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The following surnames appear in the queries posted below. Use your Browsers "FIND" feature to search for a name. The suffix (3) indicates there are 3 postings of this surname.

Adair, Adams, Aitken(3), Allerton, Almas(4), Ammerman, Anderson, Appleton, Armstrong, Atkins, Atkinson, Badger, Badgerow, Baker, Baldwin(4), Bale, Barker(2), Bartlett, Bates, Baxter, Bayley, Beale(2), Beer(2), Begg, Bell, Bellows, Bennett(3), Bennitt, Bichard, Bickell, Bird, Blair, Bonfigli, Bowen, Bowler, Boxall, Boyle, Brandell, Branton, Breen, Brennen, Briggs, Broad Bay, Braithwaite, Broughton, Brown(3), Bullock, Bunker, Burke, Burley, Burton, Burtons, Caldwell, Calvert(2), Campbell(4), Carley, Carlow, Cartwright, Carr, Chambers, Chapman, Chapple, Chesher, Chilek(2), Chilman, Christian, Church, Clapman, Clarke, Climer, Cline, Cochrane, Cohen, Cole(2), Collas, Cook, Cope(4), Corner, Corsey, Couture, Cowell, Craig(2), Craik, Crane, Crawford, Croft, Crookers, Currie, Curtis, Dakin, Darroch, Davidson(5), Dauphin, Davidsons, Dean, Decatur, Deforest,  Delsey(2), Dennis(2), Depew, Derapp, Derisley, Dewitt, Dickson, Dingman, Douglas, Drexssiler, Durfey, Dwyer, Eager(3), Eckerson, Edgar, Edison, Edwards, Eline, Ellsworth(2), Elms, Elsie, Falla, Faulder, Felker, Fisher(2), Field, Flannagan, Fleming,  Fonger(2), Forrest, Foster, Fournier, Freed, Fry, Fuller(2), Fullerton, Galevan, Garrison, Gates, Gatenby, Geiss, Gibson(2), Gifford, Gilbert, Gladu, Glass(2), Goodall, Goodram, Goodwin, Graham, Grant, Grassett, Gravelle, Gravestock, Grayley, Green, Greer, Grightmire, Gumbert, Gunby, Hales, Hallinan, Hamilton,  Hammer, Hammond, Hand, Hannon, Hanes, Harper, Harris(2), Hasselfeldt, Hastings(2), Hatley, Hardman, Harris(2), Hartwell, Hay, Hayward, Hazard, Heslop, Hinde, Hinks, Hipkins, Holmes, Holroyd, Homer, Hood(2), Hope, Hopkins(2), Hoskin(2), House, Howden, Howell(2), Huddleston, Hutchison, Ireland, Ironsides, Irwin, Jackson, Jacobs, Jensen, Jerome, Johnson(4),  Johnston(2), Jones(2),  Joseph, Kelley, Kemm, Kennard, Kerninhan, Kerr, King(2), Kintzel, Kitson, Kivell, Krouse, Ladle, Lawson, Leach, Leece(2), Leggett, Leon,  Leith, Little(5), Logan, Lotocki, Lougheed, Lowden, Lunden, Lundy, Lyle, Machal, Magill, Maillard, Manary, Manuel,Marlatt, Marrs, Martin, Martlatt, Mayer, McAgy, McAnsh, McArthur, McCabe, McClemont, McCoag, McCrudden, McCutcheon, McDonald, McDougall(2), McIlroy, McInnes, McIntosh,  McKeon, McLaren, McMurtry, McWhanay, Mepham, Middleton, Mileni, Mills, Milne, Monro, Montgomery, Moore(6), Morden(2), Mordens, Morris(2), Morrison, Mulholland, Munn, Murdoch, Murphy, Murray, Nash, Near, Neer, Neff, Nelson, Newmans, Newton(2), Niblock(2), Nicholsons, Nunn, O'conner, Ogden, O'Hara, O.Heir,  O'Leary, Oliver, Olmstead, O'Neil, Paine, Passmore, Paterson, Patten, Peebles, Persall, Phelan, Phillips, Phillipo, Pickard, Poag, Pontius, Precore, Pitt, Prior, Pryor, Pye, Quillman, Reid, Richards, Riddle, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roelofson, Rokes, Rolfe, Rossiter, Roszel, Rowley, Rushton, Russell(2), Ryckman(2), Sandell, Salmon, Saunders, Schoff, Setchel, Shiach, Sidensparker, Schiebel, Scott, Selby, Sharp(2), Shaver, Shaw(2), Sheperd, Shoff, Showers, Simpson, Skinner, Skirrow, Slote, Smith(8), Smuck, Spafford, Sparks, Spence, Spera,  Springer, Springstead, Stafford, Stanley, Stewart(4), Stirling, Sutton, Sweet, Swinton, Tansley(2), Tate, Taylor(5), Teal, Terryberry, Thomson, Thompson(2), Thorne, Tracey, Truscott, Turner, Turton(2), Tuttle, Tweedle, Underhill, Urquhart, VanDeusen, VanDusen(2), Vanmere, VanSickle, VanVondelen, Vassie(2), Verril, Vipond, Von Tock, Waldoboro, Wallace, Walsh, Warden, Warner, Warwick, Watson(2), Weir, Wentworth(2), Whatbeck, White, Whitlaw, Whiteside, Wilkins, Will, Williams(4), Williamson, Willis, Willson, Wilson(3), Wood, Wooden, Wright(2), Yorkston, Young(4)


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If this is the Mary Fonger who married William Roelofson - I have Roelofson genealogy back to the immigrant.  Happy to share info. Doris Lemon.  March 9, 2006

My mother spent some time in a sanitorium in Hamilton. She had scarlet fever. I would like to know where this sanitorium was located, what the name was and if the records would still be available. Also and this may sound crazy, but my aunt used to visit her daily and talked about climbing this big hill to just talk to her from the yard. What direction would my aunt have been coming from? Also, would like to know of the Presbyterian churches located in Hamilton in1914-1922. Thanks Sande Piechotte March 9, 2006


Looking for info or descendants on Thomas HARTWELLl & wife Eliza HOMER.  They were married in Gore District Aug 5, 1844.  Both were of Beverly Twp when they married March 9, 2006


Just found a tree on that seems legit. Sarah  HOSKIN   married  John NASH  in Hamilton Christ Church(they called it)by Rev J.G.Geddes.   Dec 7, 1847.  Says she died Nov 19,1866( which I have record of diff.mine 17th) This is the last person of this family I have been searching for.Saved letters written about her told me her death date and that she had 6 children at the time of her death My problem is says she died Grandham?, Canada.I don't recognize this does anyone??Mary HOSKIN married John BEALE had children in St.Catherines/maybe Wentworth.from 1846 to 1859 before moving to Buffalo N.Y. Now wonder if she married same church?Isabella Joanna HOSKIN married John ATKINSON  perhaps in same church?They raised all their family in Glanford Twsp moving to Tilbury area about 1883. How can I see these records or who can I ask about them if at all possible.Many thanks for your help. Sue P March 9, 2006


Looking for the mother of Elizabeth SKINNER.  Elizabeth was born appr. 1827 in Copetown Wentworth Canada, she died in 1861.  Elizabeth SKINNER married Philip DEFOREST on January 22, 1842 or 1843 in Canada, probably Wentworth County.  Elizabeth SKINNER’S father was Benjamin SKINNER.  I am at a brick wall until I can find Elizabeth’s mother. Hope someone can help me. March 9, 2006


I am looking for information on Edwin Eli ELI ROBERTS(6/3/1876). Address given as 471 Wentworth Street. Occupation Carpenter/builder. From Kington, England.  February 16, 2006


I am trying to find out any information I can on the black family of Cochrane's that resided in Hamilton from about 1840-1871. In particular I am highly interested to learn anything about my gr gr gr grandfather Josiah Cochrane who was listed as a barber in an 1856 City Directory. He was born circa 1828-1832 (unclear here). His first wife we know he married in 1858 and she is listed as A.a. Whatbeck. An unusual name or perhaps it is the wrong spelling I'm sure this was obtained from an index of marriages for the Hamilton area. Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Please contact me at with anything. Annette Allison February 16, 2006


I'm trying to find out if I actually have roots to Canadian Aboriginal (Iroquois or Metis) on my mothers side. My parents were  William and Lois Robinson, nee Galivan of Hamilton. My grandparents were James and Luella Galivan (nee Roberts) buried in Waterdown. Luella was the daughter of Mathew Roberts (Hall?) and ? Ferguson. Mathew Roberts (Hall?) was son of  Lydia Zimmerman? and _? Roberts Hall. All resided in the Waterdown, Burlington, Hamilton Wentworth County areas. I would greatly appreciate it if you could find any data for me. Best regards, Scott February 9, 2006


Seeking additional information about Sarah DECATUR, buried in Hamilton Cemetery, Barton Township, Wentworth County.  Please reply to February 4, 2006


I am having a difficult time finding any information on the marriage of Joshua KIVELL, born 1842 in England , to Caroline ?  born 1834 England.  This couple lived in Lynden, Wentworth.  Joshua was the son of William and Eliza KIVELL.  Brothers and sisters included, Thomas, Samuel J.,  and
Ann.  Anyone out there know anything, anything at all? February 4, 2006


Thomas McLAREN and wife Margaret McLAREN first 3 children were born in Dundas.  I'm looking for their christening records, and not sure of a possible church to check. Alexander McLAREN born Nov.17, 1855, Elizabeth MCLAREN born 1856, William Gray(Grey) McLAREN born Nov.12, 1852. Alexander was born a month before his parents marriage that took place Dec. 25, 1855 Rev. George Goodson in Hamilton.
Records and “Christian Guardian”  show that Thomas McLAREN was from West Flamborough and Margaret Grey from Dundas. I have not had the “Christian Guardian” searched their birth. Margaret E. in Oregon February 3, 2006


I am looking for information on Dennis & John PHELAN, two of Hamilton's earliest boatbuilders.  Both would have come to Hamilton around 1855-1865. Also need information on James P. PHELAN, their brother, who ran the bar and billiard room at the Royal Hotel from approximately 1880 to 1905. February 2, 2006


I am trying to obtain information about the above name. She was the grandmother of my wife whose fathers name was Joseph Anson Badgerow. Permillie Catherine Warden was born in a town called Otterville Ontario on Feb 20,1876. She was one of 13 children some of whose names were George, Jessie, Mina, Effie, Pearl, Angie, Nettie, Lem and Art.In the census of 1891 at age 15 she was shown as a domestic living with Herbert and Margaret Snyder and their newly born daughter named Mabel in Otterville She died on May 15.1949 in Hamilton Ontario. Permillie Warden gave birth to a son in Buffalo New York on July 6 1895. The residence shows as 209 Seymour Street in Buffalo. The father was shown as Joseph Badgerow age 29 and a resident of Canada whose occupation showed as a clerk. We are seeking information about the Joseph Badgerow apparently born around 1876.Permillie Catherine Warden lived in Hamilton on Burlington Street until her death She in later years married Arthur Dawson. Any information about my wife’s grandmother and unknown grandfather would be appreciated. My wife’s married name is Permillie Marie Jackson February 2, 2006


I am searching for information on Edith GLADU, descendants and other relatives from Hamilton. I believe she married my maternal grandfather (John RUSHTON who was from England) prior to 1929 in Hamilton. My mother Norma RUSHTON was born in Hamilton and then they all emigrated to England. Any Birth,Marriage,Death info for these people would be helpful in my quest. Thank you.
February 2, 2006


I'm searching for Eleanor Irma GLASS born 1918 or 19 or any relatives. Eleanor gave birth to a girl (Linda Sharon) at St Joseph's hospital in 1947 in Hamilton Ont, who was adopted by a McCOMB family. She also had a son in 1941 and maybe another a few years after Linda, named Jimmy. Eleanor may have family in Michigan as there she said she had family there. Also am looking for a Brenda (Bunny)  Speakman nee McCOMB, from Hamilton, who was a cousin to Linda MComb. Grace. February 2, 2006


I am searching for any information about the family of Rev James HALES. Spouse Ann LEGGETT. Children Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Eliza, William and Emma. Children born Saltfleet Ont. P Goodwill February 2, 2006


I am looking for any information of Arthur Daniel HASTINGS, born 1896 in Great Yarmouth, England and emigrated to Canada in 1926 with wife Flora. A son John born in 1931 in Lakeview, Ontario. Arthur divorced from first wife in 1945 and settled in the city of Hamilton/Wentworth County, Ontario, living there from about 1945 until 1967. Remarried Jessie Sophie_?_ in mid 1940's. From 1968 until 1980 they lived in Stoney Creek Arthur died in 1979 and I believe his wife may have died around 1988. jmichaelkel@comcast.netJanuary 20, 2006


 My father Albert Edward MEPHAM was born in Hamilton Ontario in 1909. He ad his brother Joseph Mepham were put in a "Boys" home.
Later in his life my father Albert Edward MEPHAM was put into a Hamilton sanitarium. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you Sam Mepham. January 20, 2006


Seeking any info about Andrew CRAWFORD,born Ireland circa 1820.He married Catherine STEWART born Ireland circa 1821.In the census of 1851 (Wentworth-Hamilton) both are listed as 28 yrs.old and living on James St. In the census of 1881 (Proton-Grey East)  they have 3 children,William(23),Samuel(20),James(16) all are born Ontario. Andrew also appears in the census of 1901(81yrs.)living with Samuel in Proton,Grey East. January 17, 2006.


I am looking for anyone related to the ELSIE clan. Robert ELSIE  1812-1888 and Sarah Carey 1825 are the earliest members of the clan. Some od the names that married into the Elsie line are  Carey, Sanagan,Harney, Stiles, Murdock, Hendershott, Anderson, Church, Kornstein, Shaver, Gates,Powell, Misener, Doyle, Hearts, Portsmouth, Dewey, Murdock, Wishart, Allen, Bootman, Moote, Graham.
The clan has gone to Buffalo, Michigan, Petrolia, London, Port Colborne, Welland, Niagria Falls, St Catherines, Toronto, Hamilton, Stoney Creek among others. Would like to hear from any out there who think we may have a connection.
Dave Sutton January 9, 2006


Would like info on John Brock McDougall, born 1834 in Ontario, died 1887 in Hamilton.  Married Elizabeth Ferguson, d/o William Ferguson and Elizabeth Crawford.  She died 1899 in Hagersville, Haldimand County. Don't know where they are buried. Children:  Alonzo, Bessie, Margaret, Maude and William.  Any info appreciated.  January 8, 2006


Would like information regarding George McCLEMONT 1857-1936.  1st marriage to Clara ARMSTRONG died 19 March 1889.  2nd marriage to Mary Elizabeth JOHNSON  1865-1953. Both lived in Mount Hope ,and buried in  North  Glanford Cemetery.
Contact  Nancy January 8, 2006


Searching for father of Matthew Bennett born 1833 Beverly Twp.   married Harriett Chesher 1861 Lambton County .Settled Blenheim
.Oxford. Died 1897-buried Windfall Cemetery. Any information appreciated. January 6, 2006


These are the entries in a family bible handed down to me as written. Mary Ann Brown JACKSON ,b.12-11-1859 Northumberland, England d.1937.
William JACKSON b.8-31-1864
Robert JACKSON b.2-18-1867 d.11-21-1934
Thomas JACKSON b.9-7-1868 d.7-13-1879
George JACKSON b.1-12-1870 d.1-28-1876
Jane JACKSON b.5-2-1872 (possibly married to William Gidley b.1870)
Joseph JACKSON b.1875 d.8-19-1885
James Henry JACKSON b.1876
Alice May JACKSON b.10-11-1891 d.11-28-1961 married Ernest William Hinks in 1911.
Jennie Plastow 1883-1925
Geo. Plastow 1907-1914

Hamilton, Ontario region January 6, 2006


Looking for the information contained in a marriage record from 1861 for Richard Hazard in Wentworth County from Marriages of Ontario 1858-1869. January 6, 2006


 Many blanks and questions??...little information regarding this side of family. Edward Gordon Smith m. Mary Gladys Louden (have info and dates and specifics on the Louden side only).

His (Edward's) parents were OLive and Gordon Smith, who had many children..William, Harold, Samuel, Henry, Archie, May, Alice, Edna, Isabel, and ella. -Have found a Census record of 1911 for district 7 8 West Hamilton Province of Ontario district 15 - City of Hamilton Ward 5....not sure if this is same family.  It lists a George Smith as head of household with a Margaret as wife. Also included are:
address = 46 Simcoe (Hamilton) at same address= John (son), William, (son), Henry?(son), Mary(wife),Mary(daughter), Alice (daughter), Edna (Daughter), Edward (head), Sarah (wife).



