U.S. Flag National and Chapter
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CHAPTER CHAIR  2013 - 2014

*denotes     National Committee

*American History Shelley Moriello
*American Indian Karen Garst
Budget and Finance Lynnette Roberts
Bylaws Lois Humphrey
*Chapter Achievement Award Karen Garst, Jan Burrows and Diane Root
*Community Service Award Lois Streimer and Ruth Johnson
Community Outreach  Donna Singer
*Conservation Ruth Johnson
*Constitution Week Jan Burrows & Lynnette Roberts
*DAR Magazine Lois Streimer
*DAR Schools Kathy Ree & Jan Burrows
*DAR Service for Veteran's  Gwen Fausti and Jan Burrows
*Flag of the United States Lynnette Roberts
*Historical Preservation Kris Nelson, Diane Root & Lois Streimer 
Hospitality Kris Nelson and Suzanne Crawford
*Lineage Research Lynnette Roberts, Lois Streimer, Kris Nelson and Diane Root
*Membership Karen Garst and Jan Burrows
Museum Liaison Ellie Nelson 
*National Defense Lois Streimer
Program Diane Root
*Public Relations & Media Jan Burrows
Ways and Means Matching fund donations (No Chair Needed)
Yearbook Lois Streimer

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