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Burial Records at Northway from Red Scrapbook

Explanation of Scrapbook; This scrapbook with the following internments was actually the Record Book of William Bill Clace Sr.. It was written by his wife and the handwriting was recognized by the Clace Family. It was also explained to Edith Clace by her brother-in-law Billy Clace on November 9, 2001 that this book was Bill Sr.’s record of work performed in digging the grave and placing the deceased and covering it. Bill Sr’s sons helped him dig the graves and place the coffin or bodies in and cover them. (Bill,Ernie and Tom Clace)Northway in the late 20’s and the 30’s was divided into 5 sections.

(1) New Ground= this is what we refer to now as Potters Field

(2) located at the North East portion of Northway(2)R C= this is the Roman Catholic portion of the Cemetery located at the extreme West end of Northway

(3)C of E= this is the Church of England section which is the area on the southeast side of Northway

(4)Other=This is the area surrounding the Military Section in the Middle on the East end section of Northway

(5) Military section= this is the middle section at the east end. It is indicated in these records that persons interred in the Military section of Northway are classed as BESL or British Expedionary Forces of Sioux lookout. It also is expressed as other churches started Presbyterian for St.Andrews.Southhall for his Kingdom Hall Evangelists.

Year Date Lot Religion Name Comment

1929 Sept.23 57 RC Kennah

Sept.30 116 C of E Brown (W)

Oct.5 124 RC Baby

Oct.16 1 New Ground Unknown

Oct.18 14 C of E Mrs. J. Stroud

Nov.2 105 C of E Lorre

Nov.3 162 C of E Mrs. Potts

Nov.6 161 C of E Mrs. Kibbie

Nov.9 2 New Ground Indian

Nov.11 3 New Ground Indian (killed by Train)

Dec.13 4 New Ground Unknown (Killed by Trees)

Dec.14 5 New Ground Unknown (Killed up north)

1930 Jan,11 15 C of E Taylor Boy

Jan.15 39 RC Mrs. Jewell

Jan.18 37 RC Dechamp

Jan.31 9 New Ground (RC) Unknown

Feb.10 8 New Ground Unknown

Feb.22 -- RC Baby (T.Landrie-Tom gk)

Feb.24 9 New Ground Unknown

Mar.8 C of E Carlbom

Mar.19 39 RC Jewell

Mar.24 10 New Ground Unknown (Shot)

May 9 11 New Ground Unknown (Shot)

May 10 16 C of E Hughes (*)

May 15 - C of E Mrs.Harper

May 19 78? RC Donnelly

May 30 11? C of E McLaren

June 10 12 New Ground Fountane

June 18 13 New Ground Sashenay

July 15 14 New Ground From the North

July 16 15 New ground Retaken from Sandpit area

July 28 16 New Ground Baby

July 30 58 RC Lelonde

Aug.2 17 New Ground Unknown

Aug.12 -- RC Baby

Aug.13 15 C of E Taylor Boy

Page 3 Aug.14 163 C of E McCraig

Aug.19 148 C of E Mr.T.Brunton

Aug.20 11? C of E Baby Lyons

Aug.21 18 New Ground Unknown

Aug.22 164 C of E Mrs.C.Bentley

Sept.15 --- -------- Baby

Sept.18 165 C of E Leslie White

Sept.30 19 New Ground Indian

Oct.21 20 New Ground Indian

Oct.25 149 ------- Ferston

Oct.29 21 New Ground Unknown

Nov.1 8 New Ground Baby

Nov.4 22 New Ground Indian

Nov.12 23 New Ground Unknown

Dec.31 24 New Ground Unknown

1931 Jan.2 -- RC Baby Christine

Jan.3 36 RC Mrs.MacDonald

Jan.6 25 New Ground E.Jones

page 4 Jan.24 10 New Ground Baby

Jan.27 26 New Ground Boy

Jan.28 141 C of E Boy

Feb.23 7? C of E Mrs. Stillard & Baby

Feb.24 27 New Ground Unknown

Feb.27 58 RC Baby

Mar.5 28 New Ground Unknown

Mar.14 -- RC Baby

Mar.18 29 New Ground Baby

Mar.25 30 New Ground Indian

Mar.28 31 New Ground Indian

Apr.1 14 RC Plunkett

Apr.? 18 RC Abbott

May 8 32 New Ground Unknown (RC)

May 31 12 C of E Johnston (141A)

June 9 33 New Ground Baby (C of E)

June 11 34 New Ground Unknown (RC)

June 12 11 C of E Mrs Otto (140 D)

