Newspaper Information and Transcribed Stories 

The local press is called Community Press Online.

Stories from the Picton Times:

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One Hundred Years of History - Knox Church, Demorestville

Fate of the Schooner Blanche in Lake Ontario

A fun newspaper story I caught while researching my ancestors in Chicago on microfilm:

Prince Edward county Railway and Iron Mining,
Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune

Belleville, April 28 - The Prince Edward County Railway is to be granted running powers over a portion of the Grand Junction Railway by the Government of Ontario. The point of chief interest in this announcement is, that the Government are using for the first time a power conferred on them - that of granding a connecting railway running powers over a road subsidized by the Province. George W. McMullen, formerly of Chicago, now the head and front of the Prince Edward County Railway, gives some information as to the Company's intention in regard to the development of the iron-ore industry in Hastings County. The Prince Edward Road, which now runs from Picton to Trenton, is to be extended northward to Madoo and Marmora, a distance of forty miles. The work will be commenced next month and finished before the year expires. The mines in Madoc and Marmora belong to American companies, who propose to take out large quantities of ore as soon as the Prince Edward Road extension is in running order, which will be next season. They will then establish a line of vessels from Weller's Bay across the lake to Sodus Point, or some other harbor on Lake Ontario, whence the ore will be shipped by rail to Pennsylvania, where it will be smelted. The ore taken out annually now does not amount to more than 40,000 tons; by the new route it is estimated that 500,000 tons will be shipped every year.

April 29, 1881, pg. 3