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Markham Economist Vital Statistics Index, July 1856 to December 1857
Compiled by Steve Marshall

An extract from a regular series published in York Region Ancestors which is published quarterly for branch members, and contains a wealth of information of interest to researchers with interests in York County. 

3 Jul 1856
Murder – Friday night – at Scarborough, Mr. ABRAHAM shot and killed his son. He was a native of Ireland, resident of Scarboro for 20 years.

10 Jul 1856
On 27 June, at Markham, to wife of George MORRISON, twin daughters.
On 30 June, at Markham, Dr. D.J. DUNHAM to Harriet, second dau. of William McBURNEY of Peterborough.

17 Jul 1856
On 16 July, Michael SPEIGHT to Harriet CHAPMAN, both of Markham.
On 20 May, Samuel B. GILBERT to Deborah Ann POULTON, both Markham.

24 Jul 1856
Murder – at Stony Creek, Tuesday last, Henry TURNER, killed.

31 Jul 1856
On 28 July, at Cedar Grove, to wife of Samuel REESOR, a son.
Fire in Markham Village – gives details.

6 Aug 1856
Drowned – on Tuesday, 8 year old son of Mrs. POWERS, at Dixon Mill pond.
On 2 August, Dennis CORCOREN, died of sun stroke, resident of Sparta, Markham Twp., leaves widow and 3 children.
Marriage (no date) – Charles McLEAN of Markham to Isabella McPHAL of Mull, Scotland.

14 Aug 1856
Accident – Thomas McCARTY, labourer, killed Tuesday on Yonge St., leaves wife and 5 children.
On 5 August, at Pickering Twp., Peter PILKEY, age 82 years.
On 11 August, at Markham, David WISMER, age 87 years, native of Plumstead, Bucks Co., PA, to Markham in 1806.
Drowned – on 6 August, at Scarboro, 3 year old son of John LOWRIE.

28 Aug 1856
Suicide – Frances DERUSHA of Uxbridge Twp., shot himself.

4 Sep 1856
On 30 August, at Markham, to wife of Thomas PEACOCK, mason, a son.
On 2 September, at Brampton, death of James McKENNA.
Fatal Accident – on Friday last, John CASTLE of Scarboro, age 20 years, unmarried.

11 Sep 1856
On 6 September, at Toronto Twp., death of Jane ARMSTRONG, daughter of Adam ARMSTRONG of Cumberland, England, age 31 years.
Death (no date) – at Markham, of James MOORE, age 76 years, of 9th Conc., native of Tyrone, Ireland.
Killed – on 29 August, 18 year old son of Guy POLLOCK, 8th Conc., Pickering Twp.

18 Sep 1856
Suicide – On Saturday, near Toronto, John CAMERON, took laudanum.
On Tuesday, accidentally killed, Richard BURTON of Pickering Twp., leaves wife and 7 children.

2 Oct 1856
On 29 September, at Markham, to wife of George FLUMERFELT, a son.

9 Oct 1856
On 9 September, Michael HUNSICKER to Sarah POULTON, both Markham.
On 17 September, William MOODY to Mary Ann BAMBRIDGE, both Scarboro.
Suicide – at Richmond Hill, Bridget O’BRADY, swallowed a wine glass full of corrosive substance.

16 Oct 1856
On 15 October, Samuel DAVIS of Markham to Ann GREY of Whitchurch Twp.
Lost – on ill fated vessel “Niagara”, John FRISBY and George TEASDALE, both of Markham, bound for the west.

23 Oct 1856
On 22 October, James MEED to Catherine EBY, both Markham Twp.
Accident – killed Tuesday, 4 year old son of Samuel MIGHTON, tavern keeper, Crosby’s Corners.

30 Oct 1856
On 26 October, at Markham Village, to wife of Daniel McMEEHAN, a son.
On 25 October, at Owen Sound, to wife of Dr. KENNEDY, a son.
On 20 October, Henry WALSH to Christian SPEARS, both Pickering.
On 23 October, John McCORMICK to Matilda KEFFER, both Pickering.
On 7 October, Henry R. HOOVER to Susannah COOK, dau. of Samuel COOK, both Pickering.
On 14 October, Benjamin B. REESOR to Sarah Ann COOK, dau. of Samuel COOK, both Pickering

6 Nov 1856
On 2 November, Samuel TEEFER of Scarboro to Charity RIDDLE, second dau. of George RIDDLE of Markham.

13 Nov 1856
On 6 November, at Markham, to wife of William INGLIS, a daughter.
On 6 November, at Pickering, to wife of Jacob REESOR, a daughter.

