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The following surnames appear in the queries posted below. Use your Browsers "FIND" feature to search for a name. The suffix (3) indicates there are 3 postings of this surname.

Abrahams, Allan, Allen, Almas(2), Ambridge, Applegarth, Arnold, Atkinson(2), Attwater, Bain(2), Baldwin, Bavidge, Bedell, Bennet, Begue, Bellow, Blakney, Bloomer, Bown(2), Boardman, Bradt, Brewer, Broughton, Brown(2), Bulcher, Burke(2), Butler, Byers, Campbell, Carlson, Carpenter, Carson, Carter, Cheyne, Christie, Christiansen, Chrysler(2), Clapham, Clark, Clifford, Cockrell, Connell(2), Cooper, Cook, Cooke, Cooley, Cope, Copeman, Corbett, Cornell, Corrigan, Coverly, Cowing, Craik, Crawford, Croll, Crooker, Cummings, Dallas, Dalley, Dauphin, Dawson, Decker, Davis(2), DeHeines, Dimick, Diamond, Donnelly, Donoghue, Downing, Doyle, Drumgold, Dunnett, Eastwood, Edy, Egleston, Fahey, Farley, Farmer, Ferrie(2), Field(2), Findlay, Finlay, Fleming, Fitzsimmons, Fletcher, Flock, Foreman, Foubister, Franklin, Fuller(2), Gaiter, Galbraith, Gardiner, Garrett, Gordon(2), Gorvett, Gore-Booth, Gordon, Gow, Grace, Gray(2), Greenaway, Greene, Griffin(2), Hale, Hammill, Hannon, Hardman, Harrington, Hart, Haslam, Harvey, Haviland, Hawkins, Hayhurst, Hess, Hewston, Hickey, Hinks, Hipkins, Home, Hopkins, Horning, Hoskin(2), House, Hover, Hughes, Hurd, Hurley, Irving, Jackson, Jeff, Jeffs, Kapham, Kelly, Kennard, Kennedy, Kerr, Kilvington, King(2), Kitchen, Knight, LaArmour, Lacy, LaWalla, Lampear, Land, Lane(2), Larkin, Lawrence(2), Lawrie,  Leatham, Linkert, Little, Lockhart, Logan, Lonsberry, Lotocki, Macaulay(2), Maccaulay, Maciver, Magill, Mann(2), Markle(2), Marshall, Masters, McCarthy, McCoag, McCormack, McCormick, McDonald, McGuire, McIllistrum, McIntosh, McKee, McKinnon, McLean, McMahon, McNichol(2), Miller, Mills,  Minogue, Moore(2), Morley, Morrison, Mountain, Muir, Mulholland, Mullen, Munson, Murphy, Murray, Mussell, Nedham, Nelson, Noble, Oberlin, Oliver(2), Osborn, Ostrum, Parlow, Patterson, Pebbles, Pepper, Petitt(2), Pilkey, Pflies, Poole, Power, Reeves, Reid, Randall, Rasberry, Regan, Richey, Riddle(2), Riles, Robertson, Rosebrugh, Russel(3), Ryckman, Secord, Sells, Serens, Sharp(2), Shepley, Shoupe, Smith, Spicer, Springer, Squire, St. John, Stevenson, Stewart, Stokoe, Sullivan, Surman, Sutherland, Taylor(6), Terryberry, Teskey, Thatcher(2), Tomes, Tunis, Van Every, Van O'Linda, VanSickle, Vassie, Wagner, Walker, Wallace(2), Walsh, Warwick, Warson, Weston, White, Whitney, Whittaker, Wild, Wills, Williams, Wilson(3), Wollgar, Woolverton,  Woodrow, Woods(2), Wright, Wyatt, Yeager, Young(4), Younger


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My grandfather, Charles Herbert BROWN, was born in a log cabin in Beverly Township in 1890. His parents were Aaron Charles BROWN and Sarah Louise KITCHEN.  He also had cousins who lived in the current Hamilton-Wentworth area named KERR, one in particular named Hamilton Kerr. Anyone knowing any information regarding these families please contact me. Doug Yates May 1, 2001


Thomas DAVIS, and wife Catherine KENNEDY, had 3 children born to them in Dundas, William H., Charles E. and Mary A. between 1853 and 1857. I suspect Thomas and Catherine were also married their. I found Thomas on the tax
records, but I am looking for their marriage and the children's birth dates. Any information or suggestions are most welcomed. May 1, 2001


Searching for  info regarding my grandmother, Cecelia MULLEN, born September, 15, 1888 in Hamilton, Ontario.  Had a brother possibly named Alexander. She married William J. HEWSTON in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. abt. 1919.  Unsure when she arrived in the states but she was staying with relatives (Hammond family) before her marriage.  Thank you. Christine May 1, 2001


Looking for JEFFS/FITZSIMMONS/GOW in Hamilton. JEFFS emmigrated from England about 1875-76. Joseph, George, Samuel, William, Nellie Sarah (later became Mrs. W. FITZSIMMONS), Lavina (later became Mrs.
Clarence HAYHURST-but I think moved to Brantford, Brant County after marriage) and another female who became Mrs. A. GOW. Any information is appreciated. Please e-mail me at April 21, 2001


My name is William Robert CLAPHAM, I am starting on our family tree. My fathers name is Robert Harold CLAPHAM, (married Julia nee LOTOCKI) brother of Earl CLAPHAM his fathers name was Harold CLAPHAM, plasterer of Hamilton, his wife's name was Adelaide nee REID, Adelaide's father was George REID of Hamilton, I believe George Reid had four children. I remember him as a very old man who had gone blind, he lived, I think on Main Street near Kenilworth Street, Hamilton. That is all that we know of George and his family. Harold CLAPHAM had a sister named Maude E CLAPHAM, (she married Fred CARTER we know next to nothing of Maude and her husband) and a brother George CLAPHAM (who moved to Florida). Harold's fathers name was Arnold Clapham, plasterer of Hamilton Ontario Canada, his wife's name was Celia A nee COOK, (we know next to nothing of Celia and her family)
Arnold's father was Samuel Clapham, plasterer, who emigrated to Canada I think with his brother (name not known), from England, as there was a shortage of tradesmen? I now live in Australia and so am at a bit of a disadvantage, although the web is just great. Any information that you may have will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Bill April 16, 2001


Looking for anyone who may have known Isabella (DUNN) CORBETT, b. April 24, 1861, Scotland and died May 17, 1943. She lived in Waterdown. I believe she is laid to rest in Waterdown Municipal Union Cemetery, Flamborough East Township, Wentworth County. She was married to William CORBETT, b. Jan. 8, 1851 in Scotland and died January 1914 - where?? The family lived in Wharncliffe, Algoma County and had 7 children: William John, Mary, Carrie, Grace, David, Mark, Frank. Also looking for info on Frank CORBETT, who was born about 1902 and died about 1980. Thanks April 13, 2001


Wilfred DAVIS was apparently living in Hamilton in 1906 and married Agnes Kathleen Mary LANE. Would like to find out if there were any children and where the families are today. Thanks. April 13, 2001


Looking for info on Henry CHRYSLER, Jr. He was a constable in Ancaster in 1801, married Desire Smith. Would like to find out about his children, when and where he died. Rhonda Davis April 13, 2001


I am seeking information on  Augusta Marie BOARDMAN  who married William Hamilton  MILLS  in 1840 in Hamilton, Ontario. Does anyone know anything about Augusta Marie BOARDMAN, parents, siblings ???  Thanks for any help..e-mail Barbara at April 9, 2001


Searching for the family of Walter D. and Eliza Ann GALBRAITH of Wentworth Co Hamilton, Ontario.The GALBRAITH 's were in Hamilton in the 1850's. They are both buried in the Christ Church Cathedral Cemetery in
Hamilton. Also the family of Thomas and Anna Lucinda LAWRIE of Wentworth Co., Hamilton, Ontario.The LAWRIE's were also there at that time period. They are both buried in the Hamilton cemetery. I have no death dates on any of them.  Thank you Elysa April 7, 2001


I'm researching my family, some of whom moved to Hamilton from Norfolk Cty. My father was Harry James CHARTERS. His b's and s's were Art, Emma (m. LEATHAM, KNIGHT), Hattie (m. PEARCE), Helena (m. HINCKS or HINKS), Lillian (m. CARLSON), and William. I believe Harry's father was James D. and his mother Mary (maiden name unkown). I would appreciate any information that can help me fill in the holes. Email to   April 7, 2001


Earnestly seeking information on Albert Edward BAVIDGE, resident in Hamilton/Dundas circa 1912 to 1915.
Employed by a Mr. William MANN, (RR No.2, Dundas), farmer. Plus any information on a Miss Alice SELLS.
Many thanks, Valerie Bavidge-Richardson (Buckinghamshire) April 7, 2001