Seeking ances and dec of Thomas WILLIAMSON b. abt 1859 d bel 1930 m. Caroline Dreschker (DREXSSILER) 1 Jul 1875 The family lived in ward 5 of  Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario.  He had 2 known children Richard Willie and Thomas.  He may have been a teamster and with the Public works department His brother Richard was an alderman from ward 5

Tom Williamson
63 Beckwith St.
New London, CT
Phone: 860-444-0137 December 4, 2005


Seeking information on this family. Have a single reference to a "Robert" Louden/Lowden & his wife Mary documented on a marriage certificate of son James Louden married Adelia Kelly 1872.  I have found references from others that "Robert" is actually Joseph on family tree websites.
The family branched out to Hamilton area but originated in Burford so I am told, and possibly of Irish descent.  That's about all I know.  Would appreciate any help. December 4, 2005



Searching for family of  Benjamin WILLIS from England  (married Mary Evelyn FULLER) who is related to William G H WILLIS, married Elizabeth ( of Woolwich Eng.)  and had two at least two sons Albert and John WILLIS also born in Eng. Both son's fought in WW1 Can. All from Hamilton area approx 1855 onward. Contact Email: December 4, 2005


I am trying to find Samuel and his son Louis JEROME who moved from New York to Glanford around 1805.  There seems to be ample evidence
of Samuel but I have been unable to find any reference to his son Louis. Samuel died in 1811 or 1818 in Glanford.  Any help finding Louis would
be very much appreciated. Jon Knutson November 5, 2005


Looking for information on a marriage of LYDIA UNDERHILL year 1862 who she married

Place:  Wentworth County
Province of record source Ontario
source: WENTWORTH COUNTY MARRIAGE REGISTER, R. G. 8 (1858-1869) series I-6-B, Volume 82
Publisher: Provincial Archives of Canada
Volume/Page(s) #88
November 5, 2005


I recently found a William Carlow, born 1852 in Dundas, Ontario, died Warren, Warren, PA.  He possibly is the brother to my greatgreat grandfather, Sylvester Carlow born in Ireland 1802, lived in Ontario (possibly this area).  I was told there is a CARLOW family burial site in Ontario and I have not been able to find it! This William CARLOW's obit stated he came to Warren, Warren, PA with his parents in 1860. I found my Sylvester Carlow and family in the Warren, PA census of 1860. I am hoping someone in Dundas is related to the Carlows or someone can find old records in Dundas of this family.  I have not checked the Dundas County area since the obit only said he was born in Dundas, Ontario.
I would appreciate any information. My email address at home is if you respond to this email address it will eventually get to me, maybe send RSVP's to both emails!!! Thank you to anyone that can help! Ginny Eakin Pennsylvania October 22, 2005


I  am looking for information on STED (STID) SHAW who was born to LEVI SHAW (SCHOFF) and PHOEBE ANN SPRINGSTEAD around 1836-1838, in Ontario.   I would like to determine his birth date. I would like to find marriage record for LEVI SHAW and PHOEBE ANN SPRINGSTEAD.   OF CONCERN TO ME IS THAT PHOEBE SPRINGSTEAD  shows up married to a :  JAMES DENNIS ABOUT 1838  in Saltfleet Township, Wentworth County, Ontario.  So what happened to LEVI SHAW?  PHOEBE ANN SPRINGSTEAD (born around 1811-1813) in Saltfleet, Wentworth,  is the daughter  of REV JACOB SPRINGSTEAD and RACHEL VAN DUSEN.  PHOEBE had a brother named STAD SPRINGSTEAD<1810>.  THE 1860 US MICHIGAN CENSUS has STID SHAW living with JAMES and PHOEBE DENNIS, so it appears that the family left ONTARIO around 1851 after the birth of their child, Emmerson DENNIS in 1851.  I would love to find the 1851 Canada census on line.  Thank You. SGUEMANN@SBCGLOBAL.NET Oct 20, 2005


I am trying to connect my Great Great Great Grandfather, Abraham COWELL, who originally arrived at the Long Point Settlement in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada, as a Loyalist in the late 1700’s, to the COWELL Family, who arrived in Wentworth/Essex in the early 1800’s.  My line of COWELL’s moved from Norfolk County to Haldimand County by about 1825 and settled first in Sherbrooke Township, and then Dunn Township.  I think that perhaps a John COWELL who married a Polly Van Deusen from the Abraham Van Deusen line that goes back to Haarlem, Netherlands in the early 1600’s, may be a brother or other relative. October 22, 2005


I am looking for any information about Arthur Daniel Hastings, born Norfolk, England 1896. He married in 1926 to Flora Campbell in England. They emigrated to Canada prior to 1932 as they had a son John born 1932 in Lakeview, Ontario. Flora soon left Arthur for another and by 1936 is in Nova Scotia where she had a son Ronald Malcolm Snowden. Arthur was granted a divorce from Flora by the Court in the County of Wentworth in 1945. In 1943, Arthur is found in Hamilton and is a toolmaker. In 1950 in Hamilton, he is listed with Jessie S. and his occupation is a tool and die maker for Studebaker. In 1967, he is still listed in Hamilton with Jessie S., but is not listed after this year. I would like to confirm that this is the correct Hastings and confirm his marriage to Jessie. Also, whether they may have had any children and to confirm their death dates and location of burial.
Thank you. My address is Mike Keller, 8645 Alden Lane, Windsor, California, 95492 and my e-mail is jmichaelkel September 25, 2005


I have been searching for some time for the parents of my grandfather, EDWARD GORDON SMITH b.1914 (Hamilton?) of Lottridge street.  I do know there were many brothers and sisters over ten I believe. He died suddenly of an aneurism and I really know nothing about him or his side of the family.  Edward married Mary Gladys Louden b.1913.  Here is the general data I have on the family.  Any further names and dates or information would greatly help me in my search:

Adelia Kelly & James Louden
1852-1926     1847-1910
James Emerson Louden & Sarah Whitelaw
1873-1944               1873-1947
Mary Gladys Louden & Edward Gordon Smith
b.1913               b. 1914 September 25, 2005


I have the 1871 head of household name William S. FREED , Wentworth North , Dundas Town , Division # 2 Roll # C-9925 page 19 . Do you have the rest of the household available ? September 23, 2005


I am looking for the marriage record of Thomas Church to Margaret, 1867, Wentworth County, Ontario, as listed in the Wentworth County Marriage Register, RG8 (1858-1869) Series 1-6-B, Vol. 82, Provincial Archives of Ontario, page 181. September 15, 2005


It would be great to locate family still living, of the above gentleman who is our great uncle. Thomas came to Canada after 1891 and married Elizabeth (N.N.) and the couple had a son listed on the 1901 Canadian Census as William G (George). Listed on the Census were two persons listed/noted as brother and sister to Thomas, namely George H and Ellen. The birth date for Thomas is 9 April 1861.  Can you help locate any further family.

I have looked on Bethesda United Church, Wentworth County, Ancaster Township (Ref HM-102) cemetery site and found the burial there of Thomas, wife, son and two more males (presumably two more sons).

You would make my day/year/moment if we could locate Thomas's family still living in Ontario so that we can locate one another. We immigrated from South Africa in 1997 and found we had more cousins related to Thomas that never knew of Thomas's existence. Imagine the excitement when we discovered that Thomas had come to Canada before us all. September 15, 2005


I'm looking for Art Work painted by my Father, Stan MORRIS during his life time. He was b. 1906 Mt.Forest Ont.- d.London, Ont. 1978. Paintings will be signed. "S.Morris". In particular I'm looking for a portrait in oil, done on board, of a young girl, with dark hair, in a blue dress. It could have ended up in the Hamilton or surrounding area. Please contact me. Thank you. ---Patricia Morris Email September 1, 2005


Searching for information on my great grandfather Francis (Frank) JOSEPH born Aug 27 1856 in Hamilton Wentworth County. He married Anne (Hannah) CLARKE Jan 17 1876 in Penetanguishene Ont.  No parents are listed and I cannot find him in any cencus before his marriage.  I am stuck!!  Any help is appreciated Heather  September 1, 2005


Searching for link between the Stewart/Benner/Bennet families of Saltfleet and area. Particulary, a Hazel Dorothy Stewart, dau of Charles and Lizzie (Bennet) . b 1904 possibly marr a Truscott. Any help here? Please e-mail Thank you. September 1, 2005


Looking for more imformation on the Morris' of Hamilton, Wentworth county from 1857 to 1900. John MORRIS, born 1794, in Monkleigh, Devonshire Englad, came in to Hamilton in 1855  England. He brought his family; Martha GIFFORD his wife, John Gully Morris B.1821, Thomas Morris B.1823, William Morris B.1831, Hariet Morris B.1839, George Morris B.1835, my great great grandfather Lewis Morris B1837, Louisa Morris B.1841. They worke as The Morris Bros. Grain and Flour, as grocers, butchers, my great great grand father as a butcher in the market square. All are buried in the Hamilton cemetery. thanks Fred Morris. August 30, 2005


My name is Sarah Watson. I'm looking for anyone with information on the WATSON family prior to 1910. They almost all resided in Beverley Township and most are buried in Kirkwall Presbyterian Church Cemetery. I still have cousins living in the area.  I'm most interested in Thomas WATSON and Thomas B. WATSON and thier families. Forbes and Elsie were my Great-grandparents. I'm looking for information on the generations prior to them. I now live in Calgary (born and raised in Cambridge, ON).
My address is:
506-2216 17B St. SW
Calgary, AB
T2T 4S8

I'm willing to cover any postage if anyone has any info to send me. I can also be reached via e-mail at or via this account.
Thank you very much! Sarah August 7, 2005


Dear Colleague:

As editor of The Correspondence of Henry D. Thoreau, I seek information on John D. Milne of Hamilton, Ontario. Thoreau wrote him on 20 November 1854 about the possibility of a lecture there. I know that MILNE was the Superintendent of the library of the Hamilton Mercantile Library Association, but I know absolutely nothing else! Any help you might provide in further identifying him would be of great use to me.
Many thanks,

Robert N. Hudspeth
Research Professor of English
The Claremont Graduate University
Claremont, California, USA
Pruessner@earthlink.netAugust 7, 2005


My mother and Aunt was buried in Woodland Cemetary,  Wentworh County. Their names were Bonnie Lou Grayley and Marie Grayley. If you have any info on them pelase contact me back at This would be greatly appreaciated. Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you soon. August 7, 2005



I am looking for a marriage certificate for Wright Medwell GOODWIN and Barbara Helen FRY, married in Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario in 1863.  Any additional information would also be appreciated. They had the following children:  Alfred, H. E., George, Frederick, Edmund, and Wright all born in Wentworth between 1863 and 1881. Thank you, July 22, 2005


I am searching for any information on Emily HOLROYD (borm 1879?) from the above city. Her father was Moses HOLROYD.
She married Ernest SKIRROW in 1901 then came to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada while pregnant.  They had 2 known children, James and Frederick.
Her whereabouts after arriving in Hamilton are a mystery and this is what I am seeking.  Anything is appreciated!
Thank You, James July 4, 2005


I am looking for information of the BREEN family who lived in or around Hamilton from 1847 on. The father was James Wm. BREEN and his wife was Mary McGRATH BREEN. They had: Simon who moved to Toronto,  Mary who married Patrick CRANE c. 1873 and sister Brigid m. his brother Cornelius CRANE and brother Michael BREEN m. Mary DWYER. These marriages should have taken place in Wentworth, Catholic. The father James Wm. died sometime before 1871 and his wife Mary remarried Patrick SHEA. July 4, 2005


I am looking for further information on the SCOTT family of Ancaster, Wentworth South, in the 1800s. Four members of this family are buried at the Saint Andrew Presbyterian Cemetery, Ancaster, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada. William SCOTT, a farmer, died 13 Jan 1883 aged 63 years, and his wife Agnes died 1 Oct 1899 aged 83 years. Their son William was born 19 Jan 1850 and died 13 Jun 1878.  Their daughter Janet McC was born 13 Sep 1851 and died 12 Apr 1878. William SCOTT, born in Scotland, is listed as a farmer at Ancaster, Wentworth South, on the 1871 and 1881 Federal censuses. I believe this William SCOTT could be the older brother of Robert SCOTT (a railway engine driver), who emigrated to Queensland, Australia in 1866 with his wife and ten children. The brothers were sons of William SCOTT (a farmer) and Esther HAY of Easter Thomaston, Denny, Stirling, Scotland.  Robert told his children about his brother who emigrated to "Ancaster, north-west British America", where he farmed.  The story was that William went to "British America" first, then later sent back to Scotland for his fiancee to join him.  All information about this family, or the district they settled in, will be welcome.  Please direct your replies to Margaret at  July 1, 2005


Searching for any decendants of Helen (Ellen) HUTCHISON/HUTCHESON born aroung 1822 in Sanquhar Dumfries. Mother may have been Annie Johnston aand Father possibly Wallace Hutchison/Hutcheson. No record of parents on any data, but all her sons had the middle name of JOHNSTON so that leaves a clue. She married Robert MURDOCH in Tarbolton in 1847. Moved to NZ in 1859 on "Alpine" any clues please, Heather Murdoch. June 30, 2005

Does anyone have any information on how to obtain records of a Boys home or orphanage on Stinson Street in Hamilton?
Any help would be appreciated! June 25, 2005


I am looking for information about the family of Arthur HARDMAN born about 1923/6. His parents were Jean LAWSON and Frank HARDMAN married in 1916 in Hamilton. June 22, 2005


Searching for descendants of John COLE (1800-1857) and Amanda TUCKER COLE GREEN (b. 1812 in St. Catherines, d. 1896 in Midhurst). They lived in Wentworth and Brant Counties before most of them moved to Simcoe County about 1878. Their children were: Ben (b. 1833, m. Eliza KANE then Ann NEALY, d. 1899 in Shelburne); Rinear (b. 1835, m. Rebecca ????, d. 1879 in Onandaga Twp.); William (b. 1838, m. Melvina TOLAN); Henry (b. 1840, m. Agnes Ann CAMPBELL then Elizabeth THOMPSON, d. <1905); Phoebe (b. 1843, m. Henry PEACOCK, d. 1930 in Saginaw, Michigan); Mary (b. 1846, m. John DOWNHAND then John ROBINSON, d. 1911 in Midhurst); Albert (b. 1848, m. Jane ROBINSON, d.1928 in Orillia); Martha (1850 - <1861); Sylvester (b. 1854, m. Susanna PEACOCK, d. 1928 in Barrie); John (b. 1857, m. Evangeline DUNN then Edith WYNN, d. 1938 in Penetanguishene). Would like to hear from anybody connected to these people. John COLE in Vancouver. June 17, 2005



James HUDDLESTON arrived in Upper Canada in 1834 aged 20 (from England via New York) and settled near to his brother Frederick (who had a farm at Chippewa Twp, Willoughby Co but left Canada in 1842.)

James married Emma COE. She appears to have died before January 1851 when James wrote his will and James appears to have died before May 1851.

In his will James lists his children (and entrusts them to the care of Louisa Lewis):
Emma Coe
Fanny Louisa Denman
Elizabeth Ursula
Caroline Gauntlett
John Croft
Rose Brabigan

He also mentions his mother-in-law “Mrs COE” and in a codicil “Eleanor COE” [my caps] – these may be the same person.

In the 1851 Census (Jan 1852) the children are listed in the household of Daniel Lewis 61 and Louisa Lewis 34 (from the Ancestors of Clarence
Lewis, on the site, we know she was 2nd or 3rd wife) with ages 13, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 except that Clarissa has been “substituted” for Elizabeth

This would indicate that Emma the mother died in or after 1847.  I have been guided to other references (that are not easy to check from
UK) indicating that: James and Emma married at Grace Anglican Church Brantford in 1838 (from the Church records) and that:

Eliza Ursula married in 1859
Denman married in 1861
John Croft married in 1867
Caroline Eleanor Gauntlett married in 1868 (all from A History of Blandford Township 1867-1967, by George Oliver)

Fanny is believed (from family notes) to have married twice: to Andrew Nibloe and HBA Willoughby. The first could be to Anker Nibloe in 1861
(he having a relation Jo) and the second to Henry Willoughby in 1866 (both again from A History of Blandford Township 1867-1967)

I am also told that in 1871 census Fanny Nibloe 27 was in St Andrew’s Ward Toronto West and Rose Hudletton [sic] was in a different household
on the same page. Both English and born Ontario and both not having the same surnames as the household head.

Stuart Cresswell
June 15, 2005


I am searching for the parents and the location of birth for Augustus HOUSE/HOWES. Birth 1821 in Canada, marriage in Stoney Creek circa 1844, death in Elora 1889. Please reply to Posted May 9 2005.



