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The following surnames appear in the queries posted below. Use your Browsers "FIND" feature to search for a name. The suffix (3) indicates there are 3 postings of this surname.

Abbey, Able, Allen, Anderson(2), Armstrong, Arnold, Atkinson, Baker(3), Bartlett(2), Bell, Bellchamber, Bement, Bennett, Bentley, Blake, Bonner, Bowman(2), Bridgeman, Brownlee, Buchan, Burke, Button, Cable, Camp, Campbell, Canham, Cannom, Cartmill, Chadwick, Churchill, Cillenes, Clark, Clay, Collens, Coleman, Cook(2), Cooper, Cornell(2), Cornwell, Cornwall, Coulson, Cowell, Craig, Crandall, Daniels(3), Daspher, Davey, Davidson, Davies, Davis(2), Dawson, Delziel, Devaney, Dingwall, Dobson, Donoghue(2), Dorn, Durfy, Elder, Ellis, Essex, Fagan, Faithfull, Falconer, Farish, Favreau, Feely, Fehley, Felker, Ferris, Fisher, Fleming, Flock, Flowers, Fonger(2), Foran, Freeborn, Gage(1), Ghent, Gillespie, Gordon, Grassie, Gray, Green(2), Griffin, Griffith, Guyatt, Hagle, Hall, Hanes, Hanley, Harris(2), Harrison, Haskin, Hemphill, Hinton, Hildreth, Hipkins, Hobbs, Holmes(2), Hopkins(3), Hornseth, Hotrum, House(2), Howard, Howell, Hunter, Hutton, Huycke, Ibbetson, Jerome, Johnson(2), Jones(3), Judson, Kane, Kelly, Ker, Kerr, Klein, Kolar, Laidman, LaStation, Lee, Lestor, Lewie, Lewis, Lyons, MacPherson, Manary, Marical, Markle(5), Marsh, Martin, May, McCallen, McBurney, McCormick, McCready, McCrimon, McCuiri, McCullough, McDonald(3), McDonnell, McDougall, McFarlene, McGee, McGrath, McInnes, McKee, McKenna, McLean, McMahon, McQueen, M'Munn, Meacham, Mileni, Millard, Miller(2), Mills(2), Milne, Mingle, Misener(3), Mooney, Moore, Morden(2), Morrow, Morton, Moss, Mulholland, Mullen, Near, New, Nicholson, Nunn, O'Brien, O'Conner, Oliver, O'Neil, Orr, Page, Paterson, Payton, Peck, Peer, Pelhan, Penfold, Percy, Perry, Pettit, Peer, Pick, Pier, Pollard, Porter(2), Puda, Ramey, Raymond, Reekie, Ritenburg, Robb, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers, Ross, Rowan(3), Roy, Salter, Sands, Scaman, Shavalier, Schneider, Scott, Seder, Servais, Shiner, Sim, Sims, Sinclair, Skinner, Slingerland, Smith(8), Spence, Spera, Springstead(2), Stahel, Steiss(2), Talbot, Thatcher(2), Thomas,  Tweedie, Tweedle, Utter, Van Dusen(2), Van Norman, Vansickle, Vanvalkenburg, Verity, Vint, Volckel, Walker, Waller, Ward, Waite, Webber, Weber, Webster, Weitzel, Whitmore,Whitwell,Williamson, Williscroft, Wilson(2), Windeler, Wootten, Wren, Young, Zagajewski


Posted Queries


Looking anyone who has copy of, or transcribe of Justus A. GRIFFIN’s original research papers. Some of this material appeared in the Papers and Records of the Wentworth Historical Society. R.S. Barrons,
April 2, 2000


I am looking for information on both the descendant and ancestors of Herbert Easton MISENER, a blacksmith in Jerseyville, ON in the 1890's , his wife Annie Elizabeth MARKLE, and the only daughter I know of Hattie May Misener born Nov 27 1896 April 24, 1998


I am helping a friend who is researching his family tree. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have done some research on the WILSON family of Hamilton c 1940. thank you Sandi Scott April 23, 1998


Would like more information of the following people. William Wallace CRANDALL born Aug. 20, 1864 in TillsonBurg Oxford Co. Ontario. Son of Aaron and Nancy Elizabeth CRANDALL. m. Rose CANHAM/CANNOM born 1866 in Dundas Wentworth Co. Ontario. They were married in Dundas and had two daughters Violet Rose and Nancy Lillian. Nancy was born March 19, 1890 in Hamilton Wentworth Co. Ontario. William and Rose later lived in Detroit Michigan. Janie Dillon 7 Oakcrest Drive, Asheville NC. USA. JanieCD@aol.comApril 20, 1998


A sea captain operating out of Hamilton with a wife and family of two boys living in Bartonville, died of cholera circa 1854, and was buried in one of the Great Lakes. His first name is uncertain, possibly William, or Andrew, or Alexander. His widow, Jane Gilchrist HOLMES, subsequently married a Mr. MacDONALD, name or initials unknown, who had two sons Joseph and Ellesworth, who were living in Mich. & Wisc. respectively in 1910. Any information on the Capt. or the McDONALD boys would be appreciated. OGS Member No.: 14882 194 Mill St. Richmond Hill, Ont. L4C 4B2 Dell Bowman 194 Mill Street Richmond Hill Ontario L4C 4B2 (905) 884-5705 Phone (905) 884-8854 Fax April 20, 1998


Trying to find out what happened to this man: Adam ROBB b. 1880 in Coral Glen, Maybole, ST,to Adam Robb and Helen McGEE. He came to Hamilton, Ontario about 1905 with his sister Eliz. Wales ROBB-ROWAN.He was in the CEF, worked as a foreman at the Dom.Lumber Co., boarded on Wellington N. Ave in Hamilton. He disappears from that cities directory by 1924. Did he marry/die? Gayle Fuson April 20, 1998


Looking for info on: Mary Sergeant ROWAN, aka May ROWAN b.29 Sep 1901 in Maybole, SCT, came to 21 Keith St., Hamilton, Ontario about 1905 with her parents James Kennedy ROWAN and Eliz. Wales ROBB. Worked as a spinner, married unknown abt 1923, May died abt 1924. Would like to know who she married and why she died. Gayle Fuson April 20, 1998


A sea captain operating out of Hamilton with a wife and family of two boys living in Bartonville, died of cholera circa 1854, and was buried in one of the Great Lakes. His first name is uncertain, possibly WILLIAM , or ANDREW, or ALEXANDER. His widow, Jane Gilchrist HOLMES, subsequently married a Mr. McDONALD, name or initials unknown, who had two sons Joseph and Ellesworth, who were living in Mich. & Wisc. respectively in 1910. Any information on the Capt. or the McDONALD boys would be appreciated. OGS Member No.: 14882 194 Mill St. Richmond Hill, Ont. L4C 4B2 Dell Bowman 194 Mill Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 4B2. (905) 884-5705 PHONE (905) 884-8854 FAX April 19, 1998


I'm looking for info about John Wesley UTTER and Lucinda Alice FAGAN They had a child Albert Edward Utter, also maybe Alice and Agnes Euretta in Hamilton about March 17 1864. Send info to Holly Revard 2733 W 22 St Rd Greeley CO 80631 or HRevard@aol.comApril 17, 1998