20 Nov 1856
On 12 November, Elijah PENNOCK to Roxanna PATTERSON, both Markham.
On 12 November, Joram ECKHARDT to Susannah SIZE, daughter of Mr. A. SIZE of Unionville. 

27 Nov 1856
Death of Calvin CORNELL in Detroit, enroute from Scarboro., suspected foul play.
On 12 November, James KETCHUEM, formerly of Markham Village to Jane THAW, formerly of Whitby.

4 Dec 1856
Monday, at Richmond Hill, Richard SKELTON of Scarboro to Jane, second dau. of Jacob HOPE of Markham.
On 25 November, at Stouffville, to wife of A.V. BUSECK, saddler, a son.
On 12 November, Harriet Letitia CRESWICKE, age 10
On 17 November, Selma Lenora CRESWICKE, age 3
On 18 November, Celia Amanda CRESWICKE, age 2
On 10 November, Lavina Penelope CRESWICKE, age 8
On 20 November, Susan Julia CRESWICKE, age 15
All daughters of Henry CRESWICKE, county Surveyor, Barrie.
Accident – at Weston, Sunday, Thomas CHARLTON, killed.
Died – Thomas ELLIS of Scarboro, age 65 years, fisherman.

11 Dec 1856
On 26 November, at Markham Village, to wife of Lyman CROSBY, a son.
On 1 December, at Markham, to wife of Henry BULL, a son.
On 7 December, at Markham, to wife of David CASH, a son.
On 5 December, at Pickering, to wife of David BRIAN, a son.
On 7 December, at Markham, Ellen Elizabeth CROSBY, wife of Lyman CROSBY, age 23 years.

18 Dec 1856
On 10 December, at Uxbridge, to wife of John FRENCH, a son.
On 6 December, Thomas TREBILCOCK of Toronto City to Sophia YOUNG, eldest dau. of Uriah YOUNG of Markham.

25 Dec 1856
On 12 December, James SIMMONDS of Markham to Annie REESOR, dau. of the late Christopher REESOR of Markham.
On 23 December, Joseph LEONARD to Matilda DEXTER, both Markham.
On 15 December, Richard SHELTON of Scarboro to Jane HOPE, second dau. of Jacob HOPE of Markham. (see Dec 4 issue)

1 Jan 1857
Friday, at Yorkville, Patrick McQUAID, found frozen to death.
On 18 December (1856), at Markham, to wife of Robert WILSON, a daughter.
On 23 December (1856) Michael TURNOR, son of Michael TURNOR Sr. of Stafford, England to Mary Elizabeth HILL, dau. of Col. HILL of Newmarket.
On 23 December (1856) George THOMPSON to Sarah WIDEMAN, both Pickering.
On 25 December (1856) at Victoria Square, John HARRISON to Sarah Elizabeth LEVER, both Markham.
On 30 December (1856) Thomas STEPHENSON, widower of Pickering to Mrs. Elizabeth PARISH, widow, of Markham.
On 30 December (1856), at Unionville, Charles M.G. OSTERTAG to Mary Ann KELLY, both Markham.
Sudden death – Julia Ann LOCKE of Toronto

8 Jan 1857
Death of Arabella MATTHEWS, at Vaughan Plank Road, age 28 years.
On 26 December (1856) Eliza CLMIE, wife of Rev. CLMIE, age 34 years.
Sudden Death – John GALLOWAY of Scarboro, age 45 years, unmarried.
On 1 January, at Claremont, James RUSSELL to Janet CARRUTHERS, both Pickering Twp.

15 Jan 1857
On Monday, death of John KING, M.D. of Toronto, age 53 years, a native of Co. Galway, Ireland.
On 5 January, Thomas A. MILNE of Markham Village to Sarah ROLPH, eldest dau. of William ROLPH of Rolph’s Hotel, Toronto.
Died Saturday morning, Wm. HAYWARD of Yorkville.

