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The following surnames appear in the queries posted below. Use your Browsers "FIND" feature to search for a name. The suffix (3) indicates there are 3 postings of this surname.

Addison, Allison(2), Anderson(2), Atwell, Banghart, Barrett, Bawtinheimer, Beattie(2), Beasley, Bedell, Bell, Bennett, Bigham, Bigrigg, Bishop, Boice, Book, Brodnicki, Brown, Brunskill, Brydges, Buckberrough, Buckberry, Buckbury, Burke, Burley(3), Buttram, Cairns, Cake, Camp, Cantly, Carr(2), Caverley, Chapman, Chrysler, Clark(2),  Cleveland, Cochenour, Coffey, Connell, Conway(2), Cooley, Cook(2), Corman, Cox, Coxhead, Craik, Cruell, Daniels, Dean, Delaney, Delphis, Denine, Denoon, Depew, Devine, Dillabaugh, Donahue, Donohue, Dorsch, Drapers, Duggan, Dunn, Durham, Eade, Eaton, Earwaker, Effrick, Epps, Erb, Farrell, Fagan, Field, Ferguson, Finlay, Fitzgerald, Flock, Fonger, Foster, Fraser(2), Fray, French(2), Frid, Fuller, Gage, Galbraith, Galad, Galman, Galloway, Genereux, Gibson, Gillespy, Gilmour, Goodman, Glover(2), Gordon(2), Grant, Green(3), Hagle, Hale, Halliday, Hammer, Hanna, Hannon, Hathaway, Hayes, Henderson, Henry, Herbert, Hewett,  Holdich, Holton, House, Howard(2), Howe, Howell(2), Hoyt, Hubbard, Hughes, Huckle, Hughes, Humphries, Hunt, Hunter, Huton, Hyik, Hyslop, Jamieson, Jones(4), Johnson(2), Koella, Kelly(2), Kidd, King, Krauer, Lancefield(2), Laviolette, Lawrason, Lay, Lee, Lees(2), Lefler, Leitch, Lewis, Lindsay, Lobsinger, Loftus, Long(2), Ltenebaugh, Lutz, MacPherson, MacKay, Madden, Main, Malloy, Manary, Mannen, Maguire, Maracle/Markle(2), Marshall(2), McAlpine, McBride, McCammon, McCallum, McConachie, McCrimmon, McCuiri, McCulloch, McCurdy, McDonald, McEwens, McGrath, McKay(3), McKee, McKenzie, McMahon, McMullen, McNair(2), Millard, Miller, Milne, Mirfield, Misener, Moffett, Monkhouse, Montgomery, Moore(2), Morden(3), Morgan(2), Mossman, Myers(2), Murray(3), Mustard, Near, Neadham, Nerney, Neff, Newcombe, Northcott, Olive, O'Neil, Ozmaloski, Patterson, Peeples, Peterson, Petitit, Pochynok, Proctor, Ramey, Randall, Reid(2), Ribble, Riddle, Roberts, Robertson, Rogers, Rose, Ryan, Ryckman, Scott(3), Samuel, Shannon(2), Shaver, Schelter, Sims(2), Smith(5), Smyth, Somerset, Speakman, Springer, Springstead, Springsted, Stevenson, Stewart(5), Storey, Sweazy, Tackle, Taylor, Ten Eyck, Thompkins, Thompson, Trinder, Van Allen, Van-Dusen, Van Norman, Vollick(2), Vrooman, Waddell, Waechter, Walker(2), Wallace, Ward(3), Warden, Weaver, Weekley, Wetherfelt, Whitfield, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson(2), Wilson-Fawkes, Wohlfeil, Wood, Wright, Yeager, Young



I am searching for information on the following people: William MURRAY b. in Bannockburn, Scotland and d.1873 in Canada, married Sarah Jane SMITH and were early settlers of Binbrook, Elfrida, Glanford and the Hannon area on the mountain above Hamilton. Their children were Jane, Wesley, Steven, Elijah and Margaret Ann b. 6/8/1853 in Binbrook and d. in 1931. Margaret married a fellow named William BROWN. Their children were Wesley, Roy and Edward (all three served in WW1) and Alberta Evelyn b. 6/12/1879 and d. 1971 in Hamilton. Alberta married Frederick Lane WEEKLEY. His father was Isaac WEEKLEY (born in England) who married Marguerite (born in France). Any information about these ancestors will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Winnifred Hart 2917 Harold Dean Drive, Marietta, GA 30066-4019 April 28, 1999


I have just found that one of my GGG Uncles was a Wesleyan Minister at Centenary Methodist Church in the late 1800's. His name was the Rev. Samuel John HUNTER (S.J.), and he was the son of John and Nancy Hunter, emigrants from Co. Tyrone, Ireland. I know litle else about Samuel, except that he was b. c.a. 1842, and had two brothers, the Rev. H.D. Hunter, pastor of the First Congregational Church, London, and Rev. William John Hunter, of churches in Hamilton, London, Toronto, and Ottawa at various points in his career. Does anyone have any information on Samuel, his descendants, the Centenary church, or anything else that might be of help? Was he married, if so, to whom, and did he have children... :-) All the usual questions! Thanks, Dave  The Island Register - P.E.I.'s Premiere Genealogy Site: April 27, 1999


I am researching my ggrandfather's line. George William LEWIS. I believe George was born in Wales, 18 Jan 1830. He emigrated to the U.S. with a contingent of miners to teach mining to the Americans. He later moved to Canada - to the Ancaster area. He later moved to Vanessa, where, I
understand he lived the remainder of his live. His first wife was Jane FRAY. Children of the marriage were Franklin J. b. 6 Mar 1855; Martin Luther, b. 1 Nov 1856; William Henry (my grandfather) b. 21 June 1861; Charles, b.Apr 1864 (d. Apr 1865) ; Nettie J. b. 28 May 1866; and
Marian, about whom I have no other information. I have no idea where George and Jane were married, or where the children were born. I have always understood William Henry was born in Ontario, but to date, have not been able to verify the fact. Jane died 5 Mar 1869, and is buried in
the Vanessa Cemetery. Nettie J. married a man by the name of Gorman, and lived the balance of her life in Lansing Mich. William Henry moved to Alberta with his first wife, Elizabeth Ann TACKLE, first to Calgary where William supervised the laying of the first waterworks, and later
to Bowden where they homesteaded and farmed. Elizabeth is buried in a small cemetary that stands on the corner of the original homestead in Bowden, deeded to the town by William Henry when she passed away. Any information you have would be most appreciated. Thank you. Wilma Lewis  e-mail  April 21, 1999


Looking for the descendants of Jane BEATTIE /CONWAY who emigrated to Hamilton about 1910. Two sisters also emigrated . Lorraine and Jean. Jean had twins Kenneth and and Joan. Please phone 519 696-3875 or email Thank you Sam Mc Carrison New Dundee, Ontario. April 17, 1999


James McGRATH, born in 1834, Belfast married Mary DEVANEY. They emigrated to Hamilton, Ontario, where they remained. Children included: Rosana (1857), Henry (1858), John (1859), Mary (1861), Maggy (1865) and James (1867).  Henry (1858-1927) married Mary BENNETT and
raised their children in Hamilton. I am a descendant of Henry and am interested if there might be other McGrath descendants in this area. The spelling of the name eventually changed to McGRAW. Thanks, (Mrs) Frankie McGraw-Nicol, Hamilton, Ont.
April 15, 1999


I am researching the MURRAY family of Carlisle England who emigrated to Canada 1865 and later.  They owned the Hamilton Rug Works till about 1927, when it was owned by the Brass family (daughter married a Murray moved to USA.)  Was the rug works part of Harding Carpets later?   Any information appreciated by Mary Connell. Thanks fellow researchers. April 15, 1999


John MALLOY (1848-1926) m. Margaret Ann McKAY (1847-1926)--lived in Hamilton, On. Buried Woodland Cem., Hamilton. They had at least 4 children: Jane Malloy (1873-) m. Wm. James ROBERTSON (1873-1918) Wm. Malloy (1875-1948) m. Marg. Murphy Mabel A. Malloy (1880-1944) m. Wm. Field (1872-1963) Hazel Malloy (1882-) m. Matthew J. Brown Margaret Ann (McKay) Malloy was the daughter of Wm. & Jane (Reid) McKay. Any info on this family can be sent to George Russell April 15, 1999


James JAMIESON (1841-1924) m. Jane "Jennie" McKAY (1846-) James was owner of the Jamieson Stove Manufacturers, in Hamilton. Jennie was the daughter of Wm. & Jane (Reid) McKay, originally of Kilrea, Londonderry, N. Ireland. Any info can be sent to George Russell April 15, 1999


Alexander McKAY (1843-1912) m. 1871 to Kate MARSHALL (1846-1901) Alexander was mayor of Hamilton (1886-7) and a Member of Parliament (1887-1896). Buried Hamilton Cem. Alexander was the son of Wm. & Jane McKay of Hamilton, who operated the Victoria Hotel. Kate was the daughter of Alexander Marshall of Barton Twp. They had 4 children: Fred M. (1876-), Reginald J. (1881-1920), Ethel (1878-), & Phyllis C. (1890-). Any info can be sent to George Russell April 15, 1999