Looking for information about the descendants of mygreat-grandparents; Mires(abt. 1815-1888) and Ann(abt. 1816-1890) CLARK; who farmed in Saltfleet Twp, near Tapleytown, from about 1850's to 1888, and are buried in the Tapleytown Cemetery. Known children are: William(abt. 1833-?), John B.(1840-1908), Mary(abt. 1840-?), Sarah Ann(abt. 1844-?), Elizabeth(1848-1924), Michael(abt. 1849-?), James(1851-1916)(James was my grandfather), Benjamin Burton(1853-1932). Any information would be appreciated. Willing to share information. James CLARK Ph: 905-634-8755 (Burlington, ON) April 12, 1998


I am searching for any information on the Smiley family. My grandfather was Thomas McCullough Smiley son of John Smiley and Eliza Nancy McCULLOUGH, grandson of an "unknown" Smiley and Anne CAMPBELL. The Smiley's emigrated to Canada from Ireland around 1855. Robert SMILEY was the first editor/proprietor of the Hamilton Spectator and was the brother of Thomas, Charles, James, Annie, Margaret and John. Also looking for information on the McCullough family, the BUCHANs (could be Buchanan), the SINCLAIRs, the MORDENs, and the MacPHERSONs. Any help would be appreciated. April 11, 1998


Looking for the family of Garrett HOWELL, born about 1760 in New Jersey. Moved with family to Ancaster Township around 1801; settled in Jerseyville about 1806. An obituary for his granddaughter in the 1860s stated he was the "father of Methodism in Jerseyville." Most of his descendents stayed in Wentworth; some wound up in Onondaga, Brant County. Married Sarah THATCHER in NJ; had 20 children. Please contact Doug at: April 5, 1998


I am searching for information about Edward HIPKINS b. Nov.13, 1809 in Birmingham, England. He died July 9, 1875 in Brantford, Ontario. He married Maryann Mills October 25, 1831 in St Martins, Birmingham. He later remarried Jane Thompson Slingsby in Ontario. Edward's son was Alfred HIPKINS who is known to have lived in Wentworth county. Alfred married Hughann OLIVER in Wentworth County in 1861. Any information would be helpful. April 5, 1998


I am seeking the parents and siblings of my 3rd great grandfather,Andrew MARKLE. Andrew is believed to have been born in Flamborough,Wentworth County about 1811. He married Jane (born in Ireland) probably in Flamborough. Their daughter Catherine MARKLE, my 2nd great grandmother, was born on Flamborough 31 May 1841. Catherine married Henry F. O'NEIL in Caradoc, Middlesex Co., Ont. 4 Dec. 1861. Andrew and Jane also had sons Andrew (ca 1844 - 1920) and Isaac (ca 1847 -?). Both families settled in Burleigh, Iosco Co. Michigan between 1870 and 1880. Tom Deagan - Pensacola FL" April 1, 1998


Looking for descendants of Daniel Henry BAKER born 1864 in Oakville & died on 5-23-1901 and is buried in Hamilton City Cemetery and wife Lillian STEISS,born 1865 in Waterloo Co. and died 1942 in Chicago,Ill. and is buried in Hamilton City Cemetery next to Daniel, couple married January 15, 1889 in Waterloo County. Children of the couple were: Vera Lillian BAKER born 8-19-1890 in Hamilton, and died in Chicago, Ill. on 2-22-1973, her brother was Rondeau Erie BAKER born 7-24-1892 in Oakville, Trafalgar Twp., Halton County, Ontario, he died 2-8-1974 in Denver, Colorado. Rondeau E. BAKER's wife was Betty STAHEL, and there children were Armond R. BAKER of Chicago, and Maryln BAKER married to Marvin JOHNSON of Colorado. Any information of this family would be great. Land address: 218 Flag Dr.W., Lake Jackson, Tx. 77566 -Ph: 1-409-297-3137 March 30, 1998


Looking for information on the ancestors of Wilson Elonzo HALL, m Elizabeth Mary ATKINSON 1891 in North Burton, England. When did they come to Canada. They lived at 228 West Avenue in Hamilton, Canada. March 21, 1998


Rev. Samuel and Catherine GREEN. Helped their son Samuel GREEN jr. escape from slavery in Maryland around 1856. Sam Jr. lived in Wentworth County, Ancaster twp in 1871. Samuel Sr. was sentenced to 10 years in prison for helping escaped slaves and for having a copy of "Uncle Tom's Cabin". Was pardoned in 1862 under the condition that he leave Maryland. He came to Canada. Can anyone tell me if this is the same family that is buried in the Waterdown Municipal Union Cemetery in Flamborough East? Any info appreciated. Bryan Prince March 21, 1998


Looking for information on James McGRATH (b. 1834, Belfast). Married Mary DEVANEY (b. 1836, Belfast?). Emigrated to Hamilton. They had at least four children, Minnie?, James, William and Henry. Henry married Mary BENNETT (probably in Hamilton). She was the daughter of Patrick BENNETT(1846-1910) and Theresa O'BRIEN. Bennett's had at least six children, Patrick, John, William, Dennis, George, and a daughter (Mrs. ROBERTS). They may have arrived in Hamilton around 1880's. Patrick BENNETT lived on Picton Street at the time of his death, 1910. Also seeking information on John WREN (b. 1830, Bally Ferreter, Co. Kerry) and his wife Julia McKENNA (b. 1832, Mill Town, Co. Kerry) and their son-in-law, Jeremiah Joseph PHELAN (b. Sept. 3, 1857, birthplace unknown). John & Julia may have arrived in Hamilton in the 1860's. Jeremiah was known to reside in both the U.S. and Ontario. If anyone has any information on any of these people please e-mail me at Thanks, Frankie McGraw-Nicol March 21, 1998


Looking for info on the SMITH family living in Beverly Twp at the time of the 1861 census. George SMITH 46 Julian (JONES) 36 Nelson 18 James 15 Andrew J 10 Sylvester 7 Janet 4 George William 1 all were born in Ontario. Their religion is listed as EM They later moved to Wellington County. Jim Farrish March 17, 1998


Looking for info on John HUNTER and Ellen\Emily FALCONER their child Mary HUNTER was born 2-13-1840 in Ancaster Twp. Mary Moved to Kinloss Twp, Bruce County where she married Robert FARISH. There were several FALCONER families living next to them in Kinloss William, David, Matthew and John. Jim Farrish March 17, 1998


Looking for info on David SERVAIS who died while working in the Hamilton area in 1930/31.(possibly on construction of a bridge). His wife Justine was in Sudbury at the time. Seeking death date and burial location? Reply to Rod Sutton, 845 Beatrice Cres.,Sudbury, Ont.,P3A 3E6 March 14, 1998


I am searching for any information on Abraham SALTER born 1827 unsure of where, but drowned in Burlington Bay October 29, 1867. No record of his wife, but he had three sons and one daughter: Sarah Jane SALTER born 1849 Died in 1862, James David SALTER born August l, 1851-Reach Twp died July l2, 1915 in Saskatonn, Sask, R. Hilkimfer SALTER born February 25, 1861 died May 10, 1861 and William John SALTER born October 1, 1866 died February 15, 1867. James David SALTER married Martha Lousia FERRIS born Sept. 15, 1854 reach Twp. died August 20, 1940. Any information on Abraham SALTER and family members would be appreciated. Thank you Beverley (Salter) Collart WASHINGTON - USA March 14, 1998


Looking for ancestors / cousins of ggrandmother, Leille (dit. Lillie, Lillian) COOK, b. Hamilton, 1856. Parents b. Can, names we think are William COOK & Mary McCRIMMON. Leille m. I Walter H. VAN NORMAN, (probably) the son of Abner E. VAN NORMAN & Elizabet BELL, who lived in Hamilton. All were probably Methodists. Know of one sister, Rosetta "Etta" COOK, b.Hamilton ca 1858 (mother may be the same or McCRUIRI). Wish to know whether William is the same born ca 1832 to John COOK, b. Ancaster, 1806 who m. Jane PICK. and believed to have lived Guelph. Please reply to Barbara Blake-Krebs Ph: (913) 677-4419 Fax: (913) 789-7043 8520 W. 61st Street, Merriam, KS 66202 March 13, 1998


