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The following surnames appear in the queries posted below. Use your Browsers "FIND" feature to search for a name. The suffix (3) indicates there are 3 postings of this surname.

Allen, Anderson, Barrick, Bavidge, Black, Blair, Boardman, Bosanic, Boswell, Breckenridge, Brown, Burke, Burrows, Bush, Camp, Campbell, Canary, Caplis, Carlson,  Caroll, Chapman, Charters, Christie, Chrysler, Chute, Clapham, Clow, Cockrell, Coffey, Cole, Coleman, Cook, Cooke, Corbett, Courtney, Crooks, Cunningham(2), Cutler, Darrow, Davis(3), Decker, DeSilver, Dickout, Dodderidge, Dods, Dodderidge, Dove, Downhand, Downs, Dunn(2), Dykeman, Ecker, Esslie, Eustice, Fisher, Fitzgerald(2), Fitzsimmons, Fitzinger, Francis, Frayne, Freeman, Gage, Gallagher, Garinger, Georgieff, Gibbons, Glover, Gow, Green(2), Greenan(2), Hagle, Hale, Hart, Hatt,  Hayhurst,  Hazzard(2), Hemphill, Henderson, Hewston, Hill, Hinks, Hickey, Hillyer, Hiorns, Hobbs, Holihan, Holmes, Horlock, Howell, Ireland, Jackson(2), Jamieson, Jeffs, Johnson(3), Joss, Kendall, Kennedy, Kenny, Kerr(2), Kidd, Kitchen, Knight, Lane, Larkin, Laverty, Leatham, Lotocki, Mackenzie, Madole, Mann, Marshall, McClellan, McCormick, McCrobbie, McGinty, McKee, McKeon, McVicar, Mear, Mills(2), Minor, Mount, Mullen, Murphy, Napier, Niece, Nelles, Nelson, Nie, Nixon, O'Neil, Palmer, Pauling, Peacock, Peaire, Perdum, Pingstone, Prior, Reid, Richardson, Ritchey, Robinson, Robson, Rose, Ross, Rossell, Rousseau, Russel, Thomas,Thompson,  Sault, Secord, Sells, Sexton, Shannon, Singer, Smith(2), Spratt, Springsted, Start, Stephenson, Stewart, Story, Taylor, Toland, Tucker, Urquart, Vasey, Vincent, Vollick, Wasney, Ward, Watson, Webster, Whiteside, Wiedrick, Williams, Wilson, Wingfield, Wood, Younger


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I am looking for 2 of 5 children born to Richard WELLS.  Their birth names were Linda Anne Wells born Aug 4 1945 in Hamilton
and Richard or (Ricky) born 1946 or 47 in Hamilton also.  These children were adopted as toddlers so there names may have been
changed.  Their older sibblings are Carol, George, and Margaret. Their mothers last name was Addis.  Please contact me if anyone
out there knows anything. Thank you, Barbara November 7, 2002


To fill in a blank on the SPRINGSTED/JACKSON family tree, I am searching for: Gary JACKSON born 8 Feb. 1947 married to Wendy DUNN. Father, James  JACKSON born Hamilton, Ontario, 4 May 1913. Mother Irene VASEY. GFather Norman Shaw JACKSON born Hamilton, Ontario 12 Oct 1878. GMother Hazel CHUTE. Please contact John Springsted at November 4, 2001


I am searching for information on my great grandparents Emily Jane MILLS and John MADOLE. John was born in Carlisle in July 1854 and Emily Jane was born to Ann DAVIS and Michael MILLS, 8 January 1858. Emily and John were married about 1888. John's middle initial was C and he was born to a father born in Ireland and mother born in Canada according to the 1900 census. Any help would be greatly appreciated I know close to nothing of the ancestry of my father. To the best of my knowledge Emily and John MADOLE moved to Erie County New York shortly after marring about 1889, they had 2 children Mernie MADOLE and Sheridan Andrew MADOLE (my paternal grandfather) please any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Robin (MADOLE) Richardson November 2, 2001


Searching information on Louis Georgieff, Woodland Cemetery, Flamborough East, reference HM-339-1. Louis A Georgieff San Antonio, TX October 22, 2001


Looking for Eliza HALE came to Canada in 1900's, married J.SAVORY in Montreal and moved to Hamilton Had 3 children, John, Harry and a daughter. Joy Fiset October 22, 2001


I am trying to locate living decendants of a Maud Kendall nee Hart who emigrated from Cornwall, UK around the 1910's, last known address 32 Shaw Street, Hamilton date unknown. She died around 1960 aged 80 +. I believe she left a son and daughter. Anyway that you can help?, would appreciate any info to lead me in the right direction. With regards Pam Prisk, Cornwall, UK October 10, 2001


Confirmation of birth of Ezekiel ROSSELL whose death certificate indicates he was born at Ancaster on 31 May
1830.   Looking for parents or siblings. Ezekiel married Catherine HOWEY, daughter of Isaac HOWEY and Nancy SINGER. The Howey's and Singer's appear to be from Lincoln Co. Ezekiel ROSSELL purchased land in Norfolk Co. in 1881, the land however may have been originally owned by Isaac Howey as it was purchased by Isaac in 1854. Heard of  a report that some ROSSELL'S moved from Wentworth and or Lincoln to Norfolk about 1850. Any help connecting Ezekiel to any ROSSELL or ROZELL appreciated. David McKnight October 3, 2001


