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Henderson Cemetery

T.12   R.6 W   S.35   NE1/4
Copied from the 1985
Benton County Cultural Resources Survey II
       The Henderson Cemetery is located on the north edge of the Beaver Creek Community. Access is by private land and gained by a long gravel drive up a hill and through a Christmas tree farm.  Today (1988) the gravel drive to the cemetery is located on the east side of Peterson Road just south of the Erwin Road intersection.

       The cemetery is on land that was once owned by Perman HENDERSON who settled in the community in 1857.  Perman HENDERSON first settled near Wren in 1853, but in 1857 moved to the community north of Beaver Creek and about three and one-half miles south of Philomath.

       The Henderson Cemetery was started as a family cemetery, but neighbors were also buried there. The ground was never dedicated as a public cemetery.  The earliest date on a marked grave is 1885, the grave of M.E. HENDERSON, son of William HENDERSON.  Most notable is the grave (unmarked) of William F. DIXON, co-founder of the town of Corvallis.  A plat of the cemetery was never filed with the county.

HENDERSON, Perman, 19 Sep 1801, 14 Aug 1894

HENDERSON, Sarah,  27 Aug 1806, 12 Nov 1887
        [Sister of John Trapp],

HENDERSON, Emma Frances, 29 Mar 1941, Aged 73 Y, 11 M

HENDERSON, M. E., 25 Aug 1885, Age 25 Y, 5 M, 17 D

HENDERSON, Lewis Melvin, 12 Nov 1925, Age 91 Y, 10 M, 26 D

BRUMFIELD, J. B.,  No dates

BRUMFIELD, Mrs. J. E.,  No dates

BRUMFIELD, Two children,  Children of J. B. Brumfield, No dates

DIXON, Wm. F., No dates
        [Co-founder of Marysville, later named Corvallis]

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