Clatsop County, Oregon
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Clatsop County Resources:

Lookups - http://www.rootsweb.com/~orclatso/ClatsopLookUps.html
ClatsopCounty Research Indexes - Additional Lookups for Clatsop County
1860 Clatsop County CensusAbstracted by Judith Cundiff.  Second Transcriber Michelle Pesola
1850 Clatsop County Census Index
1849 Clatsop Alphabetical  Census Index
Martin Ulvestad's - Index of the first Norwegians in each county of Oregon  - Also contains other states, and counties.
Register of Electors - Norwegian Voters 1914
Homestead Claims in Clatsop County 1883-1894
Delinquent Tax Sales List from November 1904
Divorces in Clatsop County 1850 to 1913
Declarations of Intent - Finns and Russians to 1888
Naturalizations from the Commissioners Law and Probate Index
Astoria Pioneer Cemetery - Madison and 14th Streets
Clatsop County Courthouse (Inventory of Records held in the Archives of the Clatsop County Courthouse.)
Clatsop County Queries and Surnames
Newspapers- Astoria and Oregon
BOOK LIST:  Favorite books about Astoria and Clatsop County people and places of the 1890-1950 Clatsop County/ a brief discription of its history
Fort Stevens CemeteryA listing of persons buried in the Fort Stevens Cemetery.

Clatsop County Queries and  Message Boards

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Photos of Astoria - http://www.rootsweb.com/~orclatso/Resources.htm
Archives of Oregon - http://www.rootsweb.com/~orclatso/Resources.htm

Oregon State Archives -http://genealogy.state.or.us

Clatsop County Genealogical Society - http://www.pacifier.com/~karenl

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