I am interested in researching information on my great grandmother, Margaret Napier. She was born 2/14/1875 and her parents were Alexander NAPIER and Honorah FITZGERALD. They are listed as being from Dundas. Something
happend to them because my great grandmother was raised part of the time in an orphanage. She also had a sister Minnie (?).  I researched the cemetaries, and I discovered "Honorah Fitzgerald" buried at holy Angles Roman Catholic in Elgin Country Toronto Township. I also discovered an Alexander Napier in the cemetary Mt. Pleasant (potters field) York County, Toronto Township. If anyone can assist with my search, please let me know. October 3, 2001


Can anyone out there help with filling in my maternal lines? William McCORMICK (1785-1865)& Janet/Jennie McKEE/McCORMICK emigrated from Co. Down to Beverly Twp.  They had 9 children: Thomas, William, Nancy, Sarah, James, Robert, Harriet, David,(b 1845) & John /Jack (1846-1924). I have some info about David & can follow John to myself; but I don't know anything about the others. John married 2x: first to a Ms. DECKER about whom I know nothing other than that they had a son William. John then married Ellen FITZGERALD. I have info about their 6 children, but nothing about Ellen herself. Their son John Herbert (1887-1944) married my grandmother Winnie Laura FREEMAN (1891-1960) and they settled in Halton Co. I know about this line of Freemans. Winnie was the daughter of Arthur Edwin FREEMAN(1853-1931 of Carlisle and Clara Cornelia LONG (1862-1932). Clara was a twin (to George
Brown LONG) and a daughter of John LONG (1814-1876) & his first wife Emily SHANNON (1819-1862). John & Emily had 8 children: William Jackson; Jacob Surarus; Margaret Elizabeth; John Rolph; Hagar Hamilton; Mary Louise; Clara
& George. I don't really have any info about these individuals only some info about their family farm and what became of it.  John and his second wife Adeline GLOVER had 5 children: Thomas Morden; Alice Sanford; Barbara Rymal; Bennett E.; & Matilda and I don't have any info about these either. I have some info about the LONGS back to Jacob, the father and his son William, both of whom came from Pennsylvania about the time of the UEL's but I would love to find out more, particulary about the LONG family in Pennsylvania. Thanks Denise. Oct 2, 2001


Looking for descendents of Mungo CHAPMAN and Agnes STEWART who married in McNab Street Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, on January 20, 1864. Mungo was a tenant farmer in Puslinch, renting land from Mrs CANDY. Agnes was working and living at LEES bakery on Main St near John in Hamilton. They had four children; Mary born 1865; George born 1867; Margaret born 1867; and Robert born July 1870. Agnes' parents were Robert and Mary STEWART who may have been in Upper Canada at the time of the marriage, or may have been in Scotland. Mungo's parents were in West Lothian, Scotland. Am interested in tracing what happened to this family and their descendents.  Larry, Toronto, September 28, 2001


Searching for Albert V. MARSHALL, s/o Samuel Marshall & Anna Sweazey of Binbrook Twp, b ca 1851. He shows up
1861 & 1871 Binbrook Census living with parents. Tweedsmuir history says went West. Does anyone know where he
settled? Tom 23 September 2001


I am seeking descendants of George JOSS and Isabella MACKENZIE at Auldearn, Nairn, Scotland  Dec 12 1851.....eight children bn of the marriage ....Jane, Donald, Christina Ann, Alexander, Elizabeth, George, Annie Scott  (
Anna ) and John...... The following JOSS  surnames and their given names are identified as  being interred in Wentworth County Cemeteries per OCFI

JOSS, Andrew....Woodland Cemetery.....Flamborough East Twp
JOSS, Christina...Eastlawn Cemetery.....Hamilton Twp
JOSS, Clara.......... Hamilton Cemetery....Hamilton Twp
JOSS, Clara W H...Hamilton Cemetery... Hamilton Twp
JOSS, David..........Hamilton Cemetery.... Hamilton Twp
JOSS, Elizabeth.....Woodland Cemetery...Flamborough East Twp
JOSS, George........Woodland Cemetery...Flamborough East Twp
JOSS, Isabella........Hamilton Cemetery.....Hamilton Twp
JOSS, Margaret ( Paton )....Hamilton Cemetery....Hamilton Twp
JOSS,  Sarah Jane....Woodland Cemetery....Flamborough East Twp
JOSS, William H ....Hamilton Cemetery.......Hamilton Twp
JOSS, William........Hamilton Cemetery........Hamilton Twp

If anyone can identify with  the foregoing JOSS surnames to George and Isabella JOSS I would appreciate a E-Mail response. Thank You. Richard D. CASE September 24, 2001


I have been able to trace my great grand mother, Ellen BLACK, to Hamilton. She was born there on March 28, 1859.  The only other information I have is that her family was likely Presbyterian. I would appreciate finding out if there is an index of births for Hamilton and region around that time. If so How do I access it? Any help greatly appreciated.  My name is Ward Skinner and my e mail address is  September 24, 2001


I am attempting to find information on the children of George Thomas COLEMAN and Sarah HIORNS. They came to Canada in 1874 from England and settled in Dundas, Ont. They had at least 10 children, born between 1864 and 1887 ‹
Samuel, John (Jack), Richard, Robert, Emma, George, Sarah, Annie, Hannah and my grandfather Charles Franklin. I would appreciate any information on any or all of the children. Please contact me: Ken Coleman at September 19, 2001


