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A View of the Valley
Bonnechere River

By Dawn Livingstone

The following View of the Valley comes from John M. Ross who was and enumerator on the 1851 census of Bromley Township. He makes many observations and editorializes a great deal on his enumeration sheets. Much of what he says is valuable information and provides keen insight to the 1851 mind. His topic is the Bonnechere River but it quickly leads to an opinion of government self-investment.

"The Bonchere flows in an easterly direction its source being from the rough land to the rear of Kingston. It's justly celebrated as one of the greatest rivers in North America of its size for producing red and white pine timber. It's not a large stream and yet there are annually sent down it from twenty to twenty five thousand pieces of red white pine lumber producing a revenue to the Government of between five an six thousand pounds annually. Your enumerator with the inhabitants of this township is firmly of the opinion that out of the large sum above namedcoming to the Government from this section of country that in justice to them there ought to be a large proportion of it sent back for the improvement of roads and bridges. Money spent in the kind of way just named would cause an increased growth of settlement that would in its turn create agricultural and commercial enterprise that would shortly produce in the shape of revenue a sum larger than that expended in the way used."

"A View of the Valley: Bonnechere River", Timberline (UOVGG), vol.2 no.4 August 1991

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