(Three Burying Grounds)

T.13 S    R.5 W    S. 22, NE 1/4

The two buttes, -- one high and one low -- known as WINKLE BUTTES (or sometimes as WAGNER BUTTES) are located on the east side of Highway 99W about six miles south or Corvallis. There are three burying grounds located in the vicinity of the two buttes. All of these gravesites are located on private property and are not accessible to the public.

Winkle Buttes #1
IRWIN Burying Ground:
Located at the southwest base of the smaller of the two buttes.

Irwin Burying Ground
T.13 S R.5 W S.22 NE1/4
Extracted from the 1984-86
Cultural Resources Survey Records -- II
Of the Benton County, Oregon, Historical Museum

The IRWIN BURYING GROUND is located on the east side of Highway 99W at the southwest base of the smaller of the two buttes known as the Winkle Buttes. Sometime these hills are referred to as Wagner Buttes. The cemetery is on private property and not accessible to the public.

Richard IRWIN, a native of Ireland, emigrated to Oregon in 1850. In 1851, he took up a Donation Land Claim on the west side of Winkle Buttes. In this area, he established a post office, store, and grocery, known as Jennyopolis. The Irwin family burying ground was evidently established upon the death of IRWIN'S infant son. Members of the KOMPP family are also buried in this plot. Louisa KOMPP was Richard IRWIN"S wife. Louisa's parents are buried here. The latest date recorded on a gravestone is 1905.


KOMP, Margrete, IR, Born in Hesse Darhamstad, Germany,
    24 Sep 1808~22 Jan 1891, Age 82 Y, 4 M

KOMPP, Casper, ER, Next to Margrete Komp (sic),
    17 Aug 1878, Age 75 Y, 6 M, 15 D

IRWIN, Richard, IR,
    11 Jun 1813~15 May 1895

IRWIN, Infant, ER, Son of Richard & L. Irwin,
    7 Aug 1858~7 Aug 1858

IRWIN, Louisa Kompp, ER, Wife of Richard Irwin,
    20 Mar 1832~19 May 1905, Mother

IRWIN, James G., ER,
    17 Oct 1854~23 Mar 1905, Brother

Winkle Buttes #2
McBEE Burying Ground:
Situated at the top of the larger of the two buttes.

            The McBEE BURYING GROUND is located at the top of the larger of the two buttes know as Winkle Buttes (sometimes called WAGNER Buttes.) There are only two marked burials at this site , those of William and Elizabeth McBEE. Their graves are enclosed by an ornate cast-iron fence with a gate. This fence, which has a patent date in the 1860's, is identical to one located in the Armstrong Cemetery.

McBEE, William, With wife Elizabeth McBee,
    11 Apr 1865

McBEE, Elizabeth, With husband William McBee,
    27 Jan 1893, Age 85

Winkle Buttes #3
WINKLE Family Burying Ground:
Positioned near the top of the smaller of the two buttes.

WINKLE Family Burying Ground
The WINKLE FAMILY BURYING GROUND is located on the east side of Highway 99W at Winkle Buttes (sometimes called WAGNER Buttes.) This cemetery was established by the WINKLE family, probably in the 1860s, or possibly earlier. Not long after establishing his claim, Isaac WINKLE moved to another farm north of Corvallis and his son Wiley farmed the original claim. There are six marked graves. The earliest marked death date if that of Martha WINKLE (1867), wife of Isaac. There are no burials recorded after 1875. All the burials are members of the WINKLE family.

BAKER, Missouri E., Wife of John Baker
    2 Sep 1875, Age 24 Y, 8 M, 13 D

BAKER, John, Next to Missouri E. Baker, his wife, No dates

WINKLE, I. W., Born in Madisonville, Ky,
    18 Dec 1802~27 Aug l876

WINKLE, Martha, Wife of Isaac W., Born Madison Co. Ala.,
    25 Dec. 1807, died Benton Co., Ore., 11 Sept. 1867, aged 59 years, 9 mo. 14 d.

EARKECKSON, Mary F., Dau of H. B. & M. F. Earkeckson,
    4 Apr 1873, Age 10 M, 5 D

WINKLE, Wiley E., Son of W. & P. Winkle,
    15 Oct 1873, Age 2 Y, 4 M, 24 D

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