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This work is done by volunteers. Their time to devote to this activity may be variable so please expect to wait sometimes for a reply. In the case of books and indexes the lookup is relatively simple, but not everyone you expect to find will be there. In the case of lookups in a library or cemetery the research is basic and would normally include a search fee. The volunteer must go to the libraray or the cemetery and walk around and visit the office or compare notes with various sources. It might even rain or snow sometimes. So please be patient with your volunteers and send them enough information to make their work easier and be appreciative. They are saving you a trip to Douglas County. Which is too bad in a way.





Umpqua Valley Oregon and Its Pioneers

   Harold A. Minter

     Deni Norred-Williams

Old Days in Camas Valley, 1951

Wilfred H. Brown,

Bill Murray

Paul Gookins

Douglas County, Oregon Newspaper Index
Volume 1 1867-1874
Volume 2 1875-1877
Volume 3 December 14, 1877-1880

Douglas County, Oregon Marriage Records
Book A, 1851-1863
Book 1, 1853-1871
Volume 2 1871-1881
Volume 3 1882-1891

Douglas County, Oregon Cemetery Records
Camas Valley Cemeteries
Myrtle Creek Odd Fellows Cemetery
Umpqua and Wilbur Area Cemeteries


Lorelee Iles Dendauw

Douglas Co. Cemeteries

 Sharon R. Smith


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