HOBBS Ernest Ernie married Etta. Children were Lloyd and Jack HOBBS. Lived in Hamilton at least from 1935 to about 1956. He was a butcher by trade. Would like to make contact with descendants. Alan Campbell email 1044 Guthrie Drive Sarnia ON N7S 1Y2 March 11, 1998


SIMS George married Jennie. Lived in Hamilton from 1935 to at least 1956. Children were Gwendoline and Leonard Albert SIMS. Would like to make contact with a descendant. Alan Campbell email 1044 Guthrie Drive Sarnia ON N7S 1Y2 March 11, 1998


Looking for any info. on Joshua POLLARD. United Empire Loyalist came from Philadelphia and settled in Saltfleet Twnshp. end of 1700s. Moved to Peel Twnshp. around 1808. I have found onw ref. to him in the Ontario Archives Land Record Index showing his residence as Saltfleet but there is no lot or concession #. I believe the property was a free grant as he was UEL. The archive ref. is 01 C13 018 042. Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to prove he was a Loyalist. He was married to Mary WEITZEL/WHITSEL and she had a sister (Mrs. Allan McDOUGALL) of Saltfleet. Regards Paul Plante March 9, 1998


My grandmother was Daisy Ethel COOPER, daughter of Thomas Henry and Susannah Warwick (BAKER) COOPER, she was born 6 Nov 1894 at East Hornden, Essex, Eng., the third of eight children, Bernard Steven, May, Daisy, Violet, Olive, Ivy, Ida and Thomas. Family stories say that Susannah's marriage to Thomas was her second marriage. Her first, to Jack Cox, ended in divorce. Susannah is said to have been a hair dresser or lady in waiting. It is said that Thomas was well educated - college, and that he joined the English Navy and was an officer. He took his family to Canada after his discharge from the Navy. In 1915 Susannah COOPER lived at 137 Market Street in Hamilton and at 225 Barton St in 1925. There is a story that she ran a boarding house but no info has been found. Richard Stanley To see more information about this family visit my web page at March 7, 1998


Have nothing to start with. Desire any information on Alexander LaStation (m) Pearl Puda late 1890's? May have lived in Hamiliton. They had three children Jean,Florence,William. Thanks, Richard Hahn March 6, 1998


I am looking for any information on James TALBOT, b12-18-1816, FlamboroughWest ONT, d 5-22-1881, Port Huron MI. Married Marie/a HOUSE, also from ONT. Also looking for any information on Marie HOUSE. March 4, 1998


I am seeking more info on Alexander Elder and wife Margaret (?) in Ontario in 1870s, having immigrated from Scotland. My greatgrandfather, Charles Stuart ELDER, was born 15 Oct 1877 in Hamilton and emigrated to US. He had older and younger siblings. Two possible Elders appear in 1871 census (Alex and Alexander) but I am not sure which might be mine. Does census list children? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Doug Baker March 2, 1998


Looking for a G Green, who married Sarah Jane Williscroft, about 1867, they had at least 3 children, Benjamin, Minnie, Will. Charlene February 22, 1998


William VINT (b 1815 Scotland or Ulster) m Hamilton ON ca 1845 Catherine KELLY (b Hamilton 1828). William d 1883, Catherine d May 1901, both Hamilton. Ch John, William, David, Thomas, James, Charles, Robert, Mary. Wm Jr. had a dau Myrtle who m Oscar DAVIDSON. John's dau Lilliam b ca 1870, m Arthur FLEMING, moved to MI. James (b Apr 1854) m Harriet ROBINSON Hamilton 1873 (see below). Charles had daus Myrtle m DORN, Vivian m ARNOLD (res Georgetown ON 1951), also 2 sons. Mary m William MOONEY. Charles ROBINSON (b ca 1820 Yorkshire England, d Hamilton 1860) m ON 1855 Mary ROWAN (b 3 Jun 1828 Caledon ON, d San Francisco 18 Nov 1905). Ch William (b Hamilton Oct 1858), Charles (b Dundas Sep 1860) and Harriet (b Hamilton 11 Jun 1856). Harriet m James VINT (above) 22 Jun 1873 Park St. Baptist Church, Hamilton. 10 ch b Hamilton: Joseph, William, James (1), James (2), Charles, Mary (Polly), Jane, Harriet, Euphenia, Gilbert. Family moved to San Francisco CA 1895, 2 more ch b there. Would like to hear from any living descendants or relatives of any of these persons. February 16, 1998


Looking for info on several Miseners starting w/ Peter MISENER who moved to the Jersey Settlement in 1808 from New Jersey. Peter died in 1813 in Jerseyville, but unk when and I have no info about his wife or most of his family except one son, William who was born on 10/2/1779. He married a Maugnal MILLER and one of their sons was Anthony or Antoine who was born on 2/8/1812 in Jerseyville. Any info on this subjects and family lines would be greatly appreciated. Matt Misener, Madison WI, February 13, 1998


I am searching for any information on a Charles Herbert SMITH b. 1864, married to Clara Susan BOWMAN. Perhaps if you know his father, brothers, etc. I am also looking for any information on their children Roy PERCY SMITH M.D. b. in Dundas 1892, married an Azile Gertrude WEBBER, d/o Walter Beattie WEBBER and Emma Nightengale KERR. Charles and Clara also had another son Harry SMITH, and a daughter Kathlene SMITH. It is also believed that they were members of the UEL. Regards, Rochelle Galbraith February 11, 1998


I am trying to search my great grandparents. Henry SMITH was born August 25, 1846, Mary was born January 1 or June 1, 1847 ( maiden name unknown). They were born in England as were their children, we do not know where-and came to Hamilton about 1880. Their children's names were Edward J., Wm.Thomas, Amelia (DASPHER), John H., Elizabeth (BONNER) Mary Anna (WILSON) and Erwin. They live on Chatham St. in Hamilton for many years. Henry died in 1917 and Mary died between 1930 and 1935. The only possible lead on where they came from in England is the fact that Daniel DASPHER, Amelia's husband came from Tavistock England and there was a Henry SMITH, born in Tavistock at the time my great grandfather was born. Perhaps these families knew each other before they came to Canada. February 11, 1998


Looking for any information on my mothers descendants. The LAIDMAN family of Binbrook, Wentworth County. Some original family names included Samuel and Marmaduke. This was and still is a prominent family in the area. February 10, 1998


Looking for information on Annie/Alma CHADWICK who married Samuel ORR in Trumbull County Ohio around 1900. In 1913 and in 1920 she is listed in her parents obits as living in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Annie was born in England and came to US in 1882. Samuel ORR was born in Ireland. Am interested in finding any info on this family in Canada. Did they have children? Where are they buried? Annie is the sister of my grandfather Edwin CHADWICK. Thanks for any help. Margaret Chadwick Burgess February 9, 1998


Charles E. ROSS and Margaret HEMPHILL, both native of County Tyrone, married 1851 in Glasgow, Scotland. Migrated to Hamilton Ontario (date unknown). She remarried to Stanley (?) ALLEN in Hamilton. Their son William ROSS moved to Rochester NY late 19th century ,died Jamestown NY 1909. Seek date of Charles E. ROSS' death and burial place; also Margaret HEMPHILL ALLEN's death/burial data. Ross Weeks Jr. PO Box 82, Tazewell, VA 24651 USA February 9, 1998