I am trying to find contact with the descendants of John MYERS, blacksmith born about 1825 in Scotland. I think there could be relations bearing the names HALLINAN,  LUNDY and EDISON. He was the brother of my great grandfather and resided in Berlin (Kitchener) . The 1871 census shows him as being in Wentworth South and Ancaster. May 9, 2005


My 5th greatgrandfather was Adam Bowman ALMAS Sr. and I am having difficulty finding proof of his son Frederick I was sent an e mail some time ago saying Frederick was the eigth son of 14 children born to Adam ALMAS and Elizabeth Kitson of Ancaster Twp. Wentworth County,Ontario,Canada. Adam 1787-1871.Frederick Almas (Adams son b.@ 1825 married a Mariah BALDWIN then a Mariah LITTLE .The only link I have found is Thomas LITTLE paid for a cemetery lot Frederick is buried on in Tuscola County Michigan. May 2, 2005


 Looking for parents of Frederick ALMAS born @1816?1 Ancaster,Ontario. married a Mariah LITTLE or BALDWIN> 2 Children George ALMAS and Delilah ALMAS both born @1848 and 1850 in Ancaster. Think he may be son of Adam Bowman ALMAS And Elizabeth KITSON. April 16, 2005


Searching for descendants of John A. BENNETT, b. 5 Apr 1863 in Wolfe Island, Ontario. He married Hattie KING, b. 28 Sep 1863. Children were: Harry, John, Velma, Theodore, Elsie and Willie. His parents were John Emmerson BENNETT and Ann BRIGGS.  John A. and Hattie supposedly moved to Hamilton. Willing to share information. April 27, 2005



Can anyone give me a suggestion as to where I might find an obituary for Rebecca McARTHUR who died Sept. 14, 1902, aged 97. She lived in Flamborough West and is buried with her daughter and son-in-law, Agnes and Henry QUILLMAN in Crown Cemetery, Puslinch Township. I am trying to determine if she is my greatgreatgrandmother, Rebecca JOHNSON (possibly remarried ca 1850). I have the death registration but in 1902 they gave no details about parents' names. April 3, 2005


I am looking for all of the Gravelles buried in St Augustine Cemetery. Particularly looking for James Gravelle whose wife is Emily.
Also Isobel Lancaster. Thanks Gary T Gravelle March 27, 2005


I'm trying to get any info available on a Hamilton resident in 1901 -  John Colavin McCABE (married to Mary ?) We are trying to ascertain if he was indeed a doctor and the same John McCabe that was born abt 1857 in Camilla, Cardwell, Mono to Patrick McCabe and Jane Colavin, a Roman Catholic. He was a resident of Wellington Co., Peel Township - near Arthur On up until about 1888. We believe he may have married a Mary Ryan? and became a doctor but have no way of confirming this.

There is a John McCabe in Ward 6, Hamilton city  district 69, F-3, page 11 - at 36 Gore St - where it was rumored he  was located.
Is there any historical group in Hamilton or the province that we could verify his medical credentials?
Also his brother , Patrick Michael McCabe is rumored to have worked at the Dwyer funeral Home in Hamilton probably around the same time 1890 / before starting the McCabe Funeral home in Toronto - that is something else we are trying to verify.

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated. March 27, 2005



My Great Grandmothers brother was Thomas BAYLEY (or Bailley) and he was born in 1841 somewhere near to Hamilton Ontario.  He is listed in the 1881 census as living in Ward 7, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario. He was married to Elizabeth (Who was 10 years younger than him) and in 1881 had 4 children - Matthew (age 10); William (age 8); Edith (age 6) and Hariette (age 4).  Thomas was a Carpenter and a Canadian Methodist.  His sister - Rachel - born in 1850/51 married a soldier (in the 15th Regiment of Foot based at Hamilton) and came to England (via Ireland) in 1870.  Please could any descendants of Thomas Bayley get in touch with myself- i.e. one of their distant relatives. Pat Davey little March 27, 2005


Please pass along to anyone who may be interested that I have recently posted a family tree on RootsWeb that may be of interest to anyone researching Dicksons or Peebles in Wentworth County. The tree starts with John DICKSON and Mary (FAULDER) Dickson who came to Strabane Ontario prior to the1851 census. John was born in Scotland in 1793 and Mary was from Carlisle, England. Their son, Robert married Mattilda Peebles, daughter of Matthew PEEBLES of Strabane. One can access the tree by going to the RootsWeb site then clicking the Family Tree item, and searching for Robert Dickson with the year of birth 1793. I hope this will be of use to someone in your branch.
Mary Lou Dickson March 19, 2005


Still looking for Gillis McBain SMITH, b1840, married Isobell (Isabella) LEECE (LEASE) in 1862 in Beverly, Wentworth Co., Ont. Gillis' father may be John, but would like to know where the McBain come from. Possibly from his mother's side?  Isobell's father may be William and both may have been born in England. Would like to find the parents and any siblings. Jan Jamerson 375 Bates Dr. Lapeer, MI  48446 USA March 19, 2005


I am researching the SMITH family, found at 100 Queen street in  1901 census of Ward 4 of the City of Hamilton, Wentworth county, Ontario with the ultimate goal of finding their descendants.  I have contacted the Baptist church archives and the Hamilton Library.   Perhaps someone familiar with searching in Hamilton could suggest some thing else that could be checked for traces of the following folks:
   SMITH, John, born Dec. 21, 1846 in Scotland..rr engineer...Baptist
   SMITH, Sarah B., born Feb. 1, 1858 in Ontario...Baptist
   SMITH, James C. (Custer), born April 14, 1879 in Ontario...Baptist ...I can trace  him to 1904 in Winnipeg, after being with NWMP, and marrying a gal from Regina...he had 4 sons who elude me...perhaps the children returned to Hamilton to live with relatives when their mother died in 1919 in Vancouver.
   SMITH, Alena, born Sept. 16, 1882 in Ontario...Methodist
   SMITH, John G., born Jan. 11, 1867 in Ontario...Baptist  (the initial G. might stand for Gordon as James named his first son Wiliam Gordon Smith.)
   Does anyone do lookups in the City of Hamilton directories after 1901?
   Would anyone have access to marriage records for Alena SMITH and John G. SMITH?
   Thank you for your help and/or suggestions.
   from Mrs. Wharton, Connecticut USA
March 19, 2005


Looking for descendants of Henry COLE (1840->1905) and Agnes Ann CAMPBELL (1843-<1905). Their daughters were: Adelaide COLE (b. 1862 in Ancaster Tp.) married in Ancaster Tp. on 14 June, 1882 to Robert PICKARD (b. 1861 in Scotland); Ellen/Helen/Nellie COLE (b. 1867) married in Hamilton on 24 October, 1883 to Alfred GREEN (b. 1862 in Canada West); Isabella COLE (b. 1869). March 19, 2005


Does anyone have information on the link between Frederick ALMAS and whom ever his parents were?He was born @1825 Ontario, Canada and married mariah Little she passed away then he married Moriah BALDWIN. There were 2 children Delilah Zilphia-Ann born 27 May 1850 and George born 1849 both in Ontario,Canada.George married Elizabeth Trisch of Tuscola County,Michigan and Delilan married Thomas John McCann of Bay County Michigan. March 1, 2005


I am looking for just where in Scotland, my fourth great grandfather, William COPE was born.  I am also looking for the names of any siblings and/or his parents.  I would also appreciate any information on Phoebe ELLSWORTH and just where she was from in Scotland.  Anyone having any information may email me at: . March 1, 2005


Looking for parents, siblings & children of Joseph JOHNSON b.1804Grimbsy d. 1870 Binbrook, marrried Delilah STAFFORD 1812- 9 Jan 1892. Both buried in Binbrook United Church Cemetery, Wentworth Co, ON. Please reply to Brian Pierce February 25, 2005


Seph TANSLEY, b. 14 Oct. 1817  (s/o John TANSLEY/Ether SETCHEL) Cottingham Perish, Northampton, England.  Came to Muddy York (Toronto) in 1828 with father (John TANSLEY and second wife Sarah Harwick Chambers).  Married Sarah/Sara Ann CURTIS abt. 1840/41 in Ontario (Probably Neson Twp./Wentworth Co.)  Died 6 June 1900 in Carlisle and is buried in U.C. Cemetery with wife.

Sarah Ann CURTIS, said to have been born 15 Dec. 1823 in Upper Canada.  Sarah died 17 October 1898 and is buried in Carlisle U.C. Cemetery.  Need names of parents, place of birth and their place of marriage.

Their children:  1.  Wesley Evans TANSLEY, b. 29 Jan. 1842 in Nelson Twp, Halton Co, Ont.  Married Ellen Maria BURTON, D/O JOHN BURTON/Maria DAVIDSON.   Wesey died 5 April 1873 in Carlisle.  2.  Helen Amelia TANSLEY, b. 29 Sept. 1843 East Flamborough, married John Southwood SPARKS 12 Nov. 1862 East Famboro.  Died 03 Oct. 1917  Innisfail, Alberta.  3.  Emily Olive TANSLEY,  b. 11 March 1845 East Flamboro.  Married George Southwood SPARKS  25 oct. 1865 E. Flamboro.  Died 14 Jan. 1909 in Westover, Beverly Twp. where she and George are buried.  4.  Samuel Edward Tansley, b. 1847 in E. Flamboro.  Married 7 Jan. 1914 to Eliza Jane VAN FLEET.  Died. 26 oct. 1933 - PLACE UNKNOWN.  5.  Esther Ann TANSLEY, b. 21 Sept. 1851 E. Flamboro .  Married Hall Barker GUNBY ( s/o William Gunby/Mary PYCOCK)   in East Flamborough.  Died 17 Sept. 916, buried in Carlisle U.C. Cemetery.  6.  Louisa Merinda TANSLEY,  b. 25 Sept. 1853 E. Flamborough.  Married John GUNBY 25 Dec. 1872 @ Carlisle.  Died 5 Dec. 1918.  Buried @ Carlisle Cemetery.  7.  Joseph Setchel TANSLEY, b. 29 Sept. 1858 @ E. Flamboro.  (was postmaster at St. Annes when the name was changed to TANSLEY) Married SUSANNA Unknown.  Died 26 Nov. 1939 in New Westminster, B.C.  Buried Mt. View Cemetery (Langley Prairie, B.C.  ?)  8.  Marcus Milton TANSLEY, b. 1861 in E. Flamborough.  Married 13 Oct. 1886 Elizabeth Emma WATSON.  Went to Millwood, Illinois where he died and is buried there.  9.  John Arther TANSLEY  B. 1864 in E. Flamboro.  No other details.  10.  Thomas TANSLEY.  Died young.

If you know anything about Sarah Ann Curtis or a Samuel Curtis or John Curtis please contact me.    Thank you.
 Minnie Lowe.  February 23, 2005


Obit"Moses NIBLOCK died St Peters Infirmary January 28 1904 would like copy of obit if possible or information of parents  thanks Florence (Niblock) Firlotte February 13, 2005


We purchased the Spera house 6 years ago - the house was built in 1874 by William Spera - I cannnot find out much about the family or the property - I know at one time the farm was called Mountmoresy farms (I'm sure I spelt it wrong) in any event - please let me know where I could find any information on this family?/ Regards Lyn February 13, 2005


Looking for parents or other siblings of Burton CHRISTIAN b. Hamilton 28 Jun 1889- d. Toronto 03 October 1959. Mother's maiden name Moody. Older brother William John CHRISTIAN.  Possibly younger brother Ernest Charles CHRISTIAN.  February 13, 2005


 Searching for any children of John Cline BELL (1823-1879) and Rebecca (Rebeka) WILLKINS (1831-1909). John Cline Bell lived in Jerseyville in Ancaster Twp., Wentworth County. He was the son of Dr. Nathaniel BELL and Sarah "Sally" CLINE. Also seeking any information regarding the parents of Dr. John Cline BELL of Merlin , Raleigh Twp., Kent County. Dr. John Cline BELL(b. 9/12/1856) married Elizabeth SMITH (b. 2/19/1866), daughter of Robert SMITH and Anna GRAHAM. Please reply to Francie Graham Smith, January 25, 2005



Looking for info on a Sophia Felker who was born between 1803-1804 in Wentworth County.   We believe she married a Randall, but can't confirm it.  Any help would be appreciated.  Jan 24, 2005


I am writing to see if you have any information on Murphy & Murray who were grocers locate on King St Near James during the period 1855-1870.
If you have any information on this company and in particular one partner a Hamilton Lawyer by the name of Hugh Murray it would be appreciated.
We are doing a 150th Anniversary study of Hugh Murray in particular and any information that you might have would be appreciated. Geoff Barrett January 22, 2005


I am located in Vancouver, BC, and have just started to compile a genealogy for my husband's family.  SLOTE  around the Copetown area of Flamborough  in Wentworth Co. Family names are:  Ephraim; Charles; Peter; Kenneth; John; Christopher,  There is some connection with Slote (same family names) in Hagersville, Some family members are buried at the  Copetown Cemetery which is located on the east side of Hwy. 52 just north of Hwy 99, (Governor's Rd.) the family farmed on land located on Slote Sideroad, (south off Hwy 99 about 1/2 mile east of Copetown.
 The oral history claims that the land was farmed by Slotes for 4 - 5 generations. The family is believed to be of Pennsylvania Deutsch extraction, and some persons of same name were located through the LDS genealogy.  No follow-up was ever done. Anyway as I am 1st generation Cdn.  born of Scottish father and English mother I am just a "hanger-on". Unfortunately no on in the immediate family seems interested in ascertaining the validity of the oral history, and as the older generations pass on it seems likely to be lost forever. thank you for your consideration.
Rev. Mrs. Joanne NO Slote  wife of John Wayne Christopher Slote (be.  1940) 602- 2025 Bellevue Ave., West Vancouver, BC.  V7V 1B9 January 18, 2005



I am looking for information on Frank SHARP. The information I have is this: (not written in stone) FRANK SHARP born 1877 in Ancaster twp, Wentworth County, Ontario. Died November 11,1952. Buried in St Andrew's Presbyterian cemetery in Ancaster. Married Gertrude DAWDY. Frank and Gertrude had  a daughter Violet.  Apparently Violet (Gosling) and her son Frank Jr drowned in 1941. Frank Sharp sold land to the Mt Hope School board in 1952 according to the Glanford Historical Society book "Glanford Recollections and Reflections" on page 90
Frank was the son of David Sharp born 1846 in Ancaster twp, Wentworth Co. and died July 10,1901 in Ancaster twp. He married 1) Elizabeth Sager, daughter of Abram Sager and Elizabeth Sleath. She was born 1850 in Ancaster twp., and died January 25,1892 in Ancaster twp. David and Elizabeth SHARP had 4 children
John Wesley SHARP born 1879 md Cornelia Marchant
Adelia Annie SHARP born 1882
Andrew SHARP born October 12,1886 md Stella Irene Shaver
Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Please quote sources for information.  There has been some confusion over this family and would like to get the information straightened out.  Thank you Pat Kelderman UE 9739 Delcliffe Rd, Vernon B.C. V1H 1K9 January 13, 2005


I'm looking for any information about Charles B. WOOD & Charlotte WOOD buried in the Copetown Cemetery in Ancaster Twp., Wentworth County.  Darlene Janyary 12, 2005


Looking for any family by the name of KELLEY (mispelt Kelly) who lives in the Wentworth County and had family living there in the 1826 and before.  My GGfather was James Kelley and was born in 1826 and death records show Wentworth County and not sure who his parents are and there is a striking resemblance to Jonathan Philip Kelley and would like to know if any one knows about James or family and can email me at January 4, 2005


I am seeking any information on William TAYLOR who operated a livery stable in I believe, Wentworth county. The information is to complete a Genealogy on the TAYLOR family, I would like to know if William TAYLOR had a son named John TAYLOR  born in Lambeth,Ontario 1879  he is my Grandfather, and I know nothing about his family,or if he was married,had children, or who his parents were. I do know that he was connected in someway in the Livery business. He was married in Lambeth,but I do not know his wife's name or when the marriage took place. Any information you could provide me on his life would be greatly appreciated,I have completed most of my Family history,but have found JOHN TAYLOR,to be the brick wall, in completing my family' history. I thank you in advance for any information that you could provide on this matter.   Sandra Shaw: e-mail address January 3, 2005


Seeking information about Sarah Ann TAYLOR born abt 1828 in Hamilton-married Henry BELLOWS in Montreal in 1855. One of their daughters married Joseph DAUPHIN - we are seeking information on his brother Frank. Please note my new email
Thanks. Diana January 3, 2005


Mamie Florence KROUSE 1896-1984 (parents possibly Robert George and Mary Johnston). Married Gordon Cameron Hinks who died 1966.
Children were Robert C. Hinks 1915-1980, wife Helen 1916-1995.  Nina May Hinks 1918-1992 and Paul Douglas 1946-2000.
January 3, 2005


I wish to communicate with the Great-grandchildren of William & Margaret Vassie, who resided in Hamilton, Ontario late 1800's and then moved to USA Florida. William Vassie-1834 to 1917 Margaret Russell Vassie 1838-1927

My grandfather was Harry A. Vassie Sr. He was born in Hamilton, Ontario 1879.  He served in the Spanish American War as a Bugler Boy, Florida Div. Sibling Names are William, Margaret, Jenny, Georgie, Eliza, Annie and I receintly discovered Andrew, John and Fred through the internet.  I have a booklet my sister and I receintly came across in her home of 60+ years indicates birth and death dates of Mother, Father, and siblings, written in my grandfathers handwritting.