I am looking for information about a family, surname PINGSTONE(or Pingston).  I recently found an item about a William Pingstone born in Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, to Frederick Pingstone and Mary(CAPLIS) in 1861. Any information appreciated. Margaret Kingsford September 17, 2001


Joseph SAULT and wife, Ann HILLYER ...... lived in Beverly Twp. Wentworth Co., in 1800's. Had four children, namely, Sarah Jane SAULT, Annie Mabel (married Bill MOUNT, and their children were Ernest, John, and Jim) Gracie EvansSault, Robert Telford Willoughby SAULT (married Edith Vivian, and their children were Audrey, Myrna, Jean, Charlotte, Garnet, Ann, and Robert) Doing family research on the SAULT family, and wish to contact any descendants of these children.  E-mail address is My name is Pat (Sault) Jacobson.  September 11, 2001


Searching for: DYKEMAN, CAMP families that came from U.S. to Canada during the revolution. HOMPSON, DOVE, VINCENT, NIE, NIXON, came from England to Hamilton 1837-1970. HEMPHILL, ROSS, ANDERSON, ALLEN came from Scotland to Hamilton abt. 1855. Looking forward to connections. Mary September 7, 2001


I maintain an off-line database for Blairs who resided in Ontario to 1901. Some are members of my family but most are not. I have records for Wentworth County on file. Over 170 sources. Queries & postings welcome. Copy of database, about 250K, available upon request in html format. I looking for additional information on Andrew BLAIR who was 28 in the 1871 census for St Patrick's Ward, Hamilton, Wentworth Co. Fred Blair September 7, 2001


In 1911 my great aunt Elizabeth ALLEN emigrated to Canada from Corsham, Wiltshire, England. She was born Elizabeth GIBBONS, c.1873 in Corsham, Wiltshire; she was married (possibly on 26 March 1894) to Harry ALLEN (b.19 May 1873) and may have had children Charles and Hilda. In 1916 Harry joined the Canadian overseas expeditionary forces (173rd Battalion Highlanders) and at that time their address was 7 Huron Street, Hamilton, Ontario; they must have been at this address for some time into the 1920s at least. Harry's trade was a builder/decorator. I would love to hear from anyone who has any information at all about this family! Please reply to; I live in Coventry UK and am willing to do some local reciprical research. Judith. September 7, 2001


Lydia JAMIESON born Oct. 11, 1837 in Wentworth County was my gr. gr. grandmother. She married Isaac VOLLICK born 1832. I am looking for any information pertaining to her parents or siblings. Please contact Rick Smith September 3, 2001


Looking for information regarding the burial place for Thomas JOHNSON and Elizabeth WILSON. They married abt. 1851 and moved to Ancaster, Ont., after 1871 from Binbrook, Ont. If anyone knows of their burial place which is believed to be in the Ancaster area. I would be more than pleased hearing from you. Bill Cosway September 2, 2001


I have access to a framed photograph of an older woman, written on the back, in pencil, is the inscription:

News Paper Advertizing
Morning Times
Evening Hamilton
May 15 / 1867
Signed Pauling 1867

If this is of interest to anyone please contact me by email at August 29, 2001


I am looking for anyone knowing of Norvel WHITESIDE born in 1929 died in Febrary 1971. He had a sister Leona who was married to Win SMITH in Hamilton, Ontario in the 1960's she died in her early 30's. He worked as mainly a truck driver in around Hamilton, Ontario. He had a friend Donny McKEON and also William PRIOR There was also a TAYLOR Family into trucking in Hamilton that he was friends with. He had 5 children in Hamilton, Ontario and is originally from Barrie Ontario. He was 1 of 7 children, He had known many people in Hamilton, Ontario in between the years of 1949-1965 there abouts. If anyone known any information on his family I would so greatly appreciate any help at all. The good with the bad news is helpful too! Judith August 29, 2001



Have been looking for my gfather Timothy CUNNINGHAM. He was born in  Ontario (location unknown) died in Hamilton due to an industrial accident in 1923. Married to Lillian HAZZARD supposedly from Manitoulin Island or Muskoka district, depending on who you are talking to. However new evidence recently has come to light concening Tim. There are 10 family members buried in the Holy Sepelchre cemetary in Hamilton dating from 1910 t0 1961. Of these '4 are infants., all so we thought children of Tim and Lillian. Three of these children however had different men signing for payment of buriel. Beside my gfather there is an Ed. Child Elsie,5 mo. Thomas, child  5 mo 1920, Mr.Cunningham ch. Hilda 4mo. All of these in Timothy's family plot. If anyone has info On any of these names in Hamilton please contact me at . I am Elizabeth. If we can make a connection a lot of my gfather's family history would be solved. Are these his brothers,? Otherwise why would they be intering their children in our family plot. I know he had brothers as that is the story in our family. Who are they. Are there family members  we don't know about. I am very excited to have come across this info. Come on unknown cousins and such, lets have a great reunion. Best wishes on everyones search. Elizabeth  August 26, 2001


Researching: MURPHY,COURTNEY,COFFEY,BURKE,HICKEY,O'NEIL came from Ireland 1820-1860 to Kingston to Hamilton.  - BURROWS William Henry was in Crimean War, came to Kingston 1864 then to Hamilton abt 1870.
Hoping to make connections. Mary August 25, 2001