I am looking for information on a Robert CRAWFORD b abt 1864 D Apr 08-1939 Fort William Ont. Married Elvina MANN B Aug 07-1868 D Apr 12-1937. Married May 14-1886.  Parents of Elvina are Martin Mann and Sarah Arnold  Elvina had a sister Mary Jane who lived near Hamilton? Emigrated from USA ? From the info I have Robert was born in England of Scottish parents?
Children of Robert & Elvina
Percy William B Sept 10-1890   M Mary Catherine Weatherhead
Gertie B May 04-1888                M James Slater
Bobby B Jan 02-1889                  D 1903
Tommy B Sept 12-1892              D 1896
Estelle B 1894                             D 1894
James B 1894                              D 1894
Marie B 1896
Elsie B 1898
Eileen                                        Married ?
Leo                                            Never married
Gerald                                       Married ?
All of the children were born in Beverley Township email:  Julie Crawford March 31, 2001


John DUNNET was a member of the 1st Regiment of Foot and after the war settled in Hamilton with his family. His children included: Benjamin, Elizabeth, John, and Walter Dunnett. Benjamin (1823-1878) was a famous postman in the Hamilton area. Am interested in finding more about the family, particularly John Dunnett, Jr. Leah D. Rudolph, March 29, 2001


Would appreciate information from anyone on Orange L. HOUSE died May 30, 1880 age 61 years, buried in the Bethesda United Church Cemetery in Ancaster. I believe he may be the son of John P. HOUSE and Charlotte LAWRENCE. other children are James B. listed in the 1871 census as a photographer in Orangeville ON and later moved to Hamilton, Philip, John, Austin, Lavina, Esther, Sarah and Elizabeth. Information on any of these would be appreciated. Doug Kirkwood. Oakville, Ontario. March 29, 2001



I am searching for information about Edward HIPKINS b. Nov.13, 1809 in Birmingham, England. He died July 9, 1875 in Brantford, Ontario. He married Maryann Mills October 25, 1831 in St Martins, Birmingham. He later remarried Jane Thompson in Ontario. Edward's son was Alfred HIPKINS who is known to have lived in Wentworth county. Alfred married Hughann OLIVER in Wentworth County in 1861. Any information would be helpful. March 25, 2001


I am trying to locate information about William Robertson MACAULAY who was born in @1867 in Hamilton to Kenneth MACAULAY and Elsie GORDON. He was admitted into the Hamilton Orphan Asylum in May of 1876 with his sister Elsia (Elsie) Macaulay (McAuley). I believe that Kenneth placed these children at the asylum, possibly after the death of Elsie Gordon. William was apprenticed out in March of 1877 to a David Hall (could be Hull or Heath) of Townsend, Norfolk and his sister was placed with Mr. William MUIR of North Bruce, Port Elgin in Feb. of 1878. I believe that these children were the children of the Kenneth Macaulay (b. 1829) who was born in Fraserborough, Scotland to Kenneth Macaulay and Margaret NOBLE. Kenneth had at least two brothers who emigrated with him to Canada, a Robertson (b.@ 1833) who worked as an accountant for the Canada Life Assurance Company and a John Anderson Macaulay (b. 1838) who was a photographer in Hamilton. Unfortunately, I can't tie anything together for sure and I need help!! If anybody knows anything about any of these people, I would be deeply grateful. It is really difficult to trace these records and I could use assistance. Thank you, Molly Zeman March 24, 2001


I am interested in any information on the family of Thomas and Mary DOYLE. My husband's Great Grandfather (also Thomas Doyle) was born in Waterdown, Wentworth County in appr. 1885 s/o Thomas and Mary who were originally from Ireland. I am interested in any information on other children that Thomas and Mary might have had or any other information on the Doyle family in Wentworth County. Any help is much appreciated, Peggy Doyle Peggy Doyle March 18, 2001


I am looking for information on my great great grandparents.  My grandfather was Frank Edmonson WALKER and
his parents were Robert and Sophia Walker.  Robert was a carriage maker in Hamilton. Frank's wife was
Dorothy Tryphena (Phena) HESS, and her parents were Jacob and Harriett HESSE. All were from Hamilton.  March 18, 2001


Would like to correspond with anyone researching the WILD/WILDE/WILDS who were truck farmers and gardeners in the Hamilton area 1840-1910 Stephen Wild/e who married Sarah Stamp and their son James Wild/e who married  Hannah Summers are of particular interest to me. Their were other members of this family who resided in N.Cayuga. March 18, 2001


Jane OSBORN(E) of Barton married George COCKRELL of Barton circa January, 1834, according to their marriage
bond.  They had three children:  Mary born Feb 4, 1835 in Oxford CW, Richard Stewart born June 11, 1838 and
Augusta Jane born circa 1845.  No vital stats on Jane, but she died <1855.  Does she fit the Jane in your OSBORN
tree? March 18, 2001


I am looking for anyone researching the surnames FULLER or KING in Wentworth County. Please e-mail me so that we can Share/Compare info and hopefully connect. Thanks, Meg Fuller Actively Researching: Fuller: Ontario and Michigan King: PA, Ontario and Michigan Wilson: Ontario and Michigan March 18, 2001


Looking for the descendants of Elizabeth "Jane" PILKEY (1836-1864) & Wm J MURPHY (1835).
Their children were James Murphy (1860), Joseph Murphy (1861) who m. Alice & had a son Joseph (1889), and Ann Murphy (1863). In 1861 the family was in Glanford twp. In 1871 they were living with their maternal gparents Joseph & Nancy Pilkey in Glanford.  In 1891 Joseph was a hardware clerk living with his new family in Brantford. In 1881 Ann was living with her Uncle Joseph in Hamilton. Luella Shank, 3 borduas Crt, Kanata, Ont K2K 1K9 or March 14, 2001


I am looking for anyone researching the surnames FULLER or KING in Wentworth County. Please e-mail me so that we can Share/Compare info and hopefully connect. Thanks, Meg Fuller. Actively Researching: Fuller: Ontario and Michigan, King: PA, Ontario and Michigan, Wilson: Ontario and Michigan March 14, 2001


My grandparents were married in September 1899 in the Barton Street Methodist Church and according to a newspaper clipping, it was the first wedding there. They were EMILIE CHRISTIANSEN and ROBERT J. CROLL of S.G. Little and Co. I cannot find any information on whether this church still stands nor can I find anything about the business of S.G. Little and Co. Any help would be appreciated. Elsie Heinrick, Bellingham WA USA
March 14, 2001


Has anyone information about Matilda TERRYBERRY who married, supposedly, Nelson ST. JOHN and had a daughter Elizabeth Ellen ST. JOHN born about 1850 in Dundas, Ont.? In 1861 Nelson ST. JOHN is enumerated in Caistor Twp., Lincoln Co. with wife Eliza Jane (age 31, born U.C.), children Elizabeth (age 12, born U.C.), Mary V. (age 7, born U.S.), Levines W. (age 3, born U.S.). On the 1871 census of Caistor Twp., Nelson ST. JOHN is enumerated with wife Eliza Jane (age 40, born U.S.), children Wellington (age 13, born Ont.), Isabella (age 9, born Ont.) and Edward (age 3, born Ont.). It looks as if Nelson ST. JOHN may have married twice, secondly to an Eliza Jane, born in the U.S. No marriage record has been found, to date, for Nelson St. John to Matilda Terryberry. March 11, 2001


HELP! My ggrandfather William Roberson MACAULAY was born in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1867 to Kenneth MCAULAY and Elsie GORDON. I am trying to detemine if his father was the Kenneth Macaulay who appears in the 1871 Hamilton census in the St. Patrick's Ward. This Kenneth Macaulay, a tailor, was born in 1829 in Peterhead, Scotland. He has brothers Robertson (b. 1833, emigrated 1854, living in Quebec 1901) and John Anderson (b. 1838, photographer, 1871 Hamilton, St. Patrick's Ward census). These three brothers are the sons of Margaret Noble and Kenneth Macaulay who were married in Peterhead, Aberdeen, Scotland in 1819. The brothers were born in Fraserburgh. My ggrandfather was raised in an orphanage in Hamilton, so Elsie and Kenneth may have died or been unmarried. I believe he had a sister who was raised by relatives, but I am not sure of that. Does anyone know about this family? I've been looking for this family a long time and would really appreciate your help. Thanking you in advance, Molly. March 10, 2001


John GRAY married Margaret ALLAN 1844, Glasgow, Scotland. Their children b. in Glasgow were: Agness b. 1846, Mary b. 1848, Andrew b. 1850, Margaret b. 1852, John b. 1854. This family emigrated to Hamilton, ON abt. 1855. Their children born in Hamilton were: William b. 1856, Robt. James b. 1858, Joseph b. 1860, and Eliza b. 1863. Family then migrated to Detroit, MI. Children born there: Stephen Edward b. 1867, and Alice Jean b. 1871. Please respond if
you are linked to this family: March 10, 2001


We are trying to find a lady born in the year 1933 (could be 1932 or 1934) by the name of Lynne WATSON (WATSON is her maiden name)(could be Linda, Lynda, Lynn) who attended Central Collegiate High School in Hamilton. She went by the name "Lynne, or, Lynn" although this could be a short form of Linda. Were she to have been graduated, it would have been approximately the year 1952. One schoolmate thinks that she may have married a member of the Tiger Cat football team but of this we are not certain. She lived in the Sherman and Main area, possibly on Burris. Most probably born in Hamilton, Wentworth County, although I cannot be certain. She would now be approximately 67 years of age. If you are succesful in finding out any information kindly e-mail roberthenry@sprint.caThank you. March 6, 2001