I have photos...William and Margaret Vassie from Hamilton,Ontario and photo's of relatives from Augusta, Georgia-Cystal Rivers, FL-Gainesville,
FL-Jacksonville,FL-Tannersville Foundry-Georgia.  Post cards and letters. Kathryn Vassie Brown, Rosemary Vassie
December 25, 2004


I would like to communicate with William Louis Vassie who posted a request for information about William VASSIE  who lived in Hamilton and worked for the Gardner Sewing Machine Co. Diane Anderson December 6, 2004


I am looking for the family members of James Kennard in the Hamilton area. December 6, 2004


Searching for burial sites for Isaac DINGMAN, his wife Jane peer Dingman & son Peter P Dingman.Isaac B-1799 Percy Twp.D- after 1882, Erin Twp. Jane b-26 June 1815 d-July 09/1907 Erin Twp. Peter b-1839 Seneca Twp. Wenworth Co. d-Feb. 22/1918 Erin Twp. Any information greatly appreciated. These are my ggGrandparents & my gGrandfather. Emerson (Dingman) Smart November 25, 2004



I am looking for descendents of John and Jane Davidson, who lived in Glanford township in Wentworth county beginning in 1847.  I know of a Roy Davidson from the Hamilton area about 1942 and am a descendant of Jane (Jennie) Reed who married a John Davidson (in 1880) from this family.  Please contact me if you  have any information. November 21, 2004


William Dakin
Marital Status:  Married,
Age:  68
Place of death:  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Date of Death:  December 2, 1929
Number (Death Certificate:  1929-05-039560
Requesting name of spouse and date of her death. "Douglas & Louise Dakin" November 21, 2004


Seeking info. on ECKERSON Photo Co.located at 124 KingSt.East Hamilton-in business brtween 1872 and 1884. Please contact Clayton Mcduffee  pmcduff November 21, 2004



Would anyone with access to the records for Grove Cemetery in West Flamborough be able to look up information on Johanna Sutton?
She is listed as being buried there according to the OGS Cemetery Index. The cemetery appears to be located right next to the lot that
my ancestor John SUTTON purchased from John MORDEN in 1811.  Johanna was a daughter of John SUTTON.
Thank you for any help you can give. Diane Sutton Bourgault November 21, 2004


I am looking for information about families living on Van Wagner's Beach Saltfleet Twp Wentworth Co ON in mid 1800's to early 1900's and
in Bartonville [now in the east end of Hamilton].  Directly related to MACGILLIVRAY family, Duncan and Martha Jane (WILLIAMS). This
family had a home on the beach from about 1867 to 1925, near the old school house. Have been told their home was used to smuggle liquor in the days of prohibition. My ancestors are almost all of Hamilton/Niagara region such as Winona and Stoney Creek,  plus a number born/living in Bartonville in the early 1800's. Would like to connect with others researching any of these families in the area. Terri Noseworthy
November 21, 2004


About four years ago I was seeking info about Gaetano MILENI. I found out he was murdered in Hamilton in 1914. One of the
newspaper clippings stated that his young wife was in court. I have finally found out that he was married in Italy to a Ida BONFIGLI. He
also had a son named Dinlio. The wife, son and sister-in-law (Annunziata) landed in New York in March 1914. I was wondering if
anyone might have some ideas on how to find out what happened to these people. Thanks Bill Morse October 31, 2004


I am trying to locate descendants from the GIBSON family that moved out from Guernsey about 1910 to Toronto and then Hamilton.  Samuel Wood GIBSON - born April 14, 1850, died June 26, 1925 & his wife was Amelia DELSEY.  They had 8 children - Ada Florence Amelia GIBSON married John William LEACH, William John GIBSON married Louise Mary BICHARD, Arthur Samuel GIBSON married Ada Mary BICHARD, George Alfred GIBSON married Ella Estell SMITH, Walter Thomas GIBSON married Jane McCreadie Taylor CALDWELL, Frederick Charles GIBSON married Margaret Wilson Walker WOOD, Amy Alice GIBSON (died at 9 yrs on Guernsey), Emily Margaret GIBSON married Frederick Charles Thomas FALLA.  The only branch of the family I can't find are the descendants of Walter Thomas GIBSON and Jane McCreadie Taylor CALDWELL. They had 4 children:  Annette Johnson GIBSON married John William TANSLEY, Walter Thomas Gibson, George Gibson and Gordon Gibson.  Both Annie & John Tansley are deceased, as well as her brother Walter.  Any information would be
gratefully received.  Please email me at c& - October 31, 2004


I am trying to find the descendants of:  Frank John DELSEY - b. April 1, 1866 Alderney married Olive COLLAS - b. abt. 1868 in Cornwall,
England, married Abt. 1892 either Guernsey or Alderney.  They moved to Hamilton about 1910 with their four boys, Basil Francis DELSEY
married Bertha Minnie MAILLARD, William John DELSEY married Emily Jane SANDELL, Clifford DELSEY (Unknown if ever married),
Arthur Rhodes DELSEY (Unknown if ever married)

 Also Mary Julia DELSEY - b. abt. 1868, Alderney married - John Alfred BURLEY - b. abt. 1866 Guernsey, married December 4, 1887
Guernsey.  They had 6 children - Florence Edith BURLEY married Fred DAVIS, Elsie May BURLEY married William Alexander McILROY,
Charles BURLEY married Florence Beatrice TURNER, Ada Maud BURLEY married William John BEER, William Frederick BURLEY (died
in France during WWI), Ethel BURLEY married Alf PRYOR.  All the children were born on Guernsey (except maybe Ethel) but came to
Canada about 1910, all the marriages of the children were in Hamilton.

Also Eda Eliza DELSEY - b. October 24, 1876, Alderney married A. BROWN  - b. unknown, married aft. 1901.  Came to Canada also
about 1910, don't know if they had any children, but lived in the Hamilton area.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact me at c&  October 30, 2004


I am looking for the parents and other ancestors of a Mary KERNINHAN (KERNOHAN) born about 1852 in Ontario Canada.  She married a
James E. CUZNER in Hamilton Ontario, Canada.  She died in Hamilton on 6 Feb. 1881. October 18, 2004


Looking for contact with descendants of Alexander McCOAG/McCAIG of Beverly who was living with his married daughter Margaret Gilchrist on the 1861 Puslinch Twp. census.  No response to the 2000 posting on this website "Hector McCoag came to Beverly, Wentworth county in early 1800's. Had brothers Alexander and Alan and sister Margaret. Also came? Any others researching this family?"  I believe Alexander Sr. was father to these four.  Marilynn Crow, Puslinch, ON October 18, 2004


Looking for information on the following Aitkens, possibly all same family:
     -William (b. about 1823) and  Samuel Aitken, merchants in Hamilton in 1851. Born in USA of Scottish origin.
     - Janet Aitken, widow in 1860, .(b. about 1793, also in USA).
     - Isabella Aitken, b. about 1840 in USA, m. 1860 to Peter Thomson in Ancaster.
Catherine Whiteley September 14, 2004


I am searching for ancestors of John POAG, b. 1829 in Canada and Eliza JOHNSON b. in Ireland. They were married in 1854.  They had 8 children, Sarah Ann, b. 23 October 1855, John Jr. b. 12 February 1857, Robert b. 12 December 1859, Anna b. 27 April 1863, Lena Isabelle b. 16 April 1866 in Hamilton, Ontario, William b. 9 November 1868, Nancy b. 31 March 1871, and James b. 21 May 1874. The family moved from Hamilton to Saginaw, Michigan sometime in the late 1860's. September 14, 2004


My grandmother was left at a Catholic orphanage in New York in the early 1900's around 1902 - 1904. The nuns at the
orphanage have informed us that she was left by her mother Edna WENTWORTH. My grandmother was named Edna.
She was two years old when she was placed on an orphan train and later adopted by the CHILEK family in Yoakum,
Texas. The name of the father for young Edna was said to be D. Brown.  I have always been curious to discover what
happened to my great grandmother. If any information can be given to me, it would be greatly appreciated.  My e!mail
address is March 2, 2004

 I don't have much information about your grandmother's parents. You have more than I do and I'm very interested in what you
may have. Here are my notes for your grandmother:

Latest update: 4/26/2003

Information that was provided to me from the Chilek Family reunion states that Edna was adopted.

Per Margaret (CHILEK) LOOS in April 2000, both Gabriel and Edna were adopted at the same time. They came from
an orphanage in NY and came to Texas on a train along with many other orphans.

Edna is the wife of Rudolph V. Chilek who is her adopted father's youngest brother.

Other possible names for Edna are Window, Windoff, Windorf or Wentworth. This may be her name before adoption.

Name (Edna) and relationship (mother of Rudy V. Chilek) provided by Rudy V. Chilek who filled out a family sheet at
the Chilek reunion.

Name (Edna Chilek) and relationship (mother of Rudy Victor Chilek, Jr.) provided by Rudy Jr.'s daughter Teresa
(Chilek) Adams who filled out a family sheet at the Chilek reunion.

Name (Edna Chilek) and relationship (mother of Rudy Chilek) was provided by Dorothy (Chilek) Ohnheiser who filled
out a family sheet at the Chilek reunion.

Found name (EDNA F. WINDOW) on the birth entry for her daughter Dorothy on the TX Birth General Records -
1926 thru 1949.

Found name (EDNA WINDOW) on the birth entry for her daughter Rose Marie on the TX Birth General Records -
1926 thru 1949.

Name (Edna Wentworth) and relationship (mother of Lorene (Chilek) Matula) provided by Lorene (Chilek) Matula
who filled out a family sheet at the Chilek reunion.

Found name (EDNA WENTWORTH) on the birth entry for her daughter Lorene on the TX Birth General Records -
1926 thru 1949.

Name (Edna Wentworth) and relationship (mother of Edna Mae (Chilek) Bradly) was provided by Edna Mae (Chilek)
Bradly who filled out a family sheet at the Chilek reunion. Edna indicated that her mother Edna was the adopted
daughter of Valentine and Emily Chilek. Valentine is Rudy's oldest brother.

Found name (EDNA WINDORF) on the birth entry for her daughter Edna Mary on the TX Birth General Records -
1926 thru 1949.

Found name (EDNA WIN) on the birth entry for her daughter Helen Therese on the TX Birth General Records - 1926
thru 1949.

Edna's adopted mother's obit states that 'She is survived by.....  two adopted daughters, Sister M. Gabriel of the local
convent and Mrs. Edna Chilek, all of Shiner.'

Found the following entry on for the 1920 US Census. This might be the same Edna Chilek since her
birthdate is about 1903 which matches Edna's birthdate. 'Chilek, Edna, Age: 17, Birthplace: Texas, Race: White,
State: Texas, County: Dewitt, Township: Precinct 6, Year: 1920, Roll: T625_1795, Page: 17A,  ED: 44,  Image: 449'

Edna and Rudolph are buried in St. Ann's cemetary, Yoakum, Texas. Tombstone reads: Rudolph Chilek, b. Aug 11,
1897, d. Dec 21, 1950, Edna Chilek, b. Jan 5, 1903, d. Mar 1, 1980.

Found SS Death index for EDNA CHILEK,  SSN 467-94-5823, Residence: 77995 Yoakum, Lavaca, TX, Born 5 Jan
1903, Last Benefit: N/A, Died Mar 1980, Issued: TX (1967)

    Could you tell me what your name is and how you are related to your grandmother? According to the information that I have,
your grandmother's adopted parents adopted 2 children from the same orphan train. Would you have any information on the
parents of the other girl?

    I have an article somewhere about the orphan trains. I'll try to find it and send that to you.

    I have to go for now but I hope to hear from you soon.

       Roland Beausoleil Roland Beausoleil September 13, 2004


James Miller WILLIAMS born Camden NJ 1818, Died December 1890. Oil man and legislator. Trying to find any personal records, marriage, death, cemetary. Also children: CJ and JM Williams and a daughter. John Roth, Gettysburg PA Sept. 10, 2004


My ggrandmother Jessie and her children came to N American in 1905. She was listed on the manifest as "in transit" to Canada. She was coming to meet her husband John McANSH. He was listed as living in 11 Caroline St, Hamilton, Ontario. My mother said that one fo the children, her aunt Maggie, married a THOMSON (no "p") and subsequently moved to Alberta. I cannot find any informatoin on my Canadian relatives. Any assitance would be gratefully accepted. September 13, 2004


I am looking for any information on and fellow descendants of John Llewelyn WILLIAMS, b October 18, 1831, Devonshire, England d. December 23, 1915, Winona, Saltfleet township , Ontario.  John arrived in Wentworth County about 1854, and married Ann BRANTON b February 14, 1832,
Hartland, Devonshire, England died April 3, 1911, Winona, Ontario, Canada.  Their second daughter, Sarah WILLIAMS, b. April 8, 1858, married
Thomas Rolfe.  Other Surnames in this family include JACOBS, JEWELL and MERCER. Please respond to Kevin Lee or Thank you! August 15, 2004


Looking for info on sons of Peter HAMMER 1842-1919 & Margaret DORSCH  1843-1917 of Waterloo County. Their names were August HAMMER, Xavier Alex HAMMER, William Henry HAMMER. They were born in Bamberg ON and moved to Hamilton area.
Blanche August 15, 2004


Fanny B. (Scott) PHILLIPO b. 1869 d. 1919  buried Hamilton Cemetery, York St.   w/o John W. PHILLIPO.Maria E. (Scott) SALMON b.1860 d.1921 buried Woodburn, Binbrook w/o David SALMON Jemina (Scott) MUNN b. 1853 d. 1915  Hamilton /Barton area  w/o Harmen
S. MUNN Email is  August 15, 2004


I am looking for information on the parents of Wesley Henry HESLOP.  Wesley married Rebcca HOOD and they lived in the Freelton area until 1906 when they moved to Saskatchewan.  If anyone recognizes these names please contact  Marilyn bentley August 1, 2004


James IRWIN/IRWINE/IRVIN/IRVINE b 30 Jun 1826 Co Fermanagh Ire d 7 Feb 1908 100 East St. Hamilton m Sarah ________ b 2 Jan 1833 Eng d 25 Jun 1921 Hamilton; both bd Hamilton Cem, rel Baptist.  Anything on their marrige or possible children would be appreciated.
August 1, 2004


I'm trying to trace Joan (nee Allerton) and/or any other relations...decendants of William Henry and Ada Allerton who arrived in Canada early 1900's. My Grandfather was Harold (b.1912) who returned to Liverpool. His brother Norman (b.1909) remained in Hamilton and married May and they had two children, Norman and Joan. My email is Thank you. July 8, 2004


I am looking to locate a Mr COHEN. Address 62 Oxford St Hamilton Ont.Could have been at that address about 50-80 years ago. Possibly arrived from Latvia at the beginning of 1900's. Any help is appreciated. Thanking you Mr S. Katz July 4, 2004


I took a photo of a MOORE tombstone in Elmwood Cemetery in Perth ON as my maiden name was MOORE. William Andrew MOORE born in Perth May 5 1856 and died in Hamilton Nov 4 193? and his wife Helen Myra STEAD born in Dalhousie Apr 11 1860 and died in Hamilton Mar 16 1936.  Also Lorenzo b Oct 1880 and d Jan 1887 and Mabel Clare b Apr 1883 and d July 1884.  I can't find where they fit with my MOORE ancestors and would be glad to mail or scan & email to anyone of that family. Ivy Mohrhardt June 25, 2004


Siblings Samuel, Andrew, William and Annabelle all immigrated to Canada from Ireland about 1890's-1920's. Samuel married Elizabeth Fisher.  They were in Hamilton area.  They also had other siblings that moved to Ohio, USA - James, Edward, Margaret and Mary.  One other sister, Elizabeth, stayed in Ireland I believe. Any information is greatly appreciated. Brenda Gervais June 25, 2004


 I am looking for information about my grandfather's ADAMS family they owned a farm in West Flamboro for many years he had eight siblings names Merine , Samuel, Mary, Ethel, Maud, John, Margaret and Orville. If anyone has any information that they could share please email me at June 16, 2004


Hello I am looking for any ties toWentworth county for William and Elizabeth (WRIGHT) SANDERS/SAUNDERS. William was born in England circa 1824-26. Elizabeth was born England Nov.11 1834. Came to Canada 1850 (as per 1901 Fenelon census). Through some of my research there is possibility that they or just William may have been in Wentworth county at the time of the 1851 census. Any help would be greatly appreciated. June 16, 2004


I am looking for any information on Willian Griffith HARRIS  who was my ggg grandfather and I believe lived in the Wentworth area in the 1840.s His wifes name was Mary Ann. Any information would be greatly appreciated. June 4, 2004


Looking for info on Elizabeth SHIACH buried Woodland cemetery Wentworth Flamborough East. June 4, 2004


Looking for information on Alfred JOHNSON, wife Ellen, sons Charles, Kenneth, and daughters Eveline and Sarah. They were noted per 1881
Ward 4, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario census. Family history states Alfred was died due to a train accident prior to Frederick’s birth in
December 1882 and Ellen died shortly after his birth. Are they buried together in Woodland cemetery? Frederick was my Grandfather.
Thanks. Any help is appreciated. May 31, 2004