I am looking for any descendants of Rev. John FRANCIS and Martha B. Francis. He was an Anglican minister in Hamilton. He died July 16, 1916. His parents were John Francis and Elizabeth GREEN. He was born in Maidstone, Kent, England and moved to Westfield, NY with his Father in 1849. He then returned to England to attend the College of St. Augustine, Canterbury England. I have many letters that were written by him to his father during the 1850's and 1860's and would love to share these with his descendents. I also have other family letters written by his sisters that I would love to share. You can contact me at August 21, 2001


Looking for descendants of Ursulla WINGFIELD (nee ROSE). born Oct. 24 1846 in England. Died May 6, 1924 at 19 Morden St. Hamilton - her daughters home - Mrs. R. BOSWELL. Burried St. James Cemetery, Toronto. Her husband was William Allan Wingfield, born July 14, 1843 England. Died 1915, Toronto., Ont. They had one son that we know of, William James Wingfield, b. July 30, 1866 London, England, died Apr. 9, 1947 in Los Angeles Co. Calif. He
was married to Mary Ann RICHARDSON, b. July 6, 1864, Peel Township, Wellington County, Ontario Canada. died Nov 16, 1944 in Los Angeles Co. Calif. They had one son we know of, William James Wingfield, born Sept. 25, 1895.
Any help with this family would be appreciated. "Ruthanne" August 19, 2001


Looking for ancestors of Thomas GREENAN of Hamilton, Ontario. born 1879 of Thomas and Margaret (nee DODDRIDGE) GREENAN.  Married Alice WILLIAMS of Birmingham England 1898. Seeking any
connection. (Sue Greenan) August 19, 2001


I am looking for the Cemetery/Burial place for Postill JOHNSON & his wife Mary DOWNS. POSTILL was born Sept. 22, 1842 in Trafalgar, Ont. d. Dec. 01, 1905 in Ancaster, Ontario. It is my understanding that he was buried on Dec. 03-1905 in Carluke White Church Cemetery, however I purchased a copy of the burials in this Cemetery & did not find his burial. They owned & farmed on lot 40 Con. 5  Ancaster in 1883 as shown in the Ancaster Heritage, Volume 11. It is possible that the burial place that I was given may not be correct, so if anyone knows the burial place of Postill & Mary (DOWNS) JOHNSON I would be grateful knowing their burial place. August 18, 2001


Alex WASNEY husband to Mary BOSANIC last know address 575 Queens - to N Rd.  #802 Hamilton Ont. L8K 1K1 She related  to  Samuel, Ambrose, Anna (Anna buried  in Pine Hill Cemetery, Toronto Can.. Other names connected are  Zanka , Frank Bosanic, Many relatives in PA. USA and  Manistique Michigan. Would like
to make contact. August 18, 2001


My GGGrandfather was John KENNY, born in 1836 or 1837 in Hamilton, Canada, I know nothing prior to his death in 1858, in Lancaster NY. I am searching for any and all KENNY's living in Hamilton around that time, I am trying to make some kind of connection there, and not sure where else too look. thanks deb August 15, 2001


Raymond Francis NELSON was born on October 28, 1892 in Hamilton. Did he have a daughter named Mary, born in the 1930's? Any info regarding Raymond would be appreciated. "Rick Mar" August 15, 2001


I am looking for all EUSTICE's of Irish descent in the Hamilton area. My gg grandparents, James and Mary Gorman)
married in Vermont in 1848, had a son John born there in 1849 and then moved to the Hamilton area. They had 10 more children who would have lived there John--married to Selina RUSSELL, Bridget, Simon--(daughter Ginoffe)--James, Jennie, Dannie, Mary (HOLIHAN), Susie, James, Michael, Thomas, and my g grandfather Patrick who married Margarite PEAIRE of Grimsby and moved to Michigan. John is buried in Holy Sulpture Cemetery, and the funeral was at St. Patrick's. Patrick was married at St. Martin of Tours, Smithville. Someone referenced a cemetery location  for James and Mary EUSTICE as CEM 537 but I am unable to find out what that means. I would like to share information with any descedents to this family and will give you lots of information on Patrick's Michigan branch of the family! Sally Eustice, 523 Cuyler St., Cheboygan, Michigan  "Sally A Eustice"
August 15, 2001


My father, Peter S, GREENAN, b. Hamilton,Ont. 01/05/05. His father, Thomas Henry Phillip Doddridge Greenan, b.
07/25/1879 Ontario. His father, was also Thomas Greenan. He married Margaret DODDERIDGE, who died in Hamilton 1923. I can't find any info on Thomas' years of birth or death, or where born, nor on Margaret. It appears they lived most of their lives in Hamilton and raised a family there , but I can"t seem to find them. I tried to get into the newspaper file of births, deaths, etc. through the Hamilton library site but it would only allow me into 1846. I'm in Florida, I can't come up there. Can you help me know where to look? Sue.  August 9, 2001


I would like to know if anyone has information on Mrs. L. McCROBBIE, buried at Bethel Cemetery, Arthur. She stayed at the McIntosh residence for some years and was from Wentworth County. August 4, 2001