My great-grandfather, Joseph SURMAN, and his father, Henry SURMAN, left Oxfordshire and disembarked a ship at Quebec City in 1854/1856. From there, they eventually wound up near or in Hamilton City. Joseph had a sister,
Elizabeth, born 21 Jul 1857 here and also a brother, William, born 23 Apr 1859.  He also had a brother, Thomas, who died here 14 Jul 1863.  By 1870, they were living in Ohio.  I have viewed the 1861 census for Hamilton City itself and even though the film copy was poor, I found no record of them. Any suggestions for my next attemp at locating them in Canadian records? What would have been a typical migration trail to have reached Ohio - across the lake or by a land route? I really would like to find the record for Thomas because that would probably lead to the other missing records. Please respond to  Thanks. John SURMAN March 6, 2001


I have found out since I posted my query that Robert RUSSEL and Mary LaBlanche WILSON had two children instead of only one, the children's names were William Edwin Russell b. 1883 Hamilton, ON and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Russell who married a Mr. SHOUPE and lived in Charlottetown. Thank you for any help in advance. Tammy LaForme March 6, 2001


Does anyone out there happen to know about the Hamilton Orphan Asylum? My ggrandfather William Robertson MACCAULAY (son of Kenneth Macaulay and Elsie GORDON) was there sometime between1867 and 1880. He appears in the index, but I would like to find out more and wonder if there are records associated with the asylum that I might access.  Anyone have an address where the records are housed or know what I can do to trace my family
through their records? Also, is the asylum associated with any particular church or was it a gov't institution? Thank you, Molly Zeman.  March 6, 2001


Just found new information. My gr-gr-grandmother Jane CONNELL was born Golden Tipperary. She married 1845 (St. Mary's church Hamilton)to Matthew BURKE, witnesses were Patrick FERRIE & Wm McINTOSH. At the baptism of her daughter, my gr grandmother, the sponsors were Michael CONNELL and Maryan CONNELL. Please help if you know these families. Thanks. February 25, 2001


I'm searching for the William and Susan FOREMAN family. They immigrated to Canada from Cambridge, England in about 1846. The family, including sons John, Stephen and George were living in West Flamboro in the 1851 census. Son Richard, age 16, was living with Manual Markle in West Flamboro as a servant. Linda Osterhoudt February 25, 2001


From a marriage book, I found these entries:
Jacob SERENS m., 1833, Mary TUNIS, Catherine SERENS m., 1833, Samuel MARKLE, Elizabeth SERENS M., 1832, Moses DIMICK. All of the SERENS were of Flamboro West, Ancaster, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. I would be very glad to find out more about the parents, other siblings, and descendants of the above.  I believe these SERENS are related to the John SERENS family of Harwich, Kent, Ontario, from whom I descend. John SERENS was b. abt 1782, d. Chatham, Kent, Ont., 10 Apr 1856. His widow, Margaret, was living, at Harwich, with the Jacob THATCHER family in 1861. I descend from Jacob and Margaret SERENS THATCHER, of Harwich, m. 14 Sep 1837, Witnesses: John SERENS and Hannah THATCHER. This couple emigrated to Macon County, Missouri, between 1865-1869, and died there 1889 and 1887. I would also be interestested to know more about a Barbara THATCHER, of Ancaster.
Thank you. Serens researchers are difficult to find. Bill Pixley, P. O. Box 321, Arkansas City, KS 67005-0321  February, 11, 2001


Looking for marriage information for Margaret McCARTHY (abt 1827-Ireland-? Perth Co, ON) married to John FLEMING (1798 Ireland-1876 Perth Co, ON) abt 1859, Hamilton, ON. This was the second marriage for John (his first wife died on board ship to Canada) and we can't find a record of this second marriage. Any help would be greatfully appreciated. John is my paternal ggggrandfather. Donna Di Lello. February, 10, 2001


I am seeking info on my birth family. I was born in Wentworth and my name was Elizabeth Ann L. I was born Dec. 4, 1975 in Wentworth and the Childrens Aid Society of Brant handled the adoption. I am searching for the last name with anyone who has info. Susan Kelley. February, 3, 2001


Looking for relatives of John McCORMACK from Wentworth County. Parents where Williamand Mary (BAIN). Johns father William had worked in a woolen mill in Ancaster in the late 1800,s. Johns siblings where James and Wm, jr. Family immigrated from GlasgowScotland about 1863 to Ancaster, Ontario. January 28, 2001


Looking for information on the families of James Harrington, who came to Ancaster in 1854 with his wife Jane O'Mara. He lived at lot 34/2 and called his home "The Maples". Children were: Margaret Harrington, born 1844-married Richard Devey Farmer Elizabeth Harrington, born 1850-married Henry H. Greene Anna Harrington, born 1853-married Edgar Frank Egleston Sarah Jane Harrington, born 1855-died in a thrashing accident 1865
Joseph Harrington, born 1857-married Johnina E.B. Garrett Alice May Harrington 1859-married Richard S. Stevenson William John Harrington born 1861-married Sarah Maria Hammill Mary Margaret Harrington, born 1863-married Dr. George Leeming Carr Isabel Almas, mother of Sarah Maria (Hammill) married ? Hammill
Mabel Reata Harrington-married Russell Templer Regan Looking for family descendants, and information on the above families, all from Ancaster, Ontario. January 25, 2001


I am trying to find any information on the early life of Isaac MULHOLLAND who was born in Hamilton on 17 January 1845. I know who his descendents are, but not any of his ancestors. Jim Buckley January 14, 2001


I am looking for any information re:  Henry Thomas COWING: Born 1861 - Died April 1928 in Hamilton. Also his wife Rubina Born 1861 and Died January 1929 in Hamilton Place of Birth unknown. Doug Burnett January 14, 2001


I'm looking for the family of Catherine RIDDLE, b. 1814, place unknown. She married Robert CRAIK in 1833 in Ancaster, Wentworth Co., Ontario. They later moved to Putnamville, N. Dorchester, ON. Catherine died Oct
15, 1865. I have always assumed that her family was Scottish. Cathy White. January 13, 2001


Seeking information/desc of George William HUGHES, b. Ireland, wf Sarah Maria ---, ch: Sarah Maria CHEYNE and Mary Jane AMBRIDGE. Schoolteacher @ Stoney Creek c. 1818, died @ 67 April 6, 1824, buried St. Andrews
UEL/Pioneer Churchyard, Grimsby. Also seeking information/desc of Rev. George CHEYNE and Sarah Maria Hughes (Jr.) CHEYNE.  Rev. CHEYNE, a Scottish Presbyterian Minister appointed to serve Canadian frontier
1830-1870.  Sarah Maria Hughes CHEYNE operated girls school in the area.  Also seeking information/desc of George William Hughes AMBRIDGE M.D., grandson of GW HUGHES, nephew to Sarah Maria Hughes CHEYNE.  GWH AMBRIDGE married Esther Mary Ann WHEATLEY in Howard Twp. April 20, 1840.  Relocated family to Stoney Creek to commence keeping school in 1844. GWH AMBRIDGE died @ 29 on April 24, 1846.  He is buried in St. Andrews UEL/Pioneer Churchyard beside his Grandfather. Elizabeth Beckman January 13, 2001


Looking for information on Charles Petit BEDELL b. 14 DEC 1819 in Salfleet Township d. 02 APR 1894 in Washougal, WA. Married Jane TAYLOR on 24 JAN 1849 in Canada. She was b. 01 NOV 1830 Canada d. 1879 Washougal, WA., daughter of Matthias TAYLOR and Jane MUTFORD/MUDFORD. Charles and Jane had seven children, three of which were born in Saltfleet: John G. BEDELL, Harriet L. BEDELL, and Charles Albert BEDELL. I am looking for the parentage of Charles P. BEDELL. Thank you for any information you may be able to provide or any suggestion as to a path I can follow. Tonie (North) Bedell. January 6, 2001.


