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York Research Resources is a compilation of online references, books, articles, and useful addresses to assist with research in York Region. Books can be located using your favourite online library catalogue search, borrowed through interlibrary loan, or purchased directly from the publishers.
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  • Town Cryer of Markham, John Webster NEW! Online
    John Webster is the Official Town Cryer of the Town of Markham and of the Town of East Gwillimbury. Mary Webster is the Official Wife of the Town Cryer.
  • Commemorative biographical record of the county of York, Ontario   Online  
    Digitized copy at Our Roots containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and many of the early settled families.
  • History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario, Vol. 1  Online  
    Digitized copy at Our Roots containing an outline of the history of the Dominion of Canada, a history of the city of Toronto and the county of York, with the townships, towns, villages, churches, schools; general and local statistics; biographical sketches, etc., etc. Volume 1.
  • History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario, Vol. 2  Online  
    Digitized copy at Our Roots containing an outline of the history of the Dominion of Canada, a history of the city of Toronto and the county of York, with the townships, towns, villages, churches, schools; general and local statistics; biographical sketches, etc., etc. Volume 2. 
  • Combined Search for South York Region Local History  Online  
    Gives students of local history the convenience of searching all of the Richmond Hill Public Library's local history databases simultaneously. One stop access to historic (pre-1930) gravestones in 10 south York Region cemeteries, text and illustrations from the popular local history book Early Days in Richmond Hill, and over 1,000 photographs of Richmond Hill dating back to the 1860s.
  • Our Roots Online  
    A digital database of Canda's local histories online. Includes "Commemorative Biographical record of the county of York, Ontario" by J.H. Beers & Co., 1907; "History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario" by C. Blackett Robinson, 1885, and much more.
  • A History of Toronto and County of York  Online  
    Developed and recently updated by Sandy Alexander, this site includes a large collection of biographies of many 19th century Toronto and York County residents, from well known people to humble folk, transcribed from the "History of Toronto and County of York" books published in 1885 by C. Blackett Robinson. 500+ pages can be accessed with a search engine, or browsed by geographical region. There is also an extensive photo gallery of buildings and places in Toronto, and the stories of the Pickard, Beckett, Blackmore and Strode families who came to Toronto from England.
  • Thornhill United Church, 1803-2003, A Pioneer Ontario Congregation  Book
    by John Honsberger (Thornhill, Ontario: Thornhill United Church, 2003)
    This history celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Thornhill United Church.
  • Richmond Hill Photo Images Online  
    This database in the digital collections at the Richmond Hill Public Library includes over 1,000 photographs in the local history photograph collection from 1860 on.
  • Ghost Hauntings in York County Online  
    Ghost stories in York published by the Ontario Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society
  • Historicity: Toronto Then and Now Online  
    Toronto Public Library's Information portal about the city's people, events, time, buildings and neighbourhood.
  • GlobalAnabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online Online  
  • Historic York County, Present Day Regional Municipality of York, and Communities in York Region Online
    Maps, historic facts and list of communities arranged by township.
  • The Settlement of York County Online  
    Taken from the book The Settlement of York County by John Mitchell, 1950
  • The Settlement of York County Book
    by John Mitchell 1882-1951 (York, Ontario: The Municipal Corporation of the County of York).
  • History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario Book
    (Toronto: C. Blackett Robinson, 1985). Containing an outline of the history of the Dominion of Canada; a history of the city of Toronto and the county of York, with the townships, towns, villages, churches, schools; general and local statistics; biographical sketches, etc.
  • Rural Roots: Pre-Confederation Buildings fo the York Region of Ontario Book
    by Mary Byers, Jan Kennedy, Margaret McBurney and the Junior League of Toronto; photographs by Hugh Robertson (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1967)
  • Canadian Heritage Gallery Online
  • Canadian Mennonite Encyclopedia Online Online  
  • The Quakers in Canada: A History Book
    by Arthur G. Dorland. Originally published in 1927, and updated in 1968, this is the definitive history of a denomination so significant to the settlement of much of York County. Includes extensive names and bibliographic references.