I am trying to research my Canadian ancestors by long distance from Florida. My mother's family was from Wentworth County. My grandfather was: John James McCREADY(1862-1945), married to Eliza Jane NEW (1865-1946).They were married 4 April 1887 in Hamilton and moved to Detroit in 1892. My great-grandparents were: John McCREADY (c.1829 - ? ) married to Margaret GRASSIE. James New (c.1836 - ? ) married to Emma HARRIS (c.1836 - ? ). Family tradition suggests that one of James New's brothers was Ryland NEW and also that another brother was the father (or foster father) of Chester William NEW, PhD, who was an ordained Baptist minister and teacher at McMaster University between 1920 and 1950. John McCREADY is listed in the 'Index to the 1871 Census of Ontatio - Hamilton/Wentworth Reel C-9923'. James New is listed in the 'Index to the 1871 Census of Ontatio - Hamilton/Wentworth Reel C-9925'. Other McCready's and New's are also listed but family connection is unsure. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Donald G. Helwig February 7, 1998


Margaret Eileen ANDERSON was born in Hamilton, Wentworth County on March 3, 1924. Her birth certificate number is 24-05-069199. She had two sisters at least one of whom is Elizabeth born in 1925 or 1926 and another sister called Edna Mae born in 1926 or 1927. Edna Mae and Elizabeth were put up for adoption and supposedly all the records were destroyed in a fire or so said the children's aid society. Margaret is looking for these two sisters. The parents names were Stella (McCORMICK) Anderson and fathers name is Roy ANDERSON. we know the mother and grandmother are deceased. we know of one uncle, Herb ANDERSON who was in the service and there are two aunts, Edna Mae (ANDERSON) and Barbara (ANDERSON). Margaret was adopted by the HUTTON family in Hamilton. He was a barber and they possibly would know where the sisters are if I could locate that family. Do you have any ideas on how I might go about finding the two sisters? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated......thank you....Diana K. Stooshnov February 3, 1998


Searching for information about William MOORE b.1831 England and Nancy SPENCE b. 1836, North Ireland and lived in Kingston. Lived in Hamilton from 1851/2 through 1863. They were married there in 1857, and their first three children were born in Hamilton. Were members of the Anglican church. Any info please e-mail February 1, 1998


Looking for the asendents and dates of Mary MINGLE, Mary BENTLEY, andMariatta RAYMOND. all three women were married to Felkers of Ontario. Mary MINGLE was married to Johan Frederick VOLCKEL/FELKER. Mary BENTLEY was married to John Frederick FELKER, and Mariatta Raymond was married to Benjamin FELKER. Any information on these 3 ladies would be greatly appreciated. Wendy Thornburg Ranta February 1, 1998


Jonathan BUTTON lived at 11 Edinburgh Ave, coming to what was then Crown Point just outside Hamilton city limits in 1907 from Woolwich, England. Several other BUTTON families lived in this area - a haven for recent immigrants from 'the Old Country'. I'm trying to establish whether these other BUTTON families were related to Jonathan BUTTON. Larry BUTTON January 31, 1998


I am searching for the MAY family. I do not have much to go on. I am seeking information on Fredrick MAY. He married Sarah HOPKINS. Sarah and Fredrick died in Hamilton, Canada. Sarah died about 1946. I think they once lived in Michigan. They had a son James MAY that marriedGenevieve L MARTIN. Genevieve was born 22 May 1907 so I would assume James MAY her husband was also born around this time. Any help would be appreciated. Sharon Davis Rt 2 Box 3275, Folkston, Ga 31537 January 29, 1998


Searching for info on parents of James HILDRETH b. Saltfleet 1831 and wife Elizabeth PATTERSON from Ireland. Also, Maria LEE b. 1836, dtr. of James LEE, and her husband John PENFOLD, b. 1833 in England. Also any info on William CABLE, blacksmith, Tapleytown 1850's. Also, anything regarding Tweedle family ancestory of Jane TWEEDLE, emigrated 1833 from England.


Seeking parents of my g/g/grandfather, John HARRIS, b: 1828 in Ontario, d:Oct.12, 1897 in Saltfleet, married in March, 1848 to Mary Elizabeth PEER, b: July 12, 1830, d: Nov. 24, 1913 in Saltfleet. Any help would be appreciated. Fred Harris, Burlington, Ontario. January 24, 1998


My interest is in Joseph Perry, Quebecois by birth, who was a blacksmith in Saltfleet in the 1870s. His son John ran a hotel at Burlington Beach. Also, Bernard McMahon, who in the early years of this century was an inspector of the Hamilton police. F John Perry January 23, 1998


I am looking for information on any of the VAN DUSEN/DUZEN/DEUSEN and JONES families of Saltfleet Twp from 1800 forward. Specifically I need to verify the following info. Wellington Levinus VAN DUSEN, son of Levinus and Lydia (JONES) VAN DUSEN was born June 18 1833 in Saltfleet twp. Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. He died June 4th 1912, 12 days before his 80th birth day, in the city of Spokane Washington. Father Leviness VAN DUSEN, mother Lydia JONES. Also George Emory VAN DUSEN, born in Canada on May 24th 1863, died Oct 24 1915 in the city of Spokane Wash. Name of Father Wellington VAN DUSEN ' bn Canada , name of mother' Mary JONES ' bn Canada RSVP Bob Stevens January 22, 1998


Looking for information on the families of Alexander and Ronald DINGWALL who immigrated to the Hamilton area from Fodderty, Ross and Cromarty Co., Scotland, between 1841 and 1850. Alexander married Flora McCALLEN and had a son named Ronald and a daughter named Flora, born in Hamilton. Contact Tricia Thompson, 1347 Robin Lane, Bozeman, MT 59715. January 15, 1998


Seeking info and family of John FEHLEY or FEELY. Birth date unk. Married to Mary McDONALD, b 1874, in England. d. 1955, in Cleveland Ohio. Children: Frank FEHLEY b. 1891 Hamilton Ontario, Can. d. 1969 Ohio Married Lillian Ellers John Thomas FEHLEY b. 1897 Hamilton Ontario, Can. d.1976, in Cleveland Ohio Florence Consolata FEHLEY b.1899 Hamilton Ontario, Can. d. 1951 Cleveland, Ohio Edward V FEHLEY b.1901 Canada d. 1965 Cleveland, Ohio John FEHLEY was said to be a traveling singer and brought his family to the US in the early 1900's. Thank you for your help and please respond to D. R. Lingren January 12, 1998


I am seeking additional information about the following individuals: Joseph William GRAY (b. 8 Jun 1893 in Toronto, Canada; d. 28 Jun 1960 in Hamilton, Canada). He married (m. 20 Dec 1916) Janet M'MUNN (b. 25 Jul 1900 in Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland; d. 29 Aug 1937 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). Joseph William GRAY's father's name was also Joseph William GRAY (b. around 1873 and married Jane Ann Ferguson (b. around 1883). Janet M'MUNN's father's name was William M'MUNN (b. 23 May 1877 in Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland; d. 24 Jun 1930 in Hamilton, Canada), mother Janet Knox DAVIES (b. 21 Oct 1878 in Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland; d. 22 Mar 1937 in Hamilton, Canada) who also lived in this area. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. January 12, 1998