I am searching for information on William Geiss, found in Hamilton, Ontario in the 1871 and 1881 Census. Previous to the 1871 Census
(1868) he was living in Paris Ontario. William Geiss was listed in 1881 as a sewing/creasing machine manufacturer. Any information
about Mr. Geiss or his manufacturing would be appreciated. Diane Anderson May 2, 2004


George NEAR/NEER b. 1821? was from the Saltfleet area.He moved to MI before 1870. George married Mary Jane (Jemmima) JACOBS on Nov. 5, 1847. I think Mary Jane's father was Zacariah JACOBS but have no more info on the JACOBS family. I also need the parents of George NEAR. Some family histories give Henry and Elizabeth as my George's parents but I don't think this is correct. Record of death gives parents as Anna TEALand George NEAR. Thank you. Carmen Keys "the secret of life is to die young as late as possible" "Carmen Keys" April 21, 2004



Looking for the descendents of J.W. HOLMES, Methodist minister, Flamborough East, Wentworth (1881 census). His wife was Amanda
Lucretia BURKE. Children of Amanda and Joseph were, William, James, Charlotte, Joseph, George, Clara. I have purchased at auction
letters dated from the mid 1800's to the early 1900's which contain history of family. I would like to return the letters to the descendents. April 20, 2004


My name is Margaret Ann Fournier,  my birth name was Margaret Anne Gravestock and I was adopted in November of 1960.  My adopted
name was Bank.  I was adopted through the C.A.S. then located in Dundas on Hatt St..  I am searching for my birth mother and three
older siblings.  My younger Brother was also adopted into the same family in 1960.  His name is Christopher David Gravestock, now
Christopher James Bank.  Margaret Fournier April 20, 2004


William HINKS married Nancy MANUEL on 8-31-1858. Two sons, James William and Amos Hinks.  Amos Hinks married Alice Shaw (b.1868) on 7-4-1886. Two sons, Gordon C. Hinks (b.1888 in Yarmouth) and Ernest William (b.7-27-1890 in Hamilton). Amos believed to have passed around 1901. Gordon C. married Mamie Krouse, sons Robert, Paul and daughter Nina. Gordon died 1966. Ernest William married Alice May Jackson on 06-01-1911. One son, Gordon Ernest (b.09-08-1911) Gordon Ernest married Helena Lannin Charters on 10-12-1940. One son Ernie Hinks b. 05-21-1941.  Helena had two other sons from a previous marriage as well.  James William Hinks (b.12-20-1859) (son of William and Nancy) married Mary Catherine Silverthorn on 03-28-1883. Had 6 children, one being a daughter Pearl May Hinks, b.11-14-1897. Married William Fredrick Gowers 06-20-1917. Interested in finding more information regarding my ancestors, especially information on
Amos Hinks, believe to have passed around 1901. Jennifer April 20, 2004


I am looking for the marriage of Georges PASSMORE Sr & Anne ? Possibly of the Methodist Faith & the event may have taken place in Hamilton.George worked for Dominion Foundries in Hamilton for 25 yrs.The Obit says he died at the Hamilton General Hospital Aug 19
1969 & on his passing was 78 yrs of age.He lived at 200 Ferrie St East in Hamilton. They mention a late wife Anne. Can anyone give me the marriage date? and the wife's data? Jill March 20, 2004


I am researching Abraham TAYLOR and Anna BAXTER, married about 1818 in Wentworth County. Anna BAXTER was born 04 October 1790. Their son was Abram TAYLOR, born 27 May 1824 in Waterloo, Dumfires. Any help would be greatly appreciated. "Lynda Milham" April 3. 2004


Searching for information on Alexander URQUHART born Scotland about 1768 and died Wentworth Co. after 1861. Also searching for information on  Capt. John R. Urquhart born Inverness, Scotland 1802 (per his headstone) died 1882, Ancaster. However 1861-1881 census for Ancaster state he was born 1807-1809. I don't know which is correct. Children of John R. & Mary Faulkner Urquhart were: Mary born Scotland 1824,Scotland,   Elizabeth born 1835, Scotland, Margaret born 1838, Canada West, John born 1842 USA, and Alex born about 1835 Canada West and Ann born 1845 Canada West. Would like to hear from anyone related or searching this family. Willing to share information with you. Patsy Lethgo April 3, 2004


I am looking for Daniel TRACEY and his parents names. When he married Hanorah O'GRADY. I think they were born in Ontario other
wise Ireland. Their first child Hanhora was born in 1868 Ancaster, Ont. The 1881 census says they were in Hamilton, Wentworth Co.,
Ont. Thank you so much for your time and help,Faye Kostelec f.f.kostelec@att.n April 3, 2004


I have recently discovered that a branch of my CHAPMAN family emigrated to Canada from Berkshire, England sometime during
the 1870s.  In the 1881 Census they are living in Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario.(Ward 6), names are as follows:-

CHAPMAN  John           54    Labourer
CHAPMAN  Sarah         50    Boarding House
CHAPMAN  John           33    Currier (Carrier?)
CHAPMAN  Sarah        30
CHAPMAN  Walter        29   Baker
CHAPMAN  Charlotte    27
CHAPMAN  Lizzie          22
CHAPMAN  William       21     Moulder
CHAPMAN  Jessie         17
 Did they remain in Hamilton?  Are there any descendants out there?  Would be grateful for any information on this family.
Irene - April 3, 2004


Frank SHARP is my grandfather, who was born (14JAN1868) and lived and died (9JANUARY 1952) in Waterford, Ontario, Canada.  His correct name is, "Theodore Monro "Frank" SHARP". My mother is Ina Mabel SHARP, born 1895 in Waterford, m. Ray Palmer LAWRENCE.  The parents of Theodore Monro "Frank" SHARP are Theodore SHARP (born 12Aug1837) m. Hannah E(lizabeth) _____ [MONRO?]. This was her 3rd marriage, since her second marriage at the Windham Hotel was to Michael M. MOSES. (I can provide more details, as needed.) Her 1st marriage was to David W. HOUSE. (She seems to have lived with Joseph HOUSE after the death of David W. HOUSE.)

Was "MONRO" the maiden name of Hannah Elizabeth ____?  What is his possible connection the naming of my grandfather? According to the death record of Theodore SHARP, he was born in Glanford Township on 12Aug1837. But, I have no information on either his or her parents yet: That is what I am trying to determine.

The 1852 Census for Windham Township shows the following MONROE persons: Justus, Eliza, Hannah, and Eliza. But this Hannah is listed as being 17 years old, and, therefore, she would have been born in 1835.

Newspaper records, (Norfolk Reformer), (Abbreviated abstracts), page 179. (Hannah Elizabeth ____ was actually Mrs. HOUSE at the time of this marriage.)  Newspaper records, (Norfolk Reformer) (Abbreviated Abstracts), page 179: "Michael Moses m. Miss Hannah Elizabeth HOUSE, both Windham, on 23 (Feb ? - 'on the 23rd inst.', but in issue of 5 Mar) 1863, at the Exchange Hotel, Somcoe, by Rev. Dr. Ryerson." April 3, 2004. revised Janaury 12, 2005 and again January 25, 2005 and again Feruary 13, 2005


My grandmother was left at a Catholic orphanage in New York in the early 1900's around 1902 - 1904. The nuns at the orphanage have informed us that she was left by her mother Edna WENTWORTH. My grandmother was named Edna. She was two years old when she was placed on an orphan train and later adopted by the CHILEK family in Yoakum, Texas. The name of the father for young Edna was said to be D. Brown.  I have always been curious to discover what happened to my great grandmother. If any information can be given to me, it would be greatly appreciated.  My e!mail address is March 2, 2004


I am interested in any information on the GRIGHTMIRE or  GUMBERT families in Beverley or Dundas, and any info on history of Grightmire as
United Empire Loyalists in PA. Catherine Mitchell February 27, 2004


I'm looking for the marriage announcement for Herber William HASSELFELDT and Harriet Amelia SAGE between 1908 and 1912 in
Wentworth county. I saw this on a webpage, but now I can't find it... I believe it was in a Hamilton newspaper. "Lloyd Vanderkooy" February 18, 2004


Looking for information on Albert CARLEY, born abt 1869 in Cobourg. His last known residence was 31 Harvey St. in Hamilton in August 1936. He resided in Hamilton from 1915, was employed as a machinist and was an Anglican. Bob Shewman February 18, 2004


I am researching the ROSZEL Family only, name can be spelled Roszel/ Roszell/ Rozell/Rozel/Rossell/Rossel plus 20 more different ways,
1. Is there any one researching the Roszel family.If so would they please get in contact with me.
2. Also I have a Henry Rozell and the only info I have on him is the War 1812, Muster Roll 5th Reg't Niagara and nothing else. Do you have the land grants in archive at the Hamilton Library for the Hamilton area?

I do have a very extensive Roszel family recorded history which I will share with other Roszel researchers. I list well over a thousand Roszels with 1800+ side families. I am a member of the OGS #23563. I do this to clear up all the mistakes that have been made on my family. Most of my info is fromthe original documents either photocopied or photograph. James E. Roszel January 24, 2003


1940 John McMURTRY lived in Hamilton Ontario he was a railroad engineer, I was born in Hamilton 25-11-1940 and lived for a few
months at his house. John was my late mothers uncle. I have lost all contact with this Branch of the family do you have any information that might help me make contact. Brian Bennett Wood- My mother was Marjorie Wood, Father, Kenneth Bennett Wood January 22, 2004


I am searching for the early pioneer family of VIPOND. Isaac, wife and 1 son are listed in the 1842 but after that I can only find references to the son (Isaac) and his family. Can anyone direct me to early Wentworth information? Thank you Ken Rigby December 29, 2003


I am interested in any information about Hugh MOORE who was a Merchant in Dundas around 1851. I believe he is a brother of my Great-great
Grandfather William Moore. D'Arcy Moore December 21, 2003


Searching for data on Henry COPE b 1760, New York; marr 1787 Fort Niagara; d 20/5/1844 Fort Niagara spouse Martha Ellsworth PATRICK
Henry s/o William COPE Sr & Phoebe ELLSWORTH both b Scotland Wm d 1813 in Copetown/ Phoebe d in Copetown date unknown
Any help greatly appreciated TIA Marlene Jackson, Petrolia, Ontario Marlene Jackson December 21, 2003


Am still looking for information on the William Lees- Robina ANDERSON family of Waterdown. They had 6 children, Thomas, Mary, Robina,
William, John and Alfred. All of the sons left the area, Mary married Andrew BEGG and they lived in Hamilton. Robina married George
Hood and they remained in the Waterdown area. William and Robina were members of the Methodist church, but I have never found where they married in about 1858. December 3, 2003


Looking for information on the descendents and ancestors of my grand-uncle, James 'Jimmy' Douglas SHAW, born about 1882 in Glasgow Scotland to Duncan Oliver SHAW and Isabella Jane Robertson DOUGLAS.  Emigrated to Hamilton about 1913. Served as a Sergeant with Canadian Expeditionary Forces WW I. Occupation carpenter.  Married Annie unknown, about 1904.  Five sons, Hartley 'Sparky', Oliver, Clifford, Bud, and Douglas. Died in Hamilton, possible around 1970. November 25, 2003


Looking for information on the family of Alexander HAMILTON, tailor born near Brodick, Arran, Scotland circa 1806 to Robert Hamilton, farmer and Grace Fullarton.  Alexander married Jane Hutcheson (may be McCUTCHEON) in Barony, Lanark, Scotland in 1833. Children Robert and Grace born in/near Barony. Daughter Alice born in England circa 1843, daughter Agnes unknown place and dob. Unknown if here are other siblings.
Family purportedly moved to Hamilton, Ontario.  Found A. Hamilton on Market Street as "Merchant tailor and clothier" in 1851 Hamilton,
ON register. Alice married in Liverpool, England in October 1862 to John MacTavish, shipwright but unsure if all the family left Canada.  Alexander and Jane died in 1879 and 1888 respectively in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland. Relatives may have moved to the Muskoka Lakes area by circa 1907.
Diane Sheppard at November 23, 2003


I am searching on behalf of my fiance Timothy Robert Jack YOUNG, born Feb. 8, 1985. His father's name is Robert Alfred YOUNG, birthdate unknown, maybe from Alberta, not sure!! PLEASE HELP! Contact me at; Rachel Gammon


I'm looking for information on Abram HANES born 1821 son of George HANES of West Flamborough Abram married Mary(BULLOCK) in 1848 any information on their children Isabella born 1848, Mary born 1849, George R. born 1849, Francis W. born 1859, Closson born 1865. November 16, 2003


Am looking for an Edward WHITE (my g grandfather) who apparently married a Julia Donaghy in Hamilton circa 1857-62. They are living in Nassagaweya in 1861, and Normanby Co in 1871 & 1881, then in Owen Sound in 1891. From the censuses, Edward was born in Lower Canada.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Jacquie November 16, 2003


I am searching on behalf of my fiance Tinothy Robert Jack YOUNG, born Feb. 8, 1985. His father's name is Robert Alfred YOUNG, birthdate unknown, maybe from Alberta, not sure!! Please Help! Contact me at; Rachel Gammon  November 13, 2003


I am interested in any information about Hugh MOORE who was a Merchant in Dundas around 1851. I believe he is a brother of my Great-great
Grandfather William Moore. D'Arcy Moore  November 13, 2003


Searching for the family of George EDWARDS, b. 14 June 1872/73, Haldimand County. Lived on Stuart St. E., Hamilton as of 1916. Was a WW1 veteran, wife was Mary. e-mail: November 2, 2003


My ancestors Thomas Patrick O'CONNOR and his wife Johanna nee BOWEN arrived Hamilton approx 1868 from Ireland with children Patrick, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Thomas Patrick Jr. lived Flamborough West. Thomas and Johanna buried holy Sepulchre Cemetary;need to know grave locations; need to know name of ship arrived on, where from in Ireland. Any assistance appreciated..reply to November 2, 2003


RUSSEL, James. Esq.  b~ 1811 Scotland.  Woolen & Grist Mill owner in the village of Ancaster. Also owned a fair chunk of property @ end of "Lovers' Lane".  Purchased mills & quickly put them up for sale 1850.  One of the mills was destroyed by fire Feb 1850 sparking an arson scandal.  Listed in 1851 census of Ancaster. He lost both his arms to frostbite after his cutter fell through the ice one winter. It was advertised many times in the Hamilton Spectator that all the household goods and property of this wealthy businessman were to be sold at public auction in Ancaster Apr. 28, 1853.  Was this because of debts, & / or did he go back to Scotland?  I can't find any public record of him in Ontario after 1853. He had a wife Mary, b ~1811, a son James Jr. b~1832 and a daughter Elizabeth b~1834 who lost an arm in a mill accident. We're trying to find out if James Sr. was a brother of the other Russells of Ancaster township, John of Carluke, b. 1798 & Robert of Ancaster b 1808. Any other info about this family would be appreciated. October 23, 2003


Searching for Eleanor Irma GLASS, or family, who may have lived in the Hamilton area in 1947. Please email me  Thank you.