Searching for information on the following:  Agnes E. SOMERSET (d: 08 Apr 1918  in Hamilton), daughter of James SOMERSET (b: 02 Feb 1847 - d:24 Apr 1926 in Hamilton); Bertha MORDEN [HUTON] (b: 1886 d: 01 Sep 1931 in Hamilton), husband of Harry MORDEN (b: 09 Mar 1883 in Hamilton, d: 06 Nov 1946 in Hamilton).  Several of the Somersets moved to Hamilton from Simcoe County between 1901-1910.  I'd like to determine, for instance, when and where Harry Morden and Bertha Huton were married.  Also, information on Bertha's brothers, Alfred (who might have gone under the surname Somerset) and Charles Huton (d: 1970), and her father, who might be William Huton (d: 1928).  Agnes Somerset, James Somerset, Bertha (Huton) Morden, and Harry Morden are buried in Hamilton Cemetery, but there does not appear to have been a marker; Charles and William Huton are buried in Woodland Cemetery.  I've consulted various City Directories, Cemetery Indexes, and Funeral Home Indexes at Hamilton Public Library, and am in the process of checking the available Births, Marriages, and Deaths indexes, but would like to hear from anyone who may have come across any of these people in their own research.
Gary Sumpter. April 11, 1999


I am beginning my search of the DEPEW family and the marriage connection to the WARD family. I have a connection found with Wellington WARD marrying Caroline Leitha Depew March 28 1900 Certificate 17382/00. Caroline was the daughter of  John Depew and Esther Jones. There is some references I have on  John Depew from the 1871 census indicating he was 22 years old. Also Hugh Ward the father of Wellington  is listed on the 1871 census as 27 years old. I am looking for the connections in the Depews back to the 1796 Depews who were of the original Hamilton settlers. Also  I am looking for the prior connections of the Wards. I have some background info but have not the found the full connections yet. Any help from the Postings would be of great help. Nick Alexanders Forest On. 519-786-4670
April 10, 1999


I am searching for any type of marriage or death record of a James FRENCH. He was last found in the 1861 Hamilton City Directory working as a salesman. He was married to Mary EFFRICK.  Both had lived prior in Canboro.  They also had a child born in 1861, who died a year later. They also had a second child a girl named Emma born on Nov. 1862 in Hamilton. James was reported to have died in 1864/65. This is where I have hit a brick wall. Could someone please show me a any way around this wall. April 8, 1999


Andrew  CAIRNS  born 1835 at Tallly Ho. married Mary Jane BEATTIE born 1834. Their Children Robert, William, Albert, Richard, Lottie, Katherine, George, Frank. George Cairns was born March 03, 1864. There is a Richard Cairns, age 82 in Halton County, Nelson Twp. in the 1871 Canadian Census, along with a Samuel Cairns age 41. Is this Andrew's father? There is a Thomas Beatty age 60. Is this any relation to Mary Jane Beatty. I have some family history, but any information would be appriciated. I would like to hear from other relative also, Andrew was my gg grandfather, George was my greatgrand father. D. Marder, Ohio, U.S.A. April 3, 1999


Robert BARRETT born Ireland around 1822 came to Hamilton Ont. around 1825 married Johanna Demma DUGGAN Feb10 1850 St Marys (RC) church his wife Johanna died Sept 24 1898 in Hamilton ,they had 12 Children all in Hamilton I have all their names. (1871 Census) Robert BARRETT father was also a Robert and came to Canada around 1825 with three small children
his wife Agnes MOORE died in Ireland before he left -- any information onhow they came over and from where in Ireland would be great -- thanks. Frank Barrett
April 2, 1999


Nelson BURLEY b.c1810 poss. NJ d. 1887 Thedford, Lambton County, m.c1834 Lovina Main b.1822 Sheffield Twp. d.1895 Thedford, Lambton County. Lovina's parents were David MAIN & Elsie Weaver but who were the parents of Nelson Burley? Nelson & Lovina lived Lot 2, Conc. 10 Beverly Twp. until c1850's. Any info on Burleys in Wentworth County appreciated.  March 24, 1999


Peter Gillespie was Parish Schoolmaster at Drumoak, Aberdeenshire. Four of his daughters who emigrated to Hamilton between 1850 and 1880 were Mrs. Jas. Fraser (Ann), Mrs. Wm. Addison (Elizabeth), Mrs, A.G. Proctor (Sarah), and Mrs. Geo. Denoon (Mary), the last living in Toronto.  I shall be delighted to hear from any of their descendents. Gordon Bassett.  March 24, 1999


I am the GGrandson of Marianne McNAIR, sister to Samuel McNAIR, a constable in Hamilton.  Sam McNAIR died in 1899. His children were: William Christiana, Sam, MaryAnn, Margaret and Amy. Christiana m. Richard LANCEFIELD from Hamilton.  Marianne McNAIR  married Lewis SMYTH in Co.Mayo circa 1845.She was soon a widow and migrated to New York City in 1848 with her son LEWIS.  She subsequently married John  B. MADDEN. I am particularly interested in the history of the Irish McNairs from Crossmolina/Easky/Ballina/Killala. March 22, 1999


Looking for info on Alexander FARRELL bc1920 who married Martha WAECHTER in 1938 (da of Joseph Waechter & Caroline Lobsinger). Lived in Dundas area of Ontario.  Looking for info on Albert ROGERS bc1920 who married Florentine WAECHTER (da of Joseph Waechter & Caroline Lobsinger). Believed to have lived in Hamilton ON area. Blanche Moser, RR#3, Wellesley, ON  NOB 2TO Canada. March 18, 1999


Trying to find information on my grandfather Elijah Herbert SMITH born June 13, 1871 Glanford Twp., Wentworth County.  His parents were Robert SMITH 1834 - 1900 and Melissa WRIGHT 1838 - 1911. They moved to Cainsville, Brant County in 1875. I believe they were originally from Caledon Twp., Peel County but do not know any dates other than the above. Thanks for any and all help Marilyn A. Rapposelli March 17, 1999


Am looking for anything on these families who were in Upper Canada in 1811 onward. STUART/STEWART, Alexander married to Jane Canada Kennedy in Co. Down N.I. Had 5 sons Robert STEWART, Alexander, John, Thomas, and William. Robert married Nancy MONTGOMERY in N.I. and emigrated with his family in 1805. They had Jane, James, Elizabeth, Alexander, Montgomery born at sea, and William born in Albany N.Y.  They came to Upper Canada and Alexander STEWART married Margaret McALPINE, and had James and Nancy Jane STEWART. They farmed in the Binbrook/Saltfleet area. Elaine Wright. March 14, 1999


Matthew Gilmour WALLACE coalminer + Agnes Wallace m.s. McBRIDE had daughter Georgina Wallace born 1905. any info regards. Liz March 12, 1999


Isreal SIMMS was listed in the 1899 City of Hamilton directory as a machinist boarding at 226 Emerald Street with a Mrs. A. SIMS, widow of Andrew, a dressmaker. I have been unable to find him after this time. Any help would be appreciated. Alan Campbell 1044 Guthrie Drive Sarnia ON N7S 1Y2 March 12, 1999


The HOLDICH Family History Society is England would be grateful to learn of any references to the name in Ontario. If anyone has access to the cemetery transciptions for Ancaster Twp and has the time to check out these names, it would be greatly appreciated. Deborah Taylor. Secretary  March 11, 1999


We are  researching for the family of Thomas A. REID and his wife Edith DELPHIS, who were resident in Barton Township, Wentworth Co., in 1905 when my husband's father, Albert James Edward REID was born.  Thomas was thought to have died circa 1910-1912 in a car versus horse accident. Any information would be helpful.  Other children of Thomas and Edith were: May, Rose, Ada, twins Clara and Clarence.  Keith Olson d& March 10, 1999.


Trying to find information on Henry RANDALL husband of Fanny Louise COXHEAD, both lived and died in Dundas Ont., buried in Grove Cemetery. I am his grandson Frank Edward RANDALL, married to June Etta Taylor. My father Frank Randall, my mother Ruth Finlay, Uncles on Randall side are Harry, Edward, half Uncle Jack Taylor (grandmothers 1st. marriage) my Aunts are Mrs.William Duckworth, Mrs Sidney Luke, Mrs. Annie Martin, Mrs. Jack Reid, all are deceased. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Frank Randall   March 7, 1999


HAMMER, August, Xavier Alex, Wm Henry (all sons of Peter HAMMER 1842-1919 & Margaret DORSCH 1843-1917 ).  Sons born in Bamberg ON. Moved to Hamilton area.  Would like to hear from anyone re this family. Blanche Moser, RR#3, Wellesley, ON  NOB 2TO Canada.  March 6, 1999