I am despertly searching for the CUNNINGHAM family that has Lived in Hamilton since at least the 1900. Almost all the family still Live in and around this area. However nothing can be found except the death certificate from the archives of Timothy Edwin Cunningham. He died in an industrial accident, Oct. 3/1923, leaving behind his widow Lillian nee (HAZZARD)and 10 children. He had a brother (name unknown Believed living in this same area. Are their any Cunninghams still in Hamilton who may remember any family history concerning this family. I believe their father was James and came from Ireland. The brothers were involved with some enterprise in northern Ontario probably Bracebridge Ontario. I amcontinuing to investigate all other avenues but would appreciate any help. Thank you so much, and good hunting. Elizabeth. August 4, 2001


I am looking for information on any KIDD's that lived in Wentworth county. Specifically Saltfleet Township. During the 1800's. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.  Sandy August 4, 2001


I am looking for descendants of James and Dorothy Frayne, Hamilton, Ont. August 4, 2001


My GGgrand aunt and uncle, Edward LESSLIE and wife Grace (WATSON), and family emigrated abt. 1822 from Dundee, Scotland, to Dundas, Wentworth Co. Another Lesslie relative preceded them. They had at least two sons, James and Charles who went to Iowa, U.S., abt. 1838-1839. Charles was a druggist, chemist and stationer; possibly his father Edward was, too. Any information appreciated. Elaine at: July 14, 2001


Seeking any and all information on John WEBSTER.  He came to Canada in the 1856. from Aberdeen Scotland. Did he go directly to Hamilton, or someplace else first?  Married Jean PERDUM (not certain of the spelling) likely in Hamilton but  do not know when. She also from Scotland. John is listed in the 1880's Hamilton Street Directories. He lived on Bay Street. He and Jean had 5 boys born in the years from 1877 - 1885. He and family are listed in the l891 and 1901 Census. He is an Engine driver, for the Grand Trunk Railway. Would like to verify place and date of marriage. When did John die, where is he buried? Where did the widow go after his death, or did she stay in Hamilton? When did Jean die, and where is she buried. This and any other information would be very much appreciated. Georgiana Webster July 17, 2001

l'm  looking for more information on William Larkin b. Abt. 1822 in Scotland, son of William Larkin. Wm.  married to Mary Borland b. Abt. 1829, died 29, Oct. 1883,  also from Scotland daughter of John Borland. Wm Larkin & Mary Borland parents to 3 sons, possibly more siblings. John stated he is the eldest son.  John Henry LARKIN born July 02,1847-1850, Belfast, Antrim,  Ireland; died March 19, 1921, Toronto, Ontario Canada, married to Agnes Ann Ritchie daughter of James Ritchie & Ellen Unknown (possibly OBrien) John Henry's brother James Larkin born  25 Jun 1866 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. (No more information on James), brother Thomas born 25 Apr 1871 died 21, Oct, 1945 in Los Angeles, California, USA. married 1st wife Jennie Pierce, 2nd wife Ada Gore. I have no middle names for James or Thomas Larkin. Immigration between 1871-1873 to Canada. I'm also looking for more information on Agnes Ann Ritchie's family Oct  2, 2016


I would like information of my Great Grandfather John CHRISTIE born Nov.11,1817 in Lindores Mains - Abdie Parish, Scotland. His wife was Margaret Isobel YOUNGER. They left Claysykes Farm in Kinrosshire, Scotland in about 1858 and finally settled in Carluke, near Ancaster, Wentworth Co. Canada. They resided there until their death in 1902 - 1903. I would like to know about their family and preferably hear from family members for my family historical data. I extend my thanks and appreciation to anyone who answers. Jean Christie  of   Oregon. July 7, 2001


Searching for descendants of John COLE (1800-1850s) and Amanda TUCKER (GREEN) (1812-1896). They lived in Wentworth and Brant Counties before moving to Simcoe County in the 1870s. Their children were: Ben (b. 1832/34, m. Eliza), Kinear (b.1835/36, m. Rebecca), William (b. 1838/39, m. Melvina TOLAND), Henry (b. 1840/41, m. Agnes Ann CAMPBELL), Pheby (b. 1842/43), Mary (b. 1844/45, m. John DOWNHAND/DOWNHAUR/DOWNHAM), Albert (b. 1846/48, m. Jane ROBINSON), Martha (b. 1850), Sylvester (b. 20 May, 1854, m. Susan PEACOCK), John (b.
1851/55, m. Evangeline DUNN). Would like to hear from anybody connected to the above people. John COLE, Vancouver. July 3, 2001


I am looking for information on a branch of the SPRATT family of which I have very little information.
Andrew Spratt (1807-1890)and his wife, Catherine Ellen Freeman (1814-1859) had a large family of, I believe, 9
children. They farmed in Carleton County, Gloucester Township in what was then called Upper Canada
(Ontario). One of the sons, Thomas, (born,1844) apparently moved to the Hamilton area as a young man,
and I assume, married someone there. I know nothing about this branch of the family and am trying to find
out. The 1871 Census for Gloucester Township shows a Thomas Spratt and Susan Elizabeth Spratt as having died of
typhus fever.  The Ontario Cemetery Finder website shows a Thomas Spratt (d. Oct. 16, 1870; age 26) and
Susan Elizabeth Spratt (d. Sept. 8, 1870; age 22) buried in St. John's Anglican cemetery in Wentworth
County in Ancaster Township. Does anyone have any information on this family? Did they have children,
etc? What was Susan E. Spratt's maiden name? Any info would be appreciated.  June 30, 2001