29 Jan 1857
On 23 January, at Glencraig, Wallace Twp., Wellington Co., James BLAIR, farmer to Elizabeth HOOD, second dau. of James HOOD, late of Peebles, Scotland.

5 Feb 1857
On 22 January, at 7th Concession, Markham Twp., to wife of Hugh SPOFFORD, a daughter.
On 28 January, at Richmond Hill, John Milburn ROBINSON to Rebecca WALKER, both Victoria Square.

12 Feb 1857
On 4 February, at Scarboro., Joseph CARNAGHAN to Sarah A. NICHOLS, dau. of Wm. NICHOLS, both Markham.
On 9 February, Walter HALL, son of Chester & Sarah M. HALL, age 1 year, 11 months.

19 Feb 1857
On 7 February, William DEMOTT of Markham to Tabitha SLEIGH of Pickering.

26 Feb 1857
On 19 February, at Markham, Stephen G. BARNETT to Maryann WHITEOAK, both Markham.
On 22 February, at Unionville, James DURHAM to Caroline OSTERTAG, both Vaughan Twp.

5 Mar 1857
On 28 February, at Markham, to Mrs. J. REESOR, a son.
On 1 March, at Whitby, to wife of George YULE, a son.
On 27 February, at Scarboro., Jane WHELER (nee DEVONISH), wife of J.P. WHELER, age 41 years.
On 24 February, at Pickering, Catherine, wife of William HAGERMAN.

12 Mar 1857
On 27 February, at Stratford, to wife of James DONALDSON, a daughter.

19 Mar 1857
On 10 March, Abraham NEIGHSWANDER, son of Martin NEIGHSWANDER of Pickering to Elizabeth HOOVER, dau. of Daniel HOOVER of Pickering.
Railway accident near Hamilton (lists victims).
Death of Darius WITTER, in Hamilton railway accident, age 30 years, born Upper Canada, buried 7th Concession, Markham Twp.

26 Mar 1857
On 13 March, William DUNTON of York Twp. to Mary McBRIDE, second dau. of Wm. McBRIDE of Essa.
On 14 March, at Unionville, death of Dr. N.R. REID of Markham Twp.

2 Apr 1857
On 30 March, at Markham Village, to Mrs. L. HALLERAN, a daughter.
On 25 March, at Richmond Hill, John MARSH to Eliza BRAWLEY, both King Twp.

9 Apr 1857
On 2 April, at Victoria Square, to Mrs. H. LEVER, a daughter.
On 30 March, at Guelph, death of George SUNLEY.

16 Apr 1857
On 9 April, Auretus URMEY of Burford Twp., Brant Co. to Judith WISMER of Markham.
On 15 April, Benjamin DALTON to Mary Ann ROBSON, both Markham.
Suicide – January last, Mrs. KENDRICK of Thornhill cut her throat with a razor.

30 Apr 1857
On 22 April, to Mrs. C.F. HALL, a daughter.
On 26 April, to wife of Peter ZIPP, a son.
On 25 April, John FORD of Peterborough to Angeline FORD of Markham Village.
On 6 April, at Markham Village, William McCLINTON to Mary HALL, both Markham.

7 May 1857
On 29 April, at Nottawa Mills, Tecumseth Twp., Thomas HASTINGS of Markham to Matilda Jane THOMPSON, only dau. of T. THOMPSON of Tecumseth Twp.

14 May 1857
On 11 April, in Minnesota, David Bogue BAKER, age 26 years, son of Rev. Thomas BAKER of Newmarket.

21 May 1857
On 8 May, at Toronto, M.A. TACKABERRY, wife of Rev. G.R. SANDERSON, age 34 years.
On 14 May, at Richmond Hill, George BARNARD, second son of George A. BARNARD, age 3 years, 8 months.
On 15 May, at Scarborough, Abraham STONER, age 55 years.
On 8 May, at Markham, Nelson GATES, son of Jonathan GATES, age 8 months.
On 8 May, at Dereham, Joseph CROLLEY, age 32 years.

4 Jun 1857
On 27 May, Thomas LEE to Catherine STIVER, both Markham.
On 31 May, at Pickering, Charles PILKEY, son of Charles PILKEY, age 14 years.
Item – Elias WORTS of Markham has deserted his wife, children and mother.