Looking for family lived in Wentworth area between 1800 and 1900s, then I think moved to Mi. Thanks Jerry January 5, 2001


John CHRISTIE and wife Margaret Isobel YOUNGER from Scotland to Carluke Ont. in 1858. I would like to have data on my Grt. Grandparents with 11 children who lived in Carluke, Ontario and died there in 1902 and 1903. I would like to hear from any cousins or anyone else who has information of these people. The children had married names Scott; Smith; Henderson; Tinkham, etc. Jean. January 3, 2001


FIELD families of Ancaster, Beverly & Copetown. Willing to share 36 years of research on the ancestry and descendants of James Field 1802-1872 and his brother Gilbert Chrysler Field 1807-1881. Charles Field January 3, 2001


Looking for information on Anson CHRYSLER, b.1835 in Brant Co, married Mary ALLEN. Children that I have
found are Henry K, b. Dec 20, 1861 in Ancaster; Allen, b. abt 1866; and John, b. abt 1877. These children
immigrated to Michigan around 1890. Please contact me if you have any info.
January 3, 2001


I am looking for information on Mary Lablanche WILSON b. approx. 1860 married Robert RUSSELLthey had a child
named William Edwin Russell b. 07/05/1883 Hamilton ON d. 04/27/1970. William married Edith Laura Gaymer b. 11/27/1882 Norfolk England d. 02/05/1967 Waterford, ON their children were Viola Marion Russell, Audrey Lablanche Russell, Ralph Robert Russell, Annie Ida Russell. I was thinking that Lablanche may have been the maiden name of Mary's mother as it seems to be passed down as a middle name through the girls in the family and sometimes this was a way of passing on the mothers maiden name in the family. Any help would be appreciated. Tammy LaForme January 3, 2000


We are searching for information on my 7th generation great grandfather, REV MATHEW BENNETT who immigrated to Canada and was married in 1802. He resided in Beverly township and was buried in Troy cemetary. We are trying to obtain marraige records. Our family records indicate he married a Hamilton. Children Thomas, John, George, Mathew, Polly, Hannah Please reply to Connie Bennett @ CONN@SPRINT.CA December 30, 2000


Looking for information on my elusive CLARK family. Charles Oscar Clark joined the Canadian Army in 1914 and went overseas, he was a gunner in the 11th Batalion (the fighting eleventh) and lost his eye at Yepres France. He then came home to Hamilton  and married an Alice Unknown. They had 2 children: Eddie and Pearl. Alice died a few months before Eddie. They lived at Stoney Creek. Eddie was a transport driver and was about 47 years old when he died. His sister Pearl was living in Hamilton. Parents of Charles Oscar Clark was William Wallace Clark and Mary Isabelle Clark (Marshall). Other siblings of Charles were: LuLu May, Harry, Blanch, Ethel, Pearl, Rose and Clara. Mary Isabelle Clark (MARSHALL) died shortly after the birth of the nineth child a son. She was 38 when she died and is buried in Niagara Falls. Pearl was in a Sanitarium in Hamilton or Toronto and died of TB after comming to Canada from Columbus, Ohio and arriving in Niagara Falls the 3rd of May 1913. She is buried in Hamilton. William Wallace Clark died of meningitus and is buried in Hamilton. Have had much difficulty finding information on my family, if anyone can help would you please email me direct. Thank you Debbie Lefebvre December 26, 2000


Will exchange info with anyone interested in the ancestors or descendants of James Coffin GEDDES and Marianne WYATT. She is the daughter of Henry WYATT from England and his wife Emma. James is the son of Dr. James GEDDES and his wife Sarah GAMBLE. They were all residents of Hamilton and at one time the Wyatt's were in East Flamboro. My email is Peg OSTRUM December 19, 2000


My great great grandfather William Baldwin CROOKER was born about 1866 in Canada and died in 1907 in Chicago, Illinois. He was married to Edna BLAKNEY and had 2 children: Chester & Ora. I recently learned that his father was Dr. Titus CROOKER of Hamilton. Titus is in the 1871 census married to Ada & with 3 sons: William, Frederick & Frank (all of these sons live in Chicago during the early 1900's). I am looking on further information on the family of Titus CROOKER. Any information or leads would be appreciated. Thanks, Von in California. November 30, 2000


William Wilder COOKE was a Canadian who fought in the US Civil War, and later was a Lt in the US 7th Cavalry. He died at Little Bighorn with Gen Custer. His body was supposedly reburied in Hamilton in 1877. His father was Dr. Augusta H COOKE. I am seeking information about his family as family history says his brother John was my wife's great grandfather. Dean Wolbach, Ukiah CA. November 26, 2000


Thomas Dugan RIDDLE farmer., teacher and assessor born in Hamilton, Canada, July 5 1846 was the son of John and Nancy McNeil Riddle who were natives of Ireland emigrated to the US, and landed in NY. I suspect the moved to Canada about 1840. The only other surviving son, George, has whereabouts unknown. If anyone has any information on  them please contact me at  November 24, 2000


ROBERTSON, William John (Jack) and Audrey (nee HARROP) - Looking for descendants. I am researching Jack's maternal line (he is my wife's first cousin)and hope to locate his and Audrey's descendants. Jack was born in Aberdeen in 1913, and is believed to have emigrated to Canada. We are not sure but we think that this may habe been before WWII as it is known that he served in the Air Force at the time of WWII and it is thought that this was most likely the Canadian Air Force. Audrey's nationality is not known, but it is thought that she may have been Canadian and thet she and Jack met in Canada. Jack & Audrey lived in Aberdeen, Scotland from sometime after WWII and left their for Canada (believed to be Ontario) C1952. They had, I believe, two children (a boy and a girl) one of whom was probably born in the late 1940s. I found the following entries on the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid V6. "SURNAME GIVEN CEMETERY COUNTY TOWNSHIP REFERENCE SOUNDEX ROBERTSON Audrey A. White Chapel Memorial Gardens, Wentworth Hamilton  HM-178-1R163 ROBERTSON William J. White Chapel Memorial Gardens Wentworth Hamilton  HM-170-1 R163" If anybody is able to provide me with details of the inscriptions OR can confirm that these two people are the ones I refer to OR can put me in touch with one or more of their descendants, I would me most gratefull. In other words, anything anyone can provide that will lead me to Jack & Audreys family will make my day.Thanks. David Cossar November 24, 2000


One of the notes on the Administration of the Estate of Elias BREWER of Delaware Co., NY, is a receipt acknowledging that, "East Flamborough, Upper Canada", Gabriel HOPKINS, Phebe HOPKINS, Jonathan WOOLVERTON, E.H. SQUIRE, and Sally SQUIRE received their share of their inheritance from their grandfather, Elias Brewer (sometimes Brower). It seems likely that Phebe (wife of Gabriel Hopkins), Sally (wife of E.H. Squire), and another daughter (who md. Jonathan Woolverton) were three daughters of an unknown female child of Elias Brewer. I am looking for information on these five people who resided probably in East Flamborough, but also perhaps in Grimsby, Lincoln Co., Ontario.  Scott Kraus November 23, 2000


Looking for any information on Frederick ALMAS m. Moriah BALDWIN, 1850. Ancaster, Wentworth county. November 19, 2000


Looking for any info on the RASBERRY family of Hamilton. Most notable Harry RASBERRY b. 01 Jan 1884 served in WW1 Attestation papers mention Donald DALLAS of Hamilton as next of kin. Also an Aunt Mary FOUBISTER of New York. Harry was married (Elizabeth?) and had children who were placed with foster families through Children's Aid Society. Please contact Teri Stevens  November 17, 2000


Seek information regards parents of Mary Jane LAND, born 18 August 1825, Wentworth, Saltfleet married Aaron NELSON. Was she a daughter of Col. Robert Land and Hanna Horning? Did she become a widow and subsequently
marry Andrew McLean? Family lore says her four poster bed is on exhibit in a Hamilton museum. Allan Beverage 847 Cascade Rd. Cincinnati Ohio 45240 or November 17, 2000

I am looking for any info on a home that was situated on hwy 56 right next to Belmoore Elementary School , I would also like to obtain infromation about Shady Acres right in behind this house.I do know there was a musuem in this house for awhile, I lived in this house 25 years ago and found it to be quite intriging.Please anyone with info I would
greatly appreciate it........Thankyou Debbie Jurik/Scaife November 5, 2000


I am searching for information on my ancestors Robert SMITH born about 1834 (location unknown) married about 1852 Melissa WRIGHT in Caledon Twp. Peel County, Ontario and died about 1900 in Brant County, Ontario.  Melissa WRIGHT was born about 1838 and died about 1911 in Cainsville, Ontario (Brant County, Ontario). Robert's parents were Nicholas SMITH and Agness or Nancy SMITH who I believe are buried in Brant County.

They had 9 children as follows:
1.  Lewis H. Smith born March 1857 and died april 30, 1857 in Caledon Twp. Peel County, Ontario.
2. Eliza A. Smith born about 1858, married R. Fulton and died about 1885 in Brant County, Ontario.
3.  Ida Louise Smith bourn about 1865, married Tom Fulton and died bout 1895 in Brant County, Ontario.
4.  Matilda Smith born about 1865.  No more info on her.
5.  Martha A Smith born about 1868 and died about 1905 in Brant County, Ontario.  Unknown if she was married but do not believe so.
6.  Emma Smith born about 1870 and died about 1881 in Brant County, Ontario.
7.  Elijah Herbert Smith born June 14, 1871 (my grandfather) born Wentworth County and married and died Aylmer, Ontario.
8.  Annie Smith born about 1872 and died about 1922.  She never married.
9.  Lewis E. Smith born December 27, 1875 Cainsville, Ontario (Brant County) and died april 1, 1958 in Aylmer, Ontario. He never married.