Am searching for John McVICAR/MacVICAR from Inverness Scotland. He was born@1825 and came to Brantford Township Brant County @1855. He was married to Jane? His son John was married to Lydia Bishop and worked for the railway and lived either in Harrisburg or Lynden. I can find no trace of him in Brant County. Perhaps he lived with his son? Helen Wuerth June 30, 2001


George S.A. SMITH, daguerreotypist born in NYC, 1825. First studio located in Auburn, New York, 1848-49. Established business in Hamilton, C.W., 1849-50. Purchased business on King Street from B.S. Morill, 1850. Left for Montreal and Quebec app. 1852. Returned to Hamilton 1857 with businesses located at Market Square and King Street. I am looking for any biographical information, names of relatives (sibling or spouse with initials "J. R."?), descendants, photographs, etc. Many thanks! Steven Evans June 23, 2001


GARINGER/GEHRINGER/GARRINGER, John and Mary (Reik) from Wiliamsburgh, NY to Welland abt 1830. Had child Elizabeth Reik and 12 more. Married into BARRICK family four times. Frederick m. Hannah DICKOUT.  Christian m. Nellie MINOR. Sophia m. Bernard WIEDRICK (WIDDERICK). Joseph m. Catherine NIECE. son of Joseph & Catherine - Charles m. Selina JOHNSON. All farmers in Binbrook. Contact  Mail: M. Baptist, R.R. #1, Princton, Ontario N0J 1V0. June 21, 2001


Looking for descendants of William KERR listed on 1891 Beverly Township Census b. 1890. His father was Alexander KERR b.1858 m. Alice ? b. 1869. I know he was still living in Beverly Twsp. in the 1920-40 period. His father was Hamilton KERR b. 1821 in Ireland and wife Nancy b. 1831 in Ireland settled in Beverly Twsp. in 1850's June 16, 2001


BRECKENRIDGE/BRACKENRIDGE/SECORD/SEACORD—An indenture dated January 25, 1810 in the town of Ancaster bonds Eli BRACKENRIDGE, "orphan negro 5 years old" to Elijah SECORD until the age of 21 years, at which time he was to receive a coat, waistcoat, overalls, hat, shoes, stockings and suitable linens.  Does anyone know what became of Eli? The document was witnessed and or involved John Baptiste ROUSSEAU, John JACKSON, Richard COCKRELL, John GAGE, Samuel HATT and Henry HAGLE. Please reply to
June 13, 2001


I am seeking information on the START family who resided in Wentworth County around the mid 1800's to the present. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who thinks they might be able to assist me.
Andrea (START) Miller June 13, 2001


I am looking for the parents of George W. NELLES who was said to have been born in Hamilton in 1833.

To wit: George W. NELLES, agent K. C. St. Jo. & C. B. R. R., was appointed to the present position in 1872, and has since retained it. Mr. NELLES was born in Hamilton, Canada, September 7, 1831. He was educated in his native
town. In 1853 he moved to Peru, Ill., and two years later to Muscatine, Iowa. He was engaged in the mercantile business in these cities. In 1857 he moved to Kansas and settled in Leavenworth. In 1859 he was appointed general
agent in Leavenworth of the H. & St. Jo. R. R., a position he filled up to 1872. Mr. NELLES was married in Peru, Ill., December 20, 1854, to Miss Virginia HOBBS, of Peru. They have two children, George T. and Edwin R. ...
CUTLER, William G., History of the State of Kansas, Part 25, 1883, internet2001:

I believe George had a son, Walter, born in Leavenworth, Kansas, the same year the above biography was published. I believe this son was the same as below:

Nelles, Walter 1883-1937. A graduate of Harvard Law School, professor of Law at Yale, instramental in setting the direction for the American Civil Liberties Union during World War I. Origins of the ACLU: The ACLU began as a part of the American Union Against Militarism (AUAM) which had been formed in New York in 1914 to oppose
American entry into World War I. Following the declaration of war in 1917, Crystal Eastman, AUAM's Executive Secretary, and Roger Baldwin, a social worker involved in juvenile justice, established a Bureau of Conscientious
Objectors to oppose the new draft law and to advise conscientious objectors. On July 1, 1917, the AUAM created a Civil Liberties Bureau that became an independent organization known as the National Civil Liberties Bureau (NCLB)
on October 1, 1917. Once Eastman and Baldwin took their efforts to this new organization, the AUAM quickly folded.

The NCLB had two main tasks: to defend the rights of conscientious objectors imprisoned in camps around the country and to fight the increasing suppression of free speech by both government officials and conservative
patriotic societies. Its leadership came from a mix of social workers like Baldwin and Eastman, Protestant clergy (Norman THOMAS, Harry F. WARD and John Haynes HOLMES) and lawyers (Walter NELLES, Albert DeSILVER, L. Hollingsworth WOOD and Clarence DARROW). Kathleen McLaughlin June 13, 2001


Is there anyone researching the family of Robert Morris STEPHENSON and Jane E. HORLOCK. They came to Hamilton from England, around 1870. When they came to Hamilton they resided in the north end. Please get in touch if you have any information. June 3, 2001


BUSH/ECKER:  Seeking information on Mary Ann BUSH, daughter of John BUSH and Elizabeth MORROW of Binbrook.  She married Abraham ECKER. I need her birth, marriage and death date. She is the sister to my gr.grandfather William Thomas BUSH. Hope Herndon Brandon, FL June 1, 2001