Looking for Methodist Wesleyan birth record & cousins of ggrandmother, ELIZA (dit. LILY, LILLIE) COOK, b. 11 May 1856 Hamilton;  dod/pod/occupation for her parents WILLIAM DAVID COOK b. 1815 Kingston [to THOMAS & ALICE (O'NEIL/O'NEAL) COOK] & MARY McCRIMMON.b. ca 1826 [pob/parents unk]  m. 1845 Marysburgh, PE co., Ont.; VRs/CRs for  Eliza's sibs  MARGARET JOHNSON COOK, b. 1846 Marysburg; ALICE COOK b. ca 1850 pob unk; CHARLES COOK, b. ca 1853 pob unk; ROSETTA "ETTA" COOK b. ca 30 Aug 1858/59 Hamilton (mother may be the same or MARY McCRUIRI).  Also looking Methodist Wesleyan  birth record for her 1st husband WALTER H. VAN NORMAN,  b. ca 1853 (probably) the son of ABNER EVERETT. VAN NORMAN & ELIZABETH BELL, who lived then in Hamilton.  Lily and Walter m. 22 Nov 1877 in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota. Please reply to Barbara Blake-Krebs Ph: (913) 677-4419 Fax: (913) 789-7043 8520 W. 61st Street, Merriam, KS 66202


I am looking for John WALKER (SUE) b.1768 and his wife Eleanor MURKLE b.1780. According to the 1805 Norfolk Co. Census, they lived in Windham, Ancaster Twp, Wentworth Co. John Walker was granted land there as a son of the loyalist, William Walker of Clinton/Grimsby Twp, Lincoln Co. Would like any information especially death dates of John and Eleanor and any children they had. Regards, W.R. Walker March 2, 1999


I am trying to locate someone who has or knows the whereabouts of a Frid family tree. One did exist, but I don't know who has it.  I am Diana Frid Greene, Daughter of Robert A. & Diana Frid.  Grand daughter of Norman & Birtha Frid.  Would appreciate any & all help.  March 2, 1999


Am searching for any information on John E. SCOTT. Family stories tell of him leaving his family and the Hamilton, Ontario area in 1898 to "seek gold". He may have been a member of a party led by Archibald B. STEWART who left about the same time. Research has found that at least four members of the party wrote home, they were Mr. DEVINE, Mr. DILLABAUGH, Mr. ATWELL and Mr. Fred SCHELTER. In a letter home dated June 18, 1898 a portion of the party had arrived in Fort Smith, NWT. It is my understanding that Mr. Stewart kept a journal until his death on the Peel River. Any help locating John would be appreciated. Don Scott February 28, 1999


I am looking for information about Charles and Mary MIRFIELD who came to Hamilton from England.  Their son Charles was born in Hamilton April 1, 1843. If you have any information contact me at  February 27, 1999


I am researching the surname GALLOWAY.  Thomas Galloway moved to the Halton area, Cumminsville in 1833 from Yorkshire, England.  Some of the family later settled in Nassageweya which became East Flamborough.  Anyone searching the Galloway family please contact me. Marilyn & Elmer Harke February 27, 1999


Looking for information on John Wesley CAKE b. October 6 1885 Beverly Twp. Parents are Peter Cake and Martha E. BISHOP.  February 22, 1999


My John COX (b 1823) had children Elizabeth (b 1848), Maggy Ann (b 1854), Francis (b 1857), Annie (b 1860), Franklin (b 1863), Mary(b 1865), John (b 1866), Susan (b 1867), William (b 1870) and Myrtle HARTWELL (b 1878). He was a grocer on King St. in Hamilton before getting into the Spice business on Locke St.  Glen_Brunskill@compuserve.comFebruary 20, 1999


I am searching the name William Henry WARD whose date of death is June 24, 1921. This was my grandfather. He died in Hamilton hospital. His wife was Emily EADE. Trying to find Henry's father's name and birthplace. Any information appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jean Wheeler February 18, 1999


Want information on Clifford and Jennie GORDON. Jennie born 1859 in Hamilton City. Clifford buried in Hamilton City. Jennie came to the USA in 1885.
February 8, 1999


Looking for info. on MORDEN, HATHAWAY, FRASER, COCHENOUR, GREEN families in Wentworth County, East and West Flamborough Twp. c. 1770s.  MORDENs emigrated from New Jersey, UEL.  Thanks for any help.  Lynn Lewis, Courtenay, B.C. February 5, 1999


Looking for information on BIGRIGG.  I have pages 5, 6, & 7 from a letter probably written 1910-1920, signed Janty & Jennie & Jane Dover Bigrigg. From the text I assume Janty and Jennie are husband and wife and Jane is a child.  The letter refers to the receiver, who was probably my grandfather, William Graham, and his sister Jane Ann (Graham) Foulds as Cousin.  The sender's address is 344 Victoria Ave. N., Hamilton, Ont. An address of "Mother", Mrs. J. Bigrigg of West Stanley, Durham, England is also given. I want to establish who these people were and how they are connected to my grandfather, William Graham, b. 1852, Cumberland, England, immigrated to the US in 1880.  Also, of course, would like to find descendents. Joyce Brown in Iowa USA. February 4, 1999



Seeking information on birth of WILKINSON, OLIVE about 1908 in Hamilton Ontario, family moved to Detroit Michigan. Olive WILKINSON died at the age of 24 years in 1932 in Detroit. Mother of a girl. Any information this name in Hamilton perhaps listed in 1901 census. Alex Meron. January 31, 1999


Looking for info on Harold WALKER, married to Annie HUGHES. Both emigrated from Cheshire England (Ashton Dukinfield area) to Stoney Creek Ontario after first world war (1919?). They were market gardeners. Annie HUGHES brother Edwin HUGHES also emigrated to Canada. Destination and date unknown. Kathy Park January 30, 1999


I am looking for information on Phinehas COFFEY born 7 Aug 1848 in Binbrook, Wentworth County and his wife Mrs. Eliza HUCKLE (maiden name unknown) 26 Oct 1881.  She had at least one child from her first marriage - Rose - and they had three together Jane, Mabel, and a boy who died in childhood.  It is believed that at some point after Mabel's birth they entered the US illegally by boat.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Amanda Dyckman Tucson, Arizona January 27, 1999


Looking for information on Drapers who settled in the Lynden area. Some of their family married and settled in the Muskoka area. Also looking for information on a Rev. James DRAPER who was a minister of the Episcopal Methodist Church in this area before going to Michigan. Looking for information on his brother Rev. Elisha Draper who ministered for the Episcopal Methodist Church in this area before going to Essex County and then other parts of USA. January 26, 1999


I am searching for information on Edward PEPPER b. Mar 1795, Ireland. d. Sept 1854 Flamborough. Or his wife, Martha NEDAN (also NEEDHAM or NEDHAM) b. 1799, Wales? d. Sept. 1887 in Flamborough. Children: Mary Lee, Rachel, Orpha Shaver, Edward, Isaac and others. Buried in the Pepper Family Cemetery in Ancaster. Sandra Voisin   January 24, 1999


I am researching the Eli VAN ALLEN family. Eli b. 1841 in Oakville, ON. Canada (some records say 1839), First wife was Ellen. Ellen and Eli lived in Hamilton and had 4 children: George, Frank, Edwin, Martha.  Eli's  2nd marriage to Clara Belle WADDELL was in 1887  one child from this marriage = Mary Alma Van Allen m. Luther Janna HOLTON. There are many Van Allen's in Milton area that are related; Joshua, Louise, Charles, Margaret, William, Minerva all before 1850. The next generation: William, James, Emily Jane, Joshua, Elizabeth, Charles, Minnie, Emma are after 1850's. Any one interested in this line please contact me. January 20, 1999


I am researching the geneology of Col. Richard George Beasley (1761-1842) who was one of the first Europeans to live in the Hamilton area. He came to Hamilton from Albany New York. My family tree derives from him and is as follows (from my father backwards): Thomas Arthur Beasley (1911-1976); Thomas Sylvester Beasley (1881 - 1962); Thomas Sylvester Beasley (1851 - 1916); Richard Sylvester Beasley  (1825-   ); Henry Beasley (1793-1859); Richard George Beasley (1761-1842); Henry Beasley   Albany NY  (-1793); John Beasley of Albany NY  (married 1724). Any info on the Hamilton or Albany New York Beasleys would be appreciated. Tom Beasley January 18, 1999


I'm looking for information about Jonathan Cook, who died June 4th 1887 and is buried at Tyneside Ontario. He married Mary Ann Bigham July 1st 1840. I think the was born in Suffolk, England to James Cook and Mary Ann Cleveland, then moved to the Hamilton area at a very young age. Ron Reinhardus January 14, 1999


Searching for information on Robert Glover, 1839-1920, his wife Eleanor Pinch, 1840-1923. His brother William Glover, 1837-1899, his wife Janet Hyslop, 1841-1914. They lived in Meaford Ontario. Possibly came from Hamilton by way of Bowmanville. I have a lead their parents could have been James Glover died 1873, his wife, Eliza Hannon 1804-1882. Thomas Kyte January 11, 1999


Looking for Mary CANTLEY who died in Beverly Twp. between 1838-1843.  She was a widow with two sons named Ed and James Cantley.  Do not know her maiden name as Cantley is probably her married name.  She married Anthony BURLEY - date and place unknown but probably in Beverly Twp. c1828.  They had Eleanor b.1829, Mary Abigail b.1832, Eliza b.c1836, and Edwin b.c1838 - all born Beverly Twp. Please contact Norma Byrnes at January 7, 1999


Annie POCHYNOK, born Hamilton, May 1917. Her father was Daniel Pochynok who was born November 1893 supposedly in Galcia.  I am trying to find out Annies mothers name.  Her first name was Pauline or Lena.  She was born February 1887 in Galacia as well. A surname of GALAD has been suggested but not confirmed. Any help would be appreciated. Please contact Don Romanik at January 4, 1999