Looking for information on the William PORTER family. William was born in NY around 1817 and married Susannah about 1845. She was born in England. On the marriage record of their son Amos it says that he was born in Beverly Twp abt 1846. I found William in Huron Co in 1861 but could not fine him in either Huron or Wentworth in 1851. Amos moved to MI and lived on the same property as a Charles PORTER b abt 1850. On Charles death record it states that he was born in Woodstock Ontario. They were both fisherman. Thank you. Sandy Porter 2308 Harmony Dr., Burton, MI 48509 January 11, 1998


I am seeking information on the ancestors and descendants of William DAVEY b. 1812 in Ditchling, Sussex, England d. 11/23/1886 in Hamilton and Ann Marie ESSEX b 7/12/1812 in England d. 3/31/1907 in Hamilton. They had two sons William b 10/24/1839 in Hythe, Kent Co, England d. 3/14/1915 in Clatskanie, Columbia, Oregon, USA and Thomas b. d. unknown. I believe that the Davey's immigrated to Hamilton, Ontario in the late 1850's from England. William Sr. also had a brother Thomas DAVEY b 4/7/1830 who lived in Ontario and later moved to Portland, Oregon, USA. I believe the brothers were bridge builders. Any help would be appreciated. Mark Stevens January 7, 1998


I am looking for descendants of Ada SCAMAN and her husband F.B. JUDSON who were in Hamilton in 1940. Thank You. Cathy Paulson January 5, 1998


I am searching for the parents of Charlotte Olivia WHITMORE. She was born 2 Sep 1852 in Hamilton, Ontario. In 1878, she moved to Ogemaw County Michigan to keep house for her brothers. Their names are not known. In 1880, she married William MOSS. They raised 7 children and lived out their lives in West Branch, Ogemaw County, MI. She died there in 1938. Any information regarding WHITMOREs in Hamilton, Ontario who might have been Charlotte's parents would be greatly appreciated!Debbie Thomas January 3, 1998


Any info on family of Elizabeth "Liza" Jane RITENBERG, b. 1 May 1831 in Saltfleet Twp., m. 9 Mar 1846 to James HINTON in Saltfleet. Father Henry, b. 5 Sep 1802, Oak Hill, Green Co., NY. Many variations of spelling for her surname: RITENBURG, RIPENBURG, RIVENBURGH, etc. Info on family of her spouse is needed also - James HINTON, b. 11 Oct 1820, near Oakville, Trafalgar Twp., Halton Co., Ontario. Contact Jan December 15, 1997


I'm searching for any information on Walter SLINGERLAND who applied for or received a Land Grant in 1802 in Ancaster Township. Possible wife was Jamina, last name unknown. I would be interested in any descendants. Email December 13,1997


I would be interested in corresponding with anyone who knows the name Howard HASKIN; Howard was probably born in the Hamilton area around 1920. Howard was married to Winnifred LESTOR, probably in the late 1930s. They made their home in Belleville, Ontario. They had three sons, Gordon, "Buddy" and Wayne. I believe Howard fought in WWII. He may have returned to the Hamilton area from Belleville around 1950. Please e-mail Margaret at December 5, 1997


I am looking for verification of the parents of my gggrand-father, Charles COLEMAN (1854-1891) [w. Nancy Florence MULHOLLAND (1859-1939)] who was probably born in Beverly Twp and died in Port Huron, Michigan in a train accident. I have a possible connection to Daniel Coleman and Mary Abel but nothing as yet to prove it. I am also looking for information pertaining to the JONES and MISENER families in the Beverly Twp area. Any one with information can contact Laurie Wright at December 5,1997


I am looking for the family and origin of Mary FONGER who was probably born in Saltfleet Township in 1803. She married William GHENT, the eldest son of Thomas GHENT and Elizabeth DAVIS, both U.E.L. The family probably came from USA in the late 1700's. Morgan Harris Box 129,Wellington, Ontario, K0K 3L0 December 1, 1997


Jacob PEAR/PEER/PIER, the immigrant ancestor to Ontario, was living in Newton Tp. NJ in 1773 and 1774, and at least two of his children were married in Frankford Tp. Sussex Co. NJ in 1787 and 1782. He cannot be found prior to this 1773 date. He married Anne/Hannah unknown. In 1796 Jacob came to Ontario from New Jersey with his son Philip. Other PEER males came too - Edward PEER (m1 Anna unknown m2 Sarah unknown) who settled in Ancaster in 1786 then Northeast Tp. PA by 1820; John PEER who settled in Ancaster in 1788 and died there in 1808. Jacob PEER settled in Barton Tp., then Ancaster. Jacob died in 1815. His will names his children:Marcy, born 1774 m Harcor LYONS; Philip; Phoebe m. Daniel McQUEEN; Stephen; Levi m. Elizabeth MARICAL/MARKLE (my direct);Jacob Jr. m. Lucy uknown. I welcome all correspondence on the Ontario PEER family and have extensive files to share. Lorine McGinnis Schulze November 26,1997


I am looking for information on John DANIELS and his wife jane WOOTTEN. He was killed in a train wreck at Copetown in the mid 1850's and she died shortly after he did. They had a son Frederick DANIELS who lived in Valens. He married Margaret DELZIEL. Send information to My mailing address is Wayne Daniels, Box 151 Rolling Hills, AB T0J 2S0 November 25, 1997


I am seeking information on the ancestors and descendants of JOHN COOK WALKER and SARAH (ABBEY) WALKER. Their sons were both born in Hamilton, Ontario: Thomas WALKER was born in 1838 and Charles Edumond WALKER was born December 22, 1842. Charles WALKER died in Woodstock, Oxford County, Ontario in March of 1879. Charles Walker married Ellen NICHOLSON, born about 1853 in Ireland, the daughter of John NICHOLSON and Marggret (FORAN) Nicholson. George F.Walker GFWalker@compuserve.comNovember 24,1997


Jacob SEDER was born in Alsace Lorraine, France. Came to Hamilton, Ont (township not known) with his parents, Nicholas and Barbara (Phillips) Seder in 1836. They traveled from the landing in New York to Hamilton where Nicholas and Barbara lived until their death. Jacob married Mary KOLAR in 1846 and they migrated to Sanilac County, MI where they had 12 children. Need any info available. Does anyone have old directories to check on the SEDER name for me?? Appreciate all the help you can give. Chris Lindsey 514 Princeton Greens Ct. Sun City Center, FL 33573 November 16, 1997


Looking for any information on the family of Caleb and Ellen FONGER. Caleb was born 1822 and died in Wentworth Co in 1881. I do not know where he is buried. Ellen was born 1826 and have not located her since the death of Caleb. Ellen was married to William MANARY who died in 1849 before she married Caleb. Caleb and Ellen had children: Franklin 1860-, Charles 1861-, William 1864-, Caleb JR 1865- and Clara 1870-. Where did they all go? Don Manary Check my home page out at Researching: Bedell, Brady, Braley, Burch, Dillinger, Edsall, Hartranft, Lockwood, Loehr, Manary, Orr, Passmore, Pearson, Rouse, Spencer, Wilson, Wintermute, and many more, over 14,000 name data base. Address update January 2, 1999


Hannah CORNELL PAGE remarried David HOUSE after her husband Samuel PAGE died. Her children PAGE children married into the FISHER, PECK, SHINER and VANVALKENBURG families and some of them were from the Ancaster area. I'm also interested in Joseph PAGE and John PAGE buried at Mountsberg. Thanks Pat Egerter November 12,1997


Looking for family of Dominic HOPKINS born County Mayo, married Mary SULLIVAN, 1867 Wentworth County. Joan Hopkins November 7,1997