Looking for information on the family of Margaret FISHER (widow) and Mr. CANARY who married in Hamilton in 1913 - had 3 children-Agnes FISHER, Mary and Bunty(?) CANARY. Contact
June 1, 2001


I am looking for the origins of the family of Frederick HILL b. January 29, 1856 in Ontario, perhaps in the greater Hamilton/Wentworth area. Frederick HILL lived in Alton, Caledon Township from approximately 1880 - 1915, after which he moved (back?to Hamilton. Frederick HILL died in l917. Frederick HILL was married to Margaret SEXTON (b. Sept. 26, 1863 in England or Ireland) who may have been from the Toronto area). Margaret had a brother, Patrick SEXTON who lived in  Toronto. Margaret was R.C. and Fred is listed in various census records as either Methodist or
Presbyterian. The Caledon census indicates Frederick's parents were born in the U.S.  I don't know who his
parents are, or any of his siblings. Fred was my great-grandfather. The children of Fred and Margaret HILL were born in Alton.  The children's names were Clara (m.Dods), Margaret (m. George Hall), Minnie (m.Storey), Kate Elizabeth (m. Chester McClellan), Frederick Jr.(m.Edna), Odman (Audman?)(m.Marg?), Roscoe (m. Mabel?), and Russell (m.unknown). Some of the sons later lived in the Dundas, Burlington, Hamilton areas. While in Alton Frederick HILL was the a Manager of Dods Mill, now the Millbrook Inn Hotel. All the males in the family were involved with the knitting mills.  The boys left Alton to work for Eatons or Eatons Knitting Mill. Roscoe HILL invented a knitting machine which was patented in the l940's and l950's (listed in Canadian patents). The whole family were very musical. Fred Jr. sang on radio in Toronto,and perhaps with his brothers as well. Margaret was a concert pianist in Maryland and Ohio. Kate Elizabeth HILL married Chester McCLELLAN and moved to Winnipeg. Family stories say the family were of Dutch origin. Census records show Irish. Does anyone know of this HILL or SEXTON family? Thanks
Janee, Winnipeg. June 1, 2001


I am looking for information on Arthur CROOKS. He was born in Ancaster Twp around 1829. He later served as a bailiff. He married Mary Margaret URQUHART and had children: Mary Margaret, Ellen, Anna, George, Arthur,
Rachel and Walter. I am also hoping to find support for the information that Arthur's parents were Mathew and Margaret / Martha, and that his grandfather was William. Thank you! Suzette Joe & Suzette Bromley May 23, 2001


I am the 3rd. great grandson of William JOHNSON who came to Canada in 1832 and first settled in Trafalgar, Ontario until moving to Binbrook in 1845. William JOHNSON fathered  11 children by his 1st. wife Mary IRELAND who
died in 1824 in England. William & his  2nd. wife Elles ROBSON came to Canada in 1832 with 3 of their children, namely Thomas, Hannah, & Ester as well as some of the children from William's first marriage. All of William & Elles's other children were born in Trafalgar, Ontario. They were-Robson-March-19-1833; John-August-13-1834; Hannah-February-13-1836; Matthew-February-03-1838; Twins- Richard &Issac-April-19-1840; Postill-September-22-1842. I welcome any & all information that may be available regarding this JOHNSON pioneer family. May 22, 2001


Searching for any information on a CAROLL/CAROLL family who lived in Hamilton for a brief time. Mary Ann CARROLL was born in 1853-4 in Hamilton. Catherine CARROLL was born there, circa 1850, and William was born circa 1852.  They have siblings (Bridget, Thomas and Michael, born in Dane County Wisconsin).  The parents of Mary Ann are said to be Roger Carroll who was born in 1807 in Ireland.  His wife was Mary GALLAGHER born 1817 and died 31 December 1890 (location unknown). (In addition to the above named children, Roger and Mary Gallagher had a son, John Roger Carroll, born 11 July 1846 in Hamilton Ontario CANADA.  He died 3 April 1925.   Johanna Foley, his wife, was born in August 1858 in Waupun Wisconsin and died 1932. John Roger and Johanna Foley were married Feb 1876 and had an extensive family--both spouses died in Owatonna MN). There is a puzzle here, in that Mary Ann and
Bridget (called Etta) appear to have been living separately from other family members. They were found on the 1860 census of Waldwick township, near Mineral Point, Wisconsin (Iowa county) U.S. They were living with the MEAR family at that time. In 1870, Mary Ann CARROLL was working as a servant for the McGINTY family, still in Waldwick township. Mary Ann married James LAVERTY and raised a family in the Mineral Point area. We are told she died in childbirth in 1893 or 1895. I would love to hear of anyone knowing of any of these surnames, locations, etc. to help in answering the questions as to why the family was separated, possible relationships of the surnames, what might have spurred them to Hamilton in the first place. Feel free to contact me directly at as well as through this board. Marcia Gevelinger Bastian. May 22, 2001


Looking for  John Robert COOK went over to Stoney Creek, Ontario in between 1907 - 1926. After arriving had fatal logging accident. Got head crushed by wagons or logs. When accident occurred wife had only just arrived at Stoney Creek. Wife may have stayed on in Canada? Can anyone help please? Thank you. Mrs Christine Bate 28 Marlfield Road Grappenhall, Warrington, Cheshire, England. May 15, 2001


I'm looking for information on Adam DODS and David STORY who bought some land together on Governor's Rd. near West Flamboro and Beverly Twps. This happened abt. 1856. Thanks, Louise. May 15, 2001