11 Jun 1857
On 2 June, at Markham, Christina, wife of Daniel STRICKLER, age 29 years.
On 8 June, at Markham, Abraham COOK, age 35 years.
On 25 May, Uriah SPENCER to Elizabeth ORMSEY, both Whitby.
On 27 May, Charles ABRAHAM of Berlin, Canada West to Margaret BOLTON, third daughter of Rev. S. BOLTON of Hamilton.

25 Jun 1857
On 20 June, to wife of M. WILKINSON, saddler of Markham Village, twins.
On 14 June, Andrew BARTIE of Vermont to Jane A. WASHINGTON of Markham.
On 23 June, at Markham, Sarah, wife of M. WILKINSON, age 39 years.

2 Jul 1857
On 30 June, Thomas ANSLEY to Dorothy PETERS, both Pickering.

9 Jul 1857
(no date) At Toronto, John NICHOLS to Matilda ROBSON, both Markham.
On 1 July, at Markham, Mary, wife of John TAYLOR, age 46 years.

16 Jul 1857
On 8 July, at Markham, to wife of H.R. CORSON, a son.
On 7 July, at Markham, to wife of Thomas GRAY, a son.
On 1 June, James SWALES of Whitchurch to Elizabeth GARLETT of Darlington.
On 23 June, Benjamin PARKE of Weston to Rachael FORSYTH of Uxbridge.
On 30 June, Andrew MORDEN of Uxbridge to Mary CALDER of Richmond Hill.
On 9 July, at Markham, Mrs. Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, age 89 years, 6 months. Left Cumberland England in 1823, her husband died enroute to Canada. In 1824 settled in Markham.

23 Jul 1857
On 16 July, at Whitchurch, death of Ann Jane McCLENTOE, wife of Philip MACKLEM.
On 12 July, at Uxbridge, death of the wife of Philip WIDEMAN Sr.

30 Jul 1857
On 27 July, drowned at Stouffville, 9 year old son of William LEANEY.

6 Aug 1857
On 14 August, at 8th Conc., Vaughan Twp., James McRITCHIE, age 78 years, father of Rev. George McRITCHIE.
On 15 August, at 9th Conc., Vaughan Twp., Christopher TRAIN, age 58 years.

27 Aug 1857
On 18 August, Henry CHESSMAN of Vaughan to Mary BURDEN of Bowmanville.
On 18 August, at Newmarket, Josephine, second daughter of Col. HILL, age 30 years.
On 23 August, at Whitchurch, Henry, son of Benjamin BROWNSPARGER, age 2 years.
On 21 August, at Toronto, Thomas BELL, age 51 years.
On 23 August, at Toronto, Peter NOLAN, age 22 years.

3 Sep 1857
On 2 September, at Markham Village, to wife of William FLUMERFELT, a daughter.

10 Sep 1857
On 6 September, at Toronto, Samuel Peter JARVIS, age 65 years, eldest son of William JARVIS, deceased.

17 Sep 1857
Accident – Mrs. PRINGLE of Whitby, age 84 years, killed.
On 11 September, Charles TOD, baker of Markham to Jane MUIR of Edinburgh, Scotland.
On 9 September, at Markham Village, Alfred, fifth son of J. MANSFIELD, age 18 weeks and 3 days.

24 Sep 1857
On 10 September, at Markham, to wife of B.G. REESOR, a daughter.
On 16 September, at Toronto, to wife of Alexander JACQUES, a son.
On 19 September, George COX of Toronto to Maria LOBBUCK of Markham.
On 10 September, Inghram SHARPE of King to Barbary WADDLE of Newmarket.

1 Oct 1857
On 16 September, Thomas BURNS to Mary Jane HUNTER, both York Twp.
On 31 August, John CHAPMAN to Ann, dau of George WINN, both Lloydtown.
On 15 September, Merritt KENNY of Lincoln to Samantha HEMPHILL of Peel county.
On 25 September, at Markham, Dinah CLARK, wife of Rev. George CLARK, age 29 years, 5 months & 7 days.
On 25 September, at Markham, Moses Albert, son of Moses & Jane HEMINGWAY, age 2 years, 2 months & 7 days.
On 26 September, at Toronto, Francis BELANGER, age 35 years.

