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Are you interested in joining Beaver Chapter NSDAR?  

Our chapter was chartered on the 14th of October 1977 with Beth Onan Hugenot as our Organizing Regent.

We are an active chapter.  Our membership hovers at about 80 members.  Our ages range from 25 to 89 years old.  We have our fingers crossed that some day we will again have an 18 year old member.

Beaver Chapter holds the only evening meetings in the Portland metro area. This allows for a wide variety of members.

We are proud to have a past NSDAR Vice President General and Honorary State Regent who also served for three years as the National Chairman American Indians.

We tell our prospective members that DAR is a service organization to the community!  We are not a social club or a genealogy club.  We work to MAKE AMERICA A BETTER PLACE.  Promoting the ideals of DAR is much more important to us than a social gathering or playing a game.  We welcome new members who are interested in the NSDAR objectives of Historic Preservation - Promotion of Education - Patriotic Endeavor.  There is a place for you.  We need you.

Have you done any research? Do you think you have a patriot who aided in the cause of the American Revolution?  Do you have any relatives who were members of DAR who also joined on the same line?

All questions you might have about the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution or joining our chapter are welcome.

All applicants must be no less than 18 years of age.  She must prove lineal, blood line, descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American Independence.   She must provide documentation for each statement of birth, marriage, and death.   This shall include the applicant's birth certificate naming her parents.

Do you need genealogy forms to help organize the information you have gathered? The DAR "Genealogy Worksheet" is a great place to begin.  The format to use for writing dates is 27 Feb. 1950.  To write locations be sure to use town, county, and two letter state abbreviation such as Beaverton, Washington Co. OR. Our Registrar will help you with this and any other questions.

We are here to help and invite you to become one of us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Call our registrar, 503-582-3408 at
to chat or even better, send an e-mail
Terri Crowell

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