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Information from: Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario.
Toronto: Historical Atlas Publishing Co., 1906

LAMPREY, George , b. Dublin, Ire.; d. 1839, age 56, was a Capt. In his Majesty's 82nd Regt., and served in the Peninsular War under Wellington, for which service he was later rewarded by a grant of 801 acres in the Gore of Puslinch Tp., consisting of the south half of lot 10, south half of lot 11, south half of lot 12, all of lot 16, all of lot 17, and south three-quarters of lot 19. For six years after the war he lived in Sussex County, Eng. In 1832 he left Eng. on the sailing vessel "Sovereign," and landed in New York, and after paying a short visit to his brother-in-law, Robert Ward, came on to Toronto. Here he met the late Thomas Sandiland, and together they came to Guelph, and started a general store on the Market Square. In 1834 Mr. Sandiland withdrew form the partnership, and Capt. Lamprey continued the business until his death in 1839. Next to this store, which was on the present Massey-Harris site, Capt. Lamprey built the first stone residence in Guelph, John Thorp being the contractor. As the settlers at that time said there was no building stone in the vicinity of Guelph, the material for this house was collected from the surrounding bush. At the time of the Mackenzie Rebellion the Captain's military ardor was rekindled, and he immediately began drilling the volunteers of the city, and this action, together with the presence of the troops and the Captain's military fame, undoubtedly did much to create a feeling of security among the solid and cautious people of the section, as well as having a strong deterrent effect on the lukewarm supporters of Mackenzie. His appointment as Commissioner of the Court of Request, and also as Registrar for the county, is evidence of the esteem in which he was held by the people of Guelph, and of the confidence placed in him by the governing authorities of the time. Unfortunately, death cut short his career before the completion of the county buildings, thus removing from the community one who, judging from his short life in Guelph, would have done much to accelerate the mercantile, municipal and military advancement of what is now known as the Royal City.

John A. Lamprey, the only surviving son in Guelph, was b. on the Atlantic Ocean in 1832. He attended the old Wellington District Grammar School, to Mr. Verner, and of his classmates in that school only the following still live in Guelph: Crown Attorney H. W. Peterson; Magistrate Saunders, James Thorpe, With the exception of nine years in Grey County, Mr. Lamprey has lived in Guelph, and few, if any, of her citizens have given her as faithful and continued service. He was a member of the Guelph Council for seventeen years, and was for two years Mayor. In church work his record is equally enviable, as he was for twelve years Chairman of the Board of Managers of St. Andrew's Pres. Church, and two years member of the Board of Managers of Knox Church, which he still attends. After six years of experience Mr. Lamprey, in 1887, opened his present office, where, since that date, he has conducted a loan, real estate, insurance and conveyancing business.

From: Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario. Toronto:Historical Atlas Publishing Co., 1906

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