Looking for info on Amos PORTER. Marriage records says born in Beverly Twp about 1846. Father William PORTER b NY abt 1821-1823 and mother Susanna b Eng 30 Dec 1827. This family moved on to Huron Co Ont by 1861. I think there was a son Charles. Also a Benjamin PORTER lived next to this family in Huron Co. Sandy Porter 2308 Harmony Dr Burton MI 48509 November 2,1997


Matthew Burke was born Ireland .His daughter Catherine was born 1853 Canada .She married James DONOGHUE .They resided Hamilton Ontario in 1870's. Then Immigarted To Detroit. Matthew Burke ,Catherine Burke Donoghue, James Donoghue are all buried in November 2,1997


Douglass, b. Jan 04, 1848, Wentworth Co, father was Jeremiah SHEVALIER and mother Eliza ROBINSON. Douglass married Mary Jane LEWIE and lived for many years in that general area as a Lumberman and Farmer. Children were: Robert Richard; Albert; Walter Rodney; John; Ida R; William Douglas; Minnie; and James Henry. Information on any of the above or other relatives would be greatly appreciated for SHAVALIER Family Tree Project. Dave Shavalier, 44620 Cumberland Ave, Chilliwack, BC, V2R 3B6. October 26, 1997


I'm searching for William McLEAN born Feb.1790 US, lived here in Ont.,Canada since 1809-1810.Served in the War of 1812-14. Lived in Jerseyville Wentworth County Ancaster Township. Died May 15,1877 at the age of 87. He had a son named Andrew McLean who lived in Brantford, a son William Henry McCLAIN born July 6,1829-Mar.19,1910 that lived in Charlotteville Norfolk county. His wife was Mary Elizabeth (Earl) McCLAIN. Both are buried at the Salem United Cemetery of Norfolk County. He also had a daughter Hannah & a son Elizah. Elizah is to believed to have moved to the US but I have nothing about him.Andrew McLEAN lived in Brantford born Oct.2,1828-1902 buried in Jerseyville as well. William McCLEAN's wife I think may be Jane but I'm not sure about that or have nothing on her. If you could help me,please notify me through e-mail with anything about my ancestors.Thankyou. Deborah (McCLAIN) Smith. October 21,1997


I am trying to locate information on a "George William WALLER", who I believe was born in the 1870s in Bartonville or Barton Twp. This would be my Great Grandfather. I know of a George WALLER that was born in 1829 and William WALLER that was born in 1831, plus a William WALLER that was born in 1799. I can not determine when "George William WALLER's" D.O.B. or DEATH was and who his father was. Any information that can be shared, would be most appreciated. Peter A. Waller October 20,1997


Looking for any information on Henry Gilbert JOHNSON and his wife Saurie Olith DANIELS. Children all born in Saltfleet Twp. Wentworth Co. childrens names Nettie, Minnie, DeWayne, Myrtle, Elene. Any help greatly appreciated. Joyce Eacrett October 17,1997


I am looking for more information on a Michael HANLEY, who died in Jan.1851 in Hamilton (received information from St. Mary's Church) where do l go from here, where is he buried, our there any records of any kind in this time period in Hamilton. Terry McCormick October 15,1997


Looking for any info on Samuel ANDERSON and wife Agnes or their children. I do know that children were all born in Watertown, Ontario. I believe this to be Waterdown. The childrens names were Sam, Abe, Clark,Isaac, Margret, Eliza, Hiram, Myles or Miles, and two un-named children. Samuel was born in Canada and Agnes was Pensylvania Dutch\Irish. I believe they were in the Flamborough area. Any leads greatly appreciated. TJ Cowan or October 15,1997


Looking for information on McDONNELL's living in Hamilton. My family lived there for 5 generations. My parents are Thomas Blake (Micky) McDONNELL [Coca-Cola] and Evelyn Mabel HORNSETH ; my Grandparents, Charles Bartlett McDonnell and Edith Elizabeth MILLS married in 1914; my Great Grandparents, Charles McDONNELL and Emma BLAKE in 1878; and my Great Great Grandparents Thomas McDONNELL and Catherine SANDS. In reference to the above mentioned Edith MILLS, her parents Arthur MILLS and Mary IBBETSON were married in 1888. Also in reference to the above mentioned Emma BLAKE, her parents were William BLAKE (my only famous relative in Hamilton and he was the local Butcher) and Elizabeth BARTLETT. Please contact Joanne October 11,1997


Does anyone know of an art school that existed in Hamilton from approximately 1880-1890? I have a Hamilton studio photograph of my grandmother, Annie Louise Dickson, in cap and gown. She was from Milton, ON. Trudy Carpenter, Scotia, NY October 4,1997


I am seeking any information on the SCHNEIDER family. The father was John SCHNEIDER, the mother was Rhoda (CHURCHILL) SCHNEIDER, one daughter was Bethany Jane SCHNEIDER, and one of the brothers was Nathaniel Schneider. Bethany Jane was supposedly born(1844) in Saltfleet Township. I believe that Nathaniel was also born there. Bethany Jane married Morgan MARKLE but when or where is not known. Nathaniel became a physician in Cleveland, Ohio. I would apprediate any information that you could give me. Dennis J. Wyllie 3318 Tenth Ave. Pt. Huron, Mi 48060 smeagol@advnet.netSeptember 28,1997


Looking for information for: FREEBORN,STEISS,DANIELS,WEBER families.My Mary Ann WEBER STEISS FREEBORN was married to Thomas Maxwell FREEBORN. They lived at 22 Napier street in Hamilton in 1885. There children were: Robert FREEBORN, Sarah Matilda FREEBORN, Elizabeth Jane FREEBORN, William Thomas FREEBORN,Mary Ann FREEBORN, Hugh FREEBORN. They grew up and went to school in the 1880's in Hamilton. Any information would be great. Thomas FREEBORN died in Hamilton in 1922 while married to his 2nd wife: Mary Kerr. Mary Ann WEBER STEISS FREEBORN's daughter by her first marriage - Elenora Emilie STEISS was married to Henry Jesus DANIELS of Hamilton, there children were Margurite Henrietta Daniels WINDELER, Harry Samuel DANIELS. Verna Bice September 22,1997


Searching for any information on names; FAITHFULL, ELLIS, MEACHAM, VERITY. My grandfather Rowland C. Faithfull b.Dec 29, 1892 in London, England, d.Aug. 31, 1961 m. Violet Louise ELLIS 1929. Violet b. Jan 11, 1893, d. Abt 1963. resided Hamilton, Ont. Brother of Rowland - Benjamin D. Faithfull, sisters - Ethel, Nellie (VERITY) and Daisy (MEACHAM). I am in P.E.I. and need long distance help! Thanks David C. Faithfull September 21,1997


My gggrandfather Henry WARD, b.10 Jul 1824, listed his place of birth as Hamilton, Canada when he enlisted in the American Civil War. He was listed in the 1851 Census of Dereham, Ontario, Canada. My question is tofold: There is a Hamilton in Wentworth Co. and a Hamilton in Northumberland Co., which is closest to Dereham, Oxford Co. and are there any birth records dating back to 1824 for these towns? Louis R. WARD, Jr. September 14,1997


Am looking for ancestors of Charles and Elspet(Elizabeth) MILNE who emigrated from Aberdeen, Scotland in 1844 to Wentworth Co. Their son William was my Gtgrandfather. He moved to Perth Co. but three of his brothers- Charles, Alexander and John remained in Wentworth. Would like to find date of death for Charles(elder) and Elizabeth. Jane Taylor September 6,1997


I'm looking for the ancestors of Alexander HANES. Alexander HANES resided in West Flamborough and the Lynden area. He was born in 1810 and married Rachel Vansickle in 1832. I may be reached at August 25,1997


