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Markham Economist Vital Statistics Index, January 1858 to June 1858
Compiled by Steve Marshall

An extract from a regular series published in York Region Ancestors which is published quarterly for branch members, and contains a wealth of information of interest to researchers with interests in York County. 

7 Jan 1858
On 26 December (1857), Dr. S.N. PECK of Newmarket to Susan McLEAN of Markham.

28 Jan 1858
On 22 January, Lyman RUMOHR to Catherine THOMAS, both Markham.

4 Feb 1858
On 28 January, Thomas ROBINS to Mary PEARSON, both Scarborough.

11 Feb 1858
On 8 January, John JEFFERSON to Mary Ann HOPE, both Markham.
On 2 February, John ANTHONY of Pickering to Mary COOK of Markham.
On 23 December (1857), John LUBBUCK of Markham to Maria BARBER of Etobicoke.
At Markham Village, sudden death of Christian WINGER, formerly of Indiana.

18 Feb 1858
On 15 February, Charles THOMPSON, age 58 years, of Yonge Street.

25 Feb 1858
On 20 February, to wife of P.J. PILKEY, a daughter.
On 23 February, at Markham, to wife of Hiram CROSBY, a daughter.
On 23 February, Daniel B. HOOVER to Susannah, dau. of John SHERK, both Markham.
On 15 February, at Markham, death of the wife of Abraham RAMER Sr.
On 13 February, at Markham, death of Cornelius JOHNSON, farmer.

11 Mar 1858
On 3 March, at Scarborough, to wife of Noah REESOR, a daughter.
On 2 March, William SPRING to Cecilia HERON, both Scarborough.
On 2 March, James MILLER of Markham to Margaret Maria CAMPBELL from Nova Scotia.
On 26 February, murder - infant daughter of Ann BROPHY of Vaughan, found dead.

18 Mar 1858
On 13 March, at Markham, Richard SIMMONDS, age 68 years, late of Surrey, England.

25 Mar 1858
On 17 March, at Markham Village, to wife of James MULROY, a son.
On 18 March, William REID to Grace BROOMFIELD, both Scarborough.
On 18 March, Robert GORLEY to Eliza LYNN, both Scarborough.
On 24 March, at Markham Village, Christopher CAMPBELL Sr., father of Rev. Thomas Campbell of Markham Village. A native of County Sligo, Ireland, came to Canada in 1826.
On 14 March, at London, Ontario, Sarah, wife of Hamilton HUNTER.
On 10 March, at New York, Joseph W. HARRISON, age 51 years.
On 9 March, at Toronto, John FRAZER, age 27 years.
On 1 March, at Niagara City, G.H. HACKSTAFF, age 47 years.

1 Apr 1858
On 24 March, Edwin APPLETON to Matilda SMITH, both Markham.
Murder at Sunnidale, John COATES killed.

8 Apr 1858
On 7 April, at Cedar Grove, to wife of Thomas SIMMONDS, a son.
On 6 April, Wright BELL of Scott Twp. to Jane COMPTON of Pickering.
On 6 April, Martin JOHNSON to Margaret WILLIAMSON, both Pickering.

15 Apr 1858
Found dead – Frederick COLEMAN, a German tailor of Markham, missing since Christmas.
On 6 April, James HOLDEN to Orillia BARBER, both of Prince Albert.
On 5 April, William CULLEN to Mary Anne JOHNSTON, both Toronto.
On 1 April, Joseph M. SECOR of Scarborough to Eliza WEYMOUTH of York Twp.
On 1 April, William SMITH of York Twp to Matilda BATES of Scarborough.
On 9 April, suicide of L. WILDEMAN of Uxbridge Twp.

22 Apr 1858
On 18 April, at Markham, to wife of David BOYER, a son.
On 10 April, at Markham, Mrs. Phoebe MARR, wife of William MARR, age 81 years. Came from Pennsylvania in 1801.
On 15 April, at Markham Village, John MILLER, age 29 years, 11 months.
On 17 April, at Milneville, Peter MILNE, son of P. MILNE Esq., age 18 years, 6 months, 1 day.
On 17 April, at Whitchurch, Mr. F. FENTON, age 65 years.

29 Apr 1858
On 22 April, Charles CHAPMAN of Markham Village to Agnes, dau. of Robert FOSTER, of Toronto.
On 26 April, at Pickering, Andrew STORY, age 57 years.
On 28 April, at Markham Village, John MALONE, age 63 years.

6 May 1858
- report that Peter MILNE’s grave was robbed and the body taken.
On 4 May, at Markham Village, to wife of Samuel C. ASH, a daughter.
On 2 May, at Markham, Mary, wife of George QUANTZ Sr., age 69 years, 6 months, 20 days.
On 25 April, at Buffalo, NY, G.E.L. JACKSON, age 27 years, brother of the proprietor of the Newmarket Era newspaper.

13 May 1858
On 1 May, at Markham Village, to wife of Joseph REESOR Jr., a son.

27 May 1858
On 16 May, Abbot WOOLMAN to Ann DIKES, both Uxbridge.
On 20 May, Nicholas MILLER to Lucy GOHN, both Scarborough.
On 5 May, at Toronto, John SHARP to Jane GROVES, both Scarborough.
On 4 May, at Toronto, David SHEPARD of York Twp. to Maria BEAM of Scarborough.
On 19 May, at Scarborough, Thomas, second son of William ROLPH Esq., age 16 years, 9 months.
On 18 May, at Toronto, George BILTON, age 56 years.

3 Jun 1858
On 30 May, at Victoria Square, Thomas ALLISON, a daughter to his wife.
On 6 May, at Peel Township, James ECHLIN of Camden to Sarah Georgina, dau. of Michael HARTNEY, formerly of Markham.

10 Jun 1858
On 26 May, Charles THOMPSON to Rosetta SMITH, both Markham.
On 26 May, William FIERHELLER to Matilda, second dau. of George HAACKE, both Markham.
On 8 June, at Markham, Thomas SANDERSON Sr., age 74 years.
On 1 June, at Yorkville, Reuben Alexander PARKER, age 54 years.

17 Jun 1858
On 15 June, at Markham, to wife of Charles TOD, a daughter.
On 15 June, Christopher H. CHANT to Elizabeth CROFT, both Markham.
On 8 June, Dr. McCAUSLAND of Markham to Emma Jane STRATFORD, of New Zealand, formerly of Toronto.
On 10 June, James ROSS to Margaret SMITH, both Toronto.
On 9 June, at Victoria Square, Ann, wife of Henry HARRISON, age 22 years.
On 8 June, at Grafton, James THORBURN M.D. to Jennie, eldest dau. of the late Donald McTAVISH of Inverness, Scotland.

24 Jun 1858
Saturday evening, at Altona, destruction of the dam on the MONKHOUSE property. James CHAMBERS was drowned.

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