June 13 10 C of E Mr.Jardine (139A)

page 5 Jul.2 35 New Ground Unknown

Jul.2 36 New Ground Allen

Jul.24 -- RC Unknown

Jul.25 11 C of E T.Lyons (Teddy gk)

Aug.10 13 C of E Adams

Aug.14 14 C of E Stewart

Sept.29 10 C of E Unknown

Oct.3 -- C of E Baby Harper

Oct.9 -- C of E Kennedy

Oct.10 57 C of E Hamlyn

Oct.15 37 New Ground Unknown

Oct.31 7 C of E Mrs.Stillards Baby

Nov.7 57 C of E Hamlyn Baby

Nov.27 15 BESL MacDougall (First War Vet)

Nov.29 19 RC McCarvill’s Baby

Dec.22 38 New Ground Asphalm

1932 Jan.6 79 RC Baby Gouge (Frank gk)

Jan.23 39 New Ground Baby (RC)

Page 6 Apr.29 89 RC Baby Carter

May 19 90 RC Jewller

June 11 41 New Ground Indian

June 12 40 New Ground Unknown

Aug.8 112 RC Yarduk (John)

Aug.8 17? C of E Calston

Aug.18 42 New Ground Emil.Ecade (RC)

Oct.4 43 New Ground Jansen

Oct.7 38 ---- Holmes Baby

Oct.20 17 Southall Otto Baby (William gk)

Oct.23 112 RC Pinkuss Baby (Yarduk)

Nov.2 25 C of E Mrs Dodds

Nov.13 44 New Ground Unknown (RC)

Dec.4 45 New Ground Indian

Dec.21 47 New Ground Briggs (RC)

1933 Jan.6 141 C of E J.McLeod (111 C&D)

Mar.11 48 New Ground Indian

page 7 May 26 8 C of E Mrs Vaughan

June 22 49 New Ground Indian

Jul.10 87 RC Desmaules

Jul.18 45 RC Magis

Jul.20 27 C of E T Greer

Jul.26 16 Presbyterian W.Gilson

Jul.26 50 New Ground Unknown

Jul.27 51 New ground Unknown

Jul.31 44 RC Lizzie

Sept.5 52 New Ground Indian

Sept.9 53 New Ground Unknown

Sept.12 17 C of E Adams

Sept.18 54 New Ground Kranjeevis (RC)

Sept.25 55 New Ground Salimen

Oct.21 44 RC Maloney

Oct.27 56 New Ground Indian

Nov.16 6 C of E Valiere Boy

Nov.28 24 C of E G.Michaud

Dec.24 164 C of E Mrs.Hurst

Dec.27 46 RC A.Tintinalli (Archie)

Page 8 Dec.28 57 New Ground Unknown

1934 Jan.12 24 C of E Baby Clark

Jan.25 104 RC J. Anderson

Jan.26 100 RC Baby Birch

Jan.26 105 RC Baby Trubeck

Jan.30 58 New Ground Unknown (C of E)

Feb.3 100 North side R.C. Reburied Unknown

Mar.15 -- BESL Gray (RC)

Mar.21 -- BESL Gordon (William John gk)

Apr.7 59 New Ground Unknown (C of E)

May 14 60 New Ground Indian

May 16 -- BESL Cresswell (C of E)

June 4 18 RC Abbott(girl 5 years old)

June 12 61 New Ground Bullock

Jul.25 -- C of E Rev Cox Mrs Adams

Aug.1 143 RC Trudeaux

Aug.9 62 New Ground Indian

Aug.16 23 C of E Antilla

Page 9 Aug.27 112 RC Pinkuss (112 again gk)

Aug.28 63 New Ground Unknown

Sept.3 6 C of E Pemberton

Sept.5 64 New Ground McLean

Sept.8 100 North Side????? Unknown

Nov.2 7 C of E Unknown

Nov.20 26 S.Side C of E Alex Anderson

Nov.22 65 New Ground Indian

Nov.28 66 New Ground Anslem Laakkonen

Dec.21 67 New Ground P.Gratreska (RL)

Dec.22 68 New Ground Baby Thinstead

1935 Jan.3 69 New Ground Hulme

Feb.18 70 New Ground G.Johnstone

Feb.26 71 New Ground Indian

Mar.1 72 New Ground Unknown

Mar.2 73 New Ground Postmaster Alcona RC

Mar.19 24 RC LaFontaine

Mar.20 74 New Ground Indian

Page 10 Apr.29 78 New Ground Jas.Tessi(er)RC(165A)