Looking for any information on the family of Caleb and Ellen FONGER. Caleb was born 1822
and died in Wentworth Co in 1881. I do not know where he is buried. Ellen was born 1826 and
have not located her since the death of Caleb. Ellen was married to William MANARY who died
in 1849 before she married Caleb. Caleb and Ellen had children: Franklin 1860-, Charles 1861-,
William 1864 -, Caleb JR 1865- and Clara 1870 -. Where did they all go? Don Manary . Check my home page out at
January 2, 1999


I am trying to determine the names of the parents of Samuel NORTHCOTT. According to his death record in California in 1922, Samuel NORTHCOTT was born August 30, 1852, in Hamilton, Wentworth County, Ontario.  According to U.S. federal census records, he immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1870s, settling first in Iowa.  The census also indicates that his parents were born in England.  I have no evidence to suggest that Samuel's parents emigrated to the U.S. with him, so perhaps they died in Hamilton?  Any information would be appreciated.  Contact Dennis Northcott at
January 2, 1999


Robert CRAIK came to Ancaster from Scotland in 1832.  He met and married Catherine RIDDLE in 1833.  They had son James CRAIK in 1835 and William in 1836, and then moved to Dorchester, Middlesex Co.  Does anyone have any info on Catherine RIDDLE? Cathy White, Surrey, BC
My Genealogy Page:
December 28, 1998


I am seeking any information on the descendants of Mark MOSSMAN, a shoemaker who was born near Edinburgh, Scotland in 1810, emigrated to New York City ca. 1835, and to Hamilton, Ontario ca. 1843.  Date of death not yet known, but  buried in Hamilton City Cemetery. Also any information (including descendants) on Robert Mossman, miller, who married Margaret Biggar in 1824 in Ancaster. He purchased Lot 26, Concession 4 in 1824 and Lot 21 Concession 4 in 1829, both in Ancaster. Would be interested in hearing from anyone with family who were neighbors. Contact: Joan Hill
December 28, 1998



Searching for information on ancestors and descendants of Thomas MORDEN (1790-1863). Note that MORDEN family researchers have evidence clearly indicating Thomas MORDEN (1790-1863) is not the son of Moses MORDEN (1769-1837), and Moses is not the son of Ralph MORDEN (1742-1780) and Ann DURHAM (1743-1832), as frequently and erroneously claimed in local history books and genealogies. Contact Daryl Coulson, Pembroke, ON  1998 query changed/updated June 2007 December 23, 1998, updated June 4, 2007


Looking for information on William FULLER b:abt. 1800.  He married Isabella KING b:abt 1800 in Saltfleet Township, Wentworth County.  She was the daughter of Obadiah KING and Mary.  They married 2/14/1820 in Grimsby, Lincoln County.  Any information is greatly appreciated. Meg Fuller or December 22, 1998


Looking for information about the descendants of my great-grandparents; Mires CLARK(abt.
1815-1888) and Ann BURTON(abt. 1816-1890); who farmed in Saltfleet Twp, near Tapleytown, from 1856 to 1888, and are buried in the Tapleytown Cemetery. Known children are: Mires William (1834-1869), married Mary CLARK; John B.(1840-1908), married Martha Jane MILLER; Mary(abt. 1842- abt. 1885), married Thomas PETERSON(abt. 1836-1896); Sarah Ann (abt.1844-?), married Joseph Atkinson CALVERLEY(1838-?); Elizabeth(1848-1924),married John Wesley MILLER (1837-1912); Michael(abt. 1849-?),married Alice LEE(abt. 1853-?); James(1851-1916),married Annie Lavina CALVERLEY(1852-1932); Benjamin Burton (1853-1932), married Alice Adelia SWEAZEY. Any information would be appreciated. Willing to share information. James CLARK Ph: 905-634-8755 (Burlington, ON) December 21, 1998


I am trying to locate information on two brothers Arthur W. LAY and George LAY who came to Canada in the late 1880's and settled in Hamilton. Arthur LAY lived for many years with his Wife Charlotte in 107 Stevens Street Hamilton and was a woodworker and a baker. He resided in Hamilton from approximately 1887 to around 1952. He would have been about 84. His brother George seems to arrive in Hamilton around 1891 and was around Hamilton working as a gardener living on Main Street and then retired and was last heard of around 1940. He would have been 78. Aquiring marriage or death certificates would be helpful and also knowing that there might be family or relatives alive still, could be helpful. This request come from relatives in New Zealand. If anybody has any information please contact me at or phone (613) 225-1853 or 1530 Arnhem Street Ottawa Ont.  K2C 1V1. John Beveridge. December 14, 1998


 Looking for information on Helena Ann (known as Ellenor Ann) born 25 June 1854, bapt. 31 Oct. 1860, Grace Anglican Church, Waterdown, Parents James WETHERELT & Isabella CALVERT, lived in Nelson Twp., Halton Co., 1861 & 1871. 1881 Census in West Flamborough. Brother Thomas went to North Dakota in 1892, brother John went to Winnipeg area.  Did Ellenor go with either of them or what happened to her after father's death Mar. 1882?  December 11, 1998


I am seeking any info on the families of William BRYDGES, born in England, married to Mary MOFFETT also of England. They had 12 children, at least 3 of which were born in Binbrook between 1854 and 1857. Of these 3 one was Arthur Ruben BRYDGES born Nov. 15, 1855 he married Bashaba McDONALD who was also born in Binbrook on Jan. 14, 1863, she was the daughter of a John and Ann (Bridges) McDONALD. Arthur and Bashaba are my 2nd great grandparents. All leads on there families much appreciated. thanks in advance Renee Fletcher 16156A Old Cricket Rd. Omaha, Arkansas, USA 72662 December 5, 1998


I am interested in finding out information about John PATTERSON. Could be connected to Hamilton 1 steel/ iron works, 2  Electrical works, 3 Railway Keith at:
December 5, 1998


Looking for Mary Ann FRENCH b. 1793, possibly married to George HOUSE between 1812-1814 in Niagara/Saltfleet area. Her father is John Edward French b. 1755, Ireland, mother Catherine HAYES, b. Ireland.  Family in Glanford area c. 1800 onward. Also, any info on Mary Ann's brothers, Thomas (1791-1861) and John b. 1796. Art French,  Mount Hope ON
"Jackie French" jfrench@interlynx.netDecember 4, 1998


Donald J. McKENZIE, b. Scotland, lived in New York, USA where he married Catherine
MacPHERSON.  They lived on ``the gore of Beverly'' according to her obituary.  Son Kenneth Lyon McKenzie migrated to Kansas, USA, by 1880 then Ohio, then Georgia in 1890s.
"Jim Reeder" December 4, 1998


Seeking any information on Frank BRODNICKI born in 1862 and his wife Frances HYIK or HYREK.  Originally from Poland/Germany.  Frank and Frances arrived in Buffalo New York in 1883 and remained there with their children John, Frank, Apolania, Cycylia, Teodore, Joseph, Bernard, Valentine and Anthony.  As well as Frank's parents Valentine and Barbara until about 1909-1910 when they moved to Hamilton, Wentworth County.  They maybe buried in the "Holy Sepulchre" Cemetery. Information on any BRODNICKI or relative will be appreciated. Please e:mail or mail to 1442 East Bruce Ave, Gilbert, Arizona, USA 85234 December 1, 1998


Birth Name:  Patrick James OZMALOSKI (was mother's maiden name, unsure of spelling).  Searching for nephew born 1969 Wentworth County, possibly Hamilton General Hospital.  Child was adopted.  Would like to make contact with this person if he is agreeable to contact with his birth father's family.  Please email me.  Thank you. Ruth Carr, Thompson, Manitoba, Canada Killomoran@digistar.mb.caDecember 1, 1998


Searching for information on the SPEAKMAN family who emmigrated from Bolton, Lancashire, England to Wentworth County, Hamilton about 1914. James SPEAKMAN b:1868-1941and wife Janet SPEAKMAN b:1864-1937, daughter Ethel SPEAKMAN b:1900-1974, Son Thomas SPEAKMAN b:1906-1977(my father) They lived on Lottridge St in the early 1900's. Janet SPEAKMAN was a member of The Spirituralist Church in Hamilton. Posted by Dolores Fowlie (nee SPEAKMAN) November 27, 1998


Any information regarding Admiral Nelson "Ammy" HAGLE 1819-1904 and his wife Elizabeth HOWARD. Also his parents Jacob Hagle and wife Catherine LEFLER. Jacob was son of Henry Hagle a Loyalist. Reported to have lived in Glanford Wentworth with Jacob and "Ammy" being born there. Seeking their burial site also reported there. John November 25, 1998


I am interested in finding out information about my grandmother Annie Mitchell MILNE of Hamilton Ontario.  She was born about 1880 and married John Alexander STOREY (born 1/25/1878)of Nassagaweya.  Her Father was George H. Milne who had four other children (Jean B. EARWAKER, Alexander Milne, James R. Milne, and Mary J. Milne).
Keith Storey November 24, 1998