Looking for any relatives of Dana CLOW or Lillian PALMER. Dana was born in Hamilton Wentworth County Ontario in April 1873. He had a sister Josephine and one brother Lester. They moved to the United States - when i'm not sure. Don't know Dana's parents names, but mother was supposedly of Canadian Indian descent. Lillian and Dana had 5 children - Blanche, Ruth, Dana, Edna, and Dorothy (dottie).  Lillian's other husbands (after Dana) were FITZINGER, and HENDERSON. Dana was enlisted in WWI and went under the name Daniel CLOW.  He was very tall, and had a dark complexion, and eyes. Thanks for any help - Janet  May 8, 2001


My grandfather, Charles Herbert BROWN, was born in a log cabin in Beverly Township in 1890. His parents were Aaron Charles BROWN and Sarah Louise KITCHEN.  He also had cousins who lived in the current Hamilton-Wentworth area named KERR, one in particular named Hamilton Kerr. Anyone knowing any information regarding these families please contact me. Doug Yates May 1, 2001


Thomas DAVIS, and wife Catherine KENNEDY, had 3 children born to them in Dundas, William H., Charles E. and Mary A. between 1853 and 1857. I suspect Thomas and Catherine were also married their. I found Thomas on the tax
records, but I am looking for their marriage and the children's birth dates. Any information or suggestions are most welcomed. May 1, 2001


Searching for  info regarding my grandmother, Cecelia MULLEN, born September, 15, 1888 in Hamilton, Ontario.  Had a brother possibly named Alexander. She married William J. HEWSTON in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. abt. 1919.  Unsure when she arrived in the states but she was staying with relatives (Hammond family) before her marriage.  Thank you. Christine May 1, 2001


Looking for JEFFS/FITZSIMMONS/GOW in Hamilton. JEFFS emmigrated from England about 1875-76. Joseph, George, Samuel, William, Nellie Sarah (later became Mrs. W. FITZSIMMONS), Lavina (later became Mrs.
Clarence HAYHURST-but I think moved to Brantford, Brant County after marriage) and another female who became Mrs. A. GOW. Any information is appreciated. Please e-mail me at April 21, 2001


My name is William Robert CLAPHAM, I am starting on our family tree. My fathers name is Robert Harold CLAPHAM, (married Julia nee LOTOCKI) brother of Earl CLAPHAM his fathers name was Harold CLAPHAM, plasterer of Hamilton, his wife's name was Adelaide nee REID, Adelaide's father was George REID of Hamilton, I believe George Reid had four children. I remember him as a very old man who had gone blind, he lived, I think on Main Street near Kenilworth Street, Hamilton. That is all that we know of George and his family. Harold CLAPHAM had a sister named Maude E CLAPHAM, (she married Fred CARTER we know next to nothing of Maude and her husband) and a brother George CLAPHAM (who moved to Florida). Harold's fathers name was Arnold Clapham, plasterer of Hamilton Ontario Canada, his wife's name was Celia A nee COOK, (we know next to nothing of Celia and her family)
Arnold's father was Samuel Clapham, plasterer, who emigrated to Canada I think with his brother (name not known), from England, as there was a shortage of tradesmen? I now live in Australia and so am at a bit of a disadvantage, although the web is just great. Any information that you may have will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Bill April 16, 2001


Looking for anyone who may have known Isabella (DUNN) CORBETT, b. April 24, 1861, Scotland and died May 17, 1943. She lived in Waterdown. I believe she is laid to rest in Waterdown Municipal Union Cemetery, Flamborough East Township, Wentworth County. She was married to William CORBETT, b. Jan. 8, 1851 in Scotland and died January 1914 - where?? The family lived in Wharncliffe, Algoma County and had 7 children: William John, Mary, Carrie, Grace, David, Mark, Frank. Also looking for info on Frank CORBETT, who was born about 1902 and died about 1980. Thanks April 13, 2001


Wilfred DAVIS was apparently living in Hamilton in 1906 and married Agnes Kathleen Mary LANE. Would like to find out if there were any children and where the families are today. Thanks. April 13, 2001


Looking for info on Henry CHRYSLER, Jr. He was a constable in Ancaster in 1801, married Desire Smith. Would like to find out about his children, when and where he died. Rhonda Davis April 13, 2001


I am seeking information on  Augusta Marie BOARDMAN  who married William Hamilton  MILLS  in 1840 in Hamilton, Ontario. Does anyone know anything about Augusta Marie BOARDMAN, parents, siblings ???  Thanks for any help..e-mail Barbara at April 9, 2001



I'm researching my family, some of whom moved to Hamilton from Norfolk Cty. My father was Harry James CHARTERS. His b's and s's were Art, Emma (m. LEATHAM, KNIGHT), Hattie (m. PEARCE), Helena (m. HINCKS or HINKS), Lillian (m. CARLSON), and William. I believe Harry's father was James D. and his mother Mary (maiden name unkown). I would appreciate any information that can help me fill in the holes. Email to   April 7, 2001.


Earnestly seeking information on Albert Edward BAVIDGE, resident in Hamilton/Dundas circa 1912 to 1915.
Employed by a Mr. William MANN, (RR No.2, Dundas), farmer. Plus any information on a Miss Alice SELLS.
Many thanks, Valerie Bavidge-Richardson (Buckinghamshire) April 7, 2001


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