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Powell Cemetey

T.13 S R.6 W S.3 NE1/4
Copied from records made 27 September 1979 by
W.E. and Virginia Hoeye

The POWELL CEMETERY is located at the west end of Llewelyn road. A private drive extending off Llewelyn Road is the only access to the cemetery, which is enclosed by a barb-wire and wire fence.

The cemetery is a burying ground for the family of John Samuel Sinclair Powell and Nancy Emerine Lewis Powell. She was the daughter of David R. Lewis, an early pioneer who came to the Oregon Territory in 1845. J. S. S. Powell obtained title to land in this location from Perman Henderson in 1875. The first grave is that of Mary Cynthia Powell, born 13 January 1868, who died 28 December 1883, from a fall off a horse. The last burial was the infant son of Walter Cleveland Powell. Neither J.S.S. nor Nancy Emerine were buried here, but at least nine of their fifteen children are.

NOTE: J.S.S. and Nancy Emerine Powell are buried in the New Smith Cemetery, Block 46, lot 8, graves #3 & 4. This cemetery in located in Polk County, T.9 S, R.5 W, S.1., about one and one-half miles south of Monmouth, Oregon. All interments in this cemetery were originally in Smith Cemetery, which was located in Benton County, but were within the bounds of Camp Adair which was established in 1942 to train men for WWII and thus had to be relocated.

O'BRIEN, Pearl, ~ 30 Jan 1915

OWEN, No dates readable

POWELL, Albert Edwin, 28 Feb 1883 ~ 27 Apr 1908

POWELL, Chester Alvin, 18 Dec 1890 ~ 25 Dec 1890, (plain marker)

POWELL, Edwin Crume, ~ 7 Jul 1933

POWELL, Francis Henry, 9 Mar 1875 ~ 26 Jul 1894

POWELL, George Leslie, 19 Feb 1873 ~ 29 May 1901, (plain marker)

POWELL, Infant, Son of Cleve, No dates readable

POWELL, Jessie Lee, 10 Jan 1887 ~ 3 Jan 1888, (plain marker)

POWELL, John Lewis, 20 Jul 18xx ~ 4 May xxxx

POWELL, Mary Cynthia, 13 Jan 1863 ~ 28 Dec 1884, (plain marker)

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