Page 11 Apr.4 75 New Ground Clements from Richan

Apr.18 76 New Ground Indian

Apr.25 26 SW Side C of E Morrison Baby

May 2 36 S Side Mrs Halinen

May 6 105 N Side RC Pizzio Baby

May 31 79 New Ground Unknown RC

June 3 100 RC Baby Birch

June 15 80 New Ground John Hovi

June 15 81 New Ground Indian

June 17 26 N.Side Baby Wright (from Hudson)

June 20 65 Presbyterian Mr. Anderson

June 26 82 New Ground A Bers

Jul.3 150 N.G. Southall Johnstone

Jul.6 -- RC T. Carroll

Jul.16 83 New Ground Baby from Hudson

Jul.23 84 New Ground Wilson

Jul.24 35 C of E Mrs. Scott (176)

Jul.29 28 C of E Mrs.Beers

Page 12

Aug.14 36 C of E Baby Parker

Sept.2 85 New Ground Unknown RC

Sept.24 86 New Ground Kuzugh

Sept.24 122 RC Porenik

Oct.9 87 New Ground Indian

Oct.10 88 New Ground Indian

Nov.5 BESL Galloway C of E

Dec.4 122 RC Burkoski

Dec.8 127 RC Ed. Duckineau

Dec.30 89 New Ground Dewar


Jan.4 90 New Ground T.Letriva

Jan.4 105 Presbyterian Ilkka

Jan.7 91 New ground Johnstone

Jan.10 4 C of E Rev.Cox Keefe

Jan.14 92 New Ground Chisel(Indian)

Feb.3 93 New Ground Borak RC

Feb.4 94 New Ground Indian

Feb.18 95 New Ground (Cox) Fralick

Feb.23 106 RC M.Stogryn (Marian)

Page 13

Feb.24 96 New Ground Indian

Feb.?? 33 ?? Procuriat

Mar.3 97 New Ground Indian

Mar.28 98 New Ground Hansen

Mar.31 99 New Ground Bonaruk (RC)

Apr.6 100 New Ground C.Skunk (Indian RC)

Apr.11 134 RC(Red Lake) Baby Tintinalli

Apr.14 101 New Ground P.Kasup (RC)

Apr.21 -- RC Mrs.Cosco (Catherine)

May.20 Unknown.. Removed from Dump area to 102, 103,

104 and 105 to New Ground (This is were Eady Baby was buried

brother of Gordon, Warren and Pat(Oslund) Eady gk)

May 23 107 New Ground Mary Quoquat (Indian)

May 21 106 New Ground Smith

Jun.6 108 New Ground Lengale (RC)

Jun.13 16 RC Doreen Russell

Jun.19 -- New Ground Unknown (RC)

Jun.24 109 New Ground Indian

Jul.7 128 Presbyterian Doug McIness

Jul.13 110 New Ground Indian

Page 14 Jul.25 ---- C of E Baines Baby

Aug.11 1-- N Side C of E ? Stevens

Sept.22 111 New Ground Indian

Oct.5 77 RC Father ???

Oct.29 112 New Ground Indian

Oct.29 4 C of E DallisWallace

Oct.31 113 New Ground Alice Davies

Nov.5 114 New Ground J.Rabbitt (Jack? gk)

Dec.5 2 North Side C of E Baby Hill

Dec.22 115 New Ground Indian

1937 Jan.8 9 C of E Margaret Mitchell

Jan.16 127 N.Side RC Bellamy

Jan.20 144 N.Half RC S Hrushowey

Jan.22 144 N.Half RC Derrick

Jan.22 116 New Ground Baby G,Vertylin

Feb.23 2 S.Half C of E Lyons

Mar.2nd 10 C of E Mrs. J.Russell (187)

Apr.29 117 New Ground Baby McDonald

Page 15

May 1 35 C of E Mrs.Nelson

May 3 118 New Ground Indian

May 17 119 New Ground Unknown (Died Savant L. on Extra Gang)

May 21 75??? C of E Rev Cox Abbott

May ??? 120 New Ground Unknown RC

Jun.5 121 New Ground Unknown (stillborn Baby) C of E

June 6 122 New Ground Bannatyne Cof E

June 21 33 S.Half Rev.Cox Ritchie C of E gk

June 29 51 S.Half Unknown

July 1 123 New Ground Steve Arykusta RC

Aug.4 29 C of E Violet Dixon(Brown)

Sept.3 124 New Ground Unknown

Sept.15 84 RC Margaret Stinson

Oct.13 17 Southall Fred Otto’s Baby (Margaret)gk

Oct.15 3 S.Half C of E Mrs Robinson

Oct.18 125 New Ground Indian

Oct.20 126 New Ground Indian

Nov.5 17 Southall J.Otto (John gk)

