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Renfrew County

County Maps

Canadian County Atlas Digital Project
1880 Maps - Interactive

County of Renfrew Settlements
An overview map of Renfrew County showing village/town locations as well as municipal boundaries and major roads (produced by the County of Renfrew Planning Dept).

MapQuest Interactive Map
This link gives you an overview map of the Renfrew County region. You can zoom in or move around for a more detailed view. You also have the option of entering place name and the map will centre in on your requested location.

Renfrew County Townships
Shows original township boundaries

Renfrew County Road Map
An overview map of Renfrew County showing major town locations, major roads and some secondary roads (produced by the County of Renfrew Planning Dept).

Southern Renfrew County - 1852
From W.H. Smith's Canada: Past, Present and Future, published in 1852

Regional Map of Renfrew County within Eastern Ontario

NRCan-Geomatics Canada
NRCan produces Topographic Maps at scales of 1:50,000 and 1:250,000. Map sheets specific to Renfrew County can be located through the Centre For Topographic Information, then locate your specific sheet at 1:50,000 NTS Reference Grid - Renfrew County

Municipal Maps

Barry's Bay - sketch map of village

Deep River - town map.

Regional Maps

Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives

Ontario Locator - historical maps of Ontario and its counties


Canadian Geographical Names Locator
A great resource for locating current and historical Canadian places.

Enter as much information about an address, including the country, and MapQuest displays a street map. Options allow you to zoom in and out to different scales.

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