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POWRIE, Robert , was born in Ballindean, Inchture, Perthshire, Scotland on 8 Jun 1814 to David Powrie and Janet Robertson, Weaver died 30 Aug 1880, West Luther, Wellington buried in St. Andrew's Prebyterian, Old Kirkyard, Fergus, Ontario, Canada. James Webster lived in Ballendean only 2 miles from his family, and Robert may have been asked to come to Ontario, he worked for Charles Allan when he first arrived to earn money for his land. He served in the Gore District Militia during the 1837 Rebellion Scare, so I know he was in the area that early.

His wife: Annie McPhail born in Killin, Perth, Scotland 25 Jun 1824 to John McPhail and Catherine McEwan and died 5 Aug 1861, Fergus St. Andrew's Presbyterian, Old Kirkyard, Fergus, Ontario, Canada (Her father John McPhail is buried there also) Their 7 children were: 1. David Powrie, born Concession 16, Lot 16, Nichol Township, Wellington County Chr. 5 Jan 1841 at St. Andrew's Presbyterian in Fergus and Died 27 Dec 1911, Toronto Buried?

His marriage, Schedule B. Marriages, 011486, Number 3, Page 536 David Powrie, age 28, Bachelor Residence when m., Luther (Township) Place of birth, Township of Nichol Profession, Farmer Parents, Robert Powrie and Ann McPhail Mary McTavish, age 18, Spinster Residence, Arthur Place of birth, Erin (Township) Parents, Peter McTavish and Sarah McLean Names and residence of witnesses, Robert Powrie and Ann McPhail, Arthur 5 Jan 1876 m. at Arthur Religion, Presbyterian for both bride and groom Minister, Rev. D. McDonald By License (the record lookes like Sarah McCraw but family says it is Sarah McLean, and I believe them over a court recorder)

David and Mary's Issue: 1. Robert Powrie, born 26 Sep 1877, all children born in West Luther Township, Wellington. He m. Ida Hunter. He died 16 Jun 1952 atBrockville, Ontario, buried at Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario. 2. Sarah Ann Powrie, born 26 Jan 1879,. She m. John Charles Brown, and died in 1911 in Brockville. Buried in Woodlawn, Guelph. 3. John Powrie born 29 Jan 1881 and m. Ann Boyd on 24 Jun 1913, Melancthon Township, Grey County,Ontario. Died 1951 Buried? 4. Mary Powrie born 11 Mar 1883, m. Walter Knetchel Buried? 5. James Powrie, born 2 Apr 1884 6. Minerva Kathleen Powrie born 29 Apr 1886, Mount Forest, Grey County. She m. Chester Edmund Sherlock. She died in 1945. 7. Isabel Powrie born 1889, died 1891 8. David Powrie born 1891, m. Hilda Manhard 9. Thomas Oliver Powrie born 1893, died 5 April 1949. He m. Mary Reta Heard. He was a Private and Cyclist with Signal Corp in World War I. 10. Archibald Powrie born 11 May 1896 in Mount Forest and died in 1946. He m. Ellen Erwin. He served as a Sappar in World War I, and was in Corp of Guides like his brother. He went to Siberia, while his brother served in Germany and France. 11. Gordon Powrie was born in 1899 and died in 1962. He m., but I do not know to whom.

2. Mary Powrie was born 2 Jun 1847 and chr. 4 Jul 1847 at St. Andrews Fergus, as were her siblings. She died 21 Nov 1923 in Guelph, Wellington County and is buried with John at Woodlawn Cemetery, Guelph. She m. John Mackie Yule, who had been m. first to Jean Stewart Walker, daughter of Alexander Walker and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Schedule B. Marriages, 011892, Number 10, Page 312 John Yule, age 34, Widower Residence when m., Guelph Place of birth, Scotland Profession, Gas Manager Parents, Alexander Yule and Margaret Man (correct spelling Mair) Mary Powrie, age 30, Spinster Residence, Fergus Place of birth, Ontario Parents, Robert Pourie and Ann McPhail Names and residence of witnesses, Grace and Sarah Robertson, Erin (Township) Date, 16 April 1878 m. at Guelph Religion, Presbyterian for both bride and groom Minister, Thomas Wardrope By License. I have found no children by either marriage.

3. Robert Powrie, Jr. was born 7 May 1849 and chr. 17 Jun 1849. He m. Catherine Marie Ross (Finlay Ross's sister, who m. his Jessie Powrie. Brother and sister married brother and sister) on 8 Apr 1879. His obit, which has no date or place written on the clipping, says he was sent home to Arthur, but I have not found his grave. It also says he was survived by his wife, so he remarried to Ann Ellison daughter of William Ellison and Mary Ann Brown.

Schedule B. Marriages, 011665, Number 11, Page 538 Robert Powrie, age 29, Bachelor Residence when m., Luther (Township) Place of birth, Township of Nichol Profession, Farmer Parents, Robert Powrie and Ann McPhail Catherine Marie Ross, age 22, Spinster Residence, Luther Place of birth, City of Hamilton Parents, Finlay and Rebecca Ross (nee Dunlop) Names and residence of witnesses, James Powrie, Luther Emilia Ross, Luther (her first name is a guess from writing) April 8th 1879 m. in Luther Township Religion, Presbyterian for both bride and groom Minister, William Mills By License

Robert Powrie and Catherine Marie Ross Powries children. Issue: 1. John Alexander 19 Jan 1880, who m. Euphemia Marion O'Brien. 2. Annie Rebecca Powrie, who m. Herbert Bicknell. She was born on 18 Aug1881, and died in 1952. She is buried at Arthur/Greenfield, Peel Township,Wellington County. 3. James Donald Powrie born 2 Apr 1884, who m. Ada Lillian Moore.

