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Graves of Veterans

 12 July 1939


Prepared for
The State Chairman of Historic Spots, D.A.R.
Mrs. Clara H. JONES of Winema Chapter
- - - - -

Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers:
     None known


Graves of Real Daughters of the Revolution:
     None known

Graves of Veterans of the War of 1812:

     KELLAM, Judge Joseph; exact location unknown

      ZINK, Joseph; exact location unknown


Graves of Veterans of the Mexican War:

      BARCLAY, James - 3d Missouri Vol. In Monroe Cemetery

      BLAIR, Colbert Sr. - exact location unknown

      BOONE, George - exact location unknown

      BUMBARGER, Adam - Catholic Cemetery

      LEWIS, Hamon - Locke Cemetery

      GERBER, Henry - I.O.O.F. Cemetery

      COFFEE, George - Catholic Cemetery

Graves of Indian War Veterans:

I. Rogue River War

      CARLILE, Daniel - exact location unknown

      DAVIS, Drewry - exact location unknown

      EVANS, Charles - exact location unknown

      HAYNES, James - Maj. BRUCE's Co. - Crystal Lake Cemetery

      KELSAY, Col. John - 2nd Ore. Mtd. Vol. - Crystal Lake Cemetery

      LILLY, Norman - grave (not?) marked   (Ed. note: Buried Crystal Lake Cemetery)

      LYTLE, William - exact location unknown

      PYBURN, Benton- Co. I, 2nd Ore. Mtd. Vol. - Crystal Lake Cemetery

      SOUTHWORTH, Lewis - (ex-slave) grave not marked -
      Crystal Lake Cemetery


II. Indian War of 1855

      BARCLAY, James - Walla Walla Outbreak, MUNSON's Co. -

      BERNARD, S.H. - exact location unknown

      CLEMENS, Henry - exact location unknown

      HERRON, Robert - Monroe Cemetery

      HERRON, Thomas - Monroe Cemetery

      HINTON, Wesley - Monroe Cemetery

      IGO, Albert - exact location unknown

      JOHNSON, Odeneal - near Monroe

      KING, John - exact location unknown

      MARPLE, Ezekiel - not marked - I.O.O.F Cemetery

      LILLARD, Morgan - exact location unknown

      STOUT, George - exact location unknown

      WARFIELD, Samuel, Sr. - Alsea

III. Earlier Indian Wars

      CURRIER, Jacob - Cayuse War of 1847, Capt. John OWEN'S Co.

      KENDALL, Col. Jehiel S. - Indian Wars of Iowa, 1842 1st Cayuse War,
     Capt. MARTIN'S Co. - 5 June 1854 appt'd Colonel of 7th Ore. Reg't.
      by Gov. CURRY

      PEARCE, Ashby - Outbreak of 1848 - exact location unknown

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