I believe some of the children were born in Peel, Wentworth and Brant Counties. "The History of Cainsville 1801 - 1947" by Marion Duncan McCall (Women's Institute) states Robert Smith and family resided in the village of Cainsville for some years.  They had a family of 3 daughters, Ida who marreid Tom Fulton, Martha and Annie and 2 sons, Herbert and Lewis who are living in Aylmer and carry on an Insurance business. The Smiths were all members of the Church and Choir. Lewis Smith ran a Chopping Mill east of the C.N.R. tracks for many years. His sister Annie kept house for him in part of the brick house next to the highway bridge." I believe the members of the family that died in Brant County were buried in Brant Cemetery, Highway #2, Brant County, Ontario, Canada. Further details on this would be appreciated.  This information I have obtained from diaries my grandfather kept and are in my possession. Religion--Weslayan Methodist.

1852 census--lived Caledon Twp. Peel County with parents--not married.
1859--The George Tremaine Map of Peel County--1859 reveals Nicholas Smith on Part of Lots 23 and 24,  E1/2 of Conc. 4, WHS (west of Hurontario St., now Highway 10) former Township of Caledon.
1861 census--Lived Caledon Twp. Peel County.Page 92--married.
1871 census--Lived Glanford Twp. S. Wentworth County. Div. 2 P44; Origin--English.  Occupation:   Farmer
1875--Lived Cainsville, Ont. Brant County as son Lewis E. born there. The 1877 Walker & Mills Atlas of Peel shows Robert Smith on Lot 21, W1/2 Concession 3, WHS (west of  Hurontario St., now Highway 10) former Township of Caledon.
1881 census--Lived Brantford E. Brant (North) County. Div. 160 Page 37. States origin--German; Religion--Methodist;  Occupation--Farmer.

This is all of the information I have been able to find on this branch and would appreciate any and all help.
Marilyn November 3, 2000


I am searching for information on the following MORRISON families: Samuel, b. in Ireland; and his wife Mary (Margurette) who came to Hamilton around 1830-40. Their children: Thomas Morrison, who was a merchant in Hamilton; David; Robert; Philip; James; Samuel; Elizabeth (wife of Thomas Swan, of Guelph) and Sara J. (wife of James Mitchell of Hamilton.) Any information about these ancestors will be greatly appreciated. October 31, 2000


I am searchign for information regarding the DOWNING, HOVER, and GREENAWAY families who immigrated to Canada by 1871. They lived in Hamilton, Ontario at that time. The DOWNING and GREENAWAY families were
from Cornwall.   October 27, 2000


Searching for names of Anglican RCAF chaplains attending YOUNG'S and DALLEY'S RCAF CONVALESCENT HOSPITALS, Hamilton, Ont. and Ancaster, Ont., 1943-1945. Diane McDougall E-mail:
October 27, 2000


Joseph, David, and Daniel RANDALL were all granted land in Oxford Township about 1822. At the time, they were living in W. Flamborough. Their parents were: Matthew and Rebecca RANDALL. Brother John is said to have been killed in the Battle of Lake Erie during the war of 1812. I believe either Matthew, or his sons, were Loyalists.
The name is variously spelled: RANDALL, RANDELL, RANDLE. Is there any trace of them in W. Flamborough? Does anyone have an idea as to continued research? Are BMD records available for that time? Nicki Harper in Wisconsin October 23, 2000


I am just beginning to research into my paternal family history. I am looking for information any of the following: James Fotheringham McGUIRE, who married Ida Maud LAWRENCE née LITTLE around May 1912 and lived in the
Hamilton area at the time of his death in Feb 1944. James McGuire was born 25 Feb 1880 in Scotland and immigrated to Canada around 1895. It is believed he had two sisters, Elizabeth of Vancouver, and Mrs. Matt LOGAN also of Hamilton. Ida Maud Little was the daughter of William Little, 'an Englishman', and Martha IRVING, daughter of William Irving and Annie PARLOW or Partlow of Burlington.  Please contact if you have any
information to share. Thanks. October 17, 2000


Looking for information on Thomas MOUNTAIN and Sarah LACEY from the Dundas Ontario Area. Also Siblings Please And Thank You. Morris Aitken October 14, 2000


Maurice CUMMINGS, found in 1871 census (Wentworth), age 26. He was born in Ireland, and was Roman Catholic. Seeking any info. October 12, 2000


Looking for J. N. DeHEINES born (don't know year) Hamilton, Ontario who married Mary Hamilton of Ireland and had son John N. born 1871. October 8, 2000


James Edward HURLEY was born in Hamilton,Ontario,Canada on Mar. 31,1876 of  parents who came from Ireland. He had at least two brothers-John Hurley and David Hurley. I'm looking for information on his family. Lizbeth October 6, 2000


Looking for ancestors & descendants of Jennie ABRAHAMS b. Hamilton City, parents: Robert ABRAHAMS & Mary BULCHER who were also b. in Canada. JENNIE'S married names were: CLIFFORD, WHITE, Van O'LINDA. Jennie & Dau. Mary came to the U. S. in 1885, lived in Amsterdam, N. Y. Jennie had 7 children, only 2 were alive in 1910. October 5, 2000


I seek any and all information about my great-grandmother, Mary Jane Moore SUTHERLAND, said to be the daughter of a Hugh MOORE of Dundas. She married Alexander SUTHERLAND of Guelph, Methodist minister and author, in about 1854 and lived in Toronto from about 1870 until at least 1910. Thanks! Alec SUTHERLAND, 56 Tobey Court, Pittsford, New York 14534 ND September 28, 2000


The Ontario Directory for 1851...City of Hamilton..lists C.H. STOKOE as the city clerk. Can anyone confirm that this is Charles Henry (b 1805-d 1875) son of Thomas and Sarah. Any suggestions are appreciated! I have Thomas buried in Brantford 1855 (Grace Church) and Sarah buried in Hamilton in 1848 (need to find out "where") Siblings of Charles Henry are: Clara (my ancestor) married James Campbell Usher, (later Canon) Brantford (1804-1885)...have some details Others? Thomas (1807-1846)? James William (1811-1818)? Edmond (1813-1862)? John (1815-1837 died US?) Drummond (1818-1894 died Brooklyn 1894?) Thanks to anyone who can provide further information. September 15, 2000


Anne Catherine HALE married George PEEBLES and lived Blockley Parish, Worcs, England immigrating to Canada in the 1890s.  Their son Vernon Bromley PEEBLES (b. 1892) reportedly had a butcher shop in "Ancaster Mills." He was in W. W. I and possibly had a son named Bob. Have lots of HALE info. to share. Mac McCoy
September 10, 2000


Seeking information about parents and siblings of John FARLEY, born 1839? in Ireland, died 26 Sep 1923. A tinsmith, lived Hamilton, Wentworth Co. Ontario in 1860s and 70s. Married Elizabeth KILVINGTON in 1862. Children
John, Walter, Lilly, Edgerton. Please email reply to Martha Taylor, September 3, 2000


The HANNON's have been in Glanford Township since at least 1815. Henry Hannon (married to Margaret) was born in 1752. Our family has always believed that he was a United Empire Loyalist from Pennsylvania. There are references to both Loyal Hannon and Royal Hannon as far back as 1750 in the Pittsburg area. Census data from 1871 for John V Hannon (my ggg grandfather) lists him as Irish. Any information on the origins of the Hannon's would be appreciated. September 3, 2000


Looking for the family of Peter CARSON and specifically his death date. I have been passed information that he died March 12, 1875 and was buried in Brock Road Cemetery but was unable to find him in the Ontario Archives Microfilm of Death Registrations. Peter's wife Phoebe Ann (WOODROW) CARSON was also buried in Brock Road Cemetery, she died April 10, 1906. If someone lives close to this cemetery or can tell me how I might contact the grounds keeper I greatly appreciate it. You can email me at Other names I'm researching from this area are SPICER and HARVEY, check out my web-site at Http://  for more details.
September 1, 2000


Seeking information on Henry BELLOW married to Sarah Ann TAYLOR abt 1855-1860. Sarah was from Hamilton. They had at least three chrildren in Montreal: William Henry 1860, Emma 1862, Sarah Ann 1865. Believe they
also had Hannah 1856 or 1866 who married Joseph DAUPHIN. Contact Diana September 1, 2000


James   B.1864 Ont. Orphan R.C. Irish Both children located on 1871 census as strays in Hamilton District
Sub-district St. Mary's Ward (B). Records were apparently destroyed by fire at orphanage.Need any information. James marriage record listed no parents.Help!!! Thank You Colleen Please E-mail September 1, 2000


Elizabeth HURD b. 09 Aug 1820 Somersetshire England married William RILES of England on 02 September 1845, Esquesing, Gore District near today's Georgetown, Hamilton - Wentworth. Elizabeth was from Erin, Wellington Co. I
would like to hear from anyone with these names. Bonnie.  For family names I am researching visit my Web Page:  August 22,2000


I am looking for family of Mary Eliza BUTLER who married George Henry KENNARD in Hamilton on 12 November 1879. Contact Jo Oakes at August 22, 2000


Richard Henry Shaw McKINNON dob 4 Nov 1888 at Lucknow, dod 13 Feb 1922 m 28 Jun 1913 to Hazel Monica Purdon, John Purdon McKinnon born 1 Apr 1914 at Hamilton.  I am looking for any siblings or children, grandchildren
etc.  If this sounds familiar, please email August 21, 2000


Looking for information regarding Rinear VanSickle born 1774. He and his family resided in the Copetown/Jerseyville/Troy area of Ontario. Would especially like information regarding his parents and siblings. Can be contacted at e-mail address: August 21, 2000


I am searching for relatives and descendants of James MACIVER who emigrated from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland on board either the SS Metagama or the SS Marloch in April 1923 and arrived in New Brunswick, Canada. James was born on the Isle of Lewis in or around 1906 and his parents were Donald MACIVER and Jessie (CAMPBELL). I believe that James (aka Jim) married Christina (who also emigrated from the Isle of Lewis) in the late 1920s and they had a son named William. I understand that the family lived on the shores of Lake Ontario, in Hamilton, Wentworth County in the 1940s. I think William married in April 1949.If anyone can help me with more information I would be delighted. Catriona Mackenzie August 16 2000.


