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Rainy River District History

1867 - The three provinces of British North America (Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick) are united in Confederation / The former province of Canada is divided into Ontario and Quebec, and Canada West is renamed Ontario (1 July 1867). Canada Day is born!

1869 - Required registration of births, marriages, and deaths commences. Known as Vital Statistics (Civil Registration)

1871 - Province-wide Census - The first Dominion Census (indexed and widely available)

1881 - Province-wide Census

1891 - Province-wide Census

1889 - Ontario's boundary is extended to James Bay, Albany River, and Lake of the Woods

1900 - Last year of births available publicly (Vital Statistics)

1901 - Province-wide Census (last available)

1908 - Border Ports of entry established for customs and immigration

1915 - Last year of marriages available publicly (Vital Statistics)

1925 - Last year of deaths available publicly (Vital Statistics)

This site contains historical information for ALL of N.W. Ontario. Although N.W. Ontario comprises more than Rainy River District, the area shares most of it's history.

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