  • History of the Children of Peace, and the Village of Hope Online
    In the 1820s, a small idealistic community fashioned a dramatic architectural testament to its vision. The Temple of the Children of Peace at Sharon is now a national historic site.
  • A Story of the Markham Berczy Settlers Book
    by Lorne Smith et al. This meticulously-researched booklet was produced for the Berczy Reunion in 1994. A fascinating account of German settlers who came to Markham with William Moll Berczy in 1794.
  • "At Your Own Risk": Pioneer Remedies from the Pennsylvania German Settlers of Ontario Book
    compiled by Lorne R. Smith. This book tells of the remedies used by Pennsylvania German settlers living in York Co., Waterloo Co., and The Twenty.
  • The Life and Times of Wm. Lyon Mackenzie; With an Account of the Canadian Rebellion of 1837, and the Subsequent Frontier Disturbances, Chiefly from Unpublished Documents Book
    by Charles Lindsey (Toronto: Coles, 1971)
  • Researching Yonge Street Book
    edited by Sheila Jean Brown (Toronto: Ontario Genealogical Society, 1996). A collection of more than 45 well-researched articles from diverse aspects of York County's main thoroughfare. Communities, families, transportation, First Nations, industry and religion are covered.
  • Opportunity Road: Yonge Street 1860-1939 Book
    by F.R. Berchem. This 1996 book continues Bercham's The Yonge Street Story, with memorable personalities and many of the communities along the street.
  • The Simcoe Legacy: The Life and Times of Yonge Street Book
    (Ontario Historical Society, 1997). Collection of papers from the 1996 seminar of The Ontario Historical Society.
  • Profile of Aurora Online
    Includes a brief history.
  • Historical Walking Tour of Aurora Online
    Map and profiles of historic houses, churches and other historic public buildings.
  • "Awaiting the Millennium" The Children of Peace and the Village of Hope 1812-1889 Book by Albert Schrauwers. A scholarly study of the sect led by David Willson, who broke from the Yonge Street Quaker Meeting in 1812 to build Sharon Temple. Includes extensive genealogical material on Children of Peace and Quaker families.
  • East Gwillimbury in the Nineteenth Century: A Centennial History of the Township of East Gwillimbury Book
    by Gladys M. Rolling (Toronto, Ontario: Ryerson Press, 1969).
  • Jackson's Point: Ontario's First Cottage Country Book
    by Jeanne Hopkins. A beautifully produced history of the Georgina Twp. community, with chapters on prominent early families, St. George's Church and Cemetery, transportation, industry, and landmarks.
  • Georgina: A Type Study of Early Settlement and Church Building in Upper Canada Book
    by Francis Paget Hett (Toronto: Macmillan, 1939).
  • Early Settlements of King Township, Ontario Book
    by Elizabeth McClure Gillham (King City, Ontario: Municipality of the Township of King, 1999).
  • Lloydtown, A Pioneer Hamlet in Upper Canada Book
    (King, Ontario: King Township Historical Society, 1973).
  • Oldies & Goodies Book
    by Elizabeth McClure Gillham (King City, Ontario: Municipality of the Township of King, 1999).
  • Nobleton Heritage, 1800-1976 Book
    (Nobleton, Ontario: Nobleton Women's Institutue, 1919).
  • Markham 1793-1900 Book
    edited by Isabel Champion (Markham, Ontario: Markham Historical Society, 1979). This substantial, well illustrated book was published by the Markham District Historical Society. It includes chapters on settlers, roads, inns, mills, religion, education, politics, the military, and hamlets and villages. Lots of family information.
  • Markham Remembered: A Photographic History of Old Markham Township Book
    edited by Mary B. Champion, researched and written by Isabel Champion et al (Markham, Ontario: Markham District Historical Society, 1988). A companion volume to "Markham 1793-1900", highlighting more than 500 photographs from the archives of the Markham Museum, with accompanying text and maps.