I'm looking for the  family of William TAYLOR (b.Feb.4, 1875 d.Jan.5, 1932). He was married to Edith Evans MILLER (b.Feb.2,1877 d. Feb.15, 1945), they had eight children: Edith Mae b.1897, Franklin Laverne b.1899, Annie Mary Maude b.1902, Nellie Etta b.1904, Ethel Alberta b.1907, William Glen Edward b.1911, Harry Gordon Johnson b.1914, and Florence Elizabeth b.1917. They lived in the Beverly area and Ediths parents were John E. MILLER (d.1895) and Sarah WALLACE (b1852 d.1910) Any other siblings is unknown. Parents and family of William is unknown. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks  Laryssa Rewald August 16, 2000


Joanna HOSKINS came from St.Ive (not Ives) Cornwall Eng. Not sure if her husband John died before coming over or after they arrived. Joanna came with third oldest daughterIsabella Joanna who had married John ATKINSON. John worked in a sawmill and general labourer in area. (John Atkinson did) Joanna had other chilren still home William 1830-1865,John Jr. 1832-1869. there also was Jane HOSKINS and Martha.They both died in early years as well. They rented a house by a sawmill were they lived till thefamily moved to Kent Co., Henderson (Tilburynow) Ontario. Jonna died and was buried Glanford twp. cemetery? This gives quite a bit of info for one sitting. Thanks for any help bringing pieces together let me know if something fits your tree. Oh! two older girls believed to have come over with husbands of unknown names. Girls were Mary Hoskins 29 Dec 1823 and Sarah Hoskins 1826 7 April died 1866 Nov 17. Familiar. May have went to Buffalo Mary for sure anyway. Thanks Sue P. August 16, 2000


I am searching for any information on a Mrs.M.B.BEGUE, who lived in Wentworth County sometime before 1928. After that time, I have reason to believe she was in Alamosa County, Colorado, USA. Her maiden name may have been FRANKLIN or FIELD. Thank you for any help in solving this brickwall. Audrey Sever  August 16, 2000


Searching for William VASSIE and his wife Margaret (RUSSELL) VASSIE. They immigrated from Scotland ca. 1863 and settled in the Wentworth, Ontario. Their children were, Andrew, Jenny, George, Harry, John, William, Annie,
Maggie, Eliza & Fred.  All, we believe were born in Ontario with the possible exceptions of Andrew and Jenny who may have been born in Scotland.  William was a Machinist, Manager and finally Superintendant of The Gardner Sewing factory during their 20+  years in Canada. About 1886 they moved the whole family to Florida with the exception of Andrew, the oldest, who was said to have moved to the Dakotas a few years earlier. Louis William Vassie  - DP August 6, 2000


I am looking for information about Albert MOORE born 16 November 1890 in Bolton, England. His father was John Hurbert Moore and his mother was Emily HASLAM.  Albert married Jennie Marie YOUNG in Hamilton about 1920.  Albert owned an Electroplating business on John Street in Hamilton when he died in 1938. Does anyone know anything about this family or the business? Janis White August 6, 2000


Searching for baptismal record for Wm. A. GRAY, b. Aug. 11, 1856, Hamilton. Son of James GRAY and Margaret ALLEN of Scotland. Likely C. Presbyterian. Also would like immigration info for James and Margaret. July 30, 2000


My grandfather John GARDINER was born in 1887 in Hamilton, Ontario. His father was a scale maker, left the home when John was a young boy and died at the age of 55. John had one brother born in 1893 who left home at the age of 16 and was deceased by 1927. When John was asked for his racial origin on his children's birth records, he wrote "Irish". His mother was born in Canada and died when she was about 68. At the age of 14 John was employed by a hotel as a bell-boy and later a waiter in the dining room. He was steadily employed until he enlisted in the armed forces and was sent overseas in 1915. He returned to Canada in 1919 and was employed with the railway for 8 years. He later worked on and off in restaurants, on a ship, at the horse track and on the railway dining cars. He fathered two children but as far as I can find out was never married, lived common-law with Agnes LANE in Toronto from about 1920 until at least her death in 1927. He visited a daughter in Toronto until about the 1950's when he was last heard from. I am looking for any available information on him. beryl_de_beaupre@hotmail.comJuly 30, 2000


We are searching for any information or descendants of Mrs Elsie HARDMAN,Mrs Elizabeth PETTIT, & Mrs Mary GAITER. Mrs Hardman lived at 763 Dunn Ave. Hamilton Ontario & Is the daughter of one of the above ladies. Elizabeth & Mary are the sisters of Harriet Marchant (nee JEFF) who immigrated to South Australia late 1930's & we are the Grandaughters of Harriet.If anyone has any information please email us. July 28, 2000


Looking for information on the parents of the following COPEMAN siblings; Levi (1821 in Troy), Benjamin (1798    in
Dutchess NY), Thornton (1808 PA, USA), Baldwin, Simeon (Simion), Peggy Ann, Clarissa.
Looking for information on the parents of the Catherine APPLEGARTH b. 1790 NY d. 1855 Ancaster, Wentworth, Ontario. Married to Preserved COOLEY II.
Looking for the parents of Preserved COOLEY b. 1750 USA, d. 1816 Ancaster, Wentworth, Ontario.  Also, looking for any other information on Preserved COOLEY.
Looking for any information on Preserved COOLEY II b. 1771 in NY, d. 1855 in Ancaster, Wentworth, Ontario.
Looking for any information on Daniel CORNELL b. 1757 in NY, d. 1829 in Wentworth, Ontario.  Requesting information on his military records especially.
Looking for any information on Benomy CORNELL b. 1782 in Wentworth, Ontario, d. 1846 in Wentworth, Ontario.
Requesting information on his military records especially.
Looking for any information on William COPE b. 1719 in Scotland, d. 1813 in Copetown, Wentworth, Ontario.
Looking for any information on Elizabeth DECKER, Peter DECKER, Richard DECKER, Isaac DECKER of Sodom Road, near Peters' Corners, Wentworth, Ontario.
Looking for place of birth for Edward PEPPER b. 1795 in Northern Ireland d. 1854 in Weir, Wentworth, Ontario.
Looking for information on Martha NEEDHAM b. 1799 d. 1837 in Weir, Wentworth, Ontario.
Shaune Copeman-Botosh July 27, 2000


Hector McCoag came to Beverly, Wentworth county in early 1800's. Had brothers Alexander and Alan and sister Margaret. Also came? Any others researching this family? wilsan@erols.comJuly 22, 2000


John Bulman ATKINSON (1822)came from Cumberland, England around 1850. He was living in Glanford Township and later moved to Tilbury East, Kent County. He was married to Isabella Joanna HOSKIN (1826). Isabella's parents, John and Joanna HOSKIN also came to Glanford Township from Cornwall, Eng. around the same time. Wanting to find when they came to Canada and any descendants of John and Joanna HOSKIN.
July 17, 2000


David Clement VAN EVERY (b 1832/33 Wentworth-) m. Hester Ann TAYLOR (b 1833/34 Wentworth-) Hester's parents: Clarissa RYCKMAN, Micheal Robert TAYLOR, both buried in Ryckman Family Burial ground. Micheal TAYLOR's parents: Obadiah TAYLOR, Margater HESS born Long Island. Looking for any clues as to David Clement VAN EVERY. lneame@hotmail.comJuly 17, 2000


I am trying to locate the family of Lieutenant Claude V WILLIAMS. He was awarded the Military Cross in WW1.  His parents were English, his father was a Methodist minister in and mother a teacher, in Hamilton. There were 7 children. July 17, 2000


At her residence, 221 Bay street south, on 23 Feb.1902, Emily Henrietta BOWN, widow of the late John FERRIE, died in her 75th year. 4 sons and 2 daughters were: Messrs. Campbell and Robert R. Ferrie, of this city; Alexander E. Ferrie, of Toronto; Walter B. Ferrie, Vancouver; Mrs. T.S. Haslett and Mis Colina Ferrie, city. She was a member of the McNab Street Presbyterian church. I would like to hear from anyone researching this family. Judith Chidlow July 16, 2000