Nov.7 24 RC Carter

page 16

Dec.22 127 New Ground Leins

Dec.24 128 New Ground Indian

1938 Jan.14 1 C of E Lemmon

Jan.15 159 Rev.Cox Mrs Collinge

Jan.19 4 C of E Mrs Wallace

Jan.22 129 New Ground Indian

Feb.4 55 S.Half C of E Gastmeir

Feb.16 14 Rev.Cox Holmes (188)

Feb.19 130 New Ground Indian Baby(Galsick)RC

Mar.16 102 RC Grenier Baby

Apr.16 131 RC Cardinal

Apr.27 132 New Ground Indian

May 27 133 New Ground Unknown

June 13 134 New Ground Larson

June 18 122 RC Duckineau

June 20 150 C of E Baby

June 22 135 New Ground P.Laverish C of E

Jul.13 136 New Ground Indian(Mrs Belinski)

page 17

Jul.1? 137 New Ground Indian Jul.22 159 Southall Smith

Jul.26 12? New Ground Baby Draper

Jul.28 138 New Ground Indian

Aug.31 139 New Ground -

Sept.26 80 C of E Baby Wilkins

Sept.28 172 S.Half Rev.Cox MacIntosh

Oct.11 140 New Ground Son-of-vitch

Oct.13 166 Rev.Cox (Quibell Baby) Carter

Oct.15 7 C of E Maki

Oct.21 1 Presbyterian Baby Nymark

Oct.29 6 Rev.Cox Mr.Nyland(162 NW)

Nov.7 141 C of E V.Berglund

Dec.24 11 S.Half C of E (Doris)Mrs A.Landrie

Dec.27 11 N.Half C of E Richardson


Jan.4 34 C of E O.Anderson

June 9 142 New Ground (C of E) Houston Baby

(this entry is also on page 19 with no plot no. gk)

Jan.25 143 New Ground RC Plumber

page 18

Feb.16 144 New Ground Baby Maziur

Feb.22 121 RC Nick Wolchuck

F????? ??? RC Baby

Mar.??? ??? Rev.Cox (Happy) McAllen

Mar.7 145 New Ground (Katawabik)Indian

Mar.21 12 S.Half Bill Carlstrom

Mar.22 12 N.Half (Pierson???) Les Person

Mar.23 121 N.Half RC Baby Broulle

Mar.23 137 C of E Mrs Milling

Apr.8 146 Unknown Bison killed by Local(CN Train)

Apr.13 40 S.Half RC Antoniak

Apr.22 147 C of E (Alma MacIntosh)Balan

Apr.24 11 C of E (George) Mrs G Mitchell

May 3 7 Transferred to Jones from New Ground to

Public Cemetery.

May 2 36 C of E Mrs Rogers

May 22 13 Mrs Pykka(89)

page 19

June 9 New Ground Baby Houston

June 22 163 Southall McCraig

Jul.6 172 N.Half Stillborn

Jul.8 148

Jul.18 BESL RC T.Ryan

Aug.9 150 --- Roberson

Sept.13 1.B --- Indian

Sept.15 77 N.Half RC

Sept.15 80 C of E J.Wilkins

Sept.23 105 Presbyterian Mrs Ilkka

Sept.24 2.B Baby

Oct.4 115 Presbyterian Baby McInnes

Oct.23 151 or 20 Rev. Cox Kay Prymak

Nov.27 3.B Wright

Nov.28 BESL C.Campbell

Dec.5 4.B RC Baby Oryniak

Dec.21 5.B Saari

Dec.24 6.B (Husak?gk) Hushack

Dec.29 11 S.Half C of E Mrs Owens


Jan.6 7.B Baby

Page 20

Jan.23 -- C of E (Jack/John gk)J.Skelhorn

Feb.1 106 Rev.Cox McCoventry

Feb.8 16 S.Half Rev.Cox Hudson

Mar.11 2 George

Mar.14 17 S.Half Baby Featherstone

Mar.25 8 C of E Mr. Vaughan

April 1 8.B Indian

May 4 9.B Indian

May 14 10.B Indian

May 22 11.B Unknown

June 3 12.B D.Stewart

June 11 40 N.Half RC (Phillip gk) P.Neault

This ends the list of Bill Clace Sr’s Burial records on June 11,1940.

There is much confusion in Burial locations as it seems that there was a Potters field on the North side of the RC section and of the Protestant section.

Many persons are buried in these localities,mainly Babies, Indians and those who could not afford a regular burial. Without a master list and locator no one will ever know where many are buried. George Kendall Sr.