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Renfrew County
Research Tips

Often, the question is asked "Where do I start looking for my ancestors in Renfrew County". Below is a short list of suggested "things to do" for people who are just beginning research.

Contact relatives! If you aren't sure if you have any relatives who would be able to help you out, contact people in your geographic area of research with the same surnames. Online directories can be found at Infospace and Canada 411. The Renfrew County Area Code is 613.

Join one or both of the following genealogical groups that serve Renfrew County:

Subscribe to the UOVGEN mail list and post your research interest on the list. The list has several hundred people on it who are researching their roots in Renfrew County, Ontario and Pontiac County Quebec.

If you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of genealogical research, read one of the "How To" guides that are posted on the net. Some of the more useful are:

Suggestions For Beginners
by the Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group (UOVGG)
Ontario Genealogy, A Beginner's Guide
on Ontario GenWeb
How to do Genealogy
Library and Archives Canada
Roots Web's Guide To Tracing Family Trees
on RootsWeb
Family History-How Do I Begin?
by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
How To
sites listed on Cyndi's List

Visit each of the research sections on the Renfrew County GenWeb site. You should be expanding your research to census records, birth/marriage/death records, land records, cemetery transcripts, etc.

Use the following online Renfrew County genealogy resources:

* Search or post your research interest on Rootsweb's Renfrew County Queries
* Use other resources listed on the Renfrew County GenWeb - Surnames and Queries page
* Search the online index (1990 to 1999 only) of Timberline, a newsletter of the UOVGG

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