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Land Records for Rainy River District

Where have the Land Records Gone?

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Land Records from the local offices might be found in any one of three places:

  • A number of records from each office have been left in the local office as they have been deemed to be necessary for operational use. Many of these records are earmarked to go to the Archives of Ontario when their usefulness in the office is past.

  • Some of the records are going immediately to the Archives of Ontario. These are either records of provincial significance, or records that complete their holdings for one copy of documents from every office.

  • The remaining records are moving to museums, archives and/or other repositories in the local county.


  • Although the physical records have moved, they are available on microfilm in the local Land Registry Offices. Your research should always begin in the local Land Registry Office.

  • This list was updated in January 2001. As placement agreements are signed and the records transferred, the information below will be updated.

  • If you require access to the original documents, note: In many places, only the documents have been moved at the present time because the Ministry wants to be sure that the Abstract Index Books have been microfilmed before they are released for local placement. Please see the chart below for a general idea of what records have been moved to which location.

    Registry Office
    What has been Placed
    RAINY RIVER Land Registry Office 353 Church Street Fort Frances ON P9A 1C9
    Documents to Archives of Ontario

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