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Pioneer Residents of Markham Township

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- William Robson, was one of the pioneers of Markham Township, believed to have settled there with his family in the year 1830, and on March 15, 1837 obtained title to the 200 acre homestead, from King's College, the property being known as Lot 11, Concession 7, situated just beyond the north-south ravine on the west side of Markham village and fronting on what is now No. 7 Highway (north side). It now forms part of a new housing sub-division extending across Hockridge Drive and Windridge Drive. The original abstract of title to the land, show it to have been first a grant from the Crown to King's College on January 3, 1828. His first wife Jane died September 25, 1832 and he subsequently remarried, his second wife Flora.William was appointed an overseer of highways in Markham Township by township bylaw #1, February 1850.

William died on Dec 25, 1868, and burial was in the old cemetery (now built upon) which was at the rear of Markham United Church. With him were buried his first wife Jane Robson, a daughter Matilda Ann Robson, and a daughter Elizabeth Henrietta Robson. Names of the above fours are inscribed on 3 tombstones which were removed from the old cemetery and are now located in Elmwood United Church Cemetery on the east side of the village. The date of death and burial place of second wife Flora has not been determined. - From: notes prepared by Harold Clayton Appleton

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