Searching the surname MARKLE. Many variations to this surname spelling. Searching for any information on any MARKLE family that lived in Ancaster, Ontario. Tiffany MARKLE was married to Eliza Jane HUYCKE. Their children were, Alonzo, Josephine, Joseph, William MARKLE. Any information would be very helpful. Hanna August 24, 1997


Would anyone know of a newspaper available for 1932. Hoping to obtain an obit for James DOBSON, died 21 June 1932 Hamilton, Ontario. Also looking for related families. Please respond to Thanks for any help. August 23,1997


Looking for any information on Barnabus HOWARD of Lynden approx 1791-1835 and of his son Henry HOWARD (1831-1914) and his wife Mary CAMP (1836-1910) both of Lynden. Please respond to August 22,1997


I am looking for a marriage date and place of Francis COLLENS and Ann WAITE about 1850/51 possibly in Hamilton and area where COLLENS family were living at the time. Also marriage date and place of Sarah COLLENS, sister of Francis, and Thomas BELLCHAMBER about 1848. Thelma Collens August 19, 1997


Conrad HOTRUM settled in Hamilton circa 1799, having arrived from NJ, USA. He had three sons , Frederick, David, John and a daughter Margaret. Conrad was married to a woman named Christena. I do not know where Conrad is buried (he died about 1800 - 1810 nor where Christena is buried. Their son John is of special interest to me, as I am desended from him. His full name was John Conrad HOTRUM, his wife was Margaret and they are both buried in Ancaster in the Garner's Corners cemetery. Gordon McWhaw August 9,1997


I am trying to find the date of death of my ggrandfather Donald McINNES who was residing in Stoney Creek from the early 1900's through the 1920's. He is listed in the 1901 census as a flower grower. He was married to Flora REEKIE. My grandmother Mary Ann CLAY visited him around 1920. There are photos showing "Uncle John," "Aunt Kate," and "Cousin Mary," but I'm not sure if these are people living in Stoney Creek or elsewhere. If anyone is related or even remembered him from back then, I would very much like to hear from you. He probably died in the 1920's, although he does not show up in the OCFA. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Kathryn Farrell August 7,1997


I'm looking for any ancestral information on John Wesley Cowell who was born in Saltfleet Township, Wentworth County, Ontario in 1856. John's father I believe was William Cowell who lived on Lot 16, Concession 4 and later on Lot 4, Concession 6, Saltfleet Township during the 1800's. John Wesley moved to Iowa, Wisconsin during the 1870's, married Emma Jane Livick in 1881, and then settled at Biggar, Saskatchewan, where he died in 1928. Thanks for any help. Bob Sanford August 3,1997


Any info on William Burr BEMENT, born 1/9/1894 in Hamilton, Ontario. Son of James Almon BEMENT and Cora Belle BARTLETT. Any siblings? Where and when was James Almon BEMENT born? William was in California by 1913. Did his parents stay in Hamilton? Claudia Bement July 28,1997


Searching for birthplace/parent names for following: Benjamin (Franklin) ARMSTRONG (b.~1818 / m.~1835 to Hannah SMITH of Glanford/Ancaster / d.~1851 Ancaster Twp?) - resided in Ancaster Twp. for some time; David CARTMILL (b.Oct 17, 1821 England / m.~1853 Caistor Twp? / d.1901 Elgin County?) - resided in Ancaster Twp. ..1868-1887..; David's wife Rachel Jane DURFY (b.~1832 Ont. / d.Aug 7, 1881 Ancaster Twp); John LEWIS (b.~1810 Ont. / m.~1836 to Olive NUNN of Lincoln County/Grimsby / d. betw. 1861 and 1871 in Ancaster Twp) - resided in Ancaster Twp. ..1861.. Any leads greatly appreciated, thank you. July 23,1997


James & Frances CRAIG of West Flamboro Twp had 2 daughters. Catherine married George COULSON, son of Wm. Henry, in 1861. Mary CRAIG married William WEBSTER, son of Joseph, in 1865. Any information about either of these girls would be greatly appreciated. Judy Rankin,Yellowknife, NT July 22, 1997


Jacob Smith, UE . I'm looking for evidence on Jacob Smith UE, Glanford to support statements by others that:-- Parents were Mathias Schmith/Schmidt of Amwell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ. (Have evidence to suggest not true.) - He was a private in the NJ volunteers. No record can be found in NJ. If you have any knowledge of Jacob's petitions prior to 1796, oath of allegiance details, etc., would appreciate references. Ron Cox roncox@CAM.ORG July 15, 1997


I'm searching for the 4 missing daughters of William DAWSON (1830-1895) and Ann HARDY (1833-1896) of Lot 4 Con.8 West Flamborough Twp. Hannah DAWSON b1854 or Ellen (Helen) DAWSON b1856 married Wesley COOK. Ch.Albert, Myrtle, and Lottie Cook. Mary DAWSON b1863 md Guelph 24 May 1883 to John Charles FLOWERS, son of Hiram & Isabella Flowers of Freelton, Ont. Ch. Clara, Homer, Roy, Martha, Myrtle, Charles, Taylor, and Bela Flowers. Harriet DAWSON b1868 md Hamilton 11 Oct 1887 to Richard FLOWERS, (brother of John Charles FLOWERS) Ch. Irene and Richard. Can anyone tell where all these people eventually settled? Michael W. Costello July 15,1997


I am looking to buy a copy of the MILLS-GAGE FAMILIES 1776-1926 By Stanley Mills. My copy has been damaged in a flood and it was most treasured! If anyone knows where I can obtain a copy or at least three copies of three pages lost, I would really appreciate it. The Gages and the Mills both have lived for many generations in Hamilton. Jamie Gage July 14,1997


Am searching for information on the Canadian family of my GGF Joseph Carson GILLESPIE B 4/3/1857 St. Catherines, Ont, emigrated to USA. Parents were James GILLESPIE B - Roscommon, Ire D- St. Catherines, Ont possibly buried in Victoria Lawn Cem. St. Cath. per info retreived from Ont. Cemetary info and according to 187l census was a lumber mercht, of Wesleyan Methodist faith and living in Grantham. Parents of James Gillespie were Hugh GILLESPIE and Mary TWEEDIE, both B in Scotland - D ??? Wife of James was Rebecca BROWNLEE B - County Cavan, Ire; D - Hamilton, Ont and also possibly buried in Victoria Lawn Cem. ST. Catherines. Her parents were Thomas BROWNLEE and Mary CARSON and according to 1871 census residing in Grantham. Per Joseph GILLESPIE'S obit in 1932 siblings listed included - Mary Ann GILLESPIE FitzSimons in Evanston, Ill, USA; Mrs. A. E. Lavell of Canada; Alice GILLESPIE and Thomas H. GILLESPIE, both of New York. Any information regarding the above lines would be greatly appreciated!!! Katrina Keatts - 305 Hilltop Drive, Paso Robles, CA 93446 July 14,1997


Seeking information on family of Alexander MORTON and wife Mary MCBURNEY. Alexander b. 28 Nov. 1828 Arbroath, Angus County, Scotland and Mary b. Aug. 1826. Family to Beverly Twp., Wentworth Co., ca. 1854-55 from Scotland with children Jane Farquhar b. 15 Nov. 1847, Martha Isabella b. 11 Mar. 1849, and Mary Kernighan b. 18 Feb. 1851 (son Samuel b. 5 May 1853 not with family; died in Scotland?). More children born in Ontario Elizabeth ca. 1856, Margaret ca. 1862, Fannie ca. 1864, Agnes ca. 1866, Samuel 27 June 1868, Lenid Alexia ca. 1870, and two names unknown. Moved from Beverly Township to East Wawanosh, Huron Co. ca. 1861. Why did they originally settle in Beverly Twp.? Any information to Carol McBurney Bokas, 723 Madison Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA July 11, 1997


