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Clatsop County, Oregon
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Clatsop County Research Indexes


AL = Astoria Public Library, 450-10th St., Astoria, OR 97103
LP = At Liisa Penner's, Rt. 3, Box 525, Astoria, OR 97103 325-7852,
CCGS = Clatsop County Genealogy Society, c/o Astoria Public Library, 450-10th St., Astoria, OR 97l03 contact Patti Murray
CCHS = Clatsop County Historical Society, 1618 Exchange, Astoria, OR 97103
OHS = Oregon Historical Society

1844 Tax list for Clatsop County AL in OHQ
LP 1845 Territorial Census for Clatsop Co.
AL LP 1849 Names of Males 21 years of age and over in Clatsop Co., O.T. 1849
AL LP 1844 & on Territorial records for Clatsop County on microfilm # 6 & 7 from OR State Archives-early tax assessment lists etc.
LP 1850 Pioneer Families of the Oregon Territory - 1850 929.3OR (Actually heads of households from 1850 Oregon Federal Census)
AL LP 1850 Oregon Federal Census for Clatsop County by Judi Byrd and Liisa Penner
AL LP (on sale at CCHS) 1854 Enumeration of the Inhabitants of Clatsop County in the Territory of Oregon taken by the Assessor in the Year 1854
AL LP 1858 Same LP 1859 Tax Assessment List
AL LP (see below) 1860 Federal Census for Clatsop County by Liisa Penner & Judi Byrd
AL LP (on sale at CCHS) 1860's Oregon Soldiers During the Civil War (Genealogy section of library)
AL LP 1863-9 Military List for Clatsop County AL LP 1870 Federal Census for Clatsop County
AL LP 1872 Tax Assessment List
AL LP (see below) 1872 Poll Tax List LP 1873 Business Index for Oregon
AL LP-Clatsop County only 1873-79 Index to Clatsop County Newspapers (whole articles)
LP 1850-1888 Index to Declarations of Intent (LP has a photocopy of the original from which this sometimes inaccurate index was taken)
AL LP 1851-1945 Marriages in Clatsop County by Norma Hunsinger
AL LP (on sale by CCGS) 1880 Index to the Federal Census of Oregon by AISI
LP 1880 Federal Census microfilm (Clatsop County)
AL LP 1880 Pacific County WA Census
AL LP 1881 Oregon State Directory (business)
AL LP-Clatsop County only 1880's Occident Hotel Register at CCHS (unindexed, lists place came from) 1888 Oregon, Washington, Idaho Gazetter, Business Directory V.III
AL LP-Clatsop County only 1890 Federal Census of Veterans and Widows AL(on microfilm) LP(print) "Clatsop County, Oregon, Veterans in the 19th Cent." by LP, on sale by CCGS 1890 Polk Directory for Astoria
AL LP 1891 Delinquent property taxes
AL LP (see below) 1892 Merchantile Guide
AL LP 1893-4 Dellinger's Astoria Weekly Herald Index
AL 1894 Subscribers to Astoria Weekly Herald
LP 1894 Military List
LP and Courthouse 1898 Military List LP & at Courthouse 1898 Subscribers to the Astoria Weekly Herald
LP Polk Directories covering many years.
AL (LP has -1949, 1972, 1975, 1979, 1980, 1989) 1900 Federal Census microfilm (Clatsop County)
AL LP 1900 Military List
LP Courthouse 1900 Register of Electors
AL LP 1900-1914 Register of Electors at Courthouse (even years only) 1906-1990's Oregon Death Index microfilm (roll and fiche)
AL 1915 (about) Heald Map & Directory (by township and range)
AL LP 1925 Clatsop County Farmers Index AL 1930 Metsger Property Ownership Maps for Clatsop County (not indexed)
LP (originals at CCHS) More recent Metsger map is at AL Also Clatsop County, Oregon, Property Books (2) I put in the library with BLM maps from about 1870's, assessment lists from 1859, 1872 and tax delinquencies for 1891
AL LP Genealogical Forum's DLC books for State
AL LP(some) Judi Byrd's book on Clatsop County Donation Land Claims
AL LP (on sale at CCHS) 1930's, 1940's & 1950's Douglas Hotel Register at CCHS (unindexed)
Joyce Morrell's Obituary books (2) from 1860's to 1880's
AL LP (purchase from CCGS) Judgment Roll Fee Book Index 1850's & 1860's
LP Index to Deed Book A
LP Courthouse Index to Deed Book D (some of it)
LP Probate Fee Book Index 1860's to 1890's Courthouse
LP Commissioner's Journals to 1860s (copy from W.P.A. printed work)
LP Cemeteries (see below)
AL LP (most are on sale through the CCGS): Seaside's Evergreen
AL Clatsop Plains Pioneer Cemetery
AL Ft. Stevens (Index only)
AL Lewis and Clark (6 miles south of Astoria known as Riverview)
AL Hillside Pioneer in Astoria
AL Knappa (Helen Omo is working on it) Svensen (Patti Murray is working on it) Westport
AL LP Youngs River
AL Many other small cemeteries
LP Index to Cumtux CCHS
AL Cumtux
AL LP (on sale at CCHS) Index to Finns in US
LP Miscellaneous Finn records and books
AL LP Index to "Life on 'Clatsop"
LP Index to "The Seasiders"
LP Carpenters' Union Books-Seaside and Astoria (on sale from CCGS) Oregon Historical Quarterly Indexes AL LP 3 indexes from 1900-1960 Oregon Historical Quarterly
AL LP-a few from 1960's, 70's, 80's High School year books for Astoria and Warrenton
AL (LP has Astoria H.S. 1919, 1938, 1939, 1942, 1948, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958)
Phone books
AL LP-1923, 1935, 1957, current GAR members in Oregon
AL-genealogy section World War I & II veterans separation from service- at courthouse World War II veterans of Clatsop County (9 notebooks of newspaper articles and forms) in genealogy section
AL Index to Subjects in Astoria Newspapers 1864-present (gap in 1940's, 50's, & 60's)
AL Sanborn Insurance Maps (1884 on)
AL LP-has many blocks in Astoria indexed showing changes in ownership in time by maps and photos (McClure's, Shively's and Adair's Astorias) Not indexed by name of owner Index to Clatsop County Pioneers (1872 and before) by Liisa Penner
LP Collection of biographies of Clatsop County people from Gaston, etc.
AL LP Clatsop County, Oregon Marriages 1874-1900.
AL NH. Original books in Courthouse. Probate index 1860's to 1935.
CCGS Clatsop County Death Index (1924 to 1945)
CCGS (in process for printing) Greenwood Cemetery names from A-M Joyce Morrell, Rt. 1, Box 758-A, Astoria, OR 97103 (Michael Leamy has the books, Rt. 1, Box 901, Astoria, OR 97103)
LP has A-J surnames. Oceanview Cemetery Records at City Hall, 1095 Duane, Astoria, OR 97103
List of pioneers from Bethenia Owens-Adair (incomplete)
LP Pioneer Historical Society Roll of Members
CCHS Carleton Appelo's books on communities Washington side of Columbia (many Finns)
LP Amerikan Suomaliasten Historia III by Ilmonen
AL LP (Early Finns In Area Unindexed) Who's Who in Among Finnish Americans 1949
LP Amerikan Suomalaisen Tyovaenliikkeen Historia by Sulkanen 1951
LP Y.S.K.V. Ja S.-Liito 50-Vuotishistoria 1937 (Unindexed except by area)
LP Who's Who for Oregon & Western States 1953
LP Not included are many other records from the Clatsop County Courthouse in Astoria.

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