Looking for others researching John DONOGHUE b.Ireland & wife Elizabeth Their son James was born Nov.1852 in Hamilton Ontario. James Donoghue/Donohue married Catherine BURKE Jan 1872 in Hamilton Catherine was the daughter of Matthew & Jane BURKE both born Ireland. Catherine was born 1853 in Hamilton  Please e-mail if related or might have info Karen Donoghue Nov 3, 1998


Looking for any relative of Jacob or Thomas ALLISON possibly moved to east or west Flamborough after residing in Nassagaweya Twnsp.  Possible dates of move around 1835. Birtdate of Jacob 8 Aug 1811 m. Mariah. Birthdate of Thomas about 1812 m. Margaret ? These are missing links in my family tree. Jacob and Thomas father was
Joseph (KIDD) ALLISON from England m. to Hannah Atkinson, the children were all born in England.  Brothers were George, John, Joseph, Sisters Hannah and Rachel.
Audrey Allison Oct 31, 1998


Family of Stoney Creek/Saltfleet Township. Looking for information on the family (ancestors and/or descendants) of Samuel BEDELL, born in Ontario in 1833 and died at St Peters Home in Saltfleet in 1934.  The death informant was his niece, Mrs Robert BUTTRAM, of Hamilton. His father was Stephen BEDELL and his mother was Magdelena SPRINGSTEAD, both annotated as being born in the United States. Karin Duncan Oct 26, 1998


MORGAN I'm tracing lived in Hamilton, Ontario, married Louise VOLLICK of Waterdown circa 1880. Don't have any other details. Thank you, Dan O'Donnell Oct 22, 1998


Looking for the family of Morris Crater LUTZ, born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1806. He married Anne NEFF Jan 15, 1833 at Ancaster. Both were from West Flamboro. I have information on the LUTZ family in New Jersey and would like to hear from anyone researching this family in Canada. Joe Newchok. Oct 22, 1998


Searching for William Patrick MAGUIRE and family. William was born 29 May 1859, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I do not know parents names or other siblings names. He later married Mary Elizabeth DUNN, I believe in Manistique Michigan. Children are Mae Kathleen Maguire, John Joseph Maguire, Helen Maguire (married HOYT), William R. Maguire, and Kathleen Maguire. Any info would be appreciated: Oct 18, 1998


Looking for information on KOELLA family of Carlisle and their U.S. residence/connections. Seeking info on Albert EATON (1841-1925) and Anna KOELLA (1848-1914) and descendants of their daughter Grace Gladys EATON (1889-1971) and her husband Merritt E. SMITH (?-?). Also interested in old photographs of Carlisle General Store / Post Office for period 1865- 1925, and Carlisle saw mills for period 1860-1880. Background: August KOELLA (b. 1824 Stafa, Switzerland - d. 1863 Carlisle, East Flamborough) and wife Regula (nee KRAUER) (b. 1826 Switzerland - d. 1889 Carlisle, East Flamborough) located to Carlisle, Ontario circa 1860. They had 4 children, the first two, Jakob August (1846-1865) and Anna Olympia (1848-1914) being born in Switzerland, the last two, Emma (1856-1889) and Augusta Selena (1859-1936) born in the United States. August KOELLA (1824-1863) operated a saw mill and lumber mercantile business until his death in 1863. Anna Olympia married Albert EATON (1841-1925) of Carlisle - interested in any information on their descendants. The KOELLA family owned and/or worked at the Carlisle General Store for at least 28 years (c1863-c1891) with Augusta KOELLA (1859-1936) being the Post Mistress for at least 25 years (c1891-c1925) before retiring to Lowville, Halton. Other details gladly shared. Contact: Daryl Coulson, Paris, ONT Oct 18, 1998


Seeking information on wedding of Louise VOLLICK and Henry MORGAN, circa 1880, and any additional family information. Send info to Oct 15, 1998


Any information on the families of George MOORE and Isabella HANNA, daughter of Samuel May HANNA died in Stoney Creek in 1924, would be much appreciated. George MOORE (b 1855) and Isabella HANNA (b 1859) came to Canada at young ages or were born here, and moved to the Okanogan Valley around 1898. Thank you Karin Duncan Oct 15, 1998


I am hoping someone can help me find info or tell me where to look for info on Samuel Carr. I found him on the 1871 Census of Ontario, his age was 70, birthplace England, no occupation, living WEN Hamilton City, St. George Wrd. This may be my ggg grandfather but I don't know how to go about checking this out? If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance, Connie (Carr) Ayers, Cold Lake Alberta. Oct 13, 1998


I am living in the State of Oregon is the US and attempting to research the marriage of my 3rd Great Grandfather in Ontario. According to the records I have Pierre THOMPSON was married to Marie-Julie LAVIOLETTE on Feb 12, 1811 in Carlisle, County Wentworth, Ontario. Would you know of how I could get more specific information on this marriage, either to confirm or change the information? Thank you, Wayne W. Thompson, P.O. Box 219051 Portland, Oregon 97225-9051 thewayne@email.msn.comOct 12, 1998


William Leach MACKAY (b. 1861 Wick, Scotland to Hugh MACKAY and Margaret LEITCH) came to Canada in 1873. William was employed at Ontario Cotton Mill Company, Hamilton. He married Mary Jane CONWAY (b.1863 Dundas, Ontario to John CONWAY and Margaret FITZGERALD) in Dundas in 1887. Some of their children were born in Dundas before they moved to Lewiston, Maine, U.S.A. around 1892. Ann Holt Oct 10, 1998


I am the GGrandson of Mary Ann McNAIR, sister of Samuel McNAIR a constable in Hamilton who died in 1899. Samuel's issue : William, Thomas (Rev) , Christiana, Sam, Mary Ann, Margaret and Amy. Christiana m. Richard LANCEFIELD, also from Hamilton. I am interested in the history of the Mayo Co. McNairs of Crossmolina/Easkey/Ballina. Oct 8, 1998


Looking for Harriett Ellen HALLIDAY, born 1871, Suffolk, England. Was living in Hamilton at the time of her marraige, January 10, 1894. Unsure if she was only family member who emmigrated to Canada. Possible she emmigrated with rest of family--after 1881. Archibald HALLIDAY head Harriet (nee HUBBARD) wife, born 1851, Cambridgshire, England Harriet Ellen, dau. born October 28, 1871, Suffolk, England George Henry, son, born 1875, Chelsea (London), England Frederick James, son, born 1877, Chelsea (London), England Edward Peter, son, born 1879, Suffolk, England Archibald may have emigrated earlier, as he was not with his family in the 1881 census in Suffolk, England. The family (minus him) was living in the Oulton Workhouse at the time of the census. He was a ships' carpenter--ship wright-, so may have worked at one of the boat building enterprises in Hamilton area. Any information would be appreciated. Cindy Slaney Oct 3, 1998


William SCOTT b. 1 June 1828, Cornwall England, exact location unknown. He married... Jemina HEWETT b, 11 Feb or June 1831, Boscastle, Cornwall England. They were married 25 December 1849 in the Foraby Church, Cornwall Eng. They had the following children. Emily Ann SCOTT b. 1850, in England, exact location unknown. William SCOTT b. 1852, in England Jemina SCOTT b. 1853 in England. John SCOTT b. 1855 in England d. 1857. Maria SCOTT b. 1856 in England d. 1857. They left England in 1857 and along the way John and Maria were lost at sea. They settled in Wentworth Co. Ontario, Canada where the rest of the children were born. John SCOTT b. 1859, had a son Charley SCOTT by his first marriage and two other son's in his 2nd marriage. Maria SCOTT b. 1860, she married David GALMAN 4 Apr 1888 in Brantford. Alberta SCOTT b. 1861, Melinda SCOTT b. 1864, she married George Washington LTENEBAUGH in Jerseyville. James SCOTT b. 10 Feb 1866 he married Margaret McCONACHIE in Calgary. FANNY SCOTT b.1869. Louis Hamilton SCOTT b.18 July 1870 he married Harriet Victoria YOUNG 7 June 1892 in Caledonia. William SCOTT died 24 Dec 1903 and Jemina SCOTT died 1 July 1903 Tyneside Village, Seneca Twp. Haldimand Co Ontario and are both in the Edwards Cemetery. Any connections, drop me a line. Ervin Scott Sep 28, 1998


My name is Susan Murray Donison, and I am looking for my ancestors that migrated to Hamilton after 1907, from Lanark Co. SCT. My ggrandmothers name was MarySusan (GIBSON) Murray and then NEARNEY. She had 6 Murray children all born in Sct. They were Maimee, Maggie, James (killed in cotton mill fire),in Hamilton, Mary, Nellie, and John Thomas (my grandfather). I am searching for any info on MarySusan since all the descendants are now gone. My dad John MURRAY the second doesn't remember her at all, She probably died in Hamilton prior to 1938?, I know that she married her first husband James Murray in 1886 in Lanark Co., SCT. When she died she would have been a Nearney, and buried some where in the Hamilton region. Any info greatly app. Thanx Susan Sep 16, 1998


WILLIAM STEWART married MARY LOFTUS on Jan. 20, 1846 at St. Augustine's. Their children were James b. 1847, Margaret b. 1849, Alexander b. 1852, David b. 1853 and William b. 1855. Their children were all baptized at St. Augustine's. I would love to find out where William and Mary are buried, and hear from anyone researching this family. Thanks I appreciate it. Patricia Sep 8, 1998


