill Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 40; Carman farm Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 44; Van Horn farm Cemetery, S. of Con. 1, Lot 1; Harmonius Fox farm Cemetery, Con. 1, Lot 28; Daniel Way Cemetery, Con. 3, Lot 39; notes on miscellaneous cemeteries MS 451, Reel 25
South Marysburg Twp.: Milford Village Cemetery, Lot 24, North of Black Creek; Milford Village Cemetery, Milford Village, Mill Pond; South Bay Cemetery, Lot 19, MR 352647, Mack farm Cemetery, Lot 10 MS 451, Reel 26