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Pioneer Residents of Whitchurch-Stouffville Township

WHITCHURCH is situated to the north of the Township of Markham, and east of Yonge Street, which divides it from the Township of King, being in the middle of the eastern row of townships. It was laid out in 1800 by Mr. John Stegmann, who had been an officer in a Hessian regiment during the War of Independence, and afterwards found employment as a surveyor in Upper Canada. Mr. Stegmann's work was completed in 1802, but further surveys were afterwards made on the 8th and 9th concessions by Surveyor Wilmot, and in 1869 a re-survey of some of the lines was made by Mr. John Shier. Whitchurch comprises 59,743 acres. It has ten concessions, numbered eastward from Yonge Street, two of which are deficient. Settlers began to come into the township as early as 1795.

The " Domesday Book"; records the following patents issued in the earlier years of settlement:
1796 Joseph Bouchette.
1797 Frederic Smith, Charles Fathers ,James Pitney.
1798 William Bond, John Chisholm, Capt. W. Graham. 1801 Capt. John Baptist Bouchette, Mary Chambers, Duke William Kendrick, John Stegmann. 1802 Nathaniel Gamble senior, Stephen Barbarce, Simon McMirty, James McMurty, Frederic Baron de Hoen, Isaac Phillips, James Roche, Peter Miller, Ebenezer Cook, John Ferguson, Nathan Hixon, John Baker, George Althouse, John Bogard, John Herns, James Mitchell, William Smith.
1803 Abner Miles, Abraham Tucker, Robert Wilson, James Miles, James Fulton, Hugh Shaw, George Chisholm, Joseph Webster, Godfrey Hilts, Peter Brillenger, John Engelhard, Joseph Durham, Jeremiah Dur ham, Robert Henderson, Hugh Wilson, Peter Boughstanch, John Cline, Joseph Derick, Gilbert Vanderbarrow, William Bechtel, Samuel Betzntr ,Jacob Bechtel senior, Adam Cline, Mary Peeks, William Cornell, Samuel McLin, Loyal Davis, John Bricker, David Alberson, George Clemens, John Cornwell, Samuel Bucker, Phil. Saltberger, Hall Davis, Moses McCay, Benham Presson, David Hooter.
1804 John Jones, John Starkweather, Henry Crone, Timothy Rogers, Isaac Pilkington, Isaac Willis, James Starr, William Webster, Thomas Jobett, John Dehart, Jesse Ketchum, Henry Hashall, Ebenezer Lundy, Davenport Philps, John Eyer, Aaron Wilson, James Rogers, Josh. Smades, John Cook junior, Ebenezer Jones junior, Obadiah Taylor, Hannah Beans, Martin Bogart senior, John Berry, Robert Gray.
1805 Ebenezer Britton, Robert Ward, Shadrack Stephens, Andrew Clubine, Abraham Webster, John Lundy, George Semon, John Bassel Russell Hoag, Mary Walts.
1806 Joseph Chiniqui, Mary McNab, William Hill, Samuel Palmer, William Pearson, Isaac Johnson, Alexander Gray, John Furon, Ambroise de Farcy.
1807 Hannah Johnson, Elijah Groomes, Edward Heazzel, Nathaniel Pearson, Christian Schill, Nathaniel Hastings.
1808 Sarah Vanwick, James Lundy, Peter Wheeler, William Maclean.
1809 Abraham Stouffer junior, Abraham McDonald, George Foukler.
1811 John R. Small, W. Widdifield, James Edward Small.
1812 Wm. Eadus, Whitfield Patterson, John Kendrick, Joseph Widdifield, Mary Wells, Aaron Tool, Joseph Randall, Eliezer Lundy, Osborne Cox.

From: History of Toronto and County of York - 1885

Concession 1

Concession 2

Concession 3

- CHRISTOPHER SMITH, concession 3, lot 7, is a native of Northumberland, England, having been born there on November 26 1804. He came to Canada in 1831, and settled in York County, occupying his present farm in Whitchurch since 1840. He cultivates two hundred acres of land and additionally has the reputation of being a very clever Veterinary Surgeon, at which profession he has practiced for sixty years, being succeeded by his son Henry, who is a graduate of the Ontario, Veterinary College, Toronto. He married in 1832 Susannah Steel, who was born in Yorkshire, England in 1813; they had a family of twelve children as follow: William, born in 1833; John, born 1834; Robert, born 1836; George, born 1838; Thomas, born 1840, died 1843; ELizabeth, born 1843, died 1871; Christopher, born 1845, died 1848; Ann, born 1848, died in infancy; Henry, born 1849; Mary Ann, born 1852, died 1853; Hannah, born 1854; Seth, born 1857. From: History of Toronto and County of York - 1885

Concession 4

Concession 5

Concession 6

Concession 7

Concession 8

- EDWARD GRAY, concession 8, lot 19

Concession 9

- CHARLES APPLETON, concession 9, lot 22, and concession 8, lot 17, was born in 1823 in Yorkshire, England. There is a remark on the Death Register for Charles that he was the inventor of the Appleton fire ladder, used on fire trucks. Charles was in the lumber business.
The sawmill sat on the property of Charles Appleton and his original home still stands on the north side of Lakeshore just north of Byron Street. He resided there from 1823-1893 and is buried at the Churchill cemetery. (9th and Aurora side road). From www.musselmanslake.com.

Concession 10

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