I am trying to find anything to do with the Surname STEWART and CONNELL. John Russell STEWART was born in Hamilton on May 24, 1837. John married Agnes CONNELL in Elmira, Ontario, Canada on July 31, 1865. Agnes CONNELL came to Canada with her parents April 1856 and lived in Harriston, Canada unable to locate Harriston. I thought they were closer to Hamilton, Canada. I do not who Agnes CONNELL parents are. John Russell STEWART'S parents moved to Hamilton and surrounding area about 1880. John's brother Hugh Connell STEWART was born in New Bridge, Canada 1866. John and Agnes moved to Friend, Nebraska around 1870. I am a descendant of the STEWARTS and CONNELLS. Jill Burns Sep 6, 1998


I am looking for the brothers and sisters of Wesley W. HENRY, born Feb 2,1853 in Hamilton. Fathers name is John HENRY, mothers name is Jane maiden name unknown. There were supposedly 13 children. John was a prominent lumber dealer in Hamilton having a large lumber yard in 1848 at the corner of Bay and Market Streets. Earlier in the mid 1830 and on John built may of the buildings in Hamilton per news paper clippings from the THE HAMILTON DAILY SPECTATOR dated Dec 7 another 8, 1887. Owen Braun Sep 5,1998


Caspar and Lavina TEN EYCK settled in Binbrook, had 15 children. 1871 Census for Ontario shows 1 Ten Eyck in Grey, 1 in Wentworth (Matthew), 2 in Lincoln and 1 in Norfolk. Are there any living Ten Eycks in Wentworth who may also be on the web I might contact? Am trying to trace who left Canada and ended up in Nebraska. Searching for my great-grandfather Thomas D. and his parents, siblings. Our 1890 files burned here in the states. Spelling may have changed to Teneycke (might include Napi Indians). Linda (Ten Eyck) Bonnell of Golden, Colorado USA Aug 24, 1998


I am researching the family of Thomas and Rebbeca HOWE of Dundas, formerly of N.Ireland. They had 8 children: John C. (lawyer), Caroline A., Eliza, Thomas (Doctor), Sam, Willie, Ed., and James S. Both James and Eliza died young, John and Caroline are in Dundas (Grove), Rebbeca and 4 sons and one daughter left for West Maitland, Australia 1877 after Thomas died. Thomas was part owner of Thomas and Wilson Foundry Dundas. Richard Howe ~ Guelph, Ontario, Canada Aug 20, 1998


I am searching for any information on an ancestor John MANNEN, who came to Wentworth County from Philadelphia area in late 1700's, settling on 200 acres in Beverly Township. He was married to a Miss COOLEY. Had two sons John and David. John born January 14, 1806 at Glanford, Wentworth Co. Any information or possible sources to search would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Darryl McDonald Aug 17, 1998


I am researching William LEES (about 1815-1874). He married Mary E. HOWELL(E). Family lore has it that William LEES and his two brothers Thomas and John migrated from Scotland to Canada in the early 1800's. They built a woolen mill at Ancaster, Wentworth Co. Thomas LEES is said to have remained in Ancaster, but William moved to Oxford Co and John to Pittsburgh, USA. If anyone can provide any details or suggest which resources I should check, please contact me at OR check my web page at Aug 14, 1998


I am willing to share 34 years of research on the FIELD family. Just let me know how you tie in. Charles Field Aug 7, 1998


Looking for any information on a John THOMPKINS (TOMPKINS) m. Marie WHITEFIELD. They had four children, Mabel, b. 1895, Stephen, b (1900), Emily, b. 1902 and John, b. 1906/07. All four children were born in Hamilton, Ontario. The family came to the United States about 1909 and lived in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Mabel m. Edward WOHLFIEL, Stephen m. Ruby ?, Emily m. Omar GRANT, and John Jr. m. Agnis HUMPHRIES. John (sr) had a brother, Albert, who also lived in the Cleveland Ohio area. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Anne Grant Aug 5, 1998


Looking for any information on the above captioned family who lived in Beverly Township. John BUCKBURY is found in Beverly in 1816, 1818, and 1819. John died by 1823. It is believe that he had sons: Hugh (died War of 1812); John BUCKBERROUGH (1781-1848, moved to S. Dumphries); George (lived in Troy); & William (c1792-1870, moved to Norfolk Co.). I have done detailed research on this family and believe all in this area by this name to be related. Please respond to Daniel Mahar at Aug 5, 1998


Peter GORDON (1748-1824) married Mary PETTIT (1756-1813), daughter of Judge Nathaniel PETTIT. The couple were married in NJ and came to Upper Canada as UEL. Peter Gordon settled in Ancaster and he and his wife are buried at Bowman's Cemetery. They raised as large family including: Elizabeth (married James MUSTARD); Margaret (married Samuel GREEN); Anne "Nancy" (married Benjamin SMITH); John (fate unknown); Nathaniel (married Margaret CLARK); & Rachel (married John SMITH). I am interested in corresponding with any descendants of this family. I am very interested in any records relating to this family and I have collected quite a few records myself. I am very interested in establishing Peter Gordon's parentage. Can anyone help? Write to Daniel Mahar at Aug 5,1998


Adam MISNER (1798-1901) of Troy married first Mary MILLER (1800-1826). This couple had children: Catherine married James BUCKERROUGH; Lydia Anna married Elijah MYERS; Conrad married Caroline LAWRASON; & Jane married Henry Current. I would like to correspond with descendants ofthis couple and share information. I would especially like to identify Mary Miller's parents. I believe Mary may be the daughter of Jacob MILLER of Ancaster and sister to Catherine Miller who married Conrad BOOK. Write Daniel Mahar Aug 5, 1998


Searching for information relating to George (G. J.) and Sarah CORMAN of Saltfleet. "Stoney Creek Municipal Cemetery" Book published by the Hamilton OGS. I would really like the headstone info if possible. Thank you in advance. Liz ladoucer@MNSi.Net Aug 3, 1998


Sara WARD b. ca 1834, Ont. Canada, Wentworth Co.? Married William Reid ca 1850-1854, Child Elizabeth b. 1854 Hamilton, Wentworth Co. Ont. No date of death known. Not listed in 1861 Wentworth census. Have William on census 1870-1885. He died in 1892 intestate. Thanking all for any help. Caroline Villier July 29, 1998


Seeking information about the ancestry of Martin Curry McKEE, born somewhere in Ontario, on Feb. 2, 1840, to James MCKEE, b. Scotland, and Justina FLOCK. Martin McKee moved to Van Buren Co, MI, before 1870. Relatives in Hamilton from whom letters were received in the early 1900's were Daisy TAYLOR and Mary YEAGER. The letters refer to the SPRINGER heirs, one of those land fraud cases soliciting money, trying to prove descent from somebody that supposedly was cheated out of an inheritance, so it appears that Justina might have been a descendant of the Loyalist Springer family. Any information appreciated. Please reply to: Linda Lee Edelstein. July 27, 1998


I am tracing the descendents of Daniel EPPS (1786 - 1867) and his wife, Sarah, originally from Kent, England - to Canada about 1832. All of their children except their youngest child, Sarah, born 1834 in Ancaster, ON (no further information) were born in England. Other children were: Frances EPPS who married Peter STEVENSON 1836 in Ancaster, ON (no other information); Richard EPPS who married Lydia MYERS - 2 children; Stanley EPPS married Angeline _- 1 child; Clifford EPPS died in 1835 in Ancaster; Henry EPPS married 1. Anna Barbara SHAVER - 9 children; 2. Hannah KELLY - 6 children. The EPPS and their descendents lived mainly in Wentworth County and adjacent counties of Brant and Norfolk. Would like to hear from anyone researching this and related families. Miss Linda Lowrey 222 Concession St. #406 Hamilton, ON L9A 1B1 Canada July 20, 1998


I'm doing work on the Warden family that settled in Hamilton around the 1880's. Benjamin C WARDON was born in 1825 in Canboro Twp Haldimand Cty, married Amanada Elizabeth CHRYSLER in North Cayuga, Haldimand Cty. He was a carpenter and moved around alot- 2 of the children were born in the USA and the rest born from Canboro to Norwich. Amanda and Benjamin's children were Josephine, Susan, Henryetta, John, Joseph, Mariah, Anna Eliza, Anglina, James, Margaret Ellen, Eliza Jane, Hatty, and Permillie born from the 1850s to the 1870s. Please e-mail me to share. Elizabeth July 20, 1998



Looking for information on George BRUNSKILL Leighton, b Aug 14, 1865 in Perth (either the country or township, not sure which). He or his father, apparently had a blacksmith shop at Harper's Corners, which I gather is in Wentworth County. He left Ontario in 1883. I have no information on his parents, or his siblings. Apparently one brother - Albert, and two sisters. No given names - but married to a HUGHES and a HERBERT. email me (grandson) Gordon Leighton at July 20, 1998


I am seeking leads or suggestions that might help us trace the RYAN family, which is thought to have lived in the Hamilton area in the 1850s. My Great Grandmother, Margaret RYAN, was born in Hamilton about 185-1860 and died in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1920 where she spent her adult life. All replies most appreciated. David Roland Reston, Virginia July 18, 1998


