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SAYLOR, Alfred J. & Mary; m. 14 Sep 1862 in Lane Co., OR; filed for divorce 7 Nov 1872; children: Levesa Ann SAYLOR, age 5y; no record of disposition.

SHAMBROOK, George & Nancy; m. 18 Mar 1851 in Linn City, Washington Co., OR; filed for divorce 5 Sep 1853; children: a daughter born 19 Dec 1851; divorce granted 20 Sep 1853; custody to mother; Soloman Fitzhugh of Douglas Co., OR listed as father of Nancy.

SHOCKLEY, Jasper & Sarah J.; m. 21 Apr 1875 in Roseburg, Douglas Co., OR; filed for divorce 21 Apr 1877; no children; no record of dispositon; Sarah requested restoration to maiden name of Bray.

SHORT, George W. & Ada "Addie"; m. 6 Feb 1878 in Vancouver, WA; filed for divorce 26 Nov 1878; no children; divorce granted 29 aug 1879.

SLOCUM, H. C. & Elizabeth; m. 30 Sep 1866 in Douglas Co., OR; filed for divorce 5 Oct 1877; children: Harry SLOCUM, age 3y; case dismissed 1 Nov 1877.

SMITH, Vincent & Emiline; m. 21 Aug 1856 in Texas; filed for divorce 6 Sep 1860; ch: William Jackson SMITH, age 2y; divorce granted 6 Oct 1860; no record of custody disposition; Emiline requested restoration to maiden name of West.

SMITH, F. W. & Eliza Jane; m. 15 Nov 1857 in Polk Co., OR; filed for divorce 11 Mar 1873; children: James C. SMITH, age 14y; George W. SMITH, age 11y; Mary SMITH., age 8y; divorce granted 25 Oct 1873; custody to mother.

SNEAD, Finley & Sophia; m. 15 Aug 1850 in Dallas, MO; filed for divorce 10 May 1859; children: Minerva Jane SNEAD, infant; divorce granted 14 Oct 1859; custody to mother; father living in Marion Co., OR in 1859.

SUTHERLIN, Thomas & Jane; m. 18 Oct 1847 in Park Co., IN; filed for divorce 17 Feb 1859; children: Amanda SUTHERLIN, age 9y; Mary SUTHERLIN, age 7y; Veleria SUTHERLIN, age 4y; George SUTHERLIN, age 2 years next March; divorce granted 15 Mar 1859; custody to mother; children's paternal grandfather, John F. Sutherlin, appointed guardian.

TANNER, Ezra & Laura Ann; m. 1846 in Racine Co., WI; filed for divorce 16 Nov 1857 in Josephine Co., OR; no children; case heard in Douglas county 17 Nov 1857 & in Josephine county in May 1858; no judgement recorded in Douglas county.

TAPP, R. H. & Jane; m. 23 May 1858 in Camas Swale, Douglas Co., OR; filed for divorce 19 Oct 1875; children: Mary Josephine TAPP, age 16y; Robert J. TAPP, age 14y; John Henry TAPP, age 11y; Benson TAPP, age 8y; Sarah Sophia TAPP, age 5y; Winnie TAPP, age 3y; divorce granted 11 May 1876; custody to mother.

TIMMONS, John & Louisa E.; m. 10 Feb 1860 in Umpqua Co., OR; filed for divorce 13 Apr 1868; no children; divorce granted May 1868.

TURPIN, W. P. & Virginia; m. 18 Feb 1865 in Jackson Co., OR; filed for divorce 29 Oct 1870; children: William Horace TURPIN, age 5y; George McClellan TURPIN, age 3y; John Porter TURPIN, age 13m; case referred to Lane Co., OR.

WADE, William & Nina; m. 19 May 1874 in Douglas Co., OR;filed for divorce 4 Apr 1878; children: Cora WADE, age 3y; MadelineWADE, age 1y; suit withdrawn 9 May 1878.

WADE, William & Myra A.; m. 19 May 1874 in Douglas Co., OR; filed for divorce 7 Oct 1878; children: Cora WADE, age 3y; Madeline WADE, age 1y; divorce granted 25 Nov 1878; custody of Cora to father; custody of Madeline to mother; Curtis Johnson, listed as father of Myra, was born @1832.

WAGNER, Henry & Almira Jane; m. 5 Nov 1871 in Douglas Co., OR; filed for divorce 18 Apr 1878; children: Amanda Jane WAGNER, b. 11 Oct 1872; Caroline WAGNER, b. 12 Aug 1874; Henry WAGNER, b. 7 jun 1876; divorce granted 23 may 1878; custody to father.

WATERS, David & Araminth; m 10 Jul 1844 in Ohio; filed for divorce 27 Sep 1866; children: Ellen WATERS, age 19y; Jesse WATERS, age 17y; Frank WATERS, age 16y; Ada WATERS, age 14y; Emmett WATERS, age 6y; divorce granted 17 oct 1866; disposition of custody not recorded.

WELLS, Aaron & Mary C.; m. 3 Apr 1864 in Nemeha Co., KS; filed for divorce 14 Aug 1877; children: William E. WELLS, age 10y; Mary WELLS, age 8y; unidentified child, age 6y; divorce granted Oct 1877; custody to mother; father in South America.

WHITMORE, George A. & Mary V.; m. 2 Jul 1848 in WI; filed for divorce 25 Apr 1863; children: Louis WHITMORE, Fredrick WHITMORE, Orrin WHITMORE, Wallace Leroy WHITMORE, Delia M. WHITMORE & Arthur WHITMORE, all under 13 years; divorce granted 24 Oct 1863; custody of Louis, Fredrick, Orrin & Wallace Leroy to father; custody of Delia M. & Arthur to mother.

WHITWORTH, Thomas & Sophia; m. 20 Oct 1862 in Douglas Co., OR; filed for divorce 27 Aug 1870; children: Dallas WHITWORTH, age 7y; Sylvester WHITWORTH, age 4y 7m; no record disposition; mother lived in Coos Co., OR for 1 year before filing date.

WILLIAMS, Joseph & Elizabeth; m. 18 Jul 1867 in Douglas Co., OR; filed for divorce 15 Apr 1879; children: William WILLIAMS, age 11y; Mary WILLIAMS, age 9y; Martha WILLIAMS, age 7y; Catherine WILLIAMS, age 4y 6m; Joseph R. WILLIAMS, age 2y 6m; suit dismissed 12 May 1879.

WOODRUFF, George & Martha J.; m. 3 Jul 1872 in Douglas Co., OR; filed for divorce 9 Apr 1877; children: Ida May WOODRUFF, age 4y; James Thomas WOODRUFF, age 1y; no record of disposition; James Yarborough listed as father of Martha; Ivan T. Woodruff listed as brother of George.

YOKUM, Jacob L. & Amelia R.; m. 17 Aug 1874; filed for divorce on 22 Jan 1878 & 16 May 1878; children: Lillie Alida YOKUM, age 3y; Henrietta YOKUM, age 2y; divorce granted 3 Jul 1878; custody to mother; Amelia is Jacob's 2nd wife, 1st wife died; John Yokum, listed as father of Jacob, was born @1806; Amelia born @1840.

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