Between the 1851 Census and the 1854 cholera epidemic two MUNSON brothers lived in Hamilton in adjacent row houses located on the north side of King William at Ferguson and opposite the future site of the Donald Wire Rope factory. Do these houses still exist? Are there any existing documents or directories which would allow me to tie down the first names and exact addresses of these individuals during that 3 or 4 year period? July 16, 2000

Other than the skimpy documentation in the CN Collection at the National Archives, are there any surviving group photographs of Great Western & Grand Trunk RR Hamilton employees taken between the years 1855 to 1880?, July 16, 2000


Searching Ethel SHARP of England,to Wentworth Co. early 1900's. Had a daughter Ethel Sharp. July 16, 2000


Looking for information on the Daniel Smith-Emily BRADT family. The 1871 census index shows Daniel as 44 years, born in Ontario, of German extraction, and a farmer. Family history says he and Emily had a number of children, one of which was Ira, born 1866. Thanks, Mac McDonald, CA July 10, 2000


Peter MASTER(S), born about 1826 in Belgium and wife Mary Ann BYERS (born about 1835 in Ontario) resided in Barton Twp. in 1871, moved to Parry Sound District between 1874 and 1881. All children were baptized at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Hamilton. Need info on parents of both. Names of sponsors at baptisms were: George, Frances & Isaac Byers, Catherine & Patrick Loftus, Mary Jane Philip and John O'Neil. Karen Smith
July 9, 2000


Looking for info on a James LOCKHART. Married to Jean BROWN. Most likely from Stirlingshire, Scotland and emmigrated to Hamilton area some time between 1894-1913. One known daughter named Thomasina who married Albert Edward Speakman(Hamilton Police). May have lived in Ottawa street North area and may have been a grocer at one time. Any info appreciated! Contact: Bob Speakman July 5, 2000


Seeking information on Jonathan LONSBERRY, born 7 Mar 1843 in Wentworth County, Ontario, to Jacob LONSBERRY and Sarah (de) COVERLY. A brother, George E. LONSBERRY may have also been born in Wentworth County in Jul 1845. I know of no female children to this family. Jacob was born in Pennsylvania and married Sarah, probably around 1840, in Canada. Three other children were born in Brantford, Brant County, Ontario: Joseph, Sep 1847; William Thomas, 27 Feb 1854; and Walter, Jan 1855. Any help appreciated. July 1, 2000


Looking for information on the family of John ROSEBRUGH b. NJ and m. 2nd wife Susanna THATCHER 5 Feb 1889 in NJ ? About 1800 settled in W. Flamboro, 2 miles West of Dundas now Wentworth Co. Apparently came to area with large group from NJ. Children: William, Sarah, Jane (with 1st wife Mary, who d. 6 Sept 1786) and Clorinda, John Christie, Robert, Samuel, Abner, Mary, and Susanna b. 15 May 1805 who m. Hiram HAWKINS b. 4 Feb1801 VT
and settled in Paris, Brant Co. All my info is from unverifed document. Any leads appreciated. G. A. Howard June 27, 2000


Hello. My name is Mary Ann Hagen (McEllistrum). I am looking for the Wm. HICKEY family from Dundas. WILLIAM HICKEY married Mary McILLISTRUM at St. Augustine's R.C. Church in Dundas around 1830. They farmed in Guelph Twp., Wellington County after their marriage and prior to their moving to Dundas. They are buried in St. Augustine's cemetary in Dundas. William HICKEY is in the 1871 census of Dundas Town as is a Thomas HICKEY. I would appreciate any help you can give me in finding these people. Mary Ann Hagen, 80 St.Clair Ave.,
Kitchener, Ont. N2M 3Z4 June 22, 2000


Looking for any information on Victor Albert COOPER who married Isabella Victoria McDONALD in Dundas in 1879. Victor Albert Cooper was the son of Henry and Elizabeth Cooper  and Isabella Victoria McDonald was the daughter of William and Annie McDonald of Dundas. Victor Albert Cooper was suppose to have been from
Hamilton. Any info would be great. Sharon Burton June 21, 2000


My ancestor James Joseph DONOGHUE was married 1872 at St. Mary's church Hamilton to Catherine BURKE of Hamilton (daughter of Matthew Burke). His wedding info states parents were John Donoghue b.Ireland d. before1872 & Elizabeth Sullivan b.Ireland. I have been unable to find this family in census records. There is a John Donoghue in 1857 Directory listed on East Market Street. Hamilton I would like to know if any one has ideas of how to find out more on this John Donoghue. Any help appreciated as I live far away in Indiana. I also research Burke/Connell/ SULLIVAN all Irish families with ties to family & this area. Thanks Karen Donoghue, gr granddaughter of James Donoghue b abt.1848 d.1903 Detroit granddaughter of John Matthew Donoghue b.1878 Hamilton d.1928 Indiana June 13, 2000



HORNING Mary married to MUSSELL/MUSSEL/MUSSLE/MUSCLE  William about 1847 in Ancaster, Wentworth Co. Also any census records (1842 perhaps?) for either of these individuals. Thanks! cerasiad@vianet.on.caJune 11, 2000


Mrs. Thomas CARPENTER (McCORMICK)--Mrs. Henry ARNOLD (McCORMICK)--Mrs. Henry YOUNG (McCORMICK)--Mrs. J.W. DAWSON (McCORMICK)--Mrs. William WHITNEY (McCORMICK) where all daughters of William McCormick who died in 1907 in Hamilton Ontario and wife Mary (BAIN) also in Hamilton in 1912. Brothers where James, Arthur Ontario and John and William of Hamilton, Ontario. June 5, 2000


I have traced my family tree back to this name. I am looking for any information on John Henry LARKIN or his wife Agnes Ann RICHEY born in 1847 in Ireland and her date of death like J.H.Larkin are unknown. They  were married
on July 13th in the Clifton Street Church in Belfast Ireland, 1869. They moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada shortly
after then. I am looking for information on my ancestral  family who moved to Hamilton,Wentworth. I do not know the year but at least in the 1870's-1880's They were John Henry LARKIN and Agnes Ann LARKIN (Nee RICHEY) I believe he was born approx 1854 in Belfast Ireland, and they married in Ireland in 1869. They had a number of children born outside of Canada and some born in Hamilton (on McNab Street).
Their children were:
Jemima LARKIN born  July 9, 1870 died date unknown,
Mary Jane LARKIN born January 21, 1873 died date unknown,
Robert John LARKIN born March 22, 1875 and died October, 1946,
Agnes Ann LARKIN born July 17,1877 died date unknown,
William  Thomas LARKIN born March 20, 1879 died date unknown,
Helen LARKIN born September 21, 1882 died April 16, 1950,
Sarah LARKIN born July 2, 1886 died August 4, 1888,
Sarah LARKIN born August 28, 1888 died October 18, 1964
*(the second Sarah was my great grandmother and she married Joseph Robert Reeves born 1880?) I believe John Henry Larkin's mother was Jennie LARKIN (nee PIERCE) she, I believe is buried in Hamilton. Jemima, William, Thomas (Williams son I believe), Mary, Sarah and Jennie are all buried at York Cemetery, Hamilton City (Section Church of the Acscension-D)","Wentworth","Hamilton","HM-275","L625" I have a GED com file of this line, I am willing to share. Great great granddaughter of John Henry Larkin Jine 2, 2000


Looking for information and descendants of Walter BOWN (born in 1870s) and Clara WOODS and their children Margaret BOWN (married Lyle LARMOUR) and Walter BOWN. The Bowns lived in Ancaster. Also Walter's brother Theodore BOWN who was said to be a hotel keeper in Ancaster. May 27, 2000


Seeking information about the ancestry of Martin Curry McKEE, born somewhere in Ontario, on Feb. 2, 1840, to James MCKEE, b. Scotland, and Justina FLOCK. Martin McKee moved to Van Buren Co, MI, before 1870. Relatives in Hamilton from whom letters were received in the early 1900's were Daisy TAYLOR and Mary YEAGER. The letters refer to the SPRINGER heirs, one of those land fraud cases soliciting money, trying to prove descent from somebody that supposedly was cheated out of an inheritance, so it appears that Justina might have been a descendant of the Loyalist Springer family. Any information appreciated. Please reply to: Linda Lee Edelstein. May 26, 2000


I am interested in hearing from anyone who has  any information at all about members of the La WALLA family-either past or present. My grandfather, John Leon La WALLA (we hope this is the correct spelling!)was born in Ontario around the turn of the century and lived in Ward street, Hamilton, Ontario. His parents were John and Norah La WALLA  and he also had a brother Conrad (I believe he was killed in the first world war) and a sister (name unknown). There may have been other siblings as well. I have been told they were furriers at one time. My grandfather migrated to Australia in the early 1920's and all his family records were lost in a fire a few years later. He died in world war 2. Please contact me at regards Cheryl Williams. May 26, 2000