Looking for information on John R. COPE b. 1835 in Copetown, Beverly, Wentworth County, Ontario. He left Ontario sometime before 1858 when he went to VanBuren, MI. Looking for any relatives, family history. Susan Hughes September 23, 2003


Thomas and Grace FOSTER are buried in Woodland Cemetery in Flamborough, Wentworth County. I wonder if there is a source of MIs
for this cemetery online.  Ref. is HM 338-1 and HM 337-3. I also would like to contact any descendents. They had 3 daughters Roberta, Grace and Marion, my fathers cousins.. Any assistance appreciated. Regards Ethelda Foster Peshko Ethelda Peshko September 21, 2003

I was born and raised in Dundas on Hatt Street and would like to correspond with someone from Town, I have traced my Genealogy back to Scotland 1787 but thought I would give this a try "Lloyd H. Turnbull" September 21, 2003


I am in need of Marriage license or Banns or something for Nathan. Nathaniel MARTLATT and Phoebe AMMERMAN. We thought we had them in a Census in Beverly Ontario, Canada about 1831 or 1841.  Not sure about this as several of us are working on the data and it is not all in my possession.  Nathan/Nathaniel was the son Of John and Susannah Marlatt-Jones and Phoebe was the daughter of (???  I have headstones) Andrew Ammermann (??) not positive on this, Andrew could also be her brother. His Sister and her Husband John Thomas are buried in Troy Cemetery. It is believed that Nathan was born in Dundas...  But with out a birth cert or baptismal announcement, I have nothing for proof. Any HELP would be greatly appreciated! ! ! ! Rozann Osborn Great-Great Granddaughter of William and Mathilda Marlatt-House of Wyndham Centre, Norfolk County, Ontario! September 21, 2003


I am searching for information about Edward HIPKINS b. Nov.13, 1808 in Birmingham, England. He died July 9, 1875 in Brantford, Ontario. He married Maryann Mills October 25, 1831 in St Martins, Birmingham. He later married Jane THOMPSON (d/o Penock Thompson) in Ontario. Edward's son was Alfred HIPKINS who lived in Wentworth county. Alfred married Hughann OLIVER in Wentworth County in 1861. Any information would be helpful. September 12, 2003


Seeking information on James Custer SMITH, born Hamilton, Ontario....likely about 1880. He went west across Canada and became a member of the NWMP for a few years....married a gal from Regina. Fathered at least 5 children. Who were his parents? Who were his siblings? What is his birthdate? Thank you for whatever help you are able to offer.  from Mrs. Wharton September 12, 2003


Henry F. CAMPBELL lived in Saltfleet, Wentworth Co., Ontario when he married Mary Jane DURFEY on January 22, 1868. He is the son
of George and Fannie CAMPBELL. Henry was born in February(?)1844 in Ontario.  I'm trying to connect Henry to his family, who I assume
resided in Wentworth County, Ontario. In later census rolls, Henry disclosed that his parent's were both born in Canada. One of  Henry's
sons, John F. CAMPBELL, was born in Hamilton, Wentworth Co., Ontario on December 27, 1872. Henry and Mary J. immigrated bet.
1878-1881 to Michigan. I haven't found them in the 1880 US census, nor the 1881 Canadian census. Not much to go on, but if anyone has a George, and Fanny CAMPBELL in their family tree, who had a son Henry F., I'd appreciate it if we could compare notes.
August 26, 2003


William HATELY born July 1867 Canada.  Father b Ire, Mother b Scot.  1900 & 1910 Census Santa Ana, Orange Co,CA, (City Directories 1900-1911) Engine Wiper & Hostler for SoPacRR. Santa Ana Masonic Lodge #241 1900-1918.  Single 1900-1910 Married Mary Ruby Stubbs
Reinhard/Reinhardt 1911-1918. Died Oct 4, 1918 Santa Ana, Orange, California in motorcycle accident fire. His wife guessed he came to Santa Ana 1898 and to CA 1893. He may be the William Hatley, age 15, on 1881 Census, Flamborough E, Wentworth N, Ontario, Dist 148,
Sub Dist B, Page 40, Family 197: Father,William Hatley 50, b Ire, Engl, Ch of Eng; Mother, Margaret 51 bScot, Scottish, Baptist; Siblings:  John 14, Mary 13, Agnes 10, Margaret 8, James & Janet McForbes, 21 and 19, all born Ontario & Baptists. July 21, 2003


Searching families: GARRISON, GOODALE, RYCKMAN, SPRINGER, HANNON, PERSALL, all in Glanford between 1750 -1881. Specifics: David Garrison b: 1806, m: Sarah Springer,  John Springer b: 1771 Albany, m: Sarah Ryckman b: 1777 Flamborough.  John Y Hannon b: 1824 m: Henrietta Garrison b: 1834, Johnson G Goodale b: 1760 m: Elizabeth Persall b: 1764. Willing to share all information, any help appreciated! July 21, 2003


I am researching Sarah Ann MORDEN, b.1833 or 1839 d.1912. On June 23, 1858 in Glanford TWP, Wentworth CO, she married John K. Binkley.  I am trying to find the link between Sarah Ann Morden and Ann Durham 1743-1842 who was married to Ralph MORDEN. Ann and her family moved to Dundas ON in 1787 after her husband was hung for treason in PA. Sarah Ann Morden is my ggg Grandmother.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated. Kathie Kohut 1644 Laurel St.Chico, CA, USA 95928 e-mail: July 19, 2003


Iam a descendent of the WARWICK family Hamilton ont   please email me for more info July 19, 2003


Robert CRAIK came to Ancaster from Scotland in 1832. He met and married Catherine RIDDLE in 1833. They had son James CRAIK in 1835 and William in 1836, and then moved to Dorchester, Middlesex Co.  Does anyone have any info on Catherine RIDDLE or her family? Cathy White, Surrey, BC. Still searching with new e-mail address. Bill and Cathy July 19., 2003


I am searching for a William EDGAR, who was married in Hamilton, Ontario Ca. then went to northern michigan and settled in Hillman
area. This email was received yesterday by my cousin in N.Z. from a Tim (presumably EDGAR). Who them would be in the 1880
Census U.S.A. But I am favouring William EDGAR 1871 Census age 22, Toronto West, St.Georges Ward.  Because William EDGAR in 1881 Canadian Census Household Record it says - William EDGAR (27) m. Ellen EDGAR, 26.and dau. Martha EDGAR b. O. Ontario age 2yrs.  If I knew that William's parents were Martha EDGAR and John EDGAR of SCO, b.Ireland, would solve the situation.  Also William EDGAR was Born About 1849 Maybole, SCO, 1861 Census he was 11, and  and by their 1871 census, had gone to Canada. It is confusing - EDGAR families have mostly the same christian names. "Myra Bolt" July 20, 2003


The BUNKER familylived in Hamiliton and Wyecombe in Wentworth county. Robert and PERMILLA had a son Purvis BUNKER. I am looking for any information on this family.  The family was Welsyan Methodist. Robert BUNKER was born in eith new you or New Jersy and Permilla HARRIS was born in Hamiliton Ontario. July 16, 2003


Looking for any information on the family of Caleb and Ellen FONGER. Caleb was born 1822 and died in Wentworth Co. in 1881. I do not know where he is buried. Ellen was born 1826 and have not located her since the death of Caleb. Ellen was married to William MANARY who died in 1849 before she married Caleb. Caleb and Ellen had children: Franklin 1860-, Charles 1861-, William 1864-, Caleb JR 1865- and Clara 1870-. Where did they all go? Don Manary July 6, 2003


Elda/Ella (Virginia?) PONTIOUS, b. ca 1849, Seneca Co., N.Y., md. ca 1874 John Beecher DENNIS, b. 1842, U.S. In 1881 census- a nickelplater in ward 4, Hamilton. Did Elda go with him? Children? When/where did she die? Would love to find cousins! We're still in Seneca Falls, Seneca Co. Ella/Elda is Grandpa Pontius' sister. Thanks! July 6, 2003


Looking for info. on  Lawrence COUTURE was born around 1925 ? married Patricia DERAPP. Died in June 1967 in Hamilton,On.His father might have been Ken Couture.At one this family was living in Hamilton,On. and in 50's Lawrence Couture might have wrestle. We would like to know who were  his parent,sibling anything to help us in our seach to help Lawrence youngest son who was only one went he lost his father to know
more about his family. Thank you all for your help. Yvonne Michaud June 30, 2003


Looking to find descendants of Edward A. RYCKMAN formerly of Hamilton, Ontario - Would appreciate any information you may have - He was born approximately l860 and was married to Mary Jane IRONSIDES - had 6 children - 3 boys - 3 girls
June 30, 2003


Searching for all info on: David MONTGOMERYBorn in Harriston, Canada, 1860 to Andrew & Mary Montgomery. He went to Hamilton to live in latter 1800`s. Would like to know name of spouse, children, anything you might find.  thank you,  Nan  June 27, 2003


I'm searching for information on the BRENNEN family that lived at 418 main st. east in Hamilton in and around1855-1892. Michael and Sarah
Brennen and their 11 children lived there. Michael Brennen and sons Manufacturing business was located on Ferguson Ave. I am also
interested if any relatives of this family live anywhere in the Hamilton area. I would also like to here from anyone connected to this family ,
living anywhere in Canada. I am especially interested in photos of this family. June 25th, 2003


I am searching for information on Elizabeth Jess FULLERTON who married Charles Edwin STANLEY on 26 April 1915 in Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. Their son, Gordon Alexander STANLEY, was born on 4 March 1917 in Hamilton. Both Elizabeth and Gordon died in September 1917. I have the record of birth for Gordon which gives the place and date of marriage for his parents. I also have information from the Hamilton
Cemetery that Gordon died 17 Sept 1917 and was buried 18 Sept 1917, and that Elizabeth died 23 Sept 1917 and was buried 25 Sept 1917. June 8, 2003


John VERRIL and Hannah TUTTLE were married 11-22-1818 in Ancaster, Ontario by "banns". Do you have any additional information on John and/or Hannah (e.g., place of birth, land owned, cemetary, church attended, country of origin)? Any additional information would be very helpful as they are my great-great-great-great grandparents. June 8, 2003

Mary Jo Wark
(daughter of William Wark)
(son of Minnebelle Variell)
(daughter of Walter Varielle)
(son of Daniel Verrel)
(son of Edward Verril)
(son of John and Hannah Verril)


Samuel Dean was born in 1799. Can anyone tell me where & who were his parents'? He married Ruth Howell in 1802 in Grismby & lived In Stoney Creek, until he died in 1841. Thank-you if you can help! July 4, 2004,


I am trying to find a great-great aunt and uncle who lived in Hamilton in the 1950/1960's. Their names were Jack and Annie ROWLEY (not absolutely sure of the surname spelling). He was a carpenter and apparently had his own business. They would have been in their 60s or 70s during that time period. Annie was born in Lancashire, England in the 1880/90s and her maiden name was HARPER. They do not appear to have had any children but I could be wrong. Any help greatly appreciated as I have no idea where to look for these people. Thank you, Kay Prosser  May 19, 2003


I am searching for any information on Theresa MAYER, maybe also known as Hannah Teresa MAYER, sister of Alex MAYER and Marie MAYER. She married an unknown NUNN, and we have information that they lived in Wentworth.  We do not know when they married or if there were any children. Janice Keeter  Weston, West Virginia USA May 19, 2003


I am researching Ebenezer BLAIR who was a member of the 2nd York Militia & the Burlington Bay Militia (Head of Lake Militia, Burlington Heights Militia). I have information from books on the War of 1812 but would like to read a history of either militia as the books that I have read do not give a complete picture of their activity. I am aware of "Soldier's of the King, Upper Canada Militia 1812-15" by William Gray & hope to have a copy of it on loan soon. Fred Blair fredblairorillia@hotmail.comMay 19, 2003


David McDONALD, born 1834 Scotland married Mary Anne "Alice" MACHAL, born 1844 England son born 1871 William John, daughter Elizabeth "Lzzie "born 1871, believe there were other children, 1881 Canadian census shows a David, storekeeper living in ward 5, Hamilton, Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada, district 149, sub district e, division 1, page 32, household 144,shows him as married but no name on wife or children to date. unable to locate anymore info on Wentworth site. any help appreciated, thanking you in advance, Ken  Donald
April 30, 2003


James PATTEN (b.1773 VA, d.1846 Ont., Can.), married Deborah WILLSON (b.1778 Great Meadows, NJ, d. 1861 Ont., Can.) This couple had several children born in Independence Twp., Sussex Co., NJ before emigrating to Canada. James came to Canada ca. 1800 and settled in the Baptist settlement in Jerseyville, Ancaster Twp. He is listed on both the 1816 and 1818 Assessments, Ancaster Twp. having 226A of land. James PATTEN later moved to S. Dumfries, Brant Co. where he owned land on Conc. 3, Lot 4. Would like to correspond with anyone having information on the parents of James PATTEN and his origins in Virginia. Please contact me at


I am searching for an obituary or death information on John Franklin BROWN, who was born in Bridgeport, Waterloo Co., ON, 1862, and
died in Hamilton, ONT, Oct 1930. Hoping to find his parents listed on a document as he is said to have been raised by foster parents. He
had a half-sister, Mrs. HAMMOND, who lived in St. Catherine's. Linda Oatman April 27, 2003


I am trying to determine where Harry SHEPERD was born. His birth was on March 15, 1898 or March 15, 1899.  He married Marie Voight.  I believe his parents were William Shepherd and Helen Hynd and that they were buried in Wentworth Co. Harry's siblings were George, Kate, Nell, and Ida Shepherd. Anyone having any info please contact me at Thank you. April 27, 2003


Seeking any information on the relationship of William TAYLOR to the CORNER family of Saltfleet, as noted in the Land papers of
Thomas CORNER:

To his Honor Alexander Grant Esquire President Administering the Government of the Province of Upper Canada [followed by three of what
may be etc. etc. etc with the e written well above the line]  In Council
The Petition of Thomas Corner (a Native of Ireland) of Saltfleet
Humbly Sheweth
That your petitioner has lately come into the Province with his Family consisting of a wife three children and two sons in Law and has one
son in the State of New York who is desirous of removing here with his family.Your Honor's Petitioner further represents that two of your petitioners Sons served during the late French war in His Majesty's 8th Regiment of Light Dragoons under the command of the Duke of York one of whom is still in the same Regiment and one son in law served His Majesty during the late Rebellion in Ireland, who remains in the United States and is also desirous of settling in this Province with his Family.
Your Petitioner begs leave further to state that when your petitioner landed at New York a stranger with a large Family he thought it
prudent to support them there by his Industry until he could by his good conduct evince his merit to consideration and therby procure a
suitable recommendation to the Govenor or person Administering the Government of this Province and for that purpose made his
application to Wm. Barclay the British Consul whose confidence your petitioner h----  to shew by his industry has not been misplaced.
Your Petitioner anxious to provide for his family, and desirous of seeing them settled together under his Majesty's government Humbly
prays your Honor will be pleased to Grant to him, and to his sons Richard Corner, James Flemming, James Lougheed and William
Taylor such portion of his Majesty's bounty in Lands to settle upon as Your Honor in your wisdom shall think meet.
    And your Petitioner as in duty bound will every pray
                                    Thos Corner

Richard CORNER is Thomas's son, the James FLEMING and James LOUGHEED are his son in laws, but we have no idea who
William TAYLOR is.

Thanks is advance for any help solving the mystery Tiffany FUGERE Tiffany Fugere April 13, 2003


I am attempting to locate the birth place of Ernest Gillespie GATENBY b. 25 Feb 1884 near Hamilton, or so the story goes. He married Jean PATERSON and moved to Winnipeg. I also need to determine if they were married in Ontario or in Manitoba. I would appreciate any information that is available, including parents, siblings, dates, places. All the usual stuff. Thank You Larry Brugger April 13, 2003


Searching for two (hopefully living) daughters of Hugh Bingham O’Heir, Ann and Susan, married surnames unknown. Mr. O’Heir died 1956,
buried in Winter Park Florida. These ladies would probably be in their 70s and may be members of St. Patrick’s Church, Hamilton. Brother Michael
deceased. I am a cousin. Rose Mary Sarsfield R. R. 2 Carleton Place, Ont. K7C3P2 April 13, 2003


I am trying to locate the owners of Gordon and Sons Furriers which existed in Hamilton in the 1960's period. I believe the son's name was Leo LEON.  He later  married and had 3 daughters. Anyone having any info. please contact me at Thank you. April 4, 2003


I am interested in the SHAVER  families of Wentworth, Ontario. I have just reached the point of knowing my great grandfather Eugene WALLACE  born in Ontario abt. 1857, immigrated from Wentworth, Ontario to the US in 1881,  abt. the age of 24 years. His mother was Mahala SHAVER  b. in Ontario the wife of Samuel WALLACE born in NY. I have been working backwards through census records from Eugene Wallace's death record in northern Michigan. Eugene's Michigan marriage record shows he was the son of Mahala SHAVER  and Samuel WALLACE. Yesterday in the 1881 Wentworth County, Ontario Census I found the following Ugene F WALLACE Household Male Other Information: Birth Year <1857> Birthplace Ontario, Age 24, Occupation Farmer, Marital Status, Ethnic Origin Scottish,  Head of Household Samuel M. WALLACE,  Religion Baptist  Source Information: Census Place Beverly, Wentworth North, Ontario, Family History Library Film 1375892,  NA Film Number C-13256, District 148 Sub-district D Division, 1 Page Number 15, Household Number 69+ It appears from Eugene's marriage record that his mother Mahala was born in Ontario. I am also hoping to find a clue to when Samuel Wallace left NY to immigrate into Canada and to find Samuel's marriage record to Mahala. Thank you Marilyn March 19, 2003


Looking for any information on Fisher family who may have lived in Aldershot 1900. Family bible has Aldershot only does not say the purpose.  I believe my Fisher family to be that of Raph and Ellen Fisher with possible connection to John and Jane Fisher of Simcoe County, Alliston. Alexander Adair ggg grandfather and Hugh Adair gg who married Anna McDougall from Osprey Township, Grey County. Any info would be appreciated. Cheryl selectlogging@skyenet.netMarch 19, 2003


Looking for PHILLIPS  family who lived at corner of King Street and Sandford Ave. in 1903. TIA Dianne March 19, 2003


Looking for someone who can confirm the existence of a SIMPSON family living in Hamilton c1890. My grandfather, Alexander SIMPSON
(b.c.1873 Ireland) purportedly came to Canada in 1885 and lived in Hamilton until he was 18 yrs old, with his family, before coming to Manitoba. His father is purportedly a David SIMPSON, and had a wife and other children with him. Can someone check the 1891 Cenus and an "Atlas of Wentworth County" published ??, that shows this family. I would be very greatful. Robert SIMPSON, Garson, Manitoba. March 5, 2003


Looking for any information on a Cecil Kenneth IRELAND at 734 Cannon E. in aprox 1921 and  had a son Clarence Kenneth IRELAND born in Hamilton. The Drs. name was W. F Lockett  and  Cecil Ireland wifes name was Ella Theora Ireland (THORNE). Clarence is my father and Cecil  Ireland would be my Grandfather. Please e-mail me at  Thank you  much Diana IRELAND February 2, 2003


Looking for parents & descents of Isabel (Isabelle, Isabella) AIKEN (AIKENS) married Mark A HOPE in Port Huron, Michigan. Buried in Hamilton Cemetery with Husband. First Husband's name uncertain. Possibly LITTLE. Mark HOPE worked in Michigan for a number of years and family was back and forth across border. Isabel born poss Sept 22, 1847. Daughter Fannie before marrying Mark Hope. Know she had children by Mark Hope. Appreciate any help. February 1, 2003


Do you have any info on George CALVERT, 1778 - 1857, m. Martha HOPKINS 1789 - 1867, children Margaret Susannah Calvert 1813 -  born Flamborough E. Wentworth Co. married Isaac TURTON Feb 6, 1836, Waterdown, ON Brother Joseph Calvert b. 1821. Anything would be appreciated. Kathy January 26, 2003


I am searching for information on John and Jane DAVIDSON of Glanford Township, Wentworth Cty. in Ontario.  They were living there in 1847. Their childrens' names were: George, Robert, William, John, Jane, Andrew, James, Catherine, Alexander, Jessie, Mary E or I, David. January 25, 2003


I am trying to contact JOAN BROWN who has an interest in SIDENSPARKER/SEIDENSBERGER OF WALDOBORO or BROAD BAY. Her last known email address was I am trying to find out more about the SIDENSPARKERS, in particular William SIDENSPARKER, Hope,  whose daughter was Mary Amanda SIDENSPARKER of Hope, married to Phineas Pillsbury ROKES. Susan Simmons, New Zealand.
January 14, 2003


I am looking for tombstone information on an Allan Garfield PAINE (maybe Payne) buried in Woodland Cemetery. He
was married to a Florence BRANDELL. I don't have a death date, but he was born Jun 11, 1883, and married Florence
Brandall Jan 21 1921. (It was his second marriage.) I am looking for any descendants of this line of Paines. I have
some gaping holes in my tree. :) Thom Paine or January 12, 2003.