I am looking for a Matilda who I believe was married to Robert NEWCOMBE. Matilda remarried William TRINDER and adopted an orphan named Annie Eliza DEAN. Annie Dean married a distant cousin of my father. The main reason I am trying to find info on Matilda is because my grandmother's 2 bachelor brothers used to have a portrait of Matilda in their home and they always visited with Annie and her family. I have been trying to find some kind of family connection as the 2 families did not live near each other. One in Hagersville and the other in Port Dover-Simcoe area. I have a death certificate for Matilda that says she died April 17,1896 in Woodhouse twp.Norfolk County and that she was born in Ancaster circa 1830. No parents are listed. I found Matilda Newcombe and her son Albert in the 1871 Census for Woodhouse Twp. Albert died in 1931 and is buried with his father in Port Dover Cemetery. I found Albert's obit. notice which says he died at the home of his nephew-Charles GOODMAN of Glandford Station. Any info on Charles Goodman or his mother would be appreciated. Can anyone check cemetery records for these names? Bonnie Rulli, R.R. #1, Jarvis, Ontario e-mail July 13, 1998


I am searching for the families of John LINDSAY b. 1802 in Scotland, who had a mill at Westover, Beverly Township. He married Margaret DONAHUE November 13, 1834. They had five children, Margaret b. 1838, m. Matthew GILMOUR, Belle b. 1839, m. John WILSON, Adam b. 1841, John b. 1843, m. Agnes McQueen (my great grandparents), George b. 1846, m. Jean NICOL. July 12, 1998


DO YOU KNOW THESE HOWELL'S???I just found out "my" John HOWELL -- had a brother named Stephen Howell who ended up in Stoney Creek, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada. Porter Township, Niagara County, NY is very close -- to Stoney Creek, although different countries. Both of these brothers married sisters. John Howell (b. abt 1807) married Phebe Vrooman Stephen Howell (b. abt 1801) married Margaret Vrooman Stephen Howell and his wife Margaret VROOMAN were living in Stoney Creek, Canada West, in 1867 -- John Howell and Phebe Vrooman--Porter, Niagara Co., NY (Their children & locations are listed below. This is where the grown children lived in 1867) Sidney Howell--Oswego, NY Henry Howell--Iona, MI Chatford Amos Howell--Portsmouth, Bay Co., MI John Jackson Howell--Porter, Niagara Co., NY Phoebe Jane Howell, wife of William Kinney--Porter, Niagara Co., NY Agnes Howell, wife of William Lusee--Medina, NY Ellen Howell--Wilson, NY Frank Howell--Porter, Niagara Co., NY. Look like their might be a connection? See more at: User Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: descendants of William Howell Michele J. Howell - Dipert July 8, 1998


I am currently researching family descendents in Wentworth Co., Waterloo/Wellington Co., Norfolk Co. & Oxford Co. * 1st Gen: John ANDERSON, b. c1787, assume Pennsylvania, m. <1800, Susannah?, b. c1787, US, d. >1865. John died 29 Oct 1840, W. Flamborough, Wentworth Co. (Lived - Lot 24. Conc. 2, West Flamborough, Wentworth Co.) * 2nd Gen: Henry ANDERSON, b. 24 Apr 1800, Pennsylvania, m. Feb. 1819, Margaret ? , b. c1800, US. Henry died 4 Dec 1861, E. Flamborough, Wentworth Co., buried: Millgrove Cem. (Lived - Lot 13 Con. 5 East Flamborough) * 2nd Gen: William T. ANDERSON, b. 25 May 1802, m. 1828, Annie MCMULLEN, b. c1805, d. 1 Feb 1894, buried: Mount view Cem. Cambridge (Galt). William T. died 5 Sep 1888, buried: Mountview Cem. Cambridge (Galt). (Lived - Lot 4 Con. 10, Beverly Twp.) * 2nd Gen: Samuel ANDERSON, b. 26 Nov 1815, m. Agnes ? , b. 19 Oct 1819, Pennsylvania, d. 20 Apr 1903, buried: Union Cem. Waterdown. Samuel died 15 Jul 1874, Wentworth Co, buried: Union Cem. Waterdown. * 2nd Gen: Abraham ANDERSON, b. 25 Apr 1818, W. Flamborough, Wentworth Co., m. 7 Jun 1838, Rhoda Ann GENEREUX, b. 4 Feb 1819, Glanford Twp., Wentworth Co., d.17 Aug 1895, St. Thomas, Elgin Co., buried: Vanessa Cem., Abraham died 30 Mar 1868, Windham Twp., buried: Vanessa Cem. * 2nd Gen: Isaac H. ANDERSON,b. c1819, ON, m. 23 Mar 1843, in Beverly, Agnes ERB, b. 5 Jul 1826, d. 29 Apr 1847, buried: W. Flamb., Wentworth Co., Presbyterian Christie Corners. (Lived - Lot 24 Con. 2 West Flamborough) * 2nd Gen: John T. ANDERSON, b. c1804, m. c1822, wife ?, John died >1840<1844., (Lived - Lot 5 Con. 10, Beverly Twp.) * 2nd Gen: Mary ANDERSON, b. abt 1806. * 2nd Gen: Margaret ANDERSON, b. abt 1808. * 2nd Gen: Elizabeth ANDERSON, b. abt 1810. Any information on these families appreciated. Thanks, Jim E. Anderson, 3189 Tatlock Rd., RR2 Clayton Ont., K0A1P0., See my "Anderson Genealogy" Web Page at: July 8, 1998


Searching for any descendants of John William McCammon FERGUSON, b. ca. 21 February 1829, Ireland, died 1890 Hamilton, ON. Son of James FERGUSON and Jane Anne McCAMMON. Send reply to or Carol McBurney Bokas, 723 Madison Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA July 7, 1998


Looking for the family of Philip VAN DUSEN born July 19, 1828 in Stoney Creek, Ontario. He married Feb. 12, 1851 In Salt Fleet Township, Mary Ann JONES (born Feb. 4, 1831 to William JONES and Saloma ?). They had 6 known children: William Henry Van Dusen born Sept. 5, 1855; Saloma Van Dusen, born April 30, 1858 at Stoney Creek, died Dec. 21, 1860 and is buried in Stoney Creek; Walter E. Van Dusen born Dec. 25, 1861; Anna May Van Dusen born January 24, 1869; Anderson M. Van Dusen, born Nov. 3, 1870 in Greenville, Pa., USA; and Herbert Van Dusen, born May 22, 1874 in Greenville, PA. Philip had a sister, Sallie VAN DUSEN who married an unknown JOHNSON - they supposedly stayed in Canada when the rest of the family moved to the US. ANY HELP would be appreciated. July 7, 1998.


I am researching all am looking for information regarding Charles Ernest Wood (b.July 22, 1866) and his wife Mary Ellen "Nellie" Taylor (b. July 7, 1874). They were married in 1892 and had 8 children. They resided in Beverly Twp. Also RAMEY, HOWARD, CAMP, NEAR, JONES, I am researching all names in the Beverly/Ancaster Twp areas.....would be interested in talking to anyone else who is researching these names. Regards Janice Brain June 26, 1998


I'm seeking information about an Archibald GALBRAITH living in Elgin or Wentworth County c.1850. My Archibald b.1800 is found living in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania in 1800 to 1830. His descendents show up all over Western Pa. from 1850 on but he disappears from any records. He may have died of course but the name is rare and I note an Archibald witnessing wills around 1850 in Ontario. Any information much appreciated. Robert Iseman June 25, 1998


McEWENS, ALMEDA born 1823 Ontario, died c1859 Deerfield Twp., Livingston County, Mich. She married 10 Oct.1843 at Galt, Ont. to ANTHONY BURLEY b.1801 New Jersey, died c1875 Bayham Twp., Elgin County? BURLEY, WILLIAM born c1775 NJ or NY died after 1834 Beverly Twp? Michigan? married 13 Oct.1796, Knowlton Twp., Warren/Sussex Co. New Jersey to ABIGAIL RIBBLE b.1782 nowlton/Warren NJ. They lived lot 6, C7 in 1827 and bought land in 1831 from The Canada Co. Known children were Anthony, Cornelius, Sarah, Rebecca, Samuel. Norma Byrnes, June 22, 1998


Alexander MARKLE m 13 July 1802 W Flamborough Rebecca WEAVER, stepdaughter of WILLIAMS. Alexander's eldest son Samuel Joyce Markle, may have been named after first wife's father. Seeking marriage date for Samuel and Wife's name. Christina m William GREEN, son of John and Mary Davis Green. Jacob m Elizabeth Ryckman dau of Edward and Anna Warren Ryckman. Have much of Jacob & Elizabeth's line but little on Samuel and Christina's. Will share all I have on this family. Jim Markle June 21,1998


Am searching for information on ELIZABETH BOARDMAN SMITH, b:27 January 1817, Barnstown, Ontario, Canada. She married WELLINGTON PAUL SMITH, date and place unknown. I am trying to find information on ELIZ. BOARDMAN SMITH. Thank you. Barbara Boardman June 10, 1998