  • A String of Amber; the Heritage of the Mennonites Book
    by Blodwen Davies (Vancouver: Mitchell Press, 1973).
  • Fun Was Where We Made It: Mount Joy - Markham, 1900-1915 Book
    by Fred Dixon (1971).
  • Markham's 100th Year, Life as it Was, An Historic Page is Turned 1872-1972 Book
    (Markham, Ontario: Markham Economist & Sun, 1972). Centennial issue.
  • Mount Albert History Online  
    Explore virtual walking and historical tours of Mount Albert in East Gwillimbury.
  • Newmarket: The Heart of York Region: An Illustrated History Book
    by Robert Terence Carter (Toronto, Ontario: Dundurn Press, 1994). Comprehensive history of Newmarket, a town settled by Quakers, from 1800 to the present. Includes photographs, maps, illustrations, bibliography, and index.
  • Newmarket Centennial, 1857-1957 Book
    compiled by John Luck.
  • History of the Town of Newmarket Book
    by Ethel Willson Trewhella (Newmarket, Ontario).
  • Early Days in Richmond Hill: A History of the Community to 1930 Online
    by Robert M. Stamp. Now online! Digitized by Richmond Hill Public Library and searchable. An attractively-produced 1991 history of Richmond Hill, extensively illustrated with photos, maps and diagrams. Includes the communities of Langstaff, Elgin Mills, Jefferson, Bond Lake, Oak Ridges, Headford, Dollar, Carrville, Patterson, Temperanceville. Lots of genealogical info in appendices which include: Settlers; Deed abstracts for township lots; street names; Occupations; churches; Schools; Post offices; and Community organizations.
  • Later Days in Richmond Hill Book
    This book, a companion volume to the popular Early Days in Richmond Hill, recounts the Town's rich history from the Great Depression to the present. Community input, including personal anecdotes and photographs generously supplied by long-time residents enlivens the story. Available for reference and purchase at the Richmond Hill Public Library.
  • Early Houses of Richmond Hill and Vicinity Book
    by George W.J. Duncan. A collection of ten pre-1840 houses and the families who lived in them. Includes exterior and interior photos and drawings of architectural details.
  • Salute to Canada: A History of Oak Ridges: A Small Southern Community Finds its Place in the Coast-to-Coast Mosaic - Canada Book
    by Sister M. Annette (Winnipeg, Manitoba: Canadian Student Yearbooks, 1967).
  • A Colony of Emigrés in Canada, 1798-1816 Book
    (Toronto, Ontario: 1905).
  • Whitchurch Township Book
    (Whitchurch History Book Committee). Includes chapters on 30 Whitchurch communities, settlement, and industries. Appendices cover churches, schools, government, post offices and forestry.
  • Stouffville History Online  
    Stouffville Online includes information about the history of this community.
  • Stouffville: 1877-1977; a Pictorial History of a Prosperous Ontario Community Book
    compiled by Jean Barkey (Stouffville, Ontario: Stouffville Historical Committee, 1977).
  • A History of Vaughan Township Churches Book
    edited by Patricia Somerville & Catherine Macfarlane (Maple, Ontario: Vaughan Township Historical Society, 1984).
  • A History of Vaughan Township: Two Centuries of Life in the Township Book
    by George Elmore Reaman (Toronto, Ontario: George C.H. Snider, 1971)
  • The Woodbridge Story Book
    by Herb. H. Sawdon (1961).
  • Historic Plaques of York County Online
    Includes plaques for Hamlet of Pine Grove, Edgeley, Toronto Carrying Place, Hamlet of Vellore, Lloydtown, Dutch Settlement of Holland Marsh, St. Mary's Nobleton, Lord Beaverbrook, Patterson, Kettleby, and the De Puisaye Settlement.

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