I am researching my greatgreataunt, Christian Law Davidson SMUCK. She was born in Scotland in 1845 and
married a Jacob SMUCK in 1863 in Glanford, Wentworth County. I know her husband died in 1904 and is buried in the Smuck/Salem Cemetery. Christian Law DAVIDSON SMUCK is not listed in the Smuck Cemetery, she died in 1931. Is it possible to find her? It is a tad difficult for me to research Canadian information, as I live in Florida, so any assistance or guidance is greatly appreciated. Mark L Grantham markantham@hotmail.comJanuary 12, 2003


Looking for any information on the Axon family in Ontario. Daughter Elizabeth married George BICKELL - believed to have lived in the Dundas, Hamilton area -1860's. One daughter married David White and another, Eliza married William FORREST. - thought to be buried in Dundas. Sons - William (believed to be buried in Dundas) and Richard. Also, looking for any connection to Julia Axon who married Robert Connor - also lived in Hamilton area - moved to Manitoba by the 1880's. Any information will be of great help!! Thank you. Kathy Axon Timbrook January 3, 2003


Looking for John M. and Elizabeth Van VONDELEN. They seem to be buried in White Chapel Memorial Gardens,
Hamilton, Wentworth (Ref: HM-178-1). I found them on the internet a while ago but cannot find the data anymore. I would appreciate a hint. J. Nieuwenhuizen:  January 3, 2003


Looking for information on descendants of Emma Strange MOORE and Hugh MOORE, m. 1858 St. Clair County
Michigan, but settled in the Wentworth County area. Lorilee Ali. January 3, 2003


I am looking for information on my grandfather's parents. Grandpa was Charles James MIDDLETON, he was born in
or near Hamilton, Ontario, in 1881. Mother, Mary Ann (Annie) James MIDDLETON died in child birth supposedly,
father was John Martin MIDDLETON. Raised in an orphanage that burned down. Any help would be appreciated.
Contact C. Brasher, January 1, 2003


Searching for information on Josiah BENNETT (BENNITT), Beverly Township/Barton Township. Brother was Matthew BENNETT(BENNITT). Married Elizabeth DEPEW in 1802. Children were Thomas, Charles, Matthew,
William, Henry, Magdalene, Mary, and Ruth. Other family names included SHOWERS, NEFF, GILBERT, CARR, WOODEN, VON TOCK, TERRYBERRY. Thanks for any info. Neil Bennett December 28, 2002


I would appreciate any references to my ancestor Philip WILL who emigrated from Pennsylvania to Ancaster in 1801,
accompanied by his wife and 10 children. Philip lived in Ancaster Twp. until approx. 1816 when he moved to his land
grant (Con. 1, Lot 2, Beverly Twp). He died in or around 1818. His burial place is unknown. We have information on
several of his sons, and their descendants, but very little on his daughters, including the families into which they
married. As far as we know, we were the only WILL family in U. Canada until mid 19th century.
Please contact R. Will (Vancouver) at December 3, 2002


Any information you have on the McINTOSH family of the area would be highly appreciated as was born in Farewell, Ont. Charles McIntosh born Aug. 2, 1833 was my gr. Grandfather I have back that far but I am having trouble with his father who was also Charles McIntosh I have letters of my gr. gr. grandfather when he was in service dated July 3 1834 signed Charles McIntosh staff sergeant royal Cumberland militia Whitehaven, England June 3rd 1839, signed Montreal barracks and asked to have mail forwarded to Charles McIntosh, private soldier 2nd batt.1st royal reg. of foot.  Letter also dated 1846 Charles McIntosh 2nd batt. 1st royal reg. recruiting at Hamilton, near Glasgow, Scotland. Charles born in 1833 came to Canada alone and farmed land in Puslinch twp. also may have been a brother William. Thank you so much Maggie peters nee McIntosh mpeters@xcelco.on.caNovember 28, 2002


I am looking for any further information on my great great-aunt, Ethel J. STEWART. She was the daughter of William Cooke STEWART and Elizabeth EAGER,born in Hamilton, Ontario abt. 1877 (Listed in the 1881 Ontario Census as 4
years of age). She was the grandaughter of Joseph Benjamin EAGER and Sarah BARKER of Ireland.
Thanks in advance, Joanna MacDonald November 8, 2002


Please help me identify photographs that came into my possession from my late aunt's estate. My family has connections to Hamilton, Ontario. Frederick William GATES, born 1822 in Montreal. He's mentioned in the 1881 census as living in Hamilton, with his family. He would be my great great grandfather. My great grandfather was Arthur Robert Gates. My grandfather was Earl Douglas Gates and he is the painter who created the EDGatesPort2.jpg in 1901, but I have no idea who the gentleman he carefully painted is. Other family names; GRASSETT, TATE, MILLS, BROUGHTON. These photos can be viewed at:, my curiosity is indeed intrigued. Help end my misery. November 5, 2002


I am looking for information about my great-grandfather, Thomas MORRISON, born County Armagh Ireland in 1820 or 1821, died in Hamilton 1907. He was a grocer, with a store on John St. South. He was married twice, the second
time to Amelia Post PRECORE, and they had five children. The youngest two were first, Thomas, a doctor, who served in World War I, and had a son named Bruce; and second, William, 1878-1947, my grandfather, who was mayor of Hamilton eight times in the late 1930s and early 40s, and had a son named William Robert 1912-1983, a provincial court judge, my father. I know nothing at all about where exactly Thomas came from except the name of the county. Another request on this site suggests that his father was named Samuel, and that the family came to Canada in the 1830s. I'd be happy to receive any information about the family. Bill Morrison, November 4, 2002


Looking for George CALVERT, b. 1778 d Nov 6, 1857 m. Martha HOPKINS b. 1789, d. 1867 daughter Margaret Susannah b1813 b. 1813 Waterdown, m. Isaac TURTON Feb 6, 1836 Does Wentworth Co.  Kathy
November 4. 2002


Searching for the family of Thomas George CHAPPLE  from London England, arriving in Hamilton c1873 with wife
Elizabeth and children. youngest Rei Chapple born London 1873. Wife Elizabeth has died by the 1881 census which
shows the family living in Ward 3 Hamilton Wentworth. Any assistance in locating death or burial of Elizabeth and the whereabouts of ANY family. Carol Townsend. October 30, 2002


Sarah McInnis MAGILL born in Ireland in 1808.  She married Alexander Magill also of Ireland. They came to Southwald, Elgin county,Ontario in 1835.  He died in 1849. Sarah's name last appeared in the 1871 Southwald census.  They had sons Henry born 1830 and John born 1836. John's name last appeared in the 1861 Southwald census, and Henry's name last appeared in the 1871 Southwald census. They may have moved to Wentworth county, Hamilton township and may be buried in the Hamilton cemetery. Any information regarding my ancestors would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at Jan Magill Forge October 21, 2002


I am trying to locate further information on the following Families:
Thomas Clements NEWTON
born:  March 1, 1873 Southampton, Hampshire, England (searching for ship manifest on him still)
occupation: Fruit Farmer in Stoneycreek, Apartment house caretaker  died:  January 2, 1955 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Married:  November 21, 1896  Cooksville, Ontario, Canada to Annie McCallum JOHNSTON  (Ann Johnston)
born:  October 10, 1878 Toronto, Ontario, Canada died:  October 12, 1974  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Father:  Thomas JOHNSTON, Moulder, Living at 103 Ann St. Toronto Mother:  Sarah MCWHANAY
Children:  George Percible (married Beatrice PITT), Nell (married William TWEEDLE), Ruth (married Edwin YOUNG), Margaret (married Stewart PYE)

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance... Jenina Halitsky Michigan, USA
email: October 16, 2002


I am seeking information on Frederick ALMAS b. Anacaster,Wentworth Co. @1825 parents unknown married
Mariah LITTLE, Thena Moriah BALDWIN. He died March 8, 1896 in Tuscola Co. Michigan. Little else is known of this family October 8, 2002


Looking to find my grandparents marriage. Moses NIBLOCK and Laura. I wish to find out my grandmother's last name. Moses NIBLOCK was born June 3 1855 and died March 7 1932, and is buried in the Burkholder Cemetary on the mountain. I have a picture of the new stone but only his name is on it. I was told that a number of NIBLOCK'S are buried there but the stones have been destroyed. My grandmother is on the 1891 Census but not on the 1901 Census presuming that she died from 1892 on as their was a child born in 1892. Thanks Skip. September 29, 2002


Anyone with information on Daniel Duncan ROBERTSON, born approximately 1945, living in Hamilton up until the late 1960's please contact me. I know that he worked for Woolco department store in Hamilton and was transfered,
possibly to Sudbury, around 1967. Brother's name is Ralph. Angie September 29, 2002


I am looking for anyone knowing of Norvel WHITESIDE born in 1927 died in February 1971. He had a sister Leona who was married to Win SMITH in Hamilton, Ontario in the 1960's she died in her early 30's. He worked as mainly a truck driver in around Hamilton, Ontario. He had a friend Donny McKEON and also William PRIOR There was also a TAYLOR Family into trucking in Hamilton that he was friends with. He had 5 children in Hamilton, Ontario and is
originally from Barrie Ontario. He was 1 of 7 children, He had known many people in Hamilton, Ontario in between the years of 1949-1965 there abouts. If anyone known any information on his family I would so greatly appreciate any help at all. The good with the bad news is helpful too! Judith September 21, 2002


Hi I'm looking for any information or relatives of George Edward KEMM who married a Susanna YORSTON in the year 1880 in Hamilton both aged 31.I do know that George was born in England and was an artist residing in Washington at the time of his marriage. George is an ancestor of mine and I would love to find out if I have any relations in Canada. Many thanks Geoff September 7, 2002


Hello:  We still haven't found Sarah HOSKIN b. 21 April 1826 in St.Ive Cornwall,Eng. verified on baptism documents of St.Ive parish site.d/o John and Joanna Hoskin. The family came to Glanford area.We have the oldest daughter Mary now with children born in Can.Believe she was here as well married to John E. BEALE.She moved to Buffalo N.Y. @1878 perhaps.In letters that were saved we know that the other sister died 1866 that is Sarah and she had children but we do not know whom she married. I'm beginning to think they all came over together or closely timed.Ibelieve Mary married in England but waiting to see marriages on Parish site yet whether Sarah did .Does anyone have a Sarah Hoskin as a Great gran or about that.  Thank-you Sue Podolinsky September 7, 2002


Searching for information on Benjamin and Sarah Day HOWDEN. Reported to have been married in Trafalgar,  Ontario around 1840. Know they are buried in Ancaster at the Angelican Church. Would appreciate any information or direction to other resources. Much thanks. Kathy Axon Timbrook August 23, 2002


I am trying to get any information about my ancestors who migrated to Canada in the 1850's. Their name is OGDEN and they lived in Jerseyville. Mary OGDEN is supposed to have married a Garrett HOWELL. There is also an Amos OGDEN. I believe they came to Canada from New Jersey. Any information is appreciated. Bill Clark, North
Carolina Bill and Nancy Clark August 12, 2002


Looking for death date of  Nathan MARLATT  died about 1890 in Troy, Beverly Twp. He was born about 1820 in Ont., Nathan and wife, Phoebe lived in Beverly 1861 census with Phoebe's brother, Andrew Ammerman. Nathan and family are in 1881 and 1891 Walsingham, Norfolk Co. census. Phoebe MARLATT  buried in Norfolk Co.
Joan Griffin, August 12, 2002


Just discovered that James John DERISLEY and his wife, Rosina Ellen DERISLEY emigrated to Ontario, probably 1909-11, buried Grove Cemetery, Flamborough West, ref HM-372-1 [thanks to OFCA] Any further information gratefully received. Jon Foster. August 11, 2002


John WILSON (1823 Scotland-abt 1906) and his wife Margaret MAITLAND (1824 Ireland - abt 1875) arrived in Hamilton in the 1860's with three children: Matthew (1849 Ireland - abt 1949), William (1851 Ireland - ?) and Margaret Ann Elizabeth (1861 Quebec - 1952). John was rumored to marry again (a Mrs. Clark?) after Margaret's death. William disappears from the census after 1871, John is missing in 1881 but reappears living with Matthew in 1901. Matthew married Mary BAKER about 1879 and they appear in the 1881 census with a son John who does not appear later. Their daughters Emma Marguerite 'Daisy" (1883-) and Ruth M.(1896- ) were born later. Daisy married
William GOODRAM. Margaret Ann Elizabeth was living with Matthew in 1881 and  married Reuben Eli CHILMAN in 1885. I would be interested in finding out where and when John WILSON and Margaret MAITLAND died and were buried, what happened ti William WILSON, when Matthew WILSON died and any further information about the GOODRAM family. Please contact Mary Burtch  if you have any information, 9 Aug 2002.


