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The Sioux Lookout Genealogy Group

Genealogy is the study of one's ancestors or heritage. With this in mind, the first group met in Sioux Lookout in 1984. Several people had been badgering the librarian at that time ,Peggy Sanders, about interloans of reference material, and how to order census records. Peggy suggested setting up a group to accomplish these aims.

The group meets once a month from September to May. June is a shared meeting with the Dryden group. This alternates yearly between the two groups.

The major benefit to members are sharing of materials and ideas. Several members have also reported on their trips to research family trees. The group subscribes to publications from many countries to minimize costs to members.

Many join as beginners.  They want to do family research and have no particular goal in mind. Others aim to produce a published history, to organize a family reunion or to visit the homeland of their ancestors.

To make it easier for future genealogists to find their roots in Sioux Lookout, the group has since 1985, done transcribing of the monuments in the local cemeteries, indexed the birth, death, and marriage notices that have appeared in the local papers over the years. A recent search has been at the first burial ground at the base of Sioux Mountain. A rough draft of the area has been done and some of the graves have been identified. This is an ongoing challenge for some very dedicated members. Another project has been the completion of transcribing the 1913 tax roll. We hope to incorporate this in our new website. As a result of the recent amalgamation, researching and listing of local genealogical sources is underway. This entails searching through the archives in the library basement. It is hoped to index these and place them in a database and digitized onto computer.

We recently celebrated the 100th issue of our newsletter. "Rootseekers Gazette". The first edition was printed in December 1987. This was typed on an electric typewriter by the first 'editor' Joanne (Hamlyn) Macleod. For the last few years , it has been created using 'Microsoft Publisher' . Joanne moved to B.C. in 1989, and Rhonda Glofcheski has taken over production duties. Many guest speakers have visited over the years, plus excellent presentations have been made to increase the knowledge of all.

New technology has changed the way we do much of our research. Many of us now use computers, genealogy software, digital cameras, newsgroups. e-mail and of course the Internet.  Genealogy is one of the most popular topics on the 'Net'. Our goal of sharing resources has certainly been achieved. We have purchased a microfilm reader, and filled two cupboards with various books, magazines and videos all related to genealogy. In setting up the new website and coordinating with 'Rootsweb', we will be able to answer queries from anywhere in the world.

All this from a small but very active and dedicated group.

Home ] The group has recently taken on the task of digitizing the "Tax Rolls in the Town office. The early books have crisp paper due to the fire in 1942 and were handled with care. We have now completed 1914 to 1955. This is an ongoing task and will be made available on C.D for the Town and club. The disc will be available to others for a charge. Also a Spirit Walk at the local cemetary has been taken over by the club. Taking place during the Blueberry Festival it is well attended. This month a Workshop was held at the Highschool. Another success put together by Bev Hall it was a great 3 hours to promote genealogy. A busy year ahead is expected for our small club.
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