I am seeking information on My GGGfather Thomas G. WILLIAMSON b. abt 1835 in Scotland d.? Hamilton, Ont. CN He was Married to a French CN. name unknown, had at least one son, My GGFather Richard G. WILLIAMSON b.22 Aug 1882, Hamilton, Ont. CN d. 19 Aug 1920 Anderson,Madison Co.,IN USA. Oral History states he was an Alderman and lived on the Mountain; An old Herald news clipping of the 7th or 8th of Nov. 1897 States that his bother Robert "Gunner" WILLIAMSON was lost with 18 others when the Steamer Idaho sank off Long point. 
Thomas E. Williamson 63 Beckwith St. New London, CT 06320-3434 USA July 8,1997


Looking for information on the ZAGAJEWSKI family. Oldest son was Barnard (or Barney), oldest daughter was Rose who married Valentine KLINE (KLEIN). Most of the original family migrated to Detroit area but the two oldes stayed in Canada. Rose is buried in Holy seplacure cemetary. This is all the information I have. July 7, 1997


Offering help on CORNELL families in Wentworth Co. and other areas of Ontario between Leeds Co. on the east and Windsor on the west from 1800 to 1900. 
Cornell Genealogy Web Site:    Tom Cornell Tom Cornell July 4, 1997


Benjamin Leslie b.1887, Binbrook Twp., Wentworth Co., s/o John GUYATT and Margaret WHITWELL. Married 1. Jeannette Lonemore BAKER, Nov. 1, 1915. Ch: Benjamin Franklin GUYATT. 2. Peggy SIM(S). Seeking information on children of 2nd marriage. Also death date and burial place for Benjamin Leslie GUYATT. Any GUYATT family information welcome.Mail address: Diane Guyatt McDougall 22 Balko Cr. Dollard des Ormeaux, PQ H9G 1B4
Diane McDougall June 29, 1997


John Matthew b.7-06-1878 Hamilton Ontario Immigrated and Naturalized US citizen1892 in Detroit. Siblings Henry,Ann,Patrick,Elizabeth and Katherine maybe more. June 25, 1997


Looking for any information on RAMEY of Lynden, Ont., (Beverly Twp) Casper RAMEY married Elizabeth NEAR in 1833. Also looking for any info on John Francis O'CONNOR & family of Hamilton, Ont., and Jack KANE of Hamilton both around 1875 to present. Janice Brain June 22, 1997


I am looking for descendants of the following couples; Magistrate John SMITH 1747-1846 Loyalist and his wife Anna ROY 1752-1838 of Ancaster, Wentworth Co.; Peter GORDON b abt 1760 Loyalist and his wife Mary PETTIT; Marys parents Nathaniel PETTIT 1724-1803 Loyalist and his wife Margaret MC FARLANE B. ABT 1724 of Ancaster; Henry SPERA/SPIRA 1788-1845 and his wife Barbara of Ancaster; Dr. Robert MULLEN b. 1805 Ireland and his two wives Eliza DAVIS b. abt 1812 Ireland d. bef 1847 and Euphamie CORNELL b.1821 of Copetown,Wentworth Co. June 19, 1997


Samuel from N.Y. to Wentworth Co. about 1820. Possibly with at least one son JEROME, William. William bought land in Glandford Township in 1820 any information on this branch of the JEROME family will be helpful. Please e-mail any replies. Thank you. Thomas Sackett June 13,1997


Seeking information on Johnathan (John, Jonathan) D. and any other Thatchers. Johnathan was married three times, Sarah CILLENES, Elizabeth ROGERS and Melissa BOWMAN and lived for a number of years in Brant County. I believe that he died in Wentworth County. Jane Wilson June 11,1997


Seeking ancestry and information on Antoine FAVREAU, wife unknown. Son John Noel FAVREAU m. Rosanna Elois MILLER. Canada or MA to ND and MN. Howard Potvin June 8,1997


Gaetano (Guy) According to family he was murdered in Hamilton in the early 1920's. Looking for info. from his obit. to see if he was survived by any family. Bill Morse June 8,1997


Looking for any information on the MILLARD family. Isaiah Karley MILLARD m(1) Mary SMITH, m(2) Elizabeth HOPKINS. Supposed to have been a Parliament member. Lived in Strabane, Ancaster, Hamilton. Howard Potvin June 7,1997


James SPRINGSTEAD B. February 10, 1819 Son of Rev. Jacob F. SPRINGSTEED, buried in Trinity United Cemetery, Hannon, Wentworth Co., Barton Township, Ontario; and Rachel VAN DUSEN (aka VAN DUZEN) (b. 1777 d. August 23, 1852) buried beside her husband. James was married to Caroline HAGLE (b. 1825) and had nine children (I have names) James was grandson of Jacob SPRINGSTEEN (February 27, 1744/45) and Bathseba MARSH. (Have the SPRINGSTEEN line going back to early Dutch settlement in Brooklyn). Any info appreciated; can supply much more not in this post. Randy Black June 1,1997


Seeking information on Wentworth County ancestors. Grandfather: John James McCREADY (1862-1945), married 4 April 1887 in Hamilton to Eliza Jane NEW (1865-1946). They moved to Detroit in 1892. Great-grandparents were John McCREADY (c.1829 - ? ) married to Margaret GRASSIE and James NEW (c.1836 -? ) married to Emma HARRIS (c.1836 - ? ). One of James New's brothers was Ryland NEW, another brother was the father of Chester William NEW, PhD, who was an ordained Baptist minister and a teacher at McMaster University between 1920 and 1950. Donald G. Helwig May 29,1997


Searching for parents of Peter James McKEE born in Glanford, Wentworth County, 14 Mar 1836, md. to Margaret Eve JEROME. Were his parents Samuel McKEE and Suzanne FLOCK? Is there anyone else doing research on the McKee of Wentworth Co.? Judy Larsen May 28,1997


Seeking the parents of Elizabeth MORROW b. 1827 d.1855, Binbrook, Ont. Wentworth twp.. Mrd. John Bush. Ch. Charles, William T., Naomi and Mary Ann. Buried at Binbrook Baptist Ch. Cem. in Binbrook Ont. April 26,1997


I am seeking the names of the parents of Joseph E. THOMAS, who was born in Binbrook, Ont., in 1826. He died 1874 in Caistor twp. Joseph E. THOMAS mrd. Mary Ann KER, daughter of Jacob KER. Children, Isabella, Mary, Rebecca, Amelia, John, and James. He had a sister by the name of Hannah Matilda BRIDGEMAN. She mrd. William BRIDGEMAN Jr. from Grimsby twp. Were there other brothers or sisters? Appreciate any information about this family. April 24,1997


I am looking for anyone who might have info on the SKINNER family from Wentworth Co. (probably Beverly Twp.), Ontario. I am especially interested in a Jepthae SKINNER. He was married to a Mary GRIFFITH and they had a boy named Enos SKINNER who was born cAug. 7, 1798. He married a Phebe O'CONNOR or CONNOR and they had a daughter named Jane SKINNER who married a John C. MORDEN (MORDAN). Clayton Sharrard CSHARRARD@ADVNET.NET April 17,1997


Joseph PAYTON came to Canada from England about 1880 and settled in Hamilton. He married Martha Maria SMITH in Gloucester England,1867. Any information on these people appreciated. Ken Newcombe April 15,1997.

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