8 Oct 1857
On 2 October, H. WILSON to C. MAY, both Markham Village.

15 Oct 1857
On 11 October, at Markham, to wife of Joseph RAYMER, a son.
On 9 October, at Markham Village, to wife of T.A. MILNE, a daughter.

22 Oct 1857
On 8 October, Charles IRWIN of Markham to Eliza UNKER of Reach.
On 8 October, at Markham, Henry PINGLE, age 73, emigrated from Holstein, Denmark in year 1794, settled Markham, received metal for services in the War of 1812. (check issue for more details).
On 19 October, at Toronto, John THOMPSON, late of Norway.
On 26 September, at Edinburgh, Scotland, Gordon BROWN, age 75 years, brother of Peter BROWN of Toronto.

29 Oct 1857
On 14 October, at Markham Village, William BELL to Mary Ann, dau. of Daniel HUNTER, both Whitchurch.
On 25 October, at Markham, Henry SUMERFELT, age 61 years.
On 8 October, at Duffin’s Creek, Hiram LEAVENS, age 27 years, of small pox.

5 Nov 1857
On 24 October, at Richmond Hill, to wife of George A. BARNARD, a daughter.
On 7 October, Daniel BREAK to Esther, dau of Peter REESOR, both Markham.
On 29 October, Thomas YOUNG to Mary Jane, dau of John P. WHELER of Scarborough.
On 1 November, at Markham, Anne, wife of Joseph MAPES, age 71 years.
On 2 November, at Markham, Susannah, wife of David ANDERSON.

12 Nov 1857
On 7 November, at Markham Village, Daniel BREAK to Esther, dau. of Peter RESSOR, all Markham. (see Nov 5)
On 12 October, John Robert WELLS to Emeline JEAMES of Kentucky.

26 Nov 1857
On 27 October, Benjamin B. HOOVER to Nancy, dau. of John HOOVER, both Markham.
On 19 November, Rev. Robert D. MacKAY of Wellsey to Isabella, dau of John ANSON, of Pickering.
On 18 November, John ROOM of Whitby to Sarah BELL of Pickering
On 19 November, Joseph MONKHOUSE to Mrs. Christian REESOR, both Pickering.
On 13 November, William H. ORR to Ann Maria PEDLAR, both Oshawa Village.
On 18 November, W.H. HIGGINS of Oshawa to Emma, dau of C.M. KELLER, of Unionville.
On 13 November, at Pickering, Jane, wife of William WELSH.

3 Dec 1857
On 27 November, Andrew M. MAGHAN of Whitchurch to Margaret GIBSON of Markham.
On 30 November, John HOGG to Jane COBBIDELL of Markham.
On 18 November, Daniel STRICKLER to Elizabeth HENDERSON, both Markham.
On 24 November, Richard HODGE to Maria DALTON, both Scarborough.
On 22 September, at Cambridge, England, Mrs. Susan GREEN, age 73 years, mother of F. GREEN of Greenwood, Pickering Township.
On 21 November, at Pickering, William WELSH, age 81 years.

10 Dec 1857
On 25 November, Thomas SPEIGHT to Eleanor PARISH, both Markham Village.
On 7 December, at Toronto, R.J. OTTAWAY of London, England, age 22 years.

17 Dec 1857
On 11 December, at Markham, to wife of H.P. CROSBY, a daughter.
On 8 December, Elizabeth Ann ROBINSON, wife of John PARK, age 19 years, 11 months.

31 Dec 1857
On 21 December, at Cedar Grove, George JOHNSTON of Georgina to Mary LAPP of Markham.
On 21 December, F. BURGESS to Elizabeth EASTGATE, both Uxbridge.
On 22 December, John PIKE to Elizabeth REESOR, both Markham.
On 27 December, Samuel WISMER of Clinton to Anne HOOVER of Rainham, dau. of Benjamin MOORE.
On 12 December, Alexander McROBERTS to Rebecca ROWE, both Pickering.
On 20 December, at Stouffville, Ann, eldest daughter of John DUNN, and granddaughter of Rev. MAYERHOFFER.
On 25 December, at Bowmanville, Mr. W.C. FULLER, age 30 years.
On 25 December, at Highland Creek, George STEPHENSON, age 52 years.
On 28 December, at Cedar Grove, Henry JAMES, a native of England, death due to being run over by a wagon.

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