4. Annie Powrie was born 2 Aug 1851 and chr. 28 Sep 1851 at Fergus. She is buried at Mountainview Cambridge, Galt, Section 3, Waterloo County, Ontario She m. twice. She m. Alexander Gerrie:

Schedule B. Marriages 012579 , Number 2, Page 32 Alexander Gerrie, age 33, Bachelor Residence when m., Fergus Place of birth, Township of Nichol Profession, Saddler Parents, William Gerrie and Jo Brake (Isabella) Annie Powrie, age 21, Spinster Residence, Nichol Place of birth, Nichol Parents, Robert Pourie and Ann McPhail Names and residence of witnesses, David Wallace, Guelph Mary Powrie, Nichol Date, 26 Feb 1873 m. at Nichol Religion, Presbyterian for both bride and groom Minister, Rev. James B. Mullen By License

After his early death, she m. William Sanger Skene, who was a widower (Margaret Black) with 6 young children. I have not found their marriage record, or any children that followed, William was the son of George Skene and Barbara Hunter of Fyvie, Aberdeenshire.

5. Janet Powrie (Jessie) was born on 18 Aug 1853 and chr. 11 Sep 1853 at Fergus. She m. Finlay Ross, the brother of Catherine Marie Ross who married Jessie's brother Robert Powrie, Jr. I do not know what became of her, where she is buried or if she married again.

Her children with Finlay were: 1. Robert Ross, 2. John Powrie Ross born 12 Jan 1876 and later m. to Margaret Edith Neff. He is buried in ForestLawn Memorial Park, Burnby, British Columbia. 3. Winifred Ross who m. J.A. Affleck. 4. Annie Ross

6. John Powrie was born on 14 Mar 1856 and chr. 4 May 1858. He is buried in Hannibal, Missouri. He m. Marion Noble Moffatt, and settled in Missouri. I found his letter of intention to naturalize that show he crossed at Detroit, Michigan in July of 1879. He needed the first document to get a land patent in Cass County, North Dakota. He stayed near Fargo, Dakota Territory for the five years required.

Schedule B. Marriages, 01258, Number 3, Page 253 John Powrie, age 26, Bachelor Residence when m., Fargo, Dakota Terr. (Territory) Place of birth, Nichol Profession, Engineer Parents, Robert Powrie and Ann McPhail Marion Noble Moffatt, age 22, Spinster Residence, Fergus Place of birth, Fergus Parents, John Moffatt and Janet Black Names and residence of witnesses, William Hay, Fergus Annie J. Moffatt, Fergus 5th Oct 1882 m. in Fergus Religion, Presbyterian for both bride and groom Minister, Rev. J. B. Mullan (hard to read) By License

Issue: 1. John Moffat Powrie born 7 Jan 1894 in Hannibal, Missouri. He m. Lucille Marlborough and is buried in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 2. Roy Powrie born Sep 1888. 3. Norman Powrie born Jun 18894. Marion Powrie who m. Buzz Whitmore. Roy and Norman never married.

7. And finally James Brown Powrie who was born 10 Jan 1858 and chr. 13 Mar 1858 in Fergus. My grandfather died in Drain, Douglas County, Oregon and is buried at the East Drain Cemetery, Drain. He m. Olive Marie Morningstar on 8 Jul 1889 in Drain in the home of her parents. Her name was the "americanized" from Morganstern. She was the daughter of Abraham Washington Morningstar and Sarah Jane Watkins. Olive Powrie taught school for the Oregon District 22 school in Drain.

James Brown Powrie and Olive Marie Morningstar Powries children: 1. Pearl Olive Powrie (Penny) born 1890, and died 1954, in Mansfield, Ohio. She is buried at the East Drain Cemetery. She was m. to Leslie M. Nicholls and Guy Shawk. Her only child Wayne Leslie Niccolls is buried with her in Drain. 2. James Emmett Powrie was born in 1893 and died in 28 Dec 1953 in Pontiac, Oakland Co., Michigan. He m. Imogene Powell and they had one daughter Imy Powrie, now Mrs. Ned Schley of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 3. Omar Bruce (Nokie) Powrie born 8 Mar 1895. He died 14 Dec 1971 and is buried at Sunset Memorial Cemetery, Coos Bay, Coos Co., Oregon. He m. Opal Fyne Wauch and Ina Christina Sumerlin. 4. Alvin Larch (Jack) Powrie born 5 Mar 1897 in Drain. He m. Florence ? who had been m. previously to a Mr. Knox. 5. Charles Morningstar Powrie 3 Oct 1899 and died 2 Sep 1902 6. Sarah Annie Powrieborn in 10 Oct 1903 and died on 11 Jun 1907. 7. Clyta M. Powrie still born 17 Jan 1907 8. Robert Eugene Powrie born on 28 Feb 1912 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon and died on 7 Jun 1973 in Coos Bay, Coos County, Oregon. He m. Iona Imogene Burgess on 1 May 1937 in Grants Pass, Oregon. My parents are both buried at Sunset Memorial in Coos Bay.

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