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Primitive Baptist Beliefs

A debate between a Primitive and a ‘General’ Baptist in 1863 may summarize some of the beliefs that set the Primitives apart:

"1863 Elder Joel Hume (Primitive Baptist) vs. Elder Benoni Stinson (General Baptist), at Owensville, Indiana (Published). The following propositions were affirmed by Stinson, and denied by Hume: 1. That Jesus Christ by his death and resurrection made a full and complete atonement or satisfaction to the Adamic law for the whole human race, and also a possible salvation for all men from actual sins. 2. That man is a moral agent, endowed with the volition of free will, capable of choosing or refusing eternal salvation, as it is proposed in the gospel. 3. That personal salvation is free to all men, and offered to all on certain conditions to be performed by man, the performance of which results in his salvation. The two following propositions were affirmed by Hume and denied by Stinson: 1. That the elect of God, or church of Christ, was chosen in him before the foundation of the world, and that Christ died for them only, and that all that Christ died for will be eternally saved. 2. That personal salvation, so far as relates to the future world, is the effect of the sovereign grace of God bestowed upon sinners unconditionally. "

Dr. G. Hugh Wamble, professor of history at the Midwestern Baptist Seminary later commented:

"That is the history of most Primitive Baptist churches in Missouri. Only a few churches remain and they are in rural areas, he said. The number of members is uncertain because there is little organization and the churches rarely correspond among themselves. They were like the Shakers and Utopians in the sense that they failed to propagate themselves," Dr. Wamble said. "They have been in decline from almost the time they began." "Without Sunday schools, regular prayer meetings or pastors, their number was declining as early as 1870, about a generation after the movement was formed," he said.

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