Searching for info on a Mr. AIKMAN who married a Catherine/Katherine ?before 1832 in Ontario, Canada. Their first daughter, Harriet, born there in 1832. Other AIKMAN children born in Ontario: Alexander circa 1834, Henry circa 1835, William circa 1837 and John circa 1838. Family moved to Clinton Co., IA. before 1843 - youngest child, Andrew, born there 19 January 1843. Was Katherine's maiden name NEFF? Was her husband's given name JOHN? Does anyone know of descendants of John AIKMAN and Katherine NEFF who were married in Ontario in 1831? Any help appreciated.Betty Larsen Berentson June 5, 1998


I am interested in corresponding with anyone else researching the JONES family of Saltfleet. Augustus, Ebenezer, Phillip, Stephen and Joseph JONES settled in Saltfleet around 1789. Their sisters, Mary and Susanna, married GAGE brothers prior to the move from New York to Canada. Ebenezer JONES seems to be the only brother listed as a UEL. Augustus was a well-known surveryor of Ontario after the Revolutionary War. I am a descendant of Ebenezer JONES. or my mailing address is Cindy Christenson, 11620 45th Ave. No., Plymouth, MN 55442 U.S.A. June 5, 1998


Sarah SPRINGSTED married Ebenezer JONES in Saltfleet in 1802. Sarah may have been a sister to several other SPRINGSTEDS or SPRINGSTEADS who came to Saltfleet from New York in the 1790's, possibly Jacob, John, Jeremiah, Simon, David, Lavina and Phoebe. I would be interested in corresponding with anyone else researching this family. or my mailing address is Cindy Christenson, 11620 45th Ave. No., Plymouth, MN 55442 U.S.A. June 5, 1998


My name is Shelly Allison, I am searching the ALLISON family, and have run into a snag. Looking for information on parents of Karl ALLISON, b.1900, married to Susie ROBERTS,b.1907. I am looking for Karls parents correct names. We thought it was John Karl as his father, someone has told me John Henry. (gravestone is in Millgrove Cemetary) and Karls mother was Elsie CRUELL. Can anyone help? We presently live in Alberta and will be back to visit this summer. June 4, 1998


I am researching these families in East & West Flamborough. If any one has any information, please contact me. THELMA COLLENS at Thank you. June 4, 1998


Searching for any info on: MILLARD, David, m. to FOSTER, Mary, parents of MILLARD, Isaiah Karlie (b. 1802 in New Jersey, d. 1891 in Iowa). David and Mary may have lived in Canada before 1802, and they may have returned to New Jersey after living in the Dundas / Ancaster area from around 1810 to ?? There is a David Millard on the Dundas town list for 1819. Wondering if there is a connection with a Millard family that settled in Niagara in 1783 and later scattered to Long Point and Flamborough West. Joanne Millard. (Toronto) June 4, 1998


Searching DAVID McCULLOCH b. 1811, m. Sarah Howie, emigrated to Canada from Scotland about 1841. Settled in Hamilton, Ontario. 8 Children - DAVID, John, Jane, William, Grace, Matthew, Sarah & Elizabeth. David McCulloch b. 1835, m. Margaret McCALLUM Lived in Hamilton 6 Children - David, William, ?, Matthew, John, Alexander John Oliver McCulloch b 1867, m. Etta Henry 2 children - Elsie & Etta Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks May 30, 1998


Seeking descendants of at least 6 brothers who received Loyalist Land Grants in Glanford, Ancaster, Beverly, and E and W Flamborough Twps. In addition there were grants in Louth and Niagara, Lincoln Co, and Willoughby, Welland Co. James chr 21 Jan 1753 Kingston ODC, Ulster Co, NY grants in Glanford No marriage or children found but suspect at least four children: Abraham, Andrew, Alexander, James and mabey John and Wm) William Sr (II) chr 22 Jan 1754 Marbletown DRC, Ulster Co, NY received 1000 acres in Ancaster TWP. m Agnes __?__ wid of Gilbert Thorn and had Wm Jr(III) b 1780 m Sarah Green, Gilbert, Abraham m Phoebe VanEvery, Benjamin m Charlotte __?__, James, John, Isaac, and Sarah who m Asa Owens and moved to the US. John chr 17 Oct 1755 Marlbletown DRC, Ulster Co, NY m 1st Hannah __?__ and had Sarah who m Joseph Pettit. m 2nd Margaret Smith and had Clarinda m Moses Gilmore lived Grantham, Lincoln; John Murray who m Hanna Showers and had Sarah, maybe Michael, Abraham, James, John; Benjamin m Charlotte Simons; Abraham who either m Eliza Schram and moved to Elgin Co or Ann Conkle and moved to Etobicoke, York Co; Mary who m William Petrie and lived Grand River; & Leah m Samuel Campbell of Louth. Friedrich m Rebecca Pickardand lived Welland and Lincoln and most descendants lived Niagara Twp, Lincoln. Alexander m Rebecca Weaver tep dau of Frederick Williams and receive 1000 acres in Beverly, W Flamborough and home lot in Niagara Children:Christina m Wm Green; Samuel Boyce w unknown and had several children all lived Beverly s 1/2 of lot 10 Con 8; Jacob m Elizabeth Ryckman and had extensive family in W & E Flamborough Twps; And Alex Jr who may have moved to London, Middlesex, Ont. Have extensive data on these families in NY and wish to connect with living descendants and researchers pursuing these lines in Canada. Jim 1111 Vine Street Marshall, Illinois 62441 May 28, 1998


Looking for info' on the Henderson family, living on Aberdeen Ave., Hamilton, in 1899. My gr-grandparents' names were Edward & Stella (WEAVER) Henderson. My grandfather was Edward Bruce Henderson, born in Hamilton on 12 Aug. 1899. (On the birth registration, his father is listed as a gardener.) There were, apparently, two other children - a girl, Lois, who married a Sterling ARCHER, and another boy. This is all we know. Any help would be appreciated, as I live in BC (the province, not the time period!). I'll be visiting this Summer, though, so if anyone can even tell me where to look for stuff, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks!Al HENDERSON May 28, 1998


Family tradition is that my great, great aunt, Annie HALE, b. Eng., married George PEEPLES They or their son Arthur PEEPLES, had a meat/butcher shop in Ancaster Mills in the early 1900's. Arthur was in WW I. Would like to find info. on the family, town, etc. Thank you. Please contact: Gwen McCoy, May 25, 1998


Searching for the burial place of my grandfather, Harold Adrian CHAPMAN who lived in the Hamilton area previous to his death. He was born 30 Jan 1897 in Havelock, NB and died (Hamilton, Ont) 13 Jan 1976. Any help appreciated, thanks. Joyce Fraser May 25, 1998


Searching for information on Lucinda Alice FAGAN m John Wesley UTTER b 1835 Saltfleet Wentworth, Son Albert Edward Utter. May 19, 1998


In search of information concerning the family of Andrew ROSE (1782-1850). Family may have originated in Ancaster (I have two genealogies and two Andrew Roses, both of which make perfect sense). In any event, Andrew was born in Morris Plains, NJ, and married Elizabeth DANIELS there in 1763. The family returned to Ancaster and/or Lake Ontario between 1811 and 1813. Most of the family converted to the LDS there, and they emigrated to Illinois, then on the Warren Foote wagon train to Utah in 1850. At least one daughter remained in ONT, Lucinda Rose (1809-1870) married Cyrus HUNT in 1827, and they lived in Wentworth and Brant Counties until their deaths. I have lots of information to share on descendants and would love to communicate with any cyber-cousins out there. May 17, 1998


Researching my great grandfather, James Foster WILSON, who, with his parents, John and Isabella Wilson, and siblings, immigrated to Ontario from Pennsylvania around 1845-50. He first settled in Ancaster where he owned/operated a saw mill. Later the family moved to Harriston where James Foster was very active in the community and served as mayor of Harriston. His first wife was Margaret STEWART who died young; second wife was the sister of Margaret, Sarah Matilda STEWART. My grandmother, Edith Louise WILSON-FAWKES was the 7th of 10 children born to James Foster and Sarah Matilda. Would like to contact other researchers and, especially, descendents of this family. May 16, 1998


WILLIAM SCOTT b. 1 June 1829 England, married JEMMIMA HEWITT b.2 Nov 1831 England, children EMELY b. 1850 England and WILLIAM b.1852 in England, they came to Glanford Wentworth Co Ontario between 1852 and 1859 and settled there. There they also had JOHN b. 1859, MARIA b.1861, ALBERTA b.1863, MELINDA b.1864, JAMES b.1866, LOUIS b.1866 or 1867, TAMY b.1870. All were listed in the 1871 census and are also listed in marriage records living in Wentworth, Brant, Haldimand Co. areas May 12, 1998


LONG John b.1814-15 Ontario(son of William Long and Cormilla or Cornelia?). Married Emily SHANNON 26Aug1844 Gore District. After her death he married Adaline GLOVER 10June1862. Lived Con. 3 Lot 12 East Flamborough (near Waterdown). Had a total of 15 children. Died 19Jan1876. John's sister, Elizabeth Long, married Michael BANGHART and moved to Middlesex Co in the 1850s. Any info about John Long?? Rhonda Glofcheski, May 11,1998


SHANNON Emily b. 1819 Ontario. Married John LONG in 1844 and lived on Con. 3 Lot 12 East Flamborough until her death in 1862. Which Shannon family does Emily belong to? Are William Shannon and Christina BAWTINHEIMER her parents?? Rhonda Glofcheski, May 11, 1998

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