Looking for birth or baptismal information on Annie MINOGUE, daughter of  Mathew Minogue and Ann CARTER. I Believe she was born in Hamilton in 1871 and baptised at St. Mary's Catholic Church on Park Street. I have written to the church but have not received a reply. I live in Maryland so it is difficult to access records.
May 24, 2000


Seeking information on the marriage of Nora Frances FLETCHER, b. date unk and James GORVETT, b. date unk.  Nora died circa 1988, buried White Chapel. Lived Stoney Creek, Wentworth Ontario. Only known child Gerald Alan Gorvett who married Myrtle Doris Montour. Looking for any info on either 2 families. Thanks for any clues hints etc..! Visit  for information on Gorvetts from anywhere. May 23, 2000


I am looking for info. on Frederick KAPHAM who was living near Ancaster, in Wentworth Co. They were in this area from 1853 to 1873. His wife was Ida OBERLIN. They left Ontario in 1873 for Michigan. They had at least 5 children. Fred is listed on the 1871 census for the sub-district: Ancaster. I have not seen this census, is there more family history on this census or just head of household? Any help appreciated. Please contact me at: May 18, 2000


I'm seeking information on my gggrandfather David FINLAY (b. 1804 Co. Cavan Ireland, d. 1880 Beverly Twp). He married Susan WALLACE (b. abt. 1814 Co. Donegal d.1891 Beverly). David Finlay came to Beverly via Lockport N.Y. His friend Ezekiel McNICHOL followed the same path and was married to Mary Wallace, sister of Susan. One of David Finlay's sons married Eliza Taylor, dau. of William Taylor who was from England and was 50 yrs old in the 1871 census. David Finlay's other children were Margaret, Wallace, and Robert. Thanks.
May 8, 2000


I am trying to get marriage records for my great grandmother Emma Loamma EDY, daughter of Peter Holly EDY and Mary Ann SECORD, she married Maurice SHARP, son of William Sharp and Jane FINDLAY. They married November 10, 1893 in the Carluke Church, Ancaster twp, Wentworth County, Ontario by Rev Hugh HAVILAND. The reason for this information is that I neeed proof  for my United Empire Loyalist certificate as a descendant of Daniel Secord of the Grand River. The church is Presbyterian, I don't know if it is the Red Brick Church or the White Brick Church like I saw under  the OGS listings for Church cemetaries in Carluke. I live in British Columbia and am having a hard time getting any of this information. Thank you. Pat Kelderman 9739 Delcliffe Rd. Vernon B.C.  V1H  1K9 May 6, 2000


MAGILL, looking for info on Catherine Charlotte MAGILL b1813-1889. MAGILL was her married name before she married my ggggrandfather Alexander PATTERSON. Don't know her maiden name. She died at her sons Samual MAGILL 13 Queen St, Hamilton, Aug 30 1889. May 1, 2000


I am researching my husband's family, and would like to hear from any descendants of William Frederick WARWICK and Emily Frances Arrabella GORE-BOOTH.

 1  William Frederick WARWICK, b: 3 January 1847 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England, d: 14 December 1936 in Hamilton, ON. +Emily Frances Arrabella GORE-BOOTH; b: 4 November 1851 Chester, Cheshire, England; d: 6 March 1915 in Hamilton, ON
........... 2  Emily Frances WARWICK, b: 21 June 1873 in England;d: 11 December 1930 in Hamilton, ON
........... 2  Grace I. WARWICK, b: Abt. 1876 in England
........... 2  William Henry WARWICK, b: 6 September 1876 in England; d: in WW1
............... +Minne? May LINKERT
........... 2  Catherine Mary WARWICK, b: Abt. 1878 in England
............... +Clarence Kenneth WESTON
........... 2  Frederick Henry WARWICK, b: 9 August 1880 in England
............... +Arley WESTON
........... 2  James K. WARWICK, b: 1882; d: 1961 in Hamilton, ON
........... 2  Alfred WARWICK, b: 14 April 1890 Waterdown, ON, d: 11 August 1918 in Pas de Calais, France
............... +Martha Ella STEWART
........... 2  Anne Isabella WARWICK, b: 10 April 1892 Hamilton, ON
........... 2  John WARWICK, b: 21 March 1895 Hamilton, ON
........... 2  Arthur WARWICK, b: 8 March 1896 Barton Twp., ON
........... 2  Richard WARWICK
........... 2  Henry J. WARWICK

Jennifer Smith May 1, 2000

Looking for a place called Mud River, Hamilton, Ontario. Can't seem to locate such a town or place. Would appreciate name of nearest town to Mud River, Hamilton, Ontario. Thanks. April 30, 2000


Looking for my grandfather Harold WHITTAKER, in particular anyone who knew him, pictures, etc. he was a barber @1910 - 1922 in Hamilton,where? died at age 28 in 1922. Member of Central Gospel Tabernacle. Married to Lillian ( Maude) Whittaker (Hastings). After he died, she lived at 30 Wood St. W. Hamilton. Looking for genuine family heirlooms. I know know they are out there, but where ? Thanks for any help. April 30, 2000


I am looking for any information on the family of James Andrew YOUNG (1890-1957) who was born and brought up in Hamilton, married Vera(Venus) Mae Walkinshaw (1892-1969). He served in 40 (Hamilton) Artillery Battery in France in WW1. I have his diary which includes detailed lists of those who died in action,those wounded or gased, those in the Battery on arrival in France July 14, 1916,those in the Battery on Nov 11 1918 and a list of those who at any time were members of the Battery from the time it sailed from Canada until its demobilization. April 25, 2000


I am looking for any information about Albert James ATTWATER. He immigrated from England in 1908.  He lived in Toronto for one year then moved to Hamilton. Married to Elsie SHEPLEY in 1921 and had 3 children, Albert, Elanore and Bruce. Please forward info to Thankyou. April 25, 2000


I am looking for descendants of John MCNICHOL born Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland 29/12/1830 and Catherine DIAMOND who came from Scotland via Ireland in 1865 and settled in Hamilton Ontario. Their children were Charles (born Ireland), John and Mary born Glasgow Scotland. Other children Catherine, Thomas, James and Maggie were born in Hamilton Ontario. John's parents were Charles McNICHOL and Catherine DRUMGOLD. Apart from his elder sister Mary who was born in Ireland, all his siblings were born in Girvan Ayrshie, Scotland. Their names were Hugh 1833, Elizabeth 1835, Helen 1840, Andrew 1842, Catherine 1844, Charles 1846, Jean 1850 and Joseph 1854. Joseph McNICHOL was my grandfather and his son, was my father John McNICOL 1903 - 1946 Related Ontario surnames are BLOOMER, DONNELLY,GRACE, JACKSON and WALSH
 April 25, 2000


I am searching for information on WOOLGAR, Frank Ernest and wife Elizabeth., who had one son, Charles Ernest born Feb. 9, 1908 in Rockton, Ontario, Wentworth County. Frank died approximately 1910. Elizabeth remarried to ? WILLS approx. 1913-14. Would appreciate suggestions how to find information about Charles' placement in an orphanage 1910-1914. Thank you. Penny M.Carver 902-543-4995 246 Mullock Road, RR3 Bridgewater.  NS B4V 2W2 April 17, 2000


I am looking for any descendents of John King HOME (1833-1917) who lived in Hamilton, Ont. from ca. 1880 until his death in 1917. He and his wife Lois (nee TESKEY) moved from Almonte where he was a tinsmith. Their children were William King (AKA Willard) m. Ellen BROUGHTON 1897, d. 1901, London, Herbert H. m. Isabelle OLIVER 1898; Laura (m. David Peter WAGNER-1891), Eunice, Cora, Lois. April 8, 2000


I am looking for anyone connected with the FAHEY and POWER family that lived in Ancaster & then Dundas         Mary McCullough. April 8, 2000


Looking for the children of Joseph GRIFFIN b. ca 1796 (son of Edward GRIFFIN 1764-1862), Joseph is thought to have lived near Progreston in East Flamborough, Wentworth County. R.S. Barrons, April 8, 2000



Looking for information on George POOLE who was living near Hamilton around 1845. He was the Uncle of my G-G-Grandfather, James Mathews. James arrived from Ireland as a 12 year old and lived with this Uncle. This is all the information I have. Would like to hear from anyone who may be able to share information about this Uncle.
Bill, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA April 6, 2000


Looking for any information concerning John LAMPEAR and Agnes MURRAY who probably came to Hamilton in abt 1875. Agnes was born 1847 and John born abt 1842. They had son named John b. Aug 25, 1873. Any info on any LAMPEARS would be wonderful. Also if there is anyone can tell me if there are any LAMPEARS in that same area now would be great Thanks. April 4, 2000


Looking anyone who has copy of, or transcribe of Justus A. GRIFFIN’s original research papers. Some of this material appeared in the Papers and Records of the Wentworth Historical Society. R.S. Barrons,
April 2, 2000


Searching for Arthur Gilbert HART or descendants. I believe that he had at least 2 sons. Married to Agnes (maiden name unknown). Originally from York, England. Living in Dundas in 1938. His parents were Mary Ann EASTWOOD
Thompson and William Hart of York. Please contact me at if you have any info.
April 1, 2000

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