I am trying to find history and relevant information about my family. My grandfather's name was Errett DARROCH and my grandmother's maiden name was Margaret Ellen THOMPSON. Their ancestors were centered in Hamilton but when they married moved to Cleveland, Ohio and had 2 children, William and Genevieve. They continued to practice many of the British and Canadian customs although they were in the United States and travelled home many times a year to Hamilton. I believe a bridge in Hamilton was dedicated to one of the Thompson's and I would like to learn more about the story behind this dedication. I was also told they had at one time owned an octagonal home on the bay and Grandpa Thompson was either the owner or salesperson for Shinola shoe polish company. I have things that I inherited from the house on the bay. There is one portrait in particular that was in the house that I would like to know more about - like who is the beautiful young woman in the painting. My grandmother had 13 siblings born in Hamilton so there should be a large
volume of history in the city related to this family. Ross and Cecil Thompson were 2 of her brothers. I also need information on how to locate relatives' burial places in cemetaries in Hamilton. I recently found out that one of my second cousins died in a car crash and I want to visit her grave. Her mother's name is Margretta BOXALL or Boxwall and the cousin's name was Jackie. It would be nice to contact relatives that I have lost contact with since my own mother died - Genevieve Dreyer. I would really like to know more about the history of the family, and any help you can give me would be so very much appreciated. Darlene Deily August 7, 2002


My name is William Robert CLAPHAM, I am starting on our family tree. My fathers name is Robert Harold CLAPHAM, (married Julia nee LOTOCKI) brother of Earl CLAPHAM his fathers name was Harold CLAPHAM, plasterer of Hamilton, his wife's name was Adelaide nee REID, Adelaide's father was George REID of Hamilton, I believe George Reid had four children. I remember him as a very old man who had gone blind, he lived, I think on Main Street near Kenilworth Street, Hamilton. That is all that we know of George and his family. Harold CLAPHAM had a sister named Maude E CLAPHAM, (she married Fred CARTER we know next to nothing of Maude and her husband) and a brother George CLAPHAM (who moved to Florida). Harold's fathers name was Arnold Clapham, plasterer of Hamilton Ontario Canada, his wife's name was Celia A nee COOK, (we know next to nothing of Celia and her family)
Arnold's father was John or Samuel Clapham, plasterer, who emigrated to Canada I think with his brother (name not known), from England, as there was a shortage of tradesmen? He may have arrived at St Catharine's in 1873. I now live in Australia and so am at a bit of a disadvantage, although the web is just great. Any information that you may have will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Bill Clapham 0412 717 154 August 4, 2002


I am searching for any descendants of Abner ELMS and his brother Ephraim ELMS who arrived in Canada some time after 1870 from Surrey in England. Ephraim was born in 1845 and is burried in the Flamborough West cemetery,
Abner was born in 1847 and is buried in the Hamilton cemetery. I am sending for the transcripts. I descend from their older brother Edwin who emmigrated to Tasmania Australia about the same time. Pam Calverley August 2, 2002


Searching for Loyd Elven O'NEIL, born:  25 April 1895, Cornwall, Ontario- son of Henry EDWARD O'Neil and Almira (Mina) Kyer. Siblings were Ethel, Lillie Maud, Edward Lorne and Evert Roy Willis O'Neil. Family history is that Loyd moved to Hamilton, Ontario. He married GRACE ? - and they had three children. One may have been a boxer who won a golden glove championship. Loyd was very close with his brother Roy who was an Ottawa Police detective (married to Romhild). Marlene O'Neil August 2, 2002


Looking for any information on Horace BOWLER. He married Elizabeth CLIMER in 1902 in High Wycombe, Bucks, England. They emigrated to Canada sometime following  marriage. Possibly settled in the Hamilton area. Also, looking for any descendants of  Ivy BOWLER. Her address was Harvey St. Hamilton. I would appreciate any information. Linda  July15, 2002


I am looking for information on the descendants of William F. Appleton (1829-1880) and Mary Flannagan (born ?- died
1861). Mary & William were married in Hamilton, Ont. before 1851. Their children: Mary Jane (1852-?) , James (1854-?), William H. (1855- ?) & Margaret (1856-?). Children were all born in the Ingersoll, Ont. area.
Many thanks, Ann Ann and Clive Tonge July 6, 2002


I am the 4th great grandson of William COPE, Sr. (1813-1719), who founded and died in Copetown.  His son,
Thomas COPE (1772-1857), is my 3rd great grandfather. He died in Carradoc. Thomas had a son William Edwin
(1813-1861) who was born in Dumphries. His son, my great grandfather, was George Van Rensselaer COPE
(1847-1907) was born somewhere in Ontario (probably in Wentworth County) but left Canada and settled finally in
Newton County, Missouri. His son William Benjamin (1888-1943) was my grandfather. My father was William Jackson COPE (1907-1978). I have a specific question, does anyone know exactly where in either England or Scotland, that William COPE, Sr. came from? If you have any additional information on this family, please contact me.
Sincerely, Rev. Dr. Allan F. Cope July 15, 2002


Does anyone have any info on Robert Christopher RUSSELL who was living in Hamilton, ON in July of 1883. He was
working as a labourer. He was married to Mary Lablanche WILSON and their son William Edward Russell was born
July 5, 1883 in Hamilton. Any help would be greatly appreciated. They also had a daughter Elizabeth Viola Russell
in 1889 if anyone has any info. Tammy LaForme July 5, 2002

I am trying to trace relatives, Thomas & Margaret WRIGHT who lived in 1937 at 55 Garfield Avenue,in Hamilton They had 2 sons Thomas, who died in WW2 and Alan. I'm hoping to confirm the parentage of Thomas Wright senior who was a cousin of my father. Margaret Minter July 5, 2002


I am hoping someone in Wentworth can help me with cemetery lookups if they have cemetery listings. I am researching my family who began in the Wentworth area with Fergus Stirling of Scotland & Sarah Kenney of Ireland.  They had several children named:

William Stirling b1839 in Scotland believed to have married Elizabeth Mason;
Ann Jane Stirling born 1841 in Saltfleet Twp;- no data
Thomas Henry Stirling born 1844 in Saltfleet Twp. married to Mahala
Elvina Kintzel d/o John & Mahala of Seneca Twp., Haldimand County.
Martha Stirling b 1845 in Saltfleet Twp. married Charles Van Mere the
son of James & Christeen Van Mere of Glanford Twp.
Daniel Ferguson Stirling born 1846 in Saltfleet Twp. married Susannah
Daniels d/o George Daniels & Rebecca Quance
Susan Stirling b 1849 in Saltfleet Twp. - no data

My big puzzle at the moment is trying to trace where people are buried to get dates. I have found on the OCFA several individuals that I believe fit into this family but do not know how to get more data. They are not listed on Wentworth cemetery listings on line. I have the reference # and cemetery name if that would help and will include them below. Please help me out here.

Hamilton Cemetery
John Kingel - HM 273            Caroline Kingel  HM 293-2
Charles Van Mere  HM-272  Amelia Van Mere HM-272

Burkholder United Cemetery in Ancaster Twp
Harriet Dewitt  HM-219

Marx Brinkly Cemetery - Ancaster Twp
John Kingel  HM-117            Harriet Dewitt   HM-117

Woodland Cemetery, East Flamborough
Marion Van Mere  HM-400-2        Christina Van Mere  HM-349-2

Trinity United Cemetery, Hannon, Glanford Twp.
Charles Van Mere  HM-215            Christeen Van Mere   HM-215
Cynthia Van Mere  HM-215        Edmond Van Mere  HM-215
Elizabeth Van Mere  HM-215     Emily Van Mere  HM-215
George Van Mere  HM-215        James Van Mere  HM-215
William Van Mere  HM-215        Margaret Van Mere  HM-215

Elizabeth Archer June 30, 2002


My name is John Lovell. I am trying to trace two nieces of my grandmother. Their mother was Janet "Jennie"
DAVIDSON and their father was John Henderson HAY, Both Jennie & John died in Hamilton, Ontario but are buried in Fergus, Ontario. They had two daughters Evelyn and Jean. I don't believe that Evelyn ever married but Jean married a Dr. WARNER. I believe his name was William. He had a very high position in Ottawa with the military, I believe, during the second world war. They had two children. Their son was John and I believe the daughter was Jeanette or something similar. Jean WARNER was a nurse in Toronto. I would like to learn what happened to both Evelyn and Jean as well as Jean's two children. My Email is June 30, 2002


I am researching my G. Grandfather's family & I am looking for information on his brother Ambrose McINNES/McINNIS who is thought to have possibly been a butcher in the Hamilton area (early 1900's).
I am also researching my G.Grandmother's family & I am currently looking for information on the family of James O'LEARY/ LEARY (her brother 1854 - 1923). He had 2 children - Timothy & James. James married Stella ? and
lived in the Hamilton area. They had at least one son - Patrick. Thank you Ann Tonge. Ann and Clive Tonge  June 30, 2002


I am researching the Howell surname. My grandfather Harmon Henry HOWELLwas born in Porter NY. USA. 1851 His parents and grandparents were born in Canada. Harmon grew up in Canada and he married Margaret CRAIG from Blyth, Ont. Canada in 1882. I have been told that in 1867 my HOWELL ancesters were living in Stoney Creek, Ont. My g grandfather's name might be Stephen Howell. Any connection or information? I would appreciate any advice or help with my research. Patricia (Pat) USA  June 20, 2002


Daniel Pearson CAMPBELL b. abt 1854 m. Theresa SCHIEBEL, children: Stanley Hibbert, Hattie Octave,m. HAYWARD, Clarence Lionel m. Madeline Emily, Eva Elizabeth m. YOUNG, Stella A., Theresa Flora, they lived in Hamilton. Daniel d. 12-4-1925, Theresa d. 1960. They lived at 240 King Street, Hamilton. Does anyone know this family? Trying to Daniel's grandparents who immigrated from Scotland to Erin, Wellington in the early 1800's. June 15, 2002


Looking for any information on the MARRS family of Wentworth County. Linda Murray Calgary, Alberta June 15, 2002


I am searching for any information relating to Elizabeth BEER born 1812 Bideford Devon who married 1. William Edmonds SWEET in Bideford Devon 1833 and subsequently James BALE, possibly in Ontario, 1862. James BALE (born Devon) was previously married to Mary BEER (born 1816 Bideford Devon) who was Elizabeths sister. Families emigrated to Canada after 1851.  SWEET offspring are John b and d 1834, Frederick b 1835, William Edmonds b 1836, Maria bca 1841, Walter bca 1843, John bca 1845, Ellen bca 1847, George bca 1850. BALE offspring James B. bca 1843, Thomas bca 1846, Emma bca 1849, John bca 1850. All offspring born Bideford, Devon. Entry found in 1871
Census for BALE household in Hamilton, Elizabeth deceased. Any further information would be much appreciated.  Please contact Jackie ELLISON. 13 June 2002


Hi, Am trying to find the parents of James Hunt BATES born in 1796 and married to Susannah Smith in 1820. This is my dead-end and have not had any luck anywhere for many years now. He was from New Jersey and so were her parents. He is buried in Ancaster. Thanks Carolyn June 15, 2002


I am searching for information on my gg uncle Charles E. STEWART, son of William Cooke STEWART and Elizabeth J. EAGER.  According to the 1871 Ontario Census he was living (with his parents and sister Ada) in Hamilton, and would have been born abt. 1863. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Joanna MacDonald June 15, 2002


I am looking for any information on my grandparents and their parents. My grandfathers name was William Edward
BIRD. Born 1865, died 1938. My grandmothers name was Elizabeth WILLIAMS. Born1865, died 1938. I would also
like to know their ethnic background. They are buried at Woodlawn Cemetary. Please contact Marlene Vallee (Bird)
at June 3, 2002


I am searching for descendants of Alfred Percival SELBY and his wife ELINE. Alfred emigrated to Canada from Bolton, Lancashire. England about 1910/11. He was living at 67 Argyle St. Hamilton, Ontario in 1916. He joined 129 O.S. Battalion N. Canadian Expeditionary Force in Jan 1916. I believe they had two children, A boy and a girl. They had four grand children, three boys and a girl. I have a photo of them with the grandchildren. Would be very pleased to hear from anyone who can help. Thanks Vic Selby. Victor Selby June 3, 2002


Seeking information on Thomas BADGER 13 yrs. who was a stray in 1871 (Beverly) Wentworth County census and Daniel BADGER 8 yrs. Possible orphans living with a different family. Do not have access to 1871 index. Daniel married Louisa CHAMBERS. Thomas married Celecta MULHOLLAND and homesteaded to Shoal Lake Manitoba. Can anyone help? Leta Noakes lnoakes@re-es.orgJune 3, 2002


Looking for information on Jas LADLE and Eliza ATKINS who resided in Sheffeld, Ontario (Beverley Township,
Wentworth County) in the mid 1800's. Children included Charles, William and George- and perhaps more. It is known that George was born in Sheffield Feb 17, 1858. William and Charles and their parents were probably born in England.
Any assistance in tracing this family would be apprciated. Allan Lanctot June 3, 2002


Does anyone have access to the Wentworth Co Marr Registers? I am looking for Mary VANSICKLE, 1865. Thanks for your effort. Donna "Donna Di Lello" May 20, 2002


Seeking  data on James WALSH and wife Martha HARRIS Walsh. He was born 1812 and she 1828.Grave markers in
old cemetery shows his death in 1884 and her in 1917. He was listed as a shoemaker in 1871 census. Grave
certificate shows her at 35 Margaret in Hamilton. Marriage date in family bible shows 1853,but his brother Robert
who died in 1858 lost his wife a Hamilton girl in 1853.James one son was William James Walsh who carried on
plumbing business at King and Walnut until his death in 1940. One grandson of James was Orville Walsh a well
known lawyer of his day as well as another grandson William Jr. an architect who built many buildings in Hamilton in
the 1920's and 1930's. A great grandson  of James  is Dr. William Walsh retired from McMaster and his medical
practice and a great great granddaughter is Dr. Alyn Walsh presently practising in Hamilton.Information prior to 1853
has been hard to come by. My mother was Mildred Emma Walsh the granddaughter of James & Martha. Your help will be appreciated, Tom Kennedy Snail Mail is:23 Royal Oak Drive,St.Catharines On. L2N 4B7 :Tel-905-646-4938 May 20, 2002


I have Jessie Swinton LOGAN (b 1860 Hamilton, Ontario). Family Bible pages tell me her father was John LOGAN, whose parents were Peter Logan and Jessie SWINTON. I know Peter Logan worked in some capacity for the harbor of Dundee, Scotland. Her mother was Sarah Ann Aitken (or Aiken) whose parents were James AITKEN and Mary CRAIG. James and Mary were married in Scotland. Any help would be appreciated. David Casson Atlanta, GA David Casson May 16, 2002


I am looking for any information on the LEITH family buried in hamilton Cemetery. In the Ontario Cemetery finding aid a Hamilton Leith, his wife Marion nee CURRIE, and children Jessie Jane and Hamilton C. are listed. Thank you for any help. June "Richard Copley" May 13, 2002


My great-great grandmother was Marion MARTIN. I know that in 1868 - 1869 she paid $12.00 to John H. GREER of the City of Hamilton for an inn-keeper's license. I believe that her husband's name was John Martin. She had at least 2 children, a son named Thomas B. Martin and a daughter. Does anyone know or is there someway of learning the name of the inn she owned/managed? I do know that approximately in 1850 her son Thomas B. Martin was born in Burlington Beach, Ontario. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Darcy Martin, Winnipeg, Canada
Darcy Martin May 13, 2002


Looking for any information on Leonard HINDE, wife possibly Alice, who ran a convenience store I believe in Hamilton.  Born London England in 1892 and emigrated sometime after 1916. He had a much older sister Ada Jane born 1872 - no sign of her in England so did she also emigrate? Any help would be appreciated. Pam Miles May 3, 2002


Looking for Gillis McBain SMITH, b1840, married Isobell (Isabella) LEECE (LEASE) in 1862 in Beverly, Wentworth Co., Ont. Gillis' father may be John, but would like to know where the McBain come from. Possibly from his mothers side. Isobell's father may be William and both may have been born in England. Would like to find the parents and any siblings. Jan Jamerson 375 Bates Dr. Lapeer, MI  48446 USA April 29, 2002


I am looking for relatives of my Great Grandfather Charles CARTWRIGHT. The only information I have is that he was a school teacher and had 7 children one of which was my grandmother who was born in Freelton according to my
mother's marriage church records. Walter Cracknell April 28, 2002


I am searching for Patrick O'HARA, who was born in Dundas, date unknown, was married to Catherine Sweeney (born in Ireland), and one of whose sons was James O'Hara (born in Dundas in 1854). I have also heard that James was either from St. Catherines or Port Colborne. Thank you. Matt O'Hara. April 28, 2002


I am looking for information on FULLER in Wentworth County around 1818-1820- especially Saltfleet Township. I
am specifically looking for William who was listed as being from there in a marriage record for himself and his wife
Isabella KING - daughter of Obadiah and Mary KING. But any information on FULLER might lead me to Wm. Any
help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Meg Fuller ourfamilytree@earthlink.net  April 20, 2002


I am looking for the name and dates of my g g grandmother. She was the daughter (one of possibly 10 children) of Joseph B. EAGER and Sarah BARKER (b.1809 Ireland d. April 3, 1887 Hamilton, Ont). She was married to William Cooke STEWART (president of Stewart, James & Co. - ironfounders & machinists - McNab St., Hamilton)  They lived at 25 Hunter St. West, Hamilton -  circa 1880s. Her daughter, Adelaide Sayers STEWART, was married in Hamilton by Rev. Samuel LYLE, on October 15th, 1885, to William Alexander WEIR - son of William Park WEIR and Helen Craig SMITH of Scotland. Joanna MacDonald April 20, 2002


Searching for information about my gm Ellen KERR. From a post card dated July 5, 1909 I know that she had a sister or aunt Edna living at 36 Fullerton Ave. Hamilton. Can anyone find Edna's surname from the address and date? Thanks from Doug at  April 9, 2002


Would like info on the above named families--some arrived in ON circa 1860's, others unknown. Many buried in
Grace Anglican Cemetery, Waterdown, some in Carlisle Methodist (United) Church Cemetery, others in surounding
cemeteries. Will give more specific info if requested. Keeping my fingers crossed. Enid--efitz@icrossroadscom. April 8, 2002


I have information for the person who was interested in Wiliam MOORE and Nancy SPENCE from 1831-1905. The email listing that you posted is no longer valid. Anyone wishing information regarding these two individuals please contact
me at: April 6, 2002


Im looking for any information on Charles MOORE (1785-1855) and his wife Elizabeth VAN DUESEN - JONES ( 1782- 1873 ). They married in 1806 in Niagara and had about 7 children. Elizabeth had been married prior to a man named Philip JONES. They had a son Philip JONES JR. In 1853 he left Hamilton area with Charles MOORE and his son James MOORE to check out Essex County. Charles did not like it so he returned to Hamilton and the two boys continues on to Michigan where they remained. I would love to have any information on this family. I would really like to know where Charles